End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1188

Chapter 1188 Ambush

Its just that building the Shelter Tower would require too much work and an enormous amount of material. Moreover, at this time, it was like crossing a river blindfolded, everything had to be done step by step. Even Saint Alchemists couldnt directly come up with the Shelter Towers design.

For various reasons, the Shelter Tower hadnt been completed. The mana started becoming exhausted and the construction of the Shelter Tower halted.

But even an incomplete Shelter Tower sheltered Noscent for a few dozen millennia, forcibly delaying its destruction until Noscents mana was thoroughly exhausted and no vegetation could be seen for a very long time.

When the Shelter Towers radiance thoroughly dissipated, Noscent ended up destroyed.

If there was a complete Shelter Tower, would it be possible that the calamity wouldnt even start? That the mana exhaustion wouldnt happen?

If we start building a Shelter Tower and complete its construction while Noscent is at its peak, would Noscents mana even be exhausted? Maybe it wouldnt deteriorate at all?

Lin Yun frowned and thought hard, the knowledge and wisdom he inherited almost all came from those terrifying mages of Noscents peak era.

Then, why did those mages ultimately chose to construct the Shelter Tower? Its not like there was no mage with a Natural Demiplane at that time, so why did they regard the Shelter Tower with so much importance?

Lin Yun massaged his forehead and made up his mind to build the Shelter Tower ahead of time. After all, even if he couldnt reach a transcending realm, he could still easily live until Noscents mana calamity started.

And at that time, powerful mages like him would be the first to be affected. In other words, they would die the fastest.

It is impossible for anyone to remain indifferent in the face of death, he had to do proper preparations.

Especially now that he found one of the Shelter Towers core components. It was only a clue leading to the Reedpush Plate, but he couldnt give up.

Going to the Odin Kingdom to get that Reedpush Plate was a must. With this, the difficulty in building the Shelter Tower would be somewhat reduced.

He had to start even if he only had a rough draft and no design.

Lin Yun returned to the edge of the dense fog with a load on his mind. There, Labard appeared in a flash of silver smile with a smile on his face.

"Hey, Sir Mafa, are you going back? I heard you were now the Patriarch of the Merlin Family. Remember to leave a magic imprint here to use as a coordinate or you would have to force your way through the severed fog next time you come in. When going out, you only have to feel the imprint on the other side of the severed fog and open a Spatial Door to return to the Merlin Family."

Lin Yun nodded with a smile and then spat out a rune, leaving his mark on the mage tower closest to the edge before entering the severed fog once again.

Once Lin Yun entered the severed fog, Labard facepalmed.

Eh, sh*t, I completely forgot Sir Mafa isnt a Heaven Rank powerhouse, he doesnt have the power to open a Spatial Door. He would have to break through the severed fog every time he enters and exits the Ancestral Land

But Lin Yun had already entered the severed fog and Labard couldnt chase after him, who knows where he would end up in that chaotic space.

As for Lin Yun, he sensed the imprint on the edge of the severed fog just as Labard said, that imprint was like a lighthouse on the other side of the severed fog, giving a directional guidance and a set of coordinates.

As Lin Yun sensed the coordinates, he just went forward as if he was on a walk, instantly crossed through the space as if that chaotic space had no effect on him.

Lin Yuns body walked in and simply didnt move alongside these continuously moving chaotic spaces, he moved straight towards that lighthouses coordinates.

After a dozen minutes, Lin Yun left the severed fog and his surrounding space also returned to normal, only the surrounding dense fog was covered in runes.

A few minutes after walking out of the layer of fog, he reached the entrance of the fog canyon.

The fog full of runes showed no reaction when Lin Yun left, as if no one ever came in.

Lin Yun turned back and glanced at the fog canyon, the indescribable aura covering his body slowly dissipating. It seemed that Lin Yun was truly appearing in the world at this time, his faint aura of life and soul fluctuations slowly appeared, but his mana fluctuations were still nowhere to be seen. No matter how one looked at it, he only looked like an ordinary person.

Lin Yuns expression was dull as he walked towards the Merlin family.

On another side, in a pitch-black room within the Charlotte Family, the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family was sitting across a black smoke in the shape of a Devils face. On the side, there was a strange half-skeletal Beastman covered in black smoke.

"Sir Duncan, this is the last chance. I just got the news that Mafa Merlin has just come out of the Merlin Familys Ancestral Land and is on his way back to the Merlin Family to take on the position as Patriarch.

"Once he controls the entire Merlin Family, with that damned Mafa Merlins personality, he would definitely suppress our Charlotte Family and might even look for an opportunity to kill many of our Charlotte Familys members.

"As for the Ancestral Land, it simply has no power available to get involved in this struggle.

"At the same time, Sir Duncan, when Mafa Merlin becomes the Patriarch of the Merlin Family, the power he could mobilize simply wouldnt be able to compare to his current power and you would never have your opportunity to take revenge against Mafa Merlin!"

The smoke fluttered, displaying a sinister devilish face. The Greater Devil currently living as the Thousand Souls Sacrifices Incarnation gnashed his teeth as his eyes emitted a scarlet radiance.

Flames burned in the eyes of the half-skeleton Duncan, a thick abyssal power aura was emitted from his body as he was fuming, "We have to get rid of Mafa Merlin! I was deceived by that damned guy last time, he didnt grasp that kind of terrifying power, he was just an Archmage, how could he have grasped this kind of power?"

"He has yet to advance to the Heaven Rank, but he is terrifyingly fast. Once he advances to the Heaven Rank, he would definitely master that terrifying power and everyone would be screwed. Not just I, your Family as well.

"If not for that hateful Mafa Merlin, I wouldnt have ended up like this, I would have definitely perfectly advanced to the Heaven Rank, not like this. I crawled back up from the Abyss and tracked him back to this world for the sole purpose of taking revenge!

"But I have to thank that damned Mafa Merlin for being able to advance to the Heaven Rank, I want to make his soul howl in grief in the Abyss every single night."

The Charlotte Patriarch sneered.

"The Merlin Family definitely wouldnt expect us to suddenly make a move. Even if that damned Mafa Merlin can display the power of the Heaven Rank, if we act together, we will definitely kill that damned guy before the Merlin Familys reinforcements arrive!"

Soon, the Charlotte Patriarch took the Thousand Souls Sacrifice and led Duncan, who had recently crawled out of the Abyss, out of the Charlotte Familys land.

The spy of the Charlotte Family already told them Lin Yuns whereabouts.

As he walked back to the Merlin family, Lin Yun suddenly stopped.

In front of him, a half skeletal Duncan covered in black smoke was standing before him.

"Mafa Merlin, you f*cker! You wasted a millennium of my efforts and turned me into a monster! But I still have to thank you for throwing me into the filthy Abyss.

"If not for that place I wouldnt have been able to advance to the Heaven Rank and I wouldnt have been able to obtain that formidable power. Ill make you wail under my power, Ill make your soul weep in the deepest parts of the abyss!"

Duncan was emitting sinister black smoke all over his body and his Heaven Rank power was released without any reservation. He was like a Demon that walked out of the Abyss, full of sinister and abyssal power.

Pitch-black runes curled around Duncans body until these runes rapidly converged together to form a pitch-black heart in Duncans hands. Every time the heart throbbed, a large amount of black smoke was released, and as the heart throbbed, Duncans mana rapidly rose.

Lin Yun was stunned when he saw Duncan blocking the way, he had completely forgotten about that guy. Back then, Duncan had been staying next to Constances heart for a millennium in order to advance to the Heaven Rank.

He then chased Lin Yun, but Lin Yun took a risk and opened an Abyssal Gate and banished him to an unknown layer of the Abyss. But he hadnt expected him to be able to advance to the Heaven Rank and chase him back to Noscent.

Lin Yun didnt have time to say anything before an even more sinister power appeared behind him, a thick bloody smell could be felt within this dense evil power.

The black smoke converged into the bust of a Hells Devil that kept roaring at Lin Yun and the Charlotte Familys Patriarch walked out from it while the black smoke converged into the head of a Devil floating next to him. A scarlet radiance was flickering in his eyes, it felt that his gaze would be able to corrupt a soul with a single gaze.

"Mafa Merlin, you didnt expect it, did you? You didnt think that we would block your path at such a time! You were too careless! My spy already told me your whereabouts.

"Its a pity for you, if that old Ofran was here, I wouldnt have been 100% certain that I could have gotten rid of you. But now, I already borrowed the power of the Thousand Souls Sacrifice and I can display the power of the Heaven Rank. Moreover, Sir Duncan is also at the peak of the 1st Rank.

"No one can save you now, Mafa Merlin, you are trapped. I wont be able to live peacefully once you inherit the Patriarch position of the Merlin Family, unless you are dead. You simply have to die."

The Greater Devil transformed into the Incarnation of the Thousand Souls Sacrifice. And nastily laughed at Lin Yun, letting out malicious curses.

"Mafa Merlin, you have to die. I can foresee that unless you die, Ill die by your hands. That kind of power isnt something you should control. Damn b*stard, you have to die, and your soul must fall in Hell.

"There are two Heaven Rank powerhouses here, and my real body is on its way. For three Heaven Rank powerhouses to deal with an Archmage Even if you are stronger than those on the same rank, our Extraordinary Powers can pressure you to death.

"Weeping, howling, despairing and pained souls are the most intoxicating, hahaha"

The Patriarch of the Charlotte Family and Duncan surrounded Lin Yun from the front and back. Moreover, the surrounding area was already covered in black smoke, it was obvious that they had set up a trap here, and in order to prevent him from discovering it, there had been no mana fluctuations before he entered the trap.

Lin Yun remained silent and looked at Duncan and the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family with astonishment.

The Patriarch sneered as he looked at Lin Yun.

That damned guy must be terrified. It is said that he has the fighting strength of a Heaven Rank powerhouse. Unfortunately, the strongest power of the Heaven Rank is Extraordinary Power. The pressure of three different kinds of Extraordinary Powers would make anyone below the Heaven Rank unable to display their strength. Even if he is powerful, it would lose all importance there.

Stupid guy, you dared to set yourself against the Charlotte Family. If we let you take on the position as the Patriarch of the Merlin Family, how could our Charlotte Family not suffer pressure?

Recently, the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower are hooking up with the Merlin Family. Even a few of the collaborations between the Watson Family and my Charlotte Family had become collaborations between the Watson Family and the Merlin Family. Everything is because of that damned Mafa Merlins return and the leaked news that he was taking over as a Patriarch.

Those guys are like sharks smelling blood, surrounding the Merlin Family for the sake of profits, they truly have no bottom line.

But they will see, Mafa Merlins head will be hung at the citys gates.

The body of the Greater Devil arrived and the three Heaven Rank powerhouses surrounded Lin Yun and blossomed with Extraordinary Power, pressuring Lin Yun. Then, they cautiously blocked all his escape routes. They clearly planned on eliminating Lin Yun today.

Enderfas three faces smiled as he floated beside Lin Yun and one of his faces glanced at Duncan.

"You want to throw Merlins soul in the deepest part of the Abyss right?"

Another face turned to look at the Greater Devil.

"You want to drag Merlins soul in Hell, right?"

His middle face then concluded, "One of you has abyssal power stronger and thicker than an Abyssal Demon, and the other is a Greater Devil of Hell Since when do the denizens of the Abyss and Hell cooperate?

"Did you two discuss properly where Merlins soul is going to be thrown?"

Patriarch Charlotte sneered

"Mafa Merlin, you and your damned Magic Tool Incarnation can just wait for your death. There is no use no matter what you say, we have made thorough preparations."

Lin Yun smiled.

"Patriarch of the Charlotte Family, have you picked a successor?"

The Patriarch froze, before sneering.

"Mafa Merlin, there is no need to stall for time. We have already sealed this location, the reinforcements of the Merlin Family definitely wont appear within half an hour."

Lin Yun sighed.

"I was only reminding you out of good intention. Ill do a good deed today and do something for your Charlotte Family.

"Ill avert your Charlotte Familys extinction and stop that Greater Devil from sacrificing your entire Family to regain his power.

"Naturally, Ill also help your Charlotte Family pick a wiser Patriarch."