End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1189

Chapter 1189 Ambush 2

Hearing Lin Yuns words, the Greater Devils expression instantly changed, Lin Yuns words were correct. Hells Devils were more crafty than Demons, betrayal, deception, lies, enticement were the creed Devils abided by. Believing in a Devils words was equivalent to giving away ones soul.

"Stupid kid, you cant avoid death no matter what you say!"

The Greater Devil, the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family, and Duncan were surrounding Lin Yun in a triangle formation. They were approaching slowly and cautiously, enveloping Lin Yun with their Extraordinary Powers even though Lin Yun didnt raise a shield.

Lin Yuns breath suddenly became more erratic and the bit of life aura he leaked was quickly dissipating.

Enderfa, who was watching the show with amusement, didnt smile and looked at the three of them with pity.

"These idiots are going to die. I bet itll take thirty seconds." Enderfas left face solemnly said.

The face on the right side sneered, "Ill bet that someone will die within ten seconds, and that all these fools will die in a minute."

The middle face had a strange smile.

"No, these three idiots would die in twenty seconds"

Enderfa was floating in the air, watching the show with amusement and clearly not planning to help.

Just as the encirclement shrunk to a hundred meters, the three of them could no longer bear with it.

"No need to wait, this guy has been suppressed by our Extraordinary Powers and cant move a finger!"

"Get rid of him!"

"I want his soul!"

The three of them simultaneously attacked. The Patriarch of the Charlotte Family was shrouded in black smoke, his body was covered in black scales and the raging black smoke transformed into countless evil and ugly creatures that charged towards Lin Yun.

Duncan was holding that pitch-black heart in a hand and the dense black smoke transformed into a black cloud. The countless abyssal spells transformed into a flood of spells that flew towards Lin Yun.

As for the Greater Devil, his real body was floating in the air and turned into a several-dozen-meter-tall face with a cruel smile. A flood that seemed to contain the shouts of countless pained wailing ghosts came out of his mouth.

At that moment, stars seemed to shine in Lin Yuns eyes, and with a twinkle, it seemed as if a star exploded in the deathly still starry sky.

Terrifying mana fluctuations burst out of Lin Yuns body, and the mana fluctuations alone greatly slowed their attacks!

Lin Yun took out the Book of Death with his left hand. Its shackles snapped and it automatically flipped to the Truth Chapter, as if it felt the dense evil aura.

The Crystal Phoenix flew out of the Book of Death. As Lin Yuns mana surged, the Crystal Phoenix grew to several dozen meters in size and an evil-shattering light blossomed from its body.

The three assailants simultaneously let out miserable shrieks. The Greater Devils shriek was the most mournful, his several-dozen-meter-big Devil face looked as if it had been doused in acid.

"Damn, how could there be such a thing, to hell with it!"

The Greater Devil perfectly illustrated what it meant to get cold feet and having no principles. Seeing the Crystal Phoenix appear, the Greater Devil immediately transformed into a wisp of smoke and fled.

But the Crystal Phoenix let out a phoenix cry and the multi-colored evil-shattering radiance emitted from its body enveloped everything within several kilometers.

The Greater Devil let out an alarmed scream under the evil-shattering light and the smoke covering his body kept dissipating. His fleeing speed even became abnormally slow.

He had already lost his body and only a part of his Devil Soul survived. He had once been a Greater Devil, but he was now reduced to a Magic Tool Incarnation only able to display the power of the Heaven Rank.

As for the Crystal Phoenix, it just happened to be the perfect counter to that guy.

The Greater Devils body kept shrinking under the rays of light until it was finally grabbed by the Crystal Phoenix. Its sharp claws tore the Greater Devil apart before devouring the shattered Devil Soul.

A Devil Soul wouldnt disappear if it was torn apart, a Greater Devil would be able to keep on living even if just a part of the Devil Soul remained, its just that they would lose most of their power and memories.

Being devoured by the Crystal Phoenix, the Greater Devils shattered Devil Soul kept howling in grief in the Crystal Phoenixs belly. This was the place where the evil-shattering light was the densest, all evil would be purified there.

As the Crystal Phoenix chased the Greater Devil, Lin Yun surprisingly didnt take out his Draconic Staff and instead took out a twisted sharp blade.

Lin Yun took a step towards the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family, his body seemingly merging with the space and crossing several dozen meters with a single step.

The spells cast by the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family were like a pack of wild beasts. And it looked like Lin Yun was taking a walk among those beasts, he would appear between two spells with each step.

He didnt raise any shield, he only relied on his body to travel through this flood of spells. It was as if he was dancing on the edge of a blade.

The Patriarch of the Charlotte Family became pale and started casting even more frantically, but no matter how he cast, he could only watch Lin Yun easily crossing through the flood of spells and getting closer without using a spell or raising a shield.

He obviously looked like an ordinary person, but the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family felt that he was the ordinary person while Lin Yun was the Heaven Rank powerhouse, and as he grew closer, a huge feeling of crisis enveloped his body just like a disease.

"Ah, Mafa Merlin, die! Die! Die! Im a Heaven Rank powerhouse, Im"

Fear could be seen all over the Patriarch of the Charlotte Familys face, but he himself didnt know what was frightening him.

Lin Yun calmly travelled through the flood of spells, one step at a time, and it felt as if that flood of spells was purposefully avoiding Lin Yun.

When Lin Yun was within three meters of the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family, the latter had already stopped casting and raised defensive spells.

Lin Yun coldly looked at the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family.

"Being tempted by a Greater Devil from Hell and even sacrificing your familys children, its a disgrace for a mage. Using a spell to get rid of you would be an insult to magic."

The Patriarch of the Charlotte Family looked frightened.

"Mafa Merlin, you cant kill me, you cant do this"

The Patriarch of the Charlotte Family had at least nine layers of shield, while Lin Yun had none. but even though he had no shields, the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family was already scared senseless.

Lin Yun sneered and swung the strange blade in his right hand. The blade flashed and popped the shields as it came in contact with them before beheading the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family, even shredding all the mana and elemental power in front of him.

In the air, a clear trace kept floating there for a very long time, no mana or elemental power could approach that trace.

After beheading the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family, Lin Yun put away the sharp blade. It was one of the claws of the Mana Outcast he had encountered on the starry sky path. The power of the Submerged Magic Essence Iron was clearly reflected there.

Lin Yun also couldnt release mana while holding that sharp blade, but any mana and elemental power that approached that Submerged Magic Essence Iron would brush past like a river meeting a stone. No matter how powerful the attack was, it would slide past.

An ordinary mage who couldnt perfectly control their own mana, would be hurt the moment they touched the Submerged Magic Essence Iron and might destroy their own mana.

The Patriarch of the Charlotte Family clearly didnt know that while Lin Yun was arrogantly walking over, it was because he greatly relied on the power of the Submerged Magic Essence Iron.

To be able to dodge spells without defenses the way he did, one usually had to be over ten ranks higher than their opponent.

That huge gap couldnt be breached no matter the method used. It was the difference between a grain of sand compared to the sea and two grains of sand compared to the sea.

The Patriarch was scared witless and ended up easily beheaded.

On the other side, the Greater Devil was also devoured by the Crystal Phoenix within ten seconds!

Duncan was completely terrified, shock and fear could be seen on the Beastmans half of his face.

"Who Who are you? You arent Mafa Merlin. Damnit, how could Mafa Merlin be so powerful? Its impossible

"Archmage, impossible An Archmage cant be that powerful, its impossible

"Sh*t, who the hell are you?! Who are you"

Duncan kept drawing back while shouting in alarm. After a few steps, Duncan gritted his teeth and spat out a few abyssal runes formed from black smoke.

The runes flew out and the black smoke formed a vortex there. The vortex rapidly expanded and an Abyssal Gate appeared.

The Abyssal Gate had yet to be thoroughly shaped that Duncan rapidly jumped into it.

He had worked really hard to crawl out of the Abyss, yet he wanted to flee back there in fear.

Lin Yun coldly looked at Duncan who jumped into the Abyssal Gate and rapidly spat out a few runes, which then took the shape of a pitch-black Wind Blade.

The Wind Blade instantly disappeared and appeared in front of the Abyssal Gate before disappearing within.

After a second, Duncans miserable shrieks came out of the Abyssal Gate before it collapsed and a throbbing pitch-black heart fell to the group. It then broke down into abyssal runes and vanished under the light of the Crystal Phoenix.

"Damn, he only used 15 seconds Just how powerful is that damned Merlin now?"

Enderfa angrily cursed, none of the three faces had guessed correctly.

Lin Yun didnt worry too much about it after dealing with that battle, but he couldnt help remembering the two idiots he had banished to the Endless Abyss in Constances God Nation. Since Duncan crawled out of the Abyss, then the other one should also have crawled out of the Abyss. Why didnt he see him?

He had wanted to ask Duncan, unfortunately Duncan already died in the collapse of that passage, even if that Wind Blade didnt get rid of him, the collapsing space of the passage would kill him without leaving a single trace behind.

The Patriarch of the Charlotte Family, Duncan, and the Greater Devil Incarnation of the Thousand Souls Sacrifice had all been eliminated. The surrounding black smoke slowly dissipated and the auras of many mages could be felt in the surroundings. They were members of the Charlotte Family that came to help seal off this area.

As the seal was disappearing, battle fluctuations could be felt, alongside a loud roar.

"Stupid b*stards, you actually dare to ambush Sir Merlin! You fools, youll die, all of you! Get a taste of Xiubans hammer, Ill crush you and feed your blood to Carnage!"

Xiubans angry shout echoed like thunder. Even if the seal wasnt completely removed, Lin Yun could clearly hear what was happening.

As the black smoke was slowly dissipating, Lin Yun could see many members of the Merlin Family, as well as Xiuban and Reina, fighting a group of Charlotte Family members.

No, saying fighting was overrating the Charlotte Familys members. They didnt have the symbol of the Charlotte Family and were all stiff. They all looked stiff and rigid and looked ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the Charlotte Family.

As for Xiuban and the Merlins, they could be described as slaughterers. Xiuban would forcibly shatter a mages shield every time he swung and would blow the mage into fragments.

As for Reina, she kept blowing out mouthfuls of cold with a cold expression and ice statues kept appearing.

Ofran was anxious and enraged as he led the group of Merlins and loudly shouted, "Damn b*stards, you actually ambushed the next Patriarch of the Merlin Family in our territory! How daring! Are you trying to start a war?!

"Get rid of these damned b*stards"

The fight ended, but the black smoke soon dissipated, before the Merlin Family could bring an alchemist to remove the seal, and Lin Yun walked out from within.

"Sir Mafa, are Are you okay? What about the Charlotte Familys b*stards?"

Ofran had a nervous and angry expression and an ashen complexion.

The person about to become the next Patriarch of the Merlin Family had been ambushed on the path between their Ancestral Land and their Familys area, this was a huge blow to the Merlin Family, a ruthlessly slap on the face.

"Sir Mafa, What about those idiots? Eh, why is there no one? Did they escape? We should blow up their nest and get rid of everyone to take over their wealth!" Xiuban bared his fangs as he arrogantly exclaimed.

Lin Yun looked at Ofran and the mages he brought, a bit suspicious as to how they managed to rush over so fast.

"Patriarch Ofran, how come you suddenly appeared here?"

Ofran was fuming, he said with an ashen complexion, "A traitor, there was a traitor in our Family. That traitor shared your whereabouts, but he was accidentally discovered by one of your subordinates. But, the news could no longer be intercepted, and the traitor unfortunately killed themselves. As we obtained the news, we immediately rushed over but we were still a step behind.

"It was those idiots of the Charlotte Family, right? What happened to them? Did they flee?"

Enderfa floated at Lin Yuns side and remained silent, but his three faces looked a little strange.

Lin Yun smiled.

"Eh, Patriarch Ofran might have misunderstood. It was an Abyssal Demon coming to retaliate against me. It just happened that the Charlotte Familys Patriarch was here.

"Unfortunately, the Charlotte Familys Patriarch had already been eliminated and their Familys Thousand Souls Sacrifice had already been destroyed. Naturally, the Demon was also eliminated.

"As for these people, they were willing to sacrifice themselves and ended up dying, what a pity.

"Eh, Patriarch Ofran, Ill trouble you to notify the Charlotte Familys people so that they can get a new Patriarch."

After Lin Yun said those words, Ofrans expression became strange and the Merlin Archmages in the surroundings were all stunned.

The dense sinister power permeating the surroundings was not only composed of abyssal aura, there was also hellish aura and the fluctuations had yet to dissipate. Moreover, the traces of Extraordinary Powers could clearly be felt there.

Anyone could tell that there had been three people sieging one person. And the one besieged was obviously Lin Yun, yet the other three had disappeared, not leaving anything behind.

Ofran wiped the cold sweat dripping down his forehead and couldnt help shivering when he noticed Lin Yuns indifferent expression.

Damn, that foolish Novi has already been killed? How long has it been?

That fool was already at the Peak of the 9th Rank, and with the strange Magic Tool of the Charlotte Family, he would be no different from a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

Along with that strange Magic Tool Incarnation, the abyssal power here clearly came from a Heaven Rank powerhouse, did Mafa kill all of them?

We received the news almost at the same time as that foolish Novi and we immediately rushed over, shouldnt the battle have started for less than a couple minutes?

It was over immediately? Damn, we were prepared to beat back those idiots, but who would have thought that Mafa already got rid of them?

Did he need to be so casual when telling me to inform the Charlotte Family that they have to find a new Patriarch? Damn, thats the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family! He was actually killed?!

Its been countless years since the Patriarch of a Family had to be changed in the Andlusa Kingdom. How long has it been, five hundred years? Eight hundred years?

The last Patriarch that fell in a war among the top few mages Families standing at the peak of the Andlusa Kingdom died over a millennium ago.

That foolish Novi came to help? And died alongside the Demon? Thats obviously fake, its not like we are blind!

Ofran opened his mouth, but didnt know what to say. After all, the death of a Patriarch wasnt a trivial matter. If they dared to say that they killed him, then the two Families would inevitably start a war and there would be no leeway to restore the situation.

The surrounding mages looked at Lin Yun with strange expressions. When the black smoke completely dissipated, even a Magic Apprentice could see the traces of the battle and understand what happened, yet Lin Yun didnt look fazed. His ability to turn black into white was admirable.

There had been many old Merlin powerhouses that werent convinced by having such a young guy like Lin Yun as a Patriarch. They came to save him only because they felt that it was a huge blow to the Merlin Familys reputation. After all, the future Patriarch of the Merlin Family being killed in his own territory would be a very shameful matter and other mages would laugh about it for the next few centuries.

But now, even the most cruel mages bowed their heads. Within a few minutes, two Heaven Rank powerhouses, as well as an Incarnation that could display the power of the Heaven Rank, were killed. This wasnt something an ordinary Heaven Rank powerhouse could do.

Most importantly, Lin Yun was only at the Peak of the Archmage realm

Ofran was overjoyed by the fact that Lin Yun was uninjured. The group of people surrounded Lin Yun and led him back to the Merlin Family.

"Go, inform the idiots of the Charlotte Family that they should be looking for a new Patriarch. Their stupid Patriarch unfortunately died, taking down a Demon along the way. Our Merlin Family deeply regret it."

Ofran grinned as he loudly transmitted this order after returning the Merlin Family.

After finishing speaking, he quickly asked Lin Yun, who was next to him, "Sir Mafa, what do you think of this?"

Lin Yun sighed.