End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1190

Chapter 1190 Guests

As for what they should deliver, Patriarch Ofran, you can go and pick. Patriarch Novi had been anxious and forgot to say what he would give.."

Ofrans expression suddenly changed, he was like an apprentice looking up to a master, as if a mountain stood before him.

That Mafa kid is just too suited to become the Patriarch, giving him the position of Patriarch is really the wisest decision I made in my entire lifetime.

Just look, he just accepted becoming the next Patriarch and killed the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family, while casually scamming the Charlotte Family on the way.

And the Charlotte Family can only endure that humiliation. Even if they know the truth, they have no other choice but to admit that the old Novi sacrificed himself to kill a Demon.

Would they dare to admit that they came to the Merlin Familys territory to assassinate the next Patriarch of the Merlin Family? Hell, if they dared to admit it, then no Family in the Andlusa Kingdom would dare to cooperate with them in the future.

There is a tacit rule among mage families, even if they had to go to war, they couldnt use despicable methods to assassinate the other sides Patriarch or important members. After all, not every important member of the Family had the strength of a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

If the Charlotte Family dared to admit to it, then the other forces and Family of the Andlusa Kingdom definitely wouldnt mind casually exploiting the Charlotte Family.

Regardless of what we say, they have to acknowledge it. Lets have them cough up a plane, they dont have a choice anyway.

If they refuse, then we might as well just go to war!

That kid Mafa is so suited to being the Patriarch of the Merlin Family. He was able to gain more benefits than if we won a war Without even starting a war and without a single casualty.

Errr, there is no point in taking over a plane controlled by the Charlotte Family. Who knows if those heartless idiots would leak the coordinates, we might as well take over some ore veins or some stores.

It was said that they recently discovered a large-scale ore vein of Dazzling Light Rock, that should be a good pick. They also have a few Magic Tool Shops and Workshops which have pretty decent business, their profits are almost comparable to alchemy medicine shops.

Ofran hurriedly left, his head lowered as he was scheming his blackmail No, as he was thinking of the suitable rewards he could get from the Charlotte Family.

The next day, the news of the Charlotte Familys Patriarch falling spread. Not only had he died in the Merlin Familys territory, it had been a righteous death as he bravely attacked a Demon that had just left the Abyss with no regard for his safety. Unfortunately, the Demon Overlord had been too powerful It was at this time that the future Patriarch of the Merlin Family passed by.

Then, for the safety of the Andlusa Kingdom, the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family promised generous rewards in exchange for the support of the future Patriarch of the Merlin Family before ultimately taking down the Demon Overlord with his life. Even his Familys Magic Tool had been destroyed.

In the Black Tower, Harren looked at the report and immediately started laughing.

"That idiotic Charlotte Family actually tried to deal with Sir Mafa. Are they really tired of living? There is no need to go so far if you want to kill yourself, it would be a lot easier to blow up your Mana Whirlpool.

"Haha, what righteousness. Fight to the death with a Demon in order to protect Andlusas peace?

"Damn, who came up with it? Those old farts of the Charlotte Family should be too ashamed to come out.

"Hear my command, all collaborations between the Black Tower and the Charlotte Family have to cease. Mafa is inheriting the Patriarch position of the Merlin Family, we simply cant offend Sir Mafa for the sake of the Charlotte Family idiots.

"Eh, there are no collaborations? Only a small shop? Even a small shop wont do!"

Jouyi was frowning in the Cloud Tower.

"Didnt our Cloud Tower just purchase a batch of Magic Tools from the Charlotte Family? Oh, send them all back. Reason? Just make one up.

"That idiotic family actually dared to collude with a Demon and ran to the territory of the Merlin Family to try to assassinate Sir Mafa, they are beyond help. Do not come in contact with those guys in the future or your intelligence will greatly decrease.

"Sir Mafa is about to succeed as the Patriarch of the Merlin Family. Help me choose a congratulatory gift, no, forget it, Ill personally prepare the gift."

On the streets, bards were chanting about the achievement of the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family, but only ordinary people would believe it. Any mage with a bit of brain would understand what happened.

But no one exposed the matter. Ofran was even more reluctant to expose it. There was still three days before he would resign as a Patriarch, but he had already recovered four shops and an alchemy workshop for the Merlin Family. There was even two large-scale ore veins.

The Charlotte Familys new Patriarch chose to endure and gave up on these things, he didnt have much choice.

Now, everyone knew that the Charlotte Familys Patriarch sacrificed himself in battle against a Demon. But they were well aware that everyone knew what happened.

But its not like they could say that the Charlotte Familys Patriarch died while trying to assassinate the next Patriarch of the Merlin Family?

The new Patriarch of the Charlotte Family looked exhausted, but he was helpless.

"Patriarch, hasnt this months tribute money decreased? Moreover, more than half of the orders delivered by our Familys workshops have been returned for all kinds of reasons. Also"

The newly appointed Patriarch waved his hand.

"Alright, put those matters aside and first prepare a generous gift. Sir Mafa Merlin is going to inherit the Patriarch position of the Merlin Family in three days, we have to handle this matter first."

Sitting in his study, the new Patriarch of the Charlotte Family looked through the dense piles of information regarding Lin Yun with a bitter smile.

Damn old Patriarch, have you been led astray by a Devil? You actually went to assassinate that monster Mafa Merlin You deserved to die, but you actually implicated the Family

Have you not heard what that monster did in the Raging Flame Plane? He got rid of members of the Odin Kingdoms Shadow Tower, yet that tower of mage assassins who are said to leave no enmity last overnight still didnt try to take revenge. Its said that a Heaven Rank powerhouse died and that the cause of her death might be related to Mafa Merlin.

Moreover, the Quicksand Tower, that legendary desert mage tower who rules the desert had had many casualties due to Mafa Merlin, but the Heaven Rank of the Quicksand Tower seemed to have a good relationship with Mafa Merlin.

As for the Raging Flame Planes most prosperous fort, it is under Mafa Merlins control, even one of the eight Beastman Tribes of the Raging Flame Plane has swore allegiance to Mafa Merlin.

Its not like those damned Beastmen could forget their hatred of humans, right?

Even Heaven Rank powerhouses were eliminated by Mafa Merlin and he is only an Archmage He is definitely another Santon Merlin

That idiotic old Patriarch actually tried to assassinate that kind of monster. Even the Ancestral Lands answer is only four words: He deserved to die!

Sh*t, now I have to inherit this mess Forget it, Id better think of a way to ease the relationship with the Merlin Family. No, it would be more correct to say easing the relationship with Mafa Merlin. Sh*t, Mafa Merlin didnt make a move yet our Charlotte Family is already on its last legs. Our cooperative partners retracted their orders and the resources given to the higher-ups of the Family have to be reduced by half.

The old Patriarch really deserved to die, didnt he do his investigation before acting

Three days passed quickly and the Merlin Family suddenly became very lively. Every Mage Tower in the Andlusa Kingdom sent someone to congratulate them.

"Look, isnt that Sir Jouyi of the Cloud Tower? Its said that Sir Jouyi already advanced to the Heaven Rank. He actually came personally?!"

"Its amazing, look over there! Sir Harren of the Black Tower personally came, and Sir Harren also advanced to the Heaven Rank. And did you see that old mage? Thats the sage of the Battlemages."

"Eh, damn, thats the only sage among those barbarians? Why did he come? Isnt their relationship with the Andlusa Kingdom bad? Especially the Black Tower, eh, how come he is chatting with Sir Harren that happily?"

"Idiot, you are too naive. They all came to congratulate Sir Mafa Merlin. Didnt you see? Four Heaven Rank powerhouses came, two of which I cant even recognize, but I heard they are old Heaven Rank powerhouses"

So many people came to congratulate, and apart from the Heaven Rank powerhouses, the others were Patriarchs. The end of the Charlotte Familys Patriarch was vivid in their mind, even a Patriarch could be killed so they could only endure. No one would be stupid enough to provoke him.

"The envoy from the Odin Kingdoms Sky City is here."

"The envoy from the Odin Kingdoms Quicksand Tower is here."

"The envoy from the Odin Kingdoms Burning Tower is here."

The resounding announcements kept echoing from the entrance, making the crowd grow silent. They were all stunned and shocked as they looked at the few people coming in.

These mages were prideful, the mana fluctuations of the robes they wore and the magic staves they held were somewhat stronger than the Andlusa Kingdoms.

"Sky City, Quicksand Tower, Burning Tower, those are major forces of the Odin Kingdom, each one of them are more powerful than the Cloud Tower or the Black Tower.

"They actually dispatched envoys to congratulate Mafa Merlin inheriting the position of Patriarch? Heavens, I must be dreaming, arent these guys 9th Rank Archmages? And their mana fluctuations are stronger than ordinary 9th Rank Archmages."

When the envoys of these three forces came in and saw the respectful and shocked expressions of these onlookers, they couldnt help looking somewhat arrogant.

But after entering the Merlin Family Manor and seeing Lin Yun calmly standing in the middle with a smile, their lofty expression instantly disappeared and two of them even exposed fearful expressions.

"Sir Mafa, Sir Dedale couldnt free himself so he sent me to congratulate you, I hope you wont take offense."

"Sir Mafa, this is a gift Sir Raphael specially prepared for you. I hope youll like it. Sir Raphael has to personally handle some of Sky Citys matter and thus couldnt show up. I hope you can understand. Sir Raphael said that he will personally come to apologize a bit later."

"Sir Mafa, this is a specialty of our Quicksand Tower. Congratulations on your inheritance of the Merlin Familys Patriarch position."

The envoys of the three forces were all respectful and none of their former arrogance could be seen. This overwhelmed the surrounding mages with shock.

Zeuss Watson was also among those mages, he was here to represent the Watson Family. After all, a Peak 9th Rank Archmage was definitely enough to represent the Watson Family, and he did have some reputation.

But here, Zeuss Watson couldnt even join that small inner circle, because they were all Heaven Rank powerhouses!

Heaven Rank powerhouses rarely showed their faces, but four of them had simultaneously appeared to congratulate Lin Yun, and now, even forces of the Odin Kingdom came

Mafa Merlin is really becoming more and more terrifying. Only Archmages could be called "Sir", unless it was used by ones own subordinates. One had to be at the Heaven Rank, or be respected for other Archmages to call them "Sir"!

And these three 9th Rank Archmages are all using "Sir" when talking to Mafa Merlin. And they are so respectful, as if Mafa Merlins strength reached a stage they could only look up to, as if his strength was comparable to an old Heaven Rank powerhouse!

These three envoys are very respectful of Mafa Merlin, two of them even seem very afraid of him. Sh*t, my eyesight must have gone bad, Odin Kingdoms forces can actually be afraid of Mafa Merlin?

Zeuss stood more than ten meters away and watched Lin Yun chat with the few Heaven Rank powerhouses. He simply didnt dare to approach, there were a dozen 9th Rank Archmages around him!

Zeuss looked at him with an envious and complicated expression. It hasnt been that long but he could only look up to him.

"Hahaha, Sir Mafa, How could you not notify me about something as big as becoming a Patriarch, this is really mean. Thankfully, I learnt about it on time."

A loud laugh could be heard from the sky as the aura of the Heaven Rank spread out and instantly silenced everyone. The weaker ones were instantly pressured by the aura of the Heaven Rank and let alone moving their fingertips, even speaking was challenging.

Then, everyone looked up and saw a black-robed man sitting on a malevolent monster flying down.

Suddenly, a faint fluctuation swept over and the aura of the Heaven Rank was immediately swept clean, Morgans pressure seemed to have completely disappeared.

The four elements converged together in midair and condensed into a three-meter-big Four Element Bomb which instantly tore through the air, leaving behind a long white trail.

A loud explosion echoed in the sky as the Four Element Bomb hit the Darkness Elemental God. The terrifying mana fluctuations burst out like a volcanic eruption and Morgan screamed as he was sent flying. As for his Darkness Elemental God, half of his head had been blown up.

"Morgan, I havent seen you for a while, you seem to be doing good, are entrances nothing more than a decoration to you?"

Lin Yuns voice softly echoed and made people look at him foolishly.

He actually dared to attack a Heaven Rank powerhouse

Outside of the Merlin Family Manor, the newly-appointed Charlotte Family Patriarch was walking to the doorway when he suddenly saw this scene.

Mafa Merlin is really arrogant, he actually dared to attack a true Heaven Rank powerhouse. And that Heaven Rank powerhouse was from the Henry Family of the Odin Kingdom, according to his robe!

Thats a major family of the Odin Kingdom. The wealth they possessed may be more important than the entire Andlusa Kingdoms wealth, they are really wealthy powerful mages. Yet Mafa Merlin actually offended a member of the Henry Family, hahaha, amazing.

If other forces hear this, they would definitely not dare to get in contact with Mafa Merlin. The Henry Family wouldnt need to act personally if they wanted to deal with Mafa Merlin, they would just need to flash their money to destroy the Merlin Family!

The new Patriarch of the Charlotte Family originally intended to go in, but he ended up hesitating and kept standing outside the Merlin Family Manor.

"Morgan, you fool! I told you!"