End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1191

Chapter 1191

Thats great, the Charlotte Familys crisis can finally be lifted. I just have to get in touch with the people of the Henry Family and see if we can cooperate to free my Charlotte Family from its crisis. I might even be able to develop the Charlotte Family to be one of the major forces of the Andlusa Kingdom.

Arnaud smiled as he went through the entrance of the Merlin Family Manor while Morgan bitterly smiled and landed on the ground. That Darkness Elemental God also recovered and was put away by Morgan.

Vexed, Morgan exclaimed after going through the door of the Merlin Family, "Sir Mafa, your way of welcoming guests is really special, only I could bear this kind of enthusiasm, others might not have as much endurance"

Arnaud shook his head with a smile on his face.

"Morgan, you idiot. I told you to curb your aura. And how could you not control your brainless Darkness Elemental God?

"Really, you might end up killed when going through a powerhouse territory and Ill end up implicated"

"Yeah well, I was a bit too excited since I havent seen Sir Mafa in a while. My longing was as irresistible as a flooding river. You dont understand Arnaud, this is called true character."

"To hell with true character, you are brainless."

Morgan and Arnaud quarrelled with no regard for others as they entered the Merlin Family Manor. The onlookers were already foolishly looking at Morgan and Arnaud cordially walking forward and hugging Lin Yun. Apparently that attack comparable to the strongest 8th Tier Spell was nothing more than a greeting.

Outside the Merlin Family Manor, the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family was foolishly standing there, cold sweat trickling down his back and his smile stiffening.

Damn, those are two Heaven Rank powerhouses of the Henry Family, two Heaven Rank powerhouses!

They actually personally came to congratulate Mafa Merlin? And their relationship seems very good. Sh*t, which idiot gathered the information?! I have to get rid of him. No, Ill kill them all!

Six Heaven Rank powerhouses came to congratulate Mafa Merlin, and three major forces of the Odin Kingdom dispatched people to congratulate him

The old Patriarch was a blind idiot, he actually provoked that kind of monster

"Hahaha, Sir Mafa, Im really sorry for being late. Would you still welcome me to something as big as your inheritance of the Merlin Familys Patriarch position even though I came uninvited?"

The forthright laughing voice echoed as a silhouette appeared at the entrance of the Merlin Family Manor. The silhouette then walked through the entrance.

Outside the door, the eyes of the new Patriarch of the Charlotte Family turned black, he was completely stunned.

Azurewave Sword Saint! Damn, he has already advanced to the Heaven Rank yet he still personally came!

Sh*t, can someone tell me whats going on? Its fortunate that I was smart enough to come in person to congratulate Mafa Merlin, so fortunate

Right, I have to hurry and go in. I just have to not let Mafa Merlins attention be on my Charlotte Family. I dont want to end up like that stupid old Patriarch and die an injust death, I dont want to become the sinner of the Charlotte family.

The new Patriarch looked at the gift he prepared and then ground his teeth. He then took out a few kinds of materials almost extinct in Noscent and carefully put them into the gift box before entering the Merlin Family Manor.

He gave the gift to the person in charge of receiving gifts and ignored the others expression as he walked over with a cordial smile. He said a few congratulatory sentences from a distance, but remained tactful and didnt get close. It was a social circle of Heaven Rank powerhouses, he simply didnt dare to get close.

The new Patriarch followed Zeuss and sat down at a table. Zeuss looked at the nervously sweating new Patriarch of the Charlotte Family and a reminiscing expression flashed on his face.

Back in those days, I was like that guy and provoked Sir Mafa Actually, this guy is even more unlucky than me, he has just taken over a mess. But if not for that, he definitely wouldnt have become a Patriarch.

Sir Mafa is such a good person, as long as you dont provoke him, Sir Mafa will never provoke you. And as long as you are a friend, Sir Mafa will do his best to help you.

If not for Sir Mafa, I would have already become a cripple, but now, Im already a Peak 9th Rank Archmage powerhouse and I even have hope of advancing to the Heaven Rank.

I hope this newly-appointed Patriarch of the Charlotte Family has some brains

Zeuss patted his shoulder and gave him an encouraging gaze, but the newly-appointed Patriarch shook in fear for a long time without figuring the meaning behind it.

The banquet started. The group of Heaven Rank powerhouses were at the center with Lin Yun accompanying them. He wasnt paying attention to the people around them, but no one was dissatisfied. Who would dare to be dissatisfied when a group of Heaven Rank powerhouses personally came to congratulate Lin Yun?

In any case, wasnt the old Patriarch Ofran keeping them company?

After the banquet, Lin Yun officially took over the Merlin Family. Since he promised Ofran to make the Merlin Family the strongest force in the Andlusa Kingdom, he had to make good on his promise.

The mage army was brought back and squeezed into the Merlin Familys school to serve as teachers for the younger generation. Lin Yun subordinate alchemists were also transferred and entered the Merlin Familys alchemy workshops to nurture the Merlin Familys alchemists.

The Merlin Family had plenty of Apprentice Alchemists, but very few would advance and become true Alchemists. In addition, it wasnt like there were many Alchemists coming to take apprentices here. The Alchemists hired from the Alchemist Guild would always hide some of the crucial parts when teaching and only taught ordinary techniques.

The alchemists from the shops under Lin Yun were dispatched to teach potioneering and he even dispatched Crowits to personally teach the Merlin Familys Alchemists about puppeteering.

There were even some learning Magic Tools and arrays.

Every single corner of the Merlin Family was checked by Shawn. The spies and traitors that could keep their secrets in front of Shawn had yet to be born. These ordinary mages simply couldnt accomplish this.

The informers of the other Families and the undiscovered traitors were all dug out and thrown into a mine to dig. Only the ones that could be trusted remained.

The Familys businesses also started collaborating with other forces, the Henry Family in particular. This made the stores of the Merlin Family raise by at least two grades.

The Andlusa Kingdom still couldnt compare to the Odin Kingdom in all fields. The same thing could be made in both kingdoms, but it would be a few times more expensive in the Andlusa Kingdom, while the quality would be better in the Odin Kingdom.

Many materials also couldnt be produced in the Andlusa Kingdom and importing them from other regions was very difficult. Their price was also very expensive.

But now, the Merlin Family could procure a large amount of materials at a relatively cheap price from the Henry Family.

At this time, the Andlusa Kingdoms forces all started competing to collaborate with the Merlin Family, even the Andlusa Royal Family extended an olive branch.

With the wealth converging, the younger generation of the Merlin Family obtained more and more natural resources and their strength naturally grew even faster.

Moreover, Lin Yun also established a library in the Merlin Family Manor. There was a lot of information written by Lin Yun himself, with the most precious being some Meditation Law Runes. There was as many as eight kinds of 13-Formulas Meditation Law Sets!

Currently, the younger generation of the Merlin Family might only have 5-Formulas Meditation Law Sets, while the core of the younger generation might obtain 7-Formulas Meditation Law Sets or 8-Formulas Meditation Law Sets.

Even Patriarch Ofran only had a 9-Formulas Meditation Law Set. There was only one 10-Formulas Meditation Law Set in the Merlin Family and it wasnt suited for everyones use, only an extremely small number of people could use it.

Lin Yun wrote down eight 13-Formulas Meditation Law Sets and thirty 10-Formulas Meditation Law Sets

As long as they were direct descendants of the Merlin Family, anyone could see the 5-Formulas Meditation Law Sets on the first floor of the library. As for the 2nd floor, there was a barrier and only those powerful enough could enter the barrier and take a look at the 7-Formulas Meditation Law Sets.

To enter the 3rd floor, one needed to have made contributions to the Merlin Family. Anything they did would earn them merit points, and by saving enough merit points, they could access the Meditation Law Sets placed further back.

Converting these merit points into a 13-Formulas Law Set was possible as long as they had enough achievements. Moreover, this was aimed at all the members of the Merlin Family, even those descended from a common ancestor but from a different line. As long as they were powerful enough and made some contributions, they could obtain those rewards!

After all, Meditation Law Sets were the foundation of every mage force. If their Meditation Law Sets were too weak, even if a genius appeared and became a powerhouse, he still wouldnt be able to support an entire Family.

Which of the current powerful Mage Towers and Families didnt have powerful Meditation Law Sets as a foundation? Only with these could a genius not fall into oblivion.

Lin Yun left these Meditation Law Sets after careful consideration. Many of those Meditation Law Sets would be created in the future and these Meditation Law Sets were all suited to the Merlin Familys bloodline. After all, the Merlin Familys bloodline was a powerful bloodline once awakened.

The Meditation Law Sets Lin Yun threw in the library were partial to the blood of the Merlin Family to avoid leakage to a certain degree. After all, the people who could make full use of these Meditation Law Sets were the members of the Merlin Family.

As for the shaping of Magic Conducting Runes, Lin Yun left a dozen kinds of relatively well-known Magic Conducting Runes. Mana Spring which increased mana, Mana Tide, Time Hand which decreased casting time, Elemental Imprint, Blazing Soul which increased the power of spells, Ice Heart, Earth Pulse, Storm Edge

Even the Magic Array Lin Yun hesitated for a while before leaving its shaping method behind. But he specifically indicated that it was only suitable for someone with a special gift.

After all, in history, there had been one member of the Merlin Family that successfully shaped the Magic Array, and it had been based on the bloodline of the Merlin Family.

The Magic Array would be known as the most formidable Magic Conducting Rune in the future. It not only referred to the Magic Arrays power, it also referred to its problem. Many mages would be obsessed with power in the future and a lot of gifted people wasted their time on the Magic Array without being able to form the foundation until their death.

The most important Magic Conducting Runes left behind also required a huge amount of contribution to the Merlin Family to be learnt. Shawn left his soul imprint inside every magic book. After learning these, the mages would be unable to impart it onto others. When the magic books content was engraved in their memories, there would be some runes entering their minds, forming a soul contract.

As for the Meditation Law Sets on the first floor, even if they were leaked, they wouldnt cause much of an impact. Without obtaining the follow-up Meditation Law Sets, the highest these people could reach would be the High Mage realm, they could only dream of advancing to the Archmage realm.

How could powerful Law Meditation Law Sets not have a kind of restriction?

It is said that starting something major was easy, but defending it would be difficult. It might be relatively easy when establishing it, but since he promised to make the Merlin Family the strongest force in the Andlusa Kingdom, it couldnt decline soon after he passed the position to someone else.

Increasing the power of the younger generation of the Merlin Family was the best method. Why were William, Ross and Leon far stronger than the other clansmen of the same generation, wasnt it because they had obtained Lin Yuns high level Core Meditation Law Sets? Their Core Meditation Law Sets were at the very least 13-Formulas Meditation Law Sets.

After finishing that, Lin Yun didnt really take care of the rest. After all, he only needed to control the general path. There were plenty of people to take care of the details.

With the library, and the natural resources, the Merlin Familys strength rapidly increased within the first two months.

Jack Merlin was an ordinary Mage of the Merlin Familys school. He became a Mage at 19 and could even be said to be a talented person if he had been living in a smaller rural area.

Unfortunately, this was the Merlin Family. A Magic Apprentice that couldnt become a Mage before 18 would no longer be provided with resources.

As long as they were just a bit talented and had sufficient resources, even a pig could become a Mage.

The natural resources provided by the Merlin Family to underage children was never lacking. It was in order to have them break through as quickly as possible and to let them build a good foundation to give them a chance while they were so young.

Even during the hardest times of the Merlin Family, when the best resources rapidly decreased, they still wanted to guarantee that the young children had enough resources.

Back then, the fifty mages dispatched by the Merlin Family had all advanced to the Mage realm after eighteen and they no longer had the qualifications to obtain resources.

In fact, those fifty mages all became Mages after 20, they were the lowest of the lows. This was the reason the Merlin Family had very generously dispatched fifty Mages.

As for Jack, he only became a Mage at 19, this also meant that he was no longer supplied with resources. He had to rely on himself or advance to the Great Mage realm before 23 to be able to receive the Merlin Familys resources.

For this reason, Jack Merlin had no other choice but to do like the other children of the Merlin Family and take a part time job at a shop to invest gold in himself, even if the Family recently started distributing some resources to those not worth training

After finishing work, Jack was on his way back when his path was suddenly blocked by a youth wearing an ink-colored robe. The youth was holding a peach tree staff which was already shining.

"Hey, isnt this Jack Merlin? Didnt I warn you to never approach Vayne again? A trash like you should stay in his dirty and filthy wooden house. It looks like my warning didnt work, let my spell be your warning this time!"

"Jason Watson, dont go too far! Vayne only came to our store to buy medicine!"

Jason Watson sneered, "I dont care. I already warned you to not get in contact with Vayne, but you didnt listen to my warning. So my spell is the one going to teach you this time!"

Jason rapidly chanted his incantation and a cold Ice Shield appeared. It was followed by the incantation of a Frost Spike.

An icicle rapidly appeared and flew towards Jack Merlins face. The icy air covered Jacks hair in frost.

"Jason, dont go too far! Dont force my hand!"

Jack Merlin looked angry, but he didnt even have a magic staff in his hand.

"Jack Merlin, you are a disgrace to the Merlin Family. You, having the same bloodline as Sir Mafa is an insult to Sir Mafa. Ill teach you a lesson and let you know what power is.

"You poor ghost, you dont even have a magic staff of the lowest grade. And do you think you can defeat a 3rd Rank Mage like me as a 1st Rank Mage?"

Another Frost Spike flew by and Jack barely dodged, but his shoulder was grazed. Moreover, his left shoulder was already frozen from the cold.

In anger, Jack gritted his teeth and extended his hand, rapidly chanting. After 2.5 seconds, a head-sized Fireball was condensed and flew towards Jason with a flaming trail.

Jason stood there and kept casting, completely ignoring that Fireball.

Then, the Fireball striked Jasons shield and exploded it. His Ice Shield burst into fragments and the flames ignited Jasons robe, it also slightly burnt his hair.

"F*ck, Jack! I will kill you!"

Jason irrationally raised his magic staff and was about to cast a spell once again.

Although Jack was a bit flabbergasted, he didnt have time to worry about it and kept casting.

Then, 1.5 seconds later, Jason had yet to finish his cast when an emerald green vine appeared under his feet and instantly bound him there. The sharp thorns of the vine pierced Jasons body and absorbed his blood.