End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1192

Chapter 1192 Invitation

After returning home, Jack looked at his hands with an unfathomable expression.

‘Heavens, what happened. I’m a 1st Rank Mage and I didn’t have a staff How could I defeat Jason? How could my spellcasting become so powerful and fast?

‘Jason defeated me last month, and I didn’t even have the ability to retaliate. Why did the Fireball explode his Ice Shield this time?’

Jack’s face was full of doubt. After his routine meditation was over, shock could be seen on Jack’s face.

‘Meditation Law Set! Damn, it’s the Meditation Law Set. The Meditation Law Set in the library Sir Mafa established! Right, it must be it! It must be that 5-Formulas Meditation Law Set I picked last time. It’s said that there are more than five formulas to the Hand of Flame Meditation Law Set and that once I advance to the Great Mage realm, I would be able to go to the 2nd Floor and learn two more formulas And there is still the 3rd Floor…

‘Heavens, didn’t the notes on the magic book mention that it could only slightly increase the power of fire spells and slightly cut down casting time. It also mentioned that only the 7-formulas version could display a bit of the true power of the Hand of Flame?

‘What’s going on? I’m a 1st Rank Mage, how could I defeat a 3rd Rank Mage like Jason?

‘Heavens, could it be that Sir Mafa made a mistake when writing it down? It couldn’t be, the Patriarch is so powerful, how could he have made a mistake. It must be because this kind of Meditation Law Set is far below him so he didn’t really care.’

The next day, Jack rushed to the library like a thief and once again looked at the Meditation Law Set he had chosen, only to find out that many members of the younger generation were cautiously looking at the Meditation Law Set he had chosen.

After confirming that the content of the magic book were the same as what he remembered, Jack immediately returned to his home, his mind filled with doubt, and then started diligently gathering mana according to the Meditation Law Set.

Lin Yun really didn’t make a mistake, it’s just that when he spent time writing down the Meditation Law Sets, it had been based on the books within Heiss City’s library.

The standard was based on those standards, but he had completely overlooked the fact that this era wasn’t Noscent’s peak era. Not a single one of the Meditation Law Sets in the library wasn’t a first-rate one. Even if it was assessed to only slightly increase spell power and cut down casting time, that was an assessment based on the peak of the Magic Era.

Such a small misunderstanding startled those small guys who picked those Meditation Law Sets without much hope. They thought they had been fortunate and discovered some kind of overlooked formidable Meditation Law Set.

Lin Yun didn’t really care about that. The Merlin Family was moving on the right track and was becoming more prosperous with each passing day. Lin Yun even provided some Mana Potions made from the pure Mana Water. It slightly decreased the time Merlins needed to accumulate mana.

Lin Yun spent a good amount of time in the Demiplane, feeling the power of the Demiplane’s Laws. He had already been at the peak of the 9th Rank and had reached a perfection that couldn’t be more perfect, reached the extreme limit.

One more step and he was at the Heaven Rank. he only needed to complete the Extraordinary Transformation and he would be able to immediately become a Heaven Rank powerhouse, but that step was very difficult.

To Archmages, stepping into the Heaven Rank was similar to forming a gate and breaking through it to transcend mortality.

And the more stable that entrance was, the more stable their foundation, the harder it was to break through it, and the more benefits they would obtain.

Even during the peak of Noscent, powerful mages researched that particular breakthrough. The more perfect and powerful the foundation at the Archmage realm, the more success a mage would have at the Heaven Realm, and the greater their chances of advancing to a higher rank.

Lin Yun stayed in his Demiplane to comprehend the Laws. He wanted to complete the Extraordinary transformation, but couldn’t do so. In the world of his soul, he could faintly see an ancient gate with the mark of an extremely complicated wheel standing there, immovable.

The gate exuded an aura as calm as a mountain and his soul was stuck in front of it. He only needed to push open the gate and would be able to transcend and transform.

His soul stood in front of the big gate, as small as an ant. But the gate wasn’t budging, and as his comprehension grew, the steady aura coming from the gate grew heavier, making opening it harder.

Lin Yun opened his eyes and a stunned expression could be seen on his face as he bitterly smiled.

‘Damn, my foundation is too powerful, it has reached an unfathomable stage. From Mage to Archmage, every single step had been flawless, and now, this gate disconnecting the Heaven Rank from mortality had become perfect…

‘It’s powerful to the point where I can’t even break it. What is this’

After shaking his head, Lin Yun left the Demiplane and no longer continued comprehending the Laws. He had already reached the peak and only needed one more step. No matter how much he comprehended, it wouldn’t have a huge effect.

After coming out, Lin Yun received the reports of his subordinates. Recently, the Merlin Family developed smoothly. The source of their wealth had stabilized, and not only did they nurture many Alchemists, they could already work in alchemy workshops. The younger generation’s advancing speed was terrifyingly fast and almost scared to death the original teachers of the Merlin Family.

Furthermore, the Andlusa Kingdom’s strongest forces organized a huge competition. The Raging Flame Plane’s matter could be considered settled, but there were still many territories disputed by many forces and they wanted to take advantage of that huge competition to make a judgement.

Simply said, it was a dispute over territories and the stronger ones would get what they want, this was approved by all forces.

And the Merlin Family was naturally invited. The territories Lin Yun controlled in the Raging Flame Plane weren’t disputed, but the Merlin Family’s territories were disputed by other forces.

Especially the Horn of Fertility which was eyed by a few forces.

The competition was split into two parts, the first part was a competition between people under 18, and the other was a competition between people under the Heaven Rank.

In short, it was a contest of the current and future strength of the forces.

During that month, Lin Yun personally chose ten talented candidates to nurture, the candidates were youth with some talent in other fields, but no one knew what the content of the training was.

After a month, Lin Yun personally led the youths of the Merlin Family that had advanced to the Mage realm before 18 to participate in the competition.

A month later, the oldest was a month away from being 18, while the youngest was still 16. After going through Lin Yun’s training, the weakest was still a 3rd Rank Mage while the strongest was already a 6th Rank Mage.

The youth part of the competition had no suspense. Whether it was in terms of Rank, Meditation Law Sets, or even understanding of spell incantations, they all suppressed the youths of the other families. Among the top ten, six spots went to the Merlin Family while the remaining four were split between the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower, there was no other force.

As for the competition between Archmages, there was no suspense. Lin Yun was an Archmage, and it was reasonable to say that as a Patriarch, he had to take to the field himself to fight other Patriarches.

Then There was no then, Lin Yun didn’t even get to fight as every other force conceded. Lin Yun hadn’t needed to fight to take 1st place. The other Patriarches all fought for 2nd place.

The disputed territories of the Merlin Family in the Raging Flame Plane unsurprisingly remained in the hands of the Merlin Family.

As for the Merlin Family’s industry in the Andlusa Kingdom, they could be said to have a semi-monopoly on the market. Almost all alchemy potions related to the Merlin Family was extremely cheap and their quality was extremely good. Even the other Families had no choice but to get their medicine from the Merlin Family.

As for the new puppet shops, they enjoyed thorough market dominance in the Andlusa Kingdom.

And aside from Lin Yun, William, Ross, Leon, and even some mages of the next generation became the most powerful mages of the Merlin Family.

Within half a year, the Merlin Family had become the strongest mage force of the Andlusa Kingdom, and even the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower would always pick the Merlin Family as their first choice for cooperation.

Lin Yun completed his promise within half a year and then decisively passed his position to William.

After such a long period of training, William had become a lot more mature and he had already reached the 5th Rank of the Archmage realm. Moreover, after Lin Yun’s training, his fighting strength exceeded his current rank and he could even fight against 7th Rank Archmages.

After straightforwardly tossing the Patriarch position to William, Lin Yun was getting ready to mull over his breakthrough. At the current stage, he needed an opportunity to advance to the Heaven Rank, he needed to find the reincarnation of that God’s half-soul in the Odin Kingdom, he also needed to look for the Reedpush Plate. Those were the most important matters on his list.

Many forces knew about that God’s half-soul reincarnating in the Odin Kingdom, but not many took it seriously.

After all, after reincarnating, the power of the God’s half-soul would disappear and it would only become an ordinary human that advanced step by step.

And during the process, it would be impossible to remain completely hidden. No matter how slow its progress was, it would be inevitably exposed when advancing to the Heaven Rank.

It was impossible for every Heaven Rank powerhouse to completely hide themselves. Especially in a place like the Odin Kingdom. When the time came, they only needed to investigate a bit whenever someone advanced to the Heaven Rank.

Moreover, no one really cared about the scene of the end of the Era of Gods…

Except Lin Yun!

Because the destruction of the Era of Gods, of the Nesser Dynasty, and of the Magic Era in a few dozen millennia were exactly the same aside from the people involved.

None of those forces would take it seriously if they were told that Noscent would be destroyed in a few dozen millennia.

Lin Yun was seeking the truth, and for that he had to find the reincarnation of that half-soul and ask about the secrets.

Moreover, the Heaven Enlightening Plane had already been destroyed. What happened to those countless Chromatic Dragons and Pureblood Elves? That starry sky path in the Ancestral Land of the Merlin Family also had many corpses of Pureblood Elves and Dragons, there was even the corpse of a God. What happened there, what was going on?

The only person that might know something was that reincarnated God’s half-soul.

And in order to deal with the upcoming calamity, he had to start building the Shelter Tower ahead of time, and for that, he had to get a hold of the important Reedpush Plate.

Raphael visited just as Lin Yun gathered all his subordinates and prepared to set off for the Odin Kingdom.

Seeing Raphael once again, Lin Yun could see that he was in high-spirits.

“Congratulations, Sir Raphael.”

Lin Yun smiled and congratulated Raphael the moment he saw him.

Raphael smiled with unconcealable happiness.

“No, no, I knew that I couldn’t hide my breakthrough to the Artisan realm from Sir Mafa, but it is all thanks to Sir Mafa. If not for you, I would have needed at least twenty years to advance, I wouldn’t have been able to advance so easily after returning to the Odin Kingdom.”

Lin Yun shook his head and sighed with a smile.

“This has nothing to do with me, it’s all thanks to Sir Raphael’s own efforts.

“Sir Raphael shouldn’t have come to the Andlusa Kingdom just to tell me this, right?”

Raphael scratched his head with an awkward smile.

“In fact, I came representing Sky City to invite Sir Mafa to the Odin Kingdom.

“Do you know the Starry Sky College?”

Lin Yun nodded.

“As an alchemist, how could I not hear about the Starry Sky College, the holy land of alchemists? Could it be that your visit is related to the Starry Sky College?”

Raphael nodded with a mysterious expression.

“Indeed, this is related to the alchemist gathering. Only those formidable in the field of alchemy can be invited, background and power are overlooked. Anyone skilled in the field of alchemy would be invited.

“Moreover, only Artisans are qualified to participate in this gathering. Naturally, powerful alchemists are obviously formidable mages. To become an Artisan, one had to be a high-ranked Archmage, and many of them are Heaven Mages.”

A trace of understanding flashed on Lin Yun’s face. The Odin Kingdom organizing the alchemist gathering should be related to the Starry Sky College. Non-Artisans might really not have the qualifications to participate.

“Congratulations Sir Raphael, you can also participate in the gathering this time. This must be why you are so happy, right?”

Raphael couldn’t help displaying a proud smile.

“Indeed, I was only a Master Alchemist before and couldn’t enter the alchemist gathering as I didn’t meet the requirements. My teacher brought me in once, but I unfortunately couldn’t enter the core circle. But it’ll be different this time.

“Furthermore, I was also given the task to invite Sir Mafa. As an alchemist, Sir Mafa wouldn’t give up on such an opportunity, right?”

Raphael didn’t wait for Lin Yun to answer before rapidly casting a Silent Boundary and lowering his voice like a thief as he said, “Sir Mafa, let me tell you a secret, you’ll be raring to go after hearing it.

“Many years ago, a meteorite tore through the spatial barrier of Noscent and fell in the Odin Kingdom, causing a huge disaster and killing many people. Over a hundred kilometers of land became desolate for a few centuries.

“It’s the current Meteorite Basin which was formed by the impact of the meteorite. And in the meteorite, there was a crystal.

“That crystal had been crafted into an alchemy item and is now in the Starry Sky College!

“Many people researched that crystal when it appeared, but they couldn’t solve the secret of the crystal.

“It could only be placed in the Starry Sky College because that’s where the core of the world’s alchemy is. The most powerful alchemists are all in the Starry Sky College.

“The three deans are all Saint Alchemists and the secret of the crystal could only be solved there.”

Lin Yun frowned, faintly thinking of something.

“Sir Raphael, are you saying that the focus of this gathering would be on that crystal?”