End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1193

Chapter 1193 Flying Shuttle

Raphael awkwardly smiled.

"Im actually not too clear about it. This is the decision of the Starry Sky College after all. I wont dare to guarantee it but Ive obtained some news. If there is nothing unexpected, theyll take out that crystal for everyone to study.

"It is said that there are countless inscriptions on the crystal and everyone sees things differently. No one can tell how many inscriptions it contains, because even after so many years have passed, no one saw the inscription repeating, no matter who studied it.

"Everyone would see something different while looking at the crystal and they would get different feelings, there was no limit.

"And the three deans of Sky City devoted their entire lives experiences to research that crystal. Starry Sky College includes the most formidable alchemists of this world and they also seek to uncover the secret of that crystal in their lifetime."

A longing expression could be seen on Raphaels face as he spoke.

"As seekers of truth, an unsolved mystery is a lifelong goal for us, alchemists.

"Sir Mafa, this is the best opportunity. So many years passed and no one has solved this mystery before.

"We can just take the chance to observe that crystal to get some rare comprehension. This is an opportunity that cant be refused for an alchemist. You dont want to join?"

Lin Yun thought for a bit. He had many things to do in the Odin Kingdom so casually following Raphael to that alchemist gathering was also good. Moreover, he was also very curious about that crystal, it would be for the best if he checked it out.

"I cant refuse, wait for me to finish handing over the Patriarch position and we can set off."

After handing over the Merlin Family to William, Lin Yun followed Raphael and set off on his floating fortress

This floating fortress wasnt the same as the battle-oriented floating fortress Sky City dispatched to the Raging Flame Plane, it looked like a silver fish-like shuttle. Not only was there not a single crack on it, it had a silver white metallic luster and was very sharp.

Seeing its shape, Lin Yun knew that this thing was very fast. Moreover, it was using mana crystals as energy sources and was especially suitable for long distance flights.

Lin Yun didnt have to worry about flying to the Odin Kingdom by himself since he had the support of his Demiplane. But other Heaven Mages definitely didnt have that much mana to waste.

Lin Yun stepped foot in the flying shuttle. It wasnt too spacious, it was ten-meter-long and there were only three rooms that could be used for resting. It was clearly used by Raphael to pick up one or two people, any more and it would feel too crowded.

A smug expression could be seen on Raphaels face as he boarded the flying shuttle. He looked just like a child wanting to show off his favorite toy.

"Hey, Sir Mafa, can you see any part of the flying shuttle that could be improved?"

Lin Yun glanced at Raphael and smiled. He knew that this guy was flaunting his own flying shuttle, but he looked very honest, as if he was really asking for guidance.

A few law runes came out of Lin Yuns mouth and fell onto this floating flying shuttle. In an instant, icy blue patterns appeared on the surface of that silver white flying shuttle. An elegant deep green law rune was still floating in front of the flying shuttle and the air seemed to slide around that rune.

A gorgeous crimson pattern had also appeared in the back of the flying shuttle. It took a few seconds for the flying shuttle to be remodelled.

Raphael foolishly looked at the even more magnificent and high-profile flying shuttle, he wasnt able to react.

Heavens, I was just being modest Yet Sir Mafa really helped me remodel my flying shuttle? Eh, how could the flying shuttle be even more perfect?

The gale rune in the front keeps diverting the air, reducing the air resistance to its minimum and increasing the flight speed.

The ice patterns covering the surface would reduce the damage to the materials caused by the air friction when flying at high speed.

The fire pattern in the back seems to be an explosive pattern. Could it be using flames as a driving force? The mana required would be enormous

How long did it take? Not only has Sir Mafa become even more powerful, his ability in the field of alchemy grew even stronger. I simply cant make sense of those patterns And Ive already advanced to the Artisan realm!

After a few glances, Raphael couldnt understand what he was seeing, he could only roughly guess. But since he knew that Lin Yun was far superior in the field of alchemy, he wasnt ashamed to ask.

"Sir Mafa, can you explain those"

Lin Yun pointed to the front of the flying shuttle.

"That law rune is only the main body, there are 389 gale runes around it that would make the air slide towards the sides, and it completely fits the shape of the flying shuttle. The air would be squeezed towards the back and the driving force taking shape would increase the shuttles speed by 40%.

"The ice runes on the surface form a revolving pattern that could reduce the wear and tear of the flying shuttle. Moreover, it would make the driving force from the air take shape of a spiral which would form a sort of wind shield.

"That fire pattern in the back could form a short explosion which would create a great driving force that can triple the flying shuttles speed for a short time. It could burst with ten times the same speed within ten seconds, and with a spirit mana crystal, it could be used for three minutes at most.

"The insides also have earth runes forming a stable system, lightening the flying shuttles weight and decreasing the pressure from sharp accelerations. Oh, its the huge pressure created when the flying shuttle suddenly go faster.

"When there is a mage under the Archmage realm, its best not to use the fastest flame acceleration or they would be crushed to death by the pressure"

Lin Yun gave a detailed explanation to Raphael, this wasnt a matter worth keeping secret. Moreover, this was a result of his research of the Four-Element Bomb. Lin Yun researched many similar paths. The casual remodelling wasnt too serious.

But Raphael looked as if he had seen a ghost, he was horrified. He walked around it a dozen times, and went in and out a dozen times, before ultimately walking out with a defeated expression.

"Sir Mafa, I was just joking earlier. This really gives me no sense of accomplishment. You know, I personally manufactured this flying shuttle after advancing to the Artisan realm"

Lin Yun felt a bit embarrassed, he had really thought that Raphael wanted him to remodel the flying shuttle.

Lin Yun had yet to say anything before Raphael smiled and caressed the flying shuttle with emotion while letting out a strange laughter.

"Hey, this flying shuttle is a lot better than most of Sky Citys flying shuttles No, its better than those few Artisans.

"Their flying shuttles cant be as fast, ten times the speed? Ahahah"

Lin Yun ignored Raphael as he started laughing strangely and entered the flying shuttle. That thing was originally tailored for speed and wasnt used for battle. Floating fortresses were used for battle, and Sky City had plenty of floating fortresses. Even Sky Citys main city was a huge floating fortress.

Raphael and Lin Yun had yet to leave when someone of the Black Tower arrived. By chance, that person of the Black Tower also wanted to go to the Odin Kingdom, so they went together.

After they entered the flying shuttle, the door thoroughly closed and the impatient Raphael went into the operating room. Raphael casually put a Level 35 mana crystal into the energy source slot of the flying shuttle.

The flying shuttle rapidly activated as the huge energy of the mana crystal was being absorbed, especially the abilities Lin Yun had added to the shuttle.

From the outside it looked like the flying shuttle rapidly rose into the sky before being shrouded into a drill-like gale. The air and pressure from the atmosphere seemed to be pushing the shuttle forward.

As mana circulated, a layer of spiralling airflow enveloped the flying shuttle. Then, that gorgeous crimson-colored decorative design also started shining and a dozen-meter-long flame suddenly erupted.

The flying shuttle instantly disappeared and appeared several hundred meters away in a second. A few seconds later, its speed already surpassed the speed of sound, but the loud vibration couldnt be heard from the inside.

After sitting down, Lin Yun decisively used a Mana Shield, saw the 3rd person copy his movement, and then silently looked at Raphael.

Sure enough, it looked as if Raphaels body was sent flying by a slap as he painfully hit the wall. He looked as if he was glued to the metal wall and his face rapidly turned red as blood rushed to his head. He only felt a bit better after casting a defensive spell, but he looked as if he was completely suppressed and couldnt budge.

Lin Yun smiled as he sat there, motionless. After three minutes, the flying shuttles speed started stabilizing and Raphael fell from the wall. He hurriedly rushed over to control the flying shuttles movement and dispel the erupting flames at the back of the flying shuttle, slowing down the flying shuttles speed. After losing the speed of sound, a huge booming sound echoed like a thunderclap.

Raphaels face paled as he looked at Lin Yun who had placed a Silent Boundary around them.

"Sir Mafa, isnt this A bit too extreme?"

Raphael still had lingering fears as he recalled Lin Yuns previous words: Those under the Archmage realm might be pressured to death when the flying shuttle burst with all its power. This wasnt a joke.

He was a 1st Rank Heaven Mage and still ended up plastered to the wall because he had been caught off guard. Those under the Archmage realm might be crushed instantaneously even with shields on.

That huge pressure was almost comparable to a Gravity Spell increasing the gravity a few dozen times, his blood and internal organs had been squeezed.

It could really kill someone.

Raphael complained with a pale expression, but he instantly became silent after looking outside.

"Heavens, its only been a few minutes but we have already flown over a hundred kilometers? Haha, perfect! I take back what I said Sir Mafa, my apologies. This is the most perfect remodelling Ive ever seen!"

The original uses of the flying shuttle was for travel and escape. Naturally, the latter was more important.

Without complete coordinates, even a 3rd Rank Heaven Mages Spatial Door couldnt cross two hundred kilometers within a few minutes!

Having this thing was equivalent to having a second life when meeting danger. When encountering a spatial storm or an elemental storm, opening a Spatial Door was definitely impossible.

The only way to escape was flight, but relying on Flight to escape something of such magnitude wasnt always possible. Many mages died under those calamities, and that included Heaven Mages. Especially in the Endless Sea, the deadliest thing there wasnt the countless powerful magic beasts and sea races, but the unpredictable environment.

But with that thing, not only could he go anywhere in Noscent, his odds of surviving when faced with that kind of danger were much higher than other Heaven Mages.

Raphael was pale, but he ignored that uncomfortable feeling and remained in the cabin. He started loudly shouting as if he had drunk a dozen Berserk Potions and kept testing the burst of speed.

There were several dozen thousand kilometers from the Merlin Family to the border between the Andlusa Kingdom and the Odin Kingdom. Under normal circumstances, it would take seven days even with the fastest flying shuttle, but it took them a day and a half.

As they arrived, Sky Citys welcoming team was already waiting there. A battleship almost two hundred meters in length was floating in the air. Raphaels flying shuttle landed on that huge battleship.

Lin Yuns eyes flickered as he saw the floating battleship from inside the flying shuttle.

This kind of floating battleship was the prototype of a kind of offensive battleship that would sleeplessly conquer endless planes.

When Noscent developed to its peak, the number of planes that had been colonized was almost uncountable. And the greatest heroes werent those powerful and unfathomable mages that could even destroy planes.

Rather, it was a relatively old-fashioned kind of magic battleship that could conquer a small plane even when operated by a few Great Mages.