End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1194

Chapter 1194 Hardward Family

The Bone Plane Lin Yun visited early on, and where he had obtained the Book of Death, would be completely conquered within a few months by an almost destroyed battleship controlled by a few weak mages.

The Intrepid relied on the Heaven Grade array and its Gods body as a frame. It also had countless mana crystal cannons and an intact Hand of Destruction. This was the root of the Intrepids power.

As for the design, the Intrepids design was far inferior to the peak battleships of Noscent.

"Sir Raphael, Sky City didnt drive such a large battleship here just to pick me up, right?"

Raphael smiled.

"You are right, Im in charge of picking up Sir Mafa while this battleship is picking a Family in the Andlusa Kingdom."

Raphael and Lin Yun chatted as they walked out of the flying shuttle. There were many mages wearing robes with Sky Citys symbols busying themselves on the deck. There were also many sturdy Sword Saints patrolling and many alchemy puppets laboring.

As they walked out of the flying shuttle, a middle-aged man wearing strange glasses and seemingly in his forties was standing before them. Faint mana fluctuations could be seen on the surface of his glasses and he looked like an alchemist that had been cooped in his laboratory for a long time, he was exuding the temperament of an alchemist.

"Heavens, Sir Raphael, is that the flying shuttle you made? It looks really beautiful. Look at those magic patterns, they are simply too perfect, no, they arent just perfect. Heavens, its actually shaped by law runes Such a talented method, such a perfect design"

When Raphael got down from the flying shuttle, that middle-aged mans gaze slightly moved as he exclaimed in surprise. He walked to the side of the flying shuttle and his eyes kept sweeping around. The mana fluctuations on the glasses Magic Tool he wore rapidly increased.

Raphael had an embarrassed expression as he rushed forward and pulled that middle-aged man over.

"Sir Raphael, what are you doing? You dont want to let me see your design? Damn, have you forgotten how many times I helped you when you just became Teachers disciple. Hell, if it wasnt for me concealing that thing from Teacher, you would have already been kicked out.

"You are petty, I only want to take a look at this outstanding design yet you actually"

The middle-aged man started bringing up Raphaels dark history, so the embarrassed Raphael had to interrupt.

"Gurud, can you first shut your stinky mouth? Dont you see that we have guests?"

Hearing these words, Gurud, who seemed to have entered a magical state, noticed Lin Yun walking out of the flying shuttle.

"Oh, Im sorry, damn Raphael, you should tell me earlier if there are guests. Isnt introducing your senior apprentice brother something that you ought to do? What are you foolishly standing here for"

Raphael bitterly smiled.

"Sir Mafa, this is my senior apprentice brother, Gurud. He is also an Artisan putting all his energy in the world of alchemy. His lifetimes goal is to seek the truth of alchemy.

"Its just You understand"

As he said that, Raphael ambiguously pointed at his head. Raphael was so obvious, but Guruds eyes were still locked onto the flying shuttle as if he hadnt heard anything.

Lin Yun smiled and didnt really mind. This kind of person were the purest alchemists, alchemy was their faith.

Raphael pulled Gurud away from the flying shuttle.

"Sir Gurud! This is Sir Mafa Merlin I mentioned to you before, he is a formidable Artisan. He is one of the few people I admire in the field of array, alongside the three Deans of the Starry Sky College and our teacher.

"Sir Mafas mastery of the field of array is very high, his mastery of puppeteering and refining is definitely in the Artisan realm, but more importantly, Sir Mafa seems to be most proficient in potioneering"

Raphael gave an introduction, but Guruds eyes were still focused on the flying shuttle. Raphaels expression was a bit dark and his voice kept rising.

"Sir Gurud! Im talking to you, can you stop looking at that damned flying shuttle? Dont you want to know about the magic patterns formed from law runes? Its not something I could create, rather, it was Sir Mafas remodelling!"

In short, Gurud seemed to have suddenly snapped out of it and immediately looked at Lin Yun, observing him like a hungry wolf would stare at a delicious steak.

"Raphael, you fool, how could you not say that earlier? How could you let this distinguished person just stand there and not prepare black tea to entertain This Sir"

"Mafa Merlin."

"Oh, I hope you dont mind if I call you Sir Mafa. Ah, I hope you wont take offense Why is this ice rune carved in such a way? Although it lessens the damage from the friction while flying, it would also slow down the flying shuttles speed.

"Shouldnt speed be the main requirement of this flying shuttle? And the fire magic pattern in the back should be causing a huge amount of pressure to the flying shuttle. Based on my calculations, when the fire patterns are activated, there should be 78% chance of the flying shuttle collapsing

"But the flying shuttle is clearly intact. The foundation of these materials and the mechanical system could be considered flawless. This means that my calculations are wrong. What have I overlooked?"

Guruds eyes shone as he directly started discussing these matters with Lin Yun.

The surrounding people didnt seem surprised by this sight. Raphael facepalmed and tried to pull Gurud away with a painful expression, but Gurud remained motionless. He put the flying shuttle away, but still couldnt pull away the enthusiastic Gurud.

At that time, Raphaels expression suddenly changed.

"They are here."

At that time, Gurud who was pulling Lin Yun to his side to discuss alchemy suddenly had an ugly expression and looked in the distance. A dozen-meter-big flying carpet was flying towards the battleship.

The flying carpet wasnt constantly undulating like an ordinary flying carpet, it was floating towards them like a flat carpet.

There was a small table on the flying carpet and a corpse-pale mage with an aquiline nose was sitting there. The mage was wearing a simple gown and a huge pile of paper could be seen on the small table. The mage kept writing something with a quill.

There were a few mages wearing simple robes kneeling on the back of the flying carpet. Their cuffs had a silver circle symbol formed from various silver leaves and a potion bottle could be seen in the middle.

The atmosphere on the floating battleship seemed to turn serious when these people approached.

Lin Yun could clearly see that they were flying from the Andlusa Kingdom, and from their temperaments, they were clearly alchemists. The symbol on their cuffs were different from ordinary alchemists, but Lin Yun could see that they were proficient in potioneering.

Each of those nine leaves were different and represented a leaf medicinal ingredient. After all, not all medicinal ingredients could be used in the form of a leaf. Many leaves would only appear for a short period of time and couldnt be used as a raw material in potioneering.

Alchemists who could recognize nine leaves were very rare, three of the leaves belonged to a neglected kind of medicinal ingredient and ordinary alchemy potions simply couldnt use that kind of ingredient.

Their cuffed magic robes meant that they belonged to a mage family, and a mage family with a Heaven Rank powerhouse. But how come Lin Yun never heard of them before?

Apparently noticing Lin Yuns doubt, Raphael lowered his voice and explained to Lin Yun with a steady expression.

"Most of Sky Citys alchemists are pursuing their studies in the Starry Sky College and they are also followers of the Starry Sky College.

"This time, you arent the only Andlusan to have accepted the invitation of the Starry Sky College. Of the four Artisans of the Andlusa Kingdom, one is already in the Odin Kingdom, another one is in some random plane and cant be found.

"And aside from Sir Mafa, there is still that repulsive Hardward Family."

Lin Yun frowned and faintly looked at the Hardward Family.

Raphael gnashed his teeth as he kept explaining to Lin Yun.

"The Hardward Family is a pure alchemist family, they feel that being like mage families and expanding ones territory, running businesses and participating in war is a blaspheme towards alchemy and would end up in alchemy being neglected. Thus, their family remains in seclusion and never allow the younger generation of their family use their name outside.

"Hey, they are hypocrites among hypocrites, they are really loathsome. If they didnt run businesses, where did their Familys wealth come from? After all, the materials required for alchemy arent cheap. They require a huge amount of wealth, especially when nurturing the next generation of alchemists, they would need to burn gold coins, no, mana crystals

"Over 90% of the mages of our Sky City are alchemists. Its safe to say that our ability to amass wealth is clearly stronger than other forces, but the plans to expand Sky Citys main city have been put aside for more than five centuries since we simply dont have sufficient wealth

"These hypocrites are saying one thing, but arent they secretly conquering a few planes to support their wealth?"

Raphaels expression wasnt so great, and Gurud was also gnashing his teeth. His fists bones were cracking and could loudly be heard. The mana roaming his body had become a bit unstable and he was looking at these flying mages as if they were his foes.

Lin Yun understood. He had been wondering where he had heard the name Hardward. This was a secluded alchemist family of the Andlusa Kingdom. It wasnt well-known, only a few first-rate major forces knew about them.

When he inherited the Merlin Family, he had seen their names in the Merlin Familys records.

Moreover, when the Merlin Family rapidly developed their alchemy and amassed wealth, they seemed to have come in contact with the Hardward Family.

The Merlin Familys alchemy materials were the best, their techniques were also not lacking and their price was cheaper than the usual .This made the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower look for the Merlin Family to craft their potions. It was said that the Cloud Tower had been procuring their potions from the Hardward Family before, but they had been completely replaced by the Merlin Family.

It was natural for this secluded alchemist family to have conflicts with the high-profile alchemy force known as Sky City. It looks like they were already hostile to each other.

The flying carpet rapidly flew above the battleship and the group of Hardwards overlooked the deck.

Gurud raised his head and glanced at the people on the flying carpet before loudly cursing, "Watby, you fool, what are you hovering above for? Our battleship is about to sail, we dont have time to wait for you."

He then roared to the hold, "Set sail, full speed ahead!"

After a few seconds, dense mana fluctuations appeared on the surface of the battleship. The mechanical system worked at full strength and the huge floating battleship started slowly accelerating.

At that time, the people on the flying carpet had no other choice but to land on deck, because the energy barrier would start rising once the battleship was set in motion and once the battleship reached a certain speed, they would no longer be able to come in. When the time came, they could only rouse the flying carpet to fly to the Odin Kingdom.

The flying carpet needed a mages mana to move, and flying to the Odin Kingdom would definitely exhaust a first-rate Archmage to death.

After the flying carpet landed, the mage who had been writing looked up with a resentful and disdainful expression.

"Gurud, you have been corrupted by money, you are an idiot that cant find the path to the truth. Didnt you notice that I was in the middle of some important calculations?

"This formula may be related to the path of truth of all alchemists Forget it, there is no point talking to you, you definitely cant understand this. You are already walking on the wrong path, you are an impure alchemist. Alchemy is completely profaned in your hands."

Gurud had an angry expression, his alchemy path, his pursuit of truth was being rejected by someone, this was a huge provocation.

It wouldnt end unless they went all-out. Lin Yun suddenly understood why the Hardward Familys relationship with Sky City was so poor. The biggest reason why the two forces werent already at war should be because they were in different kingdoms. They couldnt rashly start a war across kingdoms.

Gurud pointed at Watby.

"Watby, come, let me take a look at the progress you have made over the years. Just a broken formula and you dare to say that it relates to the path of truth of all alchemists?"

A proud expression appeared on Watbys face before he picked the piece of paper with both hands.

"Fool who has been led astray, take a look. It doesnt matter even if you destroy those sheets of paper, I already recorded the important data. You cant use despicable methods to destroy my research!"