End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1195

Chapter 1195 Hardward Family 2

Gurud was shaking from anger as he took that stack of paper. He immediately took out a quill and another stack of paper and laid down on the deck to calculate.

Gurud immersed himself in calculations, but Watby sneered after a few minutes, "Stupid Gurud, Im afraid its impossible for you to do calculations with your intelligence, can you even calculate what this formula is used for?"

Guruds silence made Watby even more proud.

"Let me tell you, I intend to name this formula Watby Formula. This formulas algorithm could greatly decrease the burden on alchemy calculations while preventing most of the calculation mistakes. As long as my research is complete, itll lead all alchemists further on the path to the truth, while making it easier!"

Lin Yun was stunned when he heard Watbys words, before inwardly shaking his head.

Were new algorithms that easy to complete? Truly stupid, speed isnt the most important part in alchemy calculations, accuracy is. Only having 100% accuracy matters. Pursuing speed itself is a mistake.

Even after 1000 years, 1800 years, 3500 years, 5000 years

New algorithms will keep appearing, but all algorithms pursuing speed would end up as failures, all without a single exception. In low level calculations, speed-pursuing algorithms might truly lessen the workload, but at the higher levels, the frequency at which mistakes appeared would make it unacceptable for alchemists.

The original intent was good, but he unfortunately forgot what the most important part of alchemy was

Lin Yun remained silent and just watched. From his short discussion with Gurud, he was able to feel that he was an alchemist with very solid foundations who purely focused on alchemy. The questions he asked went to the crux of the matter. With Guruds abilities, he would be able to perform advanced calculations within a dozen minutes. When the time came, he would be able to easily point out the mistakes.

"Stupid Gurud, you are still calculating? How is it? The algorithm I designed could be considered a world-defying masterpiece, the calculations efficiency cant be compared to the old-fashioned algorithms you are using, its far more efficient, isnt it?"

Watby kept mocking Gurud, but Gurud didnt seem to be hearing him. However, Raphael couldnt sit still.

Damnit, whats the result of Guruds calculations? Could it be that this fool really researched a new algorithm? If we end up suppressed by that fool Watby, we might end up unable to raise our heads in Sky City in the future.

For Sky Citys Artisan to lose to the hypocrites of the Hardward Family, especially to that loathsome Watby At the last gathering, Teacher said that he wished he could get rid of that hateful guy. Sh*t, if not for the Hardward Family being in the Andlusa Kingdom, we would have already moved the main city over to get rid of these hypocrites.

What should I do if Gurud cant find a mistake? Could it be that we really have to let that stupid Watby announce his victory when he enters the Odin Kingdom?

Raphael was about to say something when Lin Yun suddenly gave him a meaningful glance.

Seeing Lin Yun looking at him with a relaxed expression, Raphael suddenly came to a realization and calmed down.

Since Sir Mafa is hinting at me to stay at ease, then there certainly shouldnt be any problem. Right, although Guruds behavior is a bit strange, he is outstanding when it comes to alchemy.

How could that idiot Watby have developed an even more efficient and faster algorithm? Gurud will definitely find a mistake

After fifteen minutes, Gurud was still lying on the deck while doing rapid calculations. Watby, and the members of the Hardward Family he had brought with him, all had a victorious grin on their faces.

"Gurud, its fine, you dont need to worry too much about it. Only people like us who devote ourselves to the world of alchemy can get the real truth. You undoubtedly took the wrong fork in the road, its"

Watby smiled like a winner and started his victory speech, but before he could even finish, Gurud shouted from his lying position.

"Hahah, I found it! I knew it had to be wrong, I knew there was a mistake!

"Idiot Watby, are you trying to harm all alchemists? Look, look! Only Apprentice Alchemists can use your formula for calculations. If a Master Alchemist uses it to do calculations, the error rate would actually be at 3%!

"Hell, when an Artisan uses it to perform calculations, the error rate would go as high as 7%. Heavens, 7% error rate!

"Even an Apprentice Alchemist knows what an error rate of 7% means! Thats a complete mistake! A complete failure!

"Watby, you are trying to harm all alchemists! You treacherous b*stard!"

Raphael sneered with his arms crossed.

"The alchemists of the Hardward Family are really a disgrace among alchemists, they actually concocted such a treacherous plan. This would have destroyed all alchemists at the Apprentice realm."

Watbys expression suddenly changed and he then stole Guruds sheets of papers to study his calculations. His expression turned even more unsightly, because Guruds calculation process was very complicated, but it also meant that it was complete. All details were complete and the result was clearly written on the piece of paper.

Facing Gurud and Raphaels counterattack, Watby suddenly sneered.

"So what if there is a mistake? The path to the truth is in eliminating mistakes and then occasionally finding the truth.

"Oh, Raphael, turns out you advanced to the Artisan realm. No wonder you dare to speak. You were still an apprentice when I advanced to the Artisan realm, yet you actually dare to criticize me?

"Dont tell me that you never make mistakes while calculating? All research requires errors to find the correct path. So what if there is one mistake? Even those three guys closest to the truth in the Starry Sky College have made mistakes in their lives."

Watby had an arrogant expression as he said those words righteously, saying that his mistake was a mistake that often appeared in research. This immediately made the asocial Gurud tongue-tied. That reason was simply impeccable.

Raphael also had an unsightly expression.

"Sir Watby, this is but mere sophistry, this is completely"

Watby sneered as he looked at the two.

"What? Am I wrong? Its very normal for an alchemy to make a mistake, who could prevent it? Am I wrong?"

Guruds face turned red at Watbys twisted explanation.

Raphael also didnt know what to say and suddenly turned towards Lin Yun and pulled him over with an anxious expression.

"Sir Mafa, what do you think? Please say something, this guy is just too Too"

Lin Yun had yet to speak when a youthful Heaven Rank powerhouse behind Watby suddenly sneered.

"Whats this thing? A young Archmage dares to butt in an adults research?"

After saying those words, a burst of Extraordinary Power pressured Lin Yuns body. He apparently wanted to rely on this Extraordinary Power aura to silence Lin Yun.

On the side, Raphaels expression changed and he released his Extraordinary Aura to counter it.

"Stebe, are you actually courting death!? Is this the attitude of your Hardward Family?"

Watby also burst out with his own Extraordinary Power to suppress Raphaels aura with a sneer.

"Raphael, do you think that you can speak with a straightened back because you advanced to the Heaven Rank? We are discussing as Artisans, not mages.

"Have the younger generation of your Sky City quiet down, they dont know manners. You are welcome for the lesson"

Raphaels Extraordinary Power was resisted by Watby and Gurud was only a 9th Rank Archmage, he simply couldnt interfere.

Obtaining Watbys support, Stebes Extraordinary Power suddenly became a lot heavier as he pressured Lin Yun.

Gurud looked angry, but he simply couldnt get involved. Cold sweat trickled down Raphaels forehead, but it was because he was looking at Watby and Stebe as if they were already dead.

Damn, two huge idiots. Especially that Stebe. Does he really think that he can do whatever he wants because he is the heir of the Hardward Family?

Idiot, you actually provoked Sir Mafa. F*ck that stupid Watby, I was saving Stebe!

They are guests invited by the Starry Sky College, I cant let Sir Mafa get rid of these two idiots. Sir Mafa has a really bad temper, please dont kill that guy.

Hell, these two idiots arent enough to get rid of Sir Mafa. If they are killed, how do I explain to the Starry Sky College upon return? Even if I hope that these two idiots die, they cant be killed here

Raphael and Watbys clash of Extraordinary Power grew stronger and stronger. The two mens auras were stuck in a deadlock and Raphael simply couldnt say anything, he could only glance at Lin Yun and pray that Lin Yun wouldnt suddenly burst in anger and kill these two.

Lin Yun didnt display a iota of powerful aura, it looked as if he was truly pressured by the Extraordinary Power, up until he turned and glanced at Stebe. At that moment, that young Heaven Rank powerhouse felt as if a slumbering God had opened his eyes and was gazing upon him. A terrifying pressure suppressed him. Starlight seemed to be flickering within that pair of eyes, and it felt as if a pair of pitch-black eyes were attentively looking at him from the depths of the starry sky.

At that moment, the Heaven Rank powerhouse could already feel the touch of death. It would only take a second for his soul to be torn to shreds by that terrifying power.

Stebe cried out in fear and couldnt help taking a step back before scattering his Extraordinary Power. But after taking a step back, he discovered that everything had been an illusion.

As for Lin Yun, he calmly stood there. His robe wasnt blown by the wind and his expression remained calm.

Stebe exclaimed in surprise and Watby also stopped confronting Raphael.

Raphael instantly sighed in relief and immediately introduced Lin Yun.

"Watby, Stebe, you had better show some respect. This is a guest of the Starry Sky College! Merlin Familys Mafa Merlin, a formidable Artisan!"

Raphaels tone carried some admonishment, but it was for the sake of the other side