End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1197

Chapter 1197 Crushed

"The winner is Sir Mafa Merlin."

Watbys smile froze as Gurud pronounced his verdict.

"Impossible! This is impossible! Sir Gurud, I believed you because of your upright personality, I didnt expect you to actually be so partial!"

Gurud bitterly smiled, he still had a strange expression as he pointed at the few pieces of paper on the crystal table.

"Sir Watby, take a look at it yourself."

Watby coldly snorted and picked up the few pieces of paper Lin Yun had left on the crystal table. It only took one look for his expression to change.

Because the first set of data he saw was exactly the same as what he had calculated, it was entirely correct.

When he saw the second sheet, Watby instantly froze. The 2nd sheet wasnt the draft of the calculations, it was another set of data, but the recipe was different. The 3rd sheet, 4th sheet, and 5th sheet all had different ratios.

Watby burst out laughing.

"Sir Mafa Merlin, could it be that you think of winning by using quantity? Whats the most important thing in alchemy? Correctness. Data accuracy is most important. There is only one correct set of data among your five sets. How about it, can you guarantee that youll pick the correct one?"

Lin Yun indifferently glanced at Watby.

"Who said that there is only one correct recipe? Aside from the Wind Dispelling Potion on the first sheet, the other four recipes can all be made with these materials. Its just that the 2nd and the 3rd recipes have to be handled differently, while the 4th and the 5th recipes will leave leftover materials."

The corner of Watbys mouth rose in a sneer.

"Sir Mafa Merlin, you must be joking, right? Could it be that you are unwilling to acknowledge it? A mistake is a mistake. Ive never heard of these potions. Lets see Ghost Incarnation Potion. You think Im a clueless Apprentice Alchemist?

"Is there such a thing as a Ghost Incarnation Potion? Thats an Incarnation Spell very few mages can master"

Stebe also sneered.

"Looks like there is a sore loser. Mistakes on the alchemy path are unavoidable, but not admitting defeat and refusing to fulfil ones side of the bet is an issue of personality. I believe the Starry Sky College doesnt wish for that kind of person to enter their college."

Gurud opened his mouth, but didnt dare to speak. He wasnt proficient in potioneering so he couldnt tell whether it was true or not. He only saw Watby provide one recipe while Lin Yun provided five. This was naturally Lin Yuns win for him. He hadnt expected this

As for Raphael, he was a bit stunned as he didnt know what to do. He was most proficient in arrays and could be compared to an Apprentice Alchemist at best when it came to potioneering.

Lin Yun frowned. He had casually written down a few recipes, and although two of them werent potions of this era, two of them were quite simple. He truly hadnt expected this Watby to not know them

The Wind Dispelling Potion was a kind of potion that would substantially decrease the damage caused by wind elements. Taking this potion when entering a Wind Elemental Plane would allow a mage to reduce his mana consumption when resisting a planes poor environment. Its a kind of relatively precious True Spirit Grade Potion. The difficulty in making it is very hard, only Artisan could make it.

As for the others, they were even more troublesome in their own ways. That Ghost Incarnation could grant full immunity to physical attacks for three minutes. When conquering some special planes in the future, this thing would be no different from an Artifact.

And in the current era, no one had researched this potion.

Lin Yun usually wouldnt have felt like bickering with Watby, but that Holysong Blood was of great use to Lin Yun, it would be a waste to leave it in Watbys hands.

Lin Yun didnt answer and directly walked to the crystal table. He then took out potioneering tools and spat out runes. Immediately, a dozen Mana Hands appeared before his eyes as well as flames and ice. Using dazzling techniques, every ingredient was refined once within a dozen seconds.

Watby closed his mouth as he saw that scene and calmly waited for Lin Yun. As an alchemist, the most basic rule to respect was to not disturb other alchemists when they were working.

The group remained silent and calmly watched Lin Yun using dazzling techniques to process those medicinal ingredients.

Lin Yun didnt stop after all the ingredients were refined and he refined five kinds of materials once more.

He then refined one kind of material for the third time before summoning a sphere of pure water and a sphere of cold flames to complete the compounding.

More than a dozen Mana Hands were assisting Lin Yuns refining and the entire process seemed to have been sped up a dozen times. Within fifteen minutes, a bottle filled with dark blue liquid appeared on the crystal table. Wisps of dark aura roamed within the liquid, just like a ghosts aura.

Watby foolishly looked at Lin Yun, already stunned by his actions.

Eighteen Mana Hands, heavens, he can actually control eighteen Mana Hands at the same time and still complete double refinement He even refined a material thrice. Sh*t, how did he do that?

Why cant I understand? Whats this technique, what recipe did he use?

Is that potion real?

Stebe was reluctant to admit his mistake and sneered as he looked at the potion on the table.

"Who knows if this potion is real or fake and if it is the same as the set of data. Everyone knows that theory has to be tested"

Gurud walked over, picked up the potion and swallowed it down.

"As a referee, it is my job to test it."

Guruds body turned translucent before he even finished his sentence.

Then, Lin Yun took out a sharp sword from the side and pierced the back of Guruds head. The sword pierced Guruds head, but it passed through as if Gurud was a mirage and left no injuries.

Watbys expression instantly changed as he saw this, while Stebe didnt dare to speak.

It wasnt just the two of them, Raphaels expression thoroughly changed.

Heavens, is there really such a potion? Sir Mafa can actually compound a potion giving full immunity to all physical injuries?

If this potion could be mass produced then wouldnt our Sky City suffer less losses when conquering that plane?

We spent over a hundred years trying to conquer that plane, we lost countless mages, has it all been a waste?

Just one potion bottle and that plane wouldnt be able to resist

Gurud had been startled when he became translucent. He tried to release a spell and found out that there was no issue on that side, everything was normal, he just had no physical abilities. But it wasnt like mages used their physical abilities when fighting.

Guruds body returned to normal three minutes later, without the slightest side effect.

Watbys expression crumbled. He put the Holysong Blood on the crystal table and walked in a cabin with an unfocused expression.

When he unconsciously saw the sheets of paper Lin Yun had written down, Watbys expression completely changed.

The data on those pieces of paper was extremely concise, many calculations didnt have details and only showed the crucial result in one step. Watby needed half a page to a page of calculations between every piece of data!

Lin Yun came up with five recipes but only used five sheets, while he had calculated one recipe by using over twenty sheets.

They took the same time, so what did that mean? Lin Yuns calculation speed was at least over twenty times faster than his.

Facing this kind of blow, Watby was completely crushed and didnt dare to linger. He rushed to the cabin.

Since Watby didnt dare to be shameless, Stebe could only give up his Hurricane Core Gem and follow him into the cabin.

Raphael laughed heartily as he held that Hurricane Core Gem, unable to hide his happiness.

Sure enough, potioneering is Sir Mafas best field. That Watby is a formidable powerhouse proficient in potioneering and was said to have been praised by one of the Deans of the Starry Sky College.

I hadnt expected Sir Mafa to completely crush him. They arent on the same level at all.

Damn, could it be that Sir Mafa is about to become a Saint Alchemist?

Such terrifying alchemy abilities. Even if Im not proficient in potioneering, I can clearly see how formidable he is. One look at Watby is enough to know that that proud guy is too ashamed to stay there.

This Hurricane Core Gem will be a great help to my Demiplanes development. It might not take long before I advance to the 2nd Rank. This is all thanks to Sir Mafa.

While Raphael was overjoyed, the Hardwards were too embarrassed to remain there and all entered the cabin. They also transmitted a message: There was no need to call for them until they reached the Odin Kingdom. In any case, it didnt matter to mages of that realm if they didnt eat for a month.

Lin Yun found a cabin and then entered his Demiplane. The Holysong Blood already went extinct, but there might still be some seeds or buds remaining. And just like the Mana Vine Seed he had found, it wouldnt grow without suitable conditions.

Just like the Mana Vines, it could absorb mana. Unfortunately, Mana Vines couldnt tear apart mana from the void within Demiplanes, they could only mature in a Natural Demiplane whose Four Elemental Laws had yet to stabilize.

As for the Holysong Blood, it required a place with a huge amount of mana to grow.

That Watby was incredibly lucky, he actually found a budding Holysong Blood. It only requires a huge amount of a mana to bloom.

Usually, one would have to use spirit mana crystals to supply the mana. And sure enough, he shattered the pot and found many spirit mana crystals buried in the soil. The Holysongs roots were wrapped around these mana crystals, and most of the mana within the spirit mana crystals had already been exhausted.

The Holysong Blood would bloom once these spirit mana crystals mana was completely exhausted and the bloomed flower would be used as a raw ingredient in potioneering.

The Holysong Blood could be refined into a potion called Unlimited Mana which would have a formidable effect on Heaven Rank powerhouses. Within ten minutes of ingesting the potion, they would have access to unlimited mana and could casually release powerful spells consuming a lot of mana.

But this was just an ordinary potion, it was a complete waste of the Holysong Blood. After all, this kind of plant would be used up after being refined, because it wouldnt bear fruit when supplied by spirit mana crystals mana.

Strictly speaking, that kind of Holysong Blood was badly damaged and its usefulness was extremely low. The most useful parts of the Holysong Blood were the seemingly useless green leaves.

As long as they had an abundance of pure mana, the Holysong Bloods flower would produce a few seeds. And the seeds would consume all the power of the flower. But once the flower bloomed, it would immediately wither, and only then could the seeds mature.

And those seemingly useless leaves would quickly turn blood red as if they were dyed in blood. The small runes curling around the flower would also move to the leaves and that faint singing voice would become more distinct.

With all leaves gathered together, it would become a Bloodsobbing Holysong. This was a complete alchemy material.

The refined potion was the famous Bloodsobbing Holysong Potion developed during Noscents peak. It was known as a terrifying potion able to make Heaven Rank powerhouses burst with power half a rank above them.

The gap between every rank in the Heaven realm was extremely great. A powerful Heaven Rank powerhouse could completely suppress a slightly weaker Heaven Rank powerhouse.

A half-rank power boost was a trump card that could reverse the tides of a battle at any time.