End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1198

Chapter 1198 Ambush

Lin Yun cautiously planted the Holysong Blood next to the Mana Lake and even led a small stream to soak the Holysong Blood. As the pure and abundant Mana Water irrigated the Holysong Blood, its roots immediately let go of those spirit mana crystals and took root underground before it started frantically devouring that pure liquid mana.

Wisps of blood appeared on those green leaves, as if blood was slowly permeating them.

Seeing this scene, Lin Yun sighed in relief. This meant that the Holysong Blood’s situation was very good. If there was no accident, seeds would be produced.

He only needed to wait for the flower to wither and the seeds to fall before he could use the leaves to refine the Bloodsobbing Holysong Potion.

Lin Yun kept observing the Holysong Blood, and when he came out of the Natural Demiplane, Raphael came to inform him that they were about to arrive.

“Sir Mafa, we are about to reach Neverwinter City, the city where the Starry Sky College is located.”

Lin Yun walked to the deck of the battleship and checked in the distance. Sure enough, there was a huge city, and in the center of the city was a several-hundred-meter-tall Magic Tower surrounded by a dozen huge crystals stabilized by large amounts of mana.

A faint layer of unfathomable shield was covering the entire city. Lin Yun sighed as he looked at that tower from the deck. The light emitted by those crystals could illuminate the entire city with their warm light.

And more importantly, the huge runes appearing in the air warned them of the Sky Sealing Array and Mana Suppressing Array arranged around this city. Mages that didn’t get the permission simply shouldn’t think of using power past the Great Mage realm. They would simply be unable to cast spells.

Right now, the mana was very smooth and the fluctuations very weak. It showed that most of the power of those arrays was dormant and wouldn’t be too impactful.

After all, that city was 15 to 20 kilometers wide, and the top of the barrier couldn’t even be seen. Defenses on such a large scale would need an astronomical amount of mana. It would need to consume several spirit mana crystals every second.

“Sir Mafa, This city is the home of the Starry Sky College and the biggest city of the north of the Odin Kingdom, Neverwinter City. The four seasons here are all warm like spring, and no one feels the cold here even though this is the north. Even during the coldest winter, the city is still warm.

“It is said that there is an endless amount of lava burning under Neverwinter City and if that pocket of lava burst out, it would turn over a thousand kilometers of land into scorched earth.

“Back then, the founder of the Starry Sky College built a Magic Tower and used the underground lava to maintain that tower. Up until now, all the mana of Neverwinter City has been supplied by that Magic Tower.

“Our floating battleship can’t get within ten kilometers of Neverwinter City so we will have to descend soon and enter Neverwinter City on foot. The guide from the Starry Sky College should be waiting for us.”

At this time, the leader of the Black Tower came out of his cabin.

“Sir Raphael, I thank you for giving us a ride to the Odin Kingdom. It would have taken us a lot of time if we came to the Odin Kingdom on our own. I’ll bid thee farewell.”

Raphael nodded with a smile on his face, “You are too polite Sir Harren.”

Harren finished thanking Raphael and then greeted Lin Yun.

“Sir Mafa, I’m representing the Black Tower to discuss with one of the forces of the Odin Kingdom. I’ll take my leave first. You must let me know if you need anything, our Black Tower is friendly with many forces on this side, so don’t hesitate.”

Lin Yun nodded.

Harren led the Black Tower group and left first. At this time, the battleship rapidly landed on the ground and took off once everyone got down. It was leaving, as per Neverwinter City’s rules. This floating battleship couldn’t get close to Neverwinter City. Sky City’s battleship could only appear ten kilometers away from Neverwinter City when not at war because they were followers of the Starry Sky College.

Otherwise, they would have to stop fifty kilometers away or be shot down.

As soon as Raphael stepped down, he frowned as he received a magic signal fluctuation.

After reading the content of the magic signal, Raphael apologetically looked at Lin Yun.

“I’m sorry, Sir Mafa. I received a message from the Starry Sky College saying that a few Artisans have arrived in the Odin Kingdom and that I have to represent the Starry Sky College in greeting them, this”

Raphael had an awkward expression as he couldn’t say more.

Lin Yun smiled and nodded.

“It’s alright, Sir Raphael. Just go, I’ll enter Neverwinter City by myself.”

Raphael sighed in relief. He took out a magic emblem from his Spatial Ring and gave it to Lin Yun.

“Sir Mafa, this is the emblem the Starry Sky College issued to all invited Artisans. According to the rules, this thing can only be gifted when entering the Starry Sky College. By carrying this emblem, you can find any guard of Neverwinter City and they’ll arrange everything for you.

“Please forgive me Sir Mafa. This”

Raphael apologized to Lin Yun, but Gurud was somewhat anxious.

“Raphael, hurry up. We can’t let them wait, this is the assignment of the Starry Sky College.”

Raphael was speechless. Lin Yun smiled and shook his head. Gurud simply didn’t understand the ways of the world, but that kind of person would walk further on the alchemy path.

Raphael and Gurud hurriedly left in the floating battleship, ignoring the Hardward Family. Picking them up was the assignment of the Starry Sky College, but the assignment didn’t require them to look after the Hardward Family once they were picked up.

Watby awkwardly smiled and hurriedly left with the Hardwards. He really didn’t want to stay with Lin Yun.

After everyone left, Lin Yun led Xiuban and Reina and started walking towards the Neverwinter City.

“Let’s go slowly, this place is completely different from the Andlusa Kingdom.”

In reaction to the warm aura coming from underground, Lin Yun silently calculated how much lava there was underground. At the same time, he observed the runes floating in Neverwinter City’s sky.

Using the power of lava to supply an entire city with mana was a big deal. After all, that Magic Tower would consume a huge amount of mana every single second.

By observing everything, he could find a lot of places to learn from and would be able to add some benefits to the Shelter Tower.

Lin Yun stopped after walking for a while as he felt a cryptic mana fluctuation in his surroundings. Neverwinter City seemed to be going farther and farther, while the surrounding environment became somewhat illusory.

“I hadn’t expected that someone would dare to ambush us here. Get ready to fight.”

Lin Yun was a bit surprised as he took out his Draconic Staff. He originally thought that since this was outside Neverwinter City, this should be considered the territory of the Starry Sky College. They were guests of the Starry Sky College, yet someone dared to attack them?

“For such a large-scale illusion, a barrier covering mana fluctuations would require at least fifteen Deepsea Manatee Pearls, they are really thinking highly of me.”

In an instant, numerous Magic Arrows appeared fifty meters away as if it was a rain, and those huge Magic Arrows only hit within several dozen meters.

Lin Yun spat out a rune and a Fire Shield and an Ice Shield suddenly appeared and circled around him like a tornado. As the shield kept moving, it blocked all the Magic Arrows.

As for Xiuban, he resisted with his physical abilities and all the arrows were forcibly shattered.

Reina remained motionless and a layer of ice enveloped her. Those Magic Arrows simply couldn’t shake the ice crystals she had released.

After a dozen seconds, the Magic Arrows completely disappeared and an Ice Fire Shield covered Lin Yun’s surroundings. It was full of holes and covered in many small cracks.

There was also a lot of enchanted metal arrows on the ground. These enchanted arrows weren’t Magic Arrows, they were made out of magic metal. The other side clearly intended to kill Lin Yun.

This was the most common method Archers used to kill mages. Using a large amount of Magic Arrows, mixed with some Magic Penetration Arrows. It could absolutely tear through a mage’s shield.

Lin Yun frowned and used a Mana Hand to grab one of the Magic Penetration Arrow with a cold expression.

“Submerged Magic Rock and Blue Kiss Poison. They are really willing to spend a lot.”

Arrowheads made of Submerged Magic Rock had very powerful tearing power against magic shields. Only some Dwarven blacksmiths could make something like that, it could only be created out of pure physical strength, magic couldn’t be used to forge that thing.

As for the Blue Kiss, it was even rarer. It was a material produced by a kind of blue-finned fishman in the Endless Sea. And it was a material that could only come from a 300 years old blue-finned fishman.

Moreover, blue-finned fishmen were sparse and didn’t have a tribe and a place to settle. They could only keep wandering in the Endless Sea and were very difficult to capture. Not to mention, blue-finned fishmen only lived up until three hundred years old. Only the powerful ones would live longer.

A blue-finned fishman’s tribe would only have two to three individuals over three hundred years old.

These Magic Penetration Arrows were all dark blue and tempered to the limit. Every arrow might require the destruction of a blue-finned fishman tribe.

And on the floor, there was at least several dozen Magic Penetration Arrows.

Two or three hits of those poisoned Magic Penetration Arrows would be enough to decrease the power of a Heaven Rank powerhouse by half.

Such a malicious move was clearly intending to get rid of them, so why should he remain polite?

Lin Yun sneered and stretched his left hand. The Book of Death suddenly appeared and its pages automatically flipped open to the Truth Chapter. Boundless radiance spread out and the barrier-like space looked as if it was suddenly torn apart.

Rays of light enveloped this area and revealed a large group of swordsmen, mages, and archers.

There was over a hundred swordsmen, with the weakest being a 1st Rank Sword Saint and as many as three 9th Rank Sword Saints.There was also over thirty Archmages with three 9th Rank Archmages, and twenty Divine Archers.

The archers were all in the front while the Sword Saints were on both sides and the mages in the back, casting some large-scale spells.

Lin Yun’s gaze turned cold as he saw these mages. He opened his mouth and a rune came out. A transparent ripple instantly swept through these mages.

A deadly Mass Counterspell dealt with the large scale spells they were preparing.

These mages had completely more than half of their chants before being suddenly interrupted. They all paled and the leading 9th rank Archmage even puked a mouthful of blood.

Before they could react, Lin Yun cast another spell and in anstant, a dozen-meter-big Fireball appeared and ruthlessly smashed onto the leading 9th Rank Archmage.

The Fireball exploded and transformed into a flaming wave, instantly evaporating the leading Archmage, burning to ashes four lower ranked Archmages, and injuring a dozen mages.

Quantity wouldn’t make a huge difference for a group of ordinary Archmages. Only a trained mage army would be able to display qualitative increase in strength from an increase in quantity.

Unfortunately, these guys might look like a mage army, but they were a few grades below Lin Yun’s mage army. Under the guidance of a 9th Rank Archmage, these guys would at best be able to resist against three 9th Rank Archmages.

In a second, most of the mage army was destroyed, and during that time, these guys noticed that they had been discovered.

The Sword Saints on both sides went on the offensive and threw one Aura Slash after another towards the trio.

“Xiuban, no need to restrain yourself. Get rid of them.”

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and coldly looked at the ambushers as the radiance of a spell started blossoming.

Four Element Bombs were rapidly condensed one after another. Five consecutive Four Element Bombs exploded among the mage army, raising five clouds of dust. The overlapping power tore to shreds three to four hundred meters of land.

The remaining mages simply couldn’t display their strength and were torn apart by the tearing power.

As for Xiuban, he laughed nastily as he held carnage. Wind power gathered upon his body while a yellow halo covered Carnage.

“Come, come, come, let the Great Xiuban shatter your skulls. The Great Xiuban has been bored senseless lately, my Carnage is already thirsting for blood.”

Xiuban laughed wildly as he charged into those Sword Saints. A 9th Rank Sword Saint let out an Aura Slash filled with his bursting power, only for it to be fiercely smashed up by Xiuban’s Carnage. At that instant, that 9th Rank Archmage’s Aura Slash burst open while Xiuban’s Carnage wasn’t even slowed down and smashed upon the body of the 9th Rank Sword Saint.

In an instant, that 9th Rank Archmage’s Battle Aura Armor and body of that 9th Rank Sword Saint exploded together, making blood rain down from the sky.

Falling into the group of Sword Saints, Xiuban was like a T-rex storming a flock of sheeps. Not a single Sword Saint could resist Xiuban’s hammer.

In the past six months, Xiuban had rapidly grown bored. His strange power was becoming more and more powerful. Especially now that he has reached the peak of the 9th Rank. If he was just a bit careless, he would kill someone.

9th Rank Archmages’ shields were useless in front of Xiuban, they were no different from sheets of paper. And as long as their shields were smashed, they would definitely be crushed to death.

Since he seriously injured a 9th Rank Sword Saint of the Merlin Family and almost killed a 9th Rank Archmage, Lin Yun had restricted Xiuban’s use of Carnage and restricted his full burst. If he exceeded 30% of his power, he would cut off a month of potions and wouldn’t allow him to sleep for a week.

He could finally vent. Xiuban seemed to have gone insane. In less than five minutes, not a single Sword Saint could be seen, they had all been blown away and not a single one had a complete corpse.

As for those archers, they were even more miserable. Every corpse was intact, frozen into ice statues. Many of the archers were still in shooting posture, and the Mana Arrows were condensed into ice statues.

Reina already had a foot into the Heaven Rank. It’s not that she didn’t want to advance, she was just suppressing her breakthrough. Her Draconic Crystal’s transformation would reach the final stage, and as long as she completed it, her Life Essence would thoroughly evolve. When the time came and she wanted to break through, nothing would be able to stop her.

Now, even a lowest Frost Lance would burst with the power of a 7th Tier Spell in Reina’s hands and the freezing power was completely beyond ordinary frost spells.