End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1199

Chapter 1199 Ambush 2

“Hey, last guy! Come, let Lord Xiuban smash your skull.”

Xiuban swung Carnage with terrifying power and ruthlessly attacked that mage. But a Fusion Shield suddenly appeared in front of him, and the numerous earth runes covering it instantly gathered the power of the surrounding earth.

Shockwaves spread out as Carnage hit the shield’s surface. In less than a second, a thick Earth Spike appeared under Xiuban’s feet and sent him flying, leaving a trail of blood sprinkling down from the sky.

Xiuban reacted as he landed. The person before him was a Heaven Rank powerhouse, and a powerful one!

Even a 1st Rank Heaven Mage’s shield couldn’t block his all-out attack that easily.

Seeing that he couldn’t beat him, Xiuban started rushing back. A several-dozen-meter-big huge rock smashed the spot he had been at a moment ago and its huge power made the earth shake.

Xiuban and Reina both retreated to the back. A battle on this level wasn’t something they could participate in. The aura emitted by the other side clearly didn’t belong to a 1st Rank Heaven Mage.

The newcomer was wearing an ordinary mage robe and a gold-colored magic staff. A fist-sized Earth Gem was embedded at the peak of his magic staff.

The mage’s appearance seemed ordinary and seemed carved out of ancient earth, it didn’t have any special feature.

And as this mage walked, Lin Yun felt his steps pulsing with the earth. As he walked, the pressure grew bigger and bigger, as if the earth under his feet was helping him.

Lin Yun looked at this mage with a cold expression.

“Who are you?”

The mage remained silent and instead raised the staff in his hand as an answer. Earth runes were floating around the staff and the surrounding earth felt like a slumbering giant being suddenly awakened.

A ten-meter-big hand rose in front of Lin Yun and the large hand formed from rock resolutely swatted towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun frowned, flames flashed over his body and he instantly appeared more than a dozen meters away. As for that Rock Hand, it fell on the ground and made the earth shake, creating thick cracks.

And this wasn’t over. Lin Yun felt a wisp of mana fluctuations appear under his feet and metallic-looking Rock Spikes suddenly surged from underground and kept chasing Lin Yun.

Lin Yun’s escape path was rapidly surrounded by seven to eight-meter-long Rock Spikes.

Then, all the Rock Spikes started converging towards the center. Rock Spikes flickering with a metallic luster kept piercing their way out of the ground and momentary vacuums appeared where they pierced, spreading dust and shockwaves.

Lin Yun’s expression turned chilly and he coldly snorted. A circle of mana suddenly burst out of his body and gathered the power of the elements as it transformed into a circle of ice and fire. The halo formed from ice and flames transformed into a shockwave that instantly spread to the surroundings.

Those hard Rock Spikes were turned into fragments in an instant, no Rock Spike could be seen within a hundred meters of Lin Yun.

The dust settled and the earth mage on the opposite side had his staff raised and kept chanting incantations. Eight vortexes appeared on the ground, looking just like quicksand whirlpools devouring everything in their surroundings. Twenty-meter-tall Rock Puppets started coming out of these vortexes.

A dozen Level 38 and Level 39 puppets had come out within a few seconds. And a steady flow of Rock Puppets kept coming out of these eight vortexes stuck to the surface of the earth.

Xiuban and Reina went to handle the large amount of Rock Puppets while the Book of Death in Lin Yun’s hand flipped itself to the Element Chapter’s page.

Enderfa appeared on Lin Yun’s right and controlled the Spell Wheel while Syudos’ two flaming eyes floated above the Book of Mantras on Lin Yun’s left, firmly staring at that earth mage.

“Who are you? Who is behind you? Why did you attack us?”

Lin Yun coldly looked at that earth mage. Those swordsmen, mages, and archers had all been cannon fodder. To handle another non-Heaven Rank powerhouse, these cannon fodders would definitely have been more than enough. There had been a mage army, a swordsman army, and even an archer army.

A 1st Rank Heaven Mage that hadn’t seen through the illusion might even end up dying there.

But after seeing through the illusion, these armies were nothing more than cannon fodder to Lin Yun.

The other side dared to ambush him outside of Neverwinter City. For them to know he would pass through here meant that they definitely knew his identity and the fact that the Starry Sky College invited him. Moreover, they shouldn’t be a weak force to dare to pull something like that. Only major forces would dare to ignore the Starry Sky College’s reputation.

The Starry Sky College’s three Deans weren’t just Saint Alchemists, they were all Heaven Mages. And the Starry Sky College wasn’t just a college, it had a lot of forces following it.

That earth mage remained silent and expressionlessly raised his staff before rapidly chanting an incantation. Floating cyan rocks gathered together and rapidly flew towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun’s Ice Fire Shield shattered as it came in contact with the cyan rocks. The huge rocks didn’t seem to have a lot of momentum. But as they fell, Lin Yun sensed the surrounding gravity instantly increasing.

Lin Yun’s body instantly swayed and only a Mirror Image Incarnation was left behind as he appeared twenty meters away.

That Mirror Image Incarnation was instantly submerged in rocks. No, it would be better to say that the Mirror Image Incarnation burst when hit by the first rock.

“Gravity Rocks, damnit, Merlin, how did you provoke this guy in the Odin Kingdom? That’s not an ordinary earth mage, it’s a rock mage! Be careful of his Gravity Spell or you’ll die an ugly death”

Enderfa exclaime, promptly reminding Lin Yun.

Lin Yun frowned. Rock mages were a branch of earth mages. Their foundation Law was the Earth Law, and by progression in the Heaven Mage realm, they could understand some relatively special Laws.

Just like this earth mage who has mastered rock magic. Even if one specialized in the essence of the earth, they would be called rock mages.

Solid rocks was their strongest defenses, and their unfathomably strong attacks.

That kind of Gravity Rock seemed to be only a dozen-meter-big, but every single one weighed over a hundred tons. Xiuban couldn’t continuously withstand this kind of fierce attack.

Moreover, the falling speed grew faster and faster. When they were at their lowest point, their speed was the fastest and their weight was the heaviest. All of these rocks had the power of a 1st Rank Heaven Sword Saint and could crush anything.

The huge rocks kept chasing Lin Yun. And while Lin Yun’s Law Runic Shield could handle a wave of these Gravity Rocks, that guy definitely wasn’t just limited to one unreasonable spell like Gravity Rock.

After being chased for a minute, Lin Yun’s anger burst. This rock mage didn’t say anything and just kept attacking with a dark expression. Lin Yun had just been walking, minding his own business, when he met this baffling guy, how could he not be angry?

Lin Yun suddenly stopped and endless ice and flames surged as he used the incarnation spell. Fire and ice merged together, forming an eight-meter-tall Ice Fire Elemental Incarnation.

One after another, ice spheres covered in flames kept forming and clashing against those Gravity Rocks. The huge power explosive force of the flames altered the trajectory of the Gravity Rocks and the huge cyan stones fell around Lin Yun.

Then, that expressionless rock mage took out scattered fragments and chanted an incantation. Following the incantation, those shattered fragments disappeared and the gravity within ten meters of Lin Yun instantly rose up. The heavy gravity felt like a mountain was pressing down on Lin Yun’s back, deforming Lin Yun’s Law Runic Shield.

And at that time, the rock mage’s incantation continued and eighteen huge Gravity Rocks fell towards Lin Yun. With the addition of the tenfold gravity around Lin Yun, these rocks’ falling power had become even stronger.

Lin Yun sneered.

“Even using the remnant fragments of a shattered Earth Elemental Plane, you are really going all-out.”

As those Gravity Rocks were about to fall, Lin Yun suddenly took a step forward. In that split second, the distance between them became even shorter. It was only one step, but due to his Ice Fire Incarnation body, that step spanned about eighteen meters. The ten-meter-wide Gravity area covered in Gravity Rock was left in the dust.

At that moment, the Purple Dragon flew out of the Draconic Staff and the Purple Dragon’s shadow appeared behind Lin Yun. The Purple Dragon appeared majestic as he held the huge wheel shadow. At the same time, the scales’ shadow also appeared. The Spell Wheel and the Book of Mantras took their respective positions on the scales.

The moment Lin Yun escaped the Gravity, his body shot like an arrow towards that rock mage.

This time, a shocked expression appeared on the rock mage expressionless frozen face.

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and rapidly condensed a Law Runic Bomb in front of his body. Numerous runes converged to form a Four Element Bomb, and squeezed within was the power of law runes. The power of these law runes far surpassed the power of the elements.

Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, his three faces laughing nastily as he displayed Extraordinary Power with the Spell Wheel. He spurted out fierce elemental storms, which weren’t too far off from the void’s elemental storms.

As for Syudos, he controlled the Book of Mantras to open an ancient and gorgeous flaming gate from which a flood of flames emerged.

The huge power instantly submerged that rock mage and the Law Runic Bomb tore a crack in that powerful storm like a sharp sword as it flew towards the rock mage.


A loud sound echoed as a cloud of smoke rose over a hundred meters in the sky and terrifying shockwaves spread in all directions. Over a hundred meters away, eight Rock Puppets instantly turned into fragments after being hit by that shockwave.

And the elemental storm and flood of flames once again rushed into the area at the center of the explosion. The fierce power destroyed everything in the surroundings.

The scenery within this illusory land distorted and a crack soon appeared. Outside the crack, the normal landscape of Neverwinter City could be seen.

As this crack appeared, the eighteen beads creating the illusion suddenly appeared in the sky. These beads blossomed with their final radiance as they tried to restore the illusion, but couldn’t resist the bursting power.

In an instant, the eighteen beads simultaneously exploded and the surroundings’ distorted scenery slowly dissipated in black smoke. The battlefield reappeared outside Neverwinter City.

The fierce mana fluctuations were like fireworks in the night as they spread towards the surroundings. In less than five seconds, a dozen ten-meter-long Griffin, with forty to fifty-meter-long wingspans, flew over.

A five-meter-tall shadow appeared in the fierce flood of flames and elemental storm and instantly rushed out of the range of the spells. It was a dark spherical stone which rapidly rolled out.

The stone split open and the expressionless rock mage came out of it. The rock mage coldly looked at Lin Yun, then glanced at the Griffin Riders flying over before disappearing into the earth.

The Purple Dragon shadow, the wheel shadow and the scales shadow all disappeared. His Ice Fire Incarnation also scattered.

As he stood on the ground, Lin Yun looked at the area where the rock mage disappeared and frowned, he was puzzled.

‘Who was that guy? A 2nd Rank Heaven Rock Mage was specially used to handle me. If it had been a guy slightly weaker, he would have been crushed. The spell storms I usually use were useless.

‘Rock mages’ defensive power is far stronger than ordinary earth mages. He could resist my Law Runic Bomb as if it was nothing. But that completely unreasonable battle style can’t pressure me.

‘But if it had been the me before taking a trip through the Starry Sky Gate, I wouldn’t have been able to do as great unless I went all-out. We would have been stuck in a deadlock…

‘Could it be someone of the Quicksand Tower? It shouldn’t be, the Quicksand Tower is located in a desert. Finding a piece of rock larger than a fist is very difficult there. A rock mage can’t be born in that region.

‘Moreover, the Quicksand Tower’s mages shouldn’t be coming, this doesn’t fit them. But they almost never speak Did they do this?

‘Or could it be the Shadow Tower? This looks like them even less. If the Shadow Tower wasn’t resigned and wanted to retaliate, they definitely wouldn’t do it openly and ambush me outside Neverwinter City. An attack here is really unexpected.

‘But the Shadow Tower’s mages required control of shadow magic. A loathsome rock mage might not be qualified to do such a business with the Shadow Tower, the target is too obvious.

‘Then who is it?’

Lin Yun frowned, but he didn’t think too deeply about who could ambush him here. This felt inexplicable and was truly outside of his expectations.

As Lin Yun was thinking about this matter, those dozen Griffin Riders landed. Their leader was shockingly a Heaven Rank Griffin Rider. After landing, he walked over to Lin Yun with a terrible expression.

“What’s going on here? No Heaven Rank powerhouses are allowed to fighting within fifty kilometers of Neverwinter City, and no fights are allowed within ten kilometers”

The leader of the Griffin Riders didn’t have time to finish when Lin Yun threw his Starry Sky Emblem over.

The leader took the Starry Sky Emblem and his expression instantly changed. After sensing the information contained within the badge, his expression greatly improved.

“Sir Mafa Merlin, could I trouble you to tell me what happened here?”

Lin Yun took the Starry Sky Emblem back and frowned.

“I was ambushed. There was an illusion and a 2nd Rank Heaven Rock Mage.”

At this time, a man arrived next to the Griffin Rider Leader and whispered, “Captain, I found eighteen shattered Hallucinatory Jewel Beads, as well as a large amount of Rock Puppets’ fragments and corpses. This should be a premeditated ambush. But I can’t find any valuable information, no clue was found”

The captain’s expression became unsightly. As he started to think, his expression became increasingly serious.

But then the captain walked up to Lin Yun and saluted him.

“Sir Mafa Merlin, we are deeply sorry that this sort of thing happened in Neverwinter City. No matter who it is, those who dared to attack a guest of the Starry Sky College have to be properly punished.

“Please take a rest in the Starry Sky College, we will definitely give you a satisfactory answer a week later, when the gathering starts.”