End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1202

Chapter 1202 Layford 2

"Moreover, your fighting strength is really beyond imagination. You can actually burst with power comparable to a 2nd Rank Heaven Mage. But it doesnt matter, you are just an Archmage, you cant resist my curses without Extraordinary Power. I only need to keep cursing you to curse you to death.

"Your soul will fall in Hell after your death and once a Devil swallow your soul, youll suffer for countless millennia in their belly.

"This is the consequences of defying our Jackson Family!"

Layford loudly laughed as he kept flickering within the darkness. An evil smile could be seen on his face as Devils Whispers kept echoing. The buzzing voices enveloped Lin Yun from all directions and kept piercing through Lin Yuns body.

Syudos, as the Magic Tool Incarnation of the Book of Mantras, couldnt be cursed by Layford. As for Enderfa, he was only the Incarnation of a True Spirit Magic Tool and couldnt resist. He could only hide inside the Spell Wheel, completely giving up on properly controlling the Spell Wheel.

Lin Yun was pale. Not only could he feel his vitality draining, his mana also seemed to be ignited. Even with the support of the Natural Demiplane, Lin Yun felt that he wouldnt be able to keep holding on.

The fierce offensive wasnt able to deal with Layford and Layfords darkness spells didnt have much effect on Lin Yun. But the dark curses werent something a non-Heaven Rank powerhouse like Lin Yun could resist without Extraordinary Power.

No matter how powerful he was, his Life Essence was that of an Archmage, he was still a mortal. Even if most of the curses power had been weakened, the remaining power wasnt something that could be resisted.

Holy light mages, especially priests, had the strongest resistance against dark curses. They were the nemesis of dark curse mages. Unfortunately, Lin Yun wasnt one of them.

"Mafa Merlin, you dont need to keep resisting, Devils Whispers arent something you can resist without Extraordinary Power. Im already amazed that you have been able to resist to this point.

"But it doesnt matter, the longer you last, the more youll feel your body slowly stepping towards its death"

Layford laughed crazily, but Lin Yun also smiled at this moment.

Layfords words gave him a reminder and he took out a metal plate made out of Eternal Gold Essence. Magic patterns were carved onto it.

Lin Yun rapidly let out a series of law runes into the metal plate. In an instant, numerous array patterns appeared on the metal plate and countless law runes could be seen carved into it.

It took less than three seconds for a simple alchemy device to be completed. And at the same time, the Devils Whispers in Lin Yuns ears thoroughly dissipated. The magic patterns on top of the metal plate were shining and all the whispers were devoured by the magic pattern.

The sound of the wind, the sound of spells clashing, Lin Yuns own heartbeat, breathing sound, and even the Devils Whispers completely disappeared within ten meters of Lin Yun.

Enderfa came out of the Spell Wheel and looked at the metal plate in Lin Yuns hands with amazement.

"Damn Hey, Merlin, you only took this thing out now?"

Lin Yun faintly shook his head but didnt say anything. This was a special sound magic pattern he had obtained in Constances God Nation. At the time, he had planned on using it in an array, but he hadnt had the chance later on and just threw it in his Spatial Ring, only for it to be forgotten.

Moreover, this thing wouldnt be very effective during normal battle. When used in an array, this thing had to be used as the core of the array to display its full potential.

If not for Layfords reminder, Lin Yun wouldnt have thought of this thing. After all, he had obtained too many things in the past few years, and anything he hadnt needed at the time was thrown into his Spatial Ring or his Demiplane.

The essence of Devils Whispers was a sound, and this magic pattern devoured all sounds. After being weakened, Layfords Devils Whispers could also be devoured by this magic pattern. If it came from a Greater Devil, the magic patterns would definitely be destroyed in an instant.

Lin Yun drank a Life Potion, followed by a bottle of Light Purification Potion, and he even tore a Radiant scroll he had made in the Raging Flame Plane.

In less than three second, the curse power remaining on his body was thoroughly purified.

After the purification, Lin Yuns gaze turned cold and he burst with his strongest power.

The ancient scales shadow appeared alongside the Purple Dragon Incarnations buff and the Book of Deaths buff.

Lin Yuns aura instantly rose to its peak; The Book of Mantras and the Spell Wheel both burst with the power of Extraordinary Magic Tools and a boundless aura of destruction covered everything within six hundred meters. The fierce power instantly tore through Layfords darkness spatial defense.

He didnt even give Layford time to flicker within the darkness, he could only use spells to resist.

As for Lin Yun, his chanting became even faster. Law runes spurted out of the wheel shadow like a swarm and converged to form a five-meter-big Law Runic Bomb.

Just as the Law Runic Bomb was formed, Lin Yun poured in pure mana from his Natural Demiplane and the surrounding space faintly started shivering.

A faint power attached itself to the surface of the Law Runic Bomb before instantly disappearing.

Layford was resisting the barrage of frightening spells when his expression suddenly changed.

The pitch-black skull emitting an ominous aura he was holding suddenly opened its mouth and scarlet light shone in its eye sockets.

Layford unhesitantly chanted three strange words and that fist-sized pitch-black skull instantly became head-sized. Its eyes were shining and it let out a bewildering laugh.

The skull charged into Layfords head as if it was illusory and merged with Layfords body. Layfords aura instantly increased and a black smoke covered his pitch-black Fusion Shield.

Just as Layford finished his preparations, that terrifying Law Runic Bomb instantly appeared in front of him.

A rumble echoed as a huge ray of light instantly appeared. The battle fluctuations were pressured here, but there was still a hundred-meter-tall clouds of smoke rising in the sky.

The terrifying power kept colliding with the defenses set in the sky and the forests defenses completely activated. But that terrifying shockwave swept over and shredded the defenses over three hundred meters. Every tree within three hundred meters disappeared without a trace and Lin Yuns house was also torn to pieces. Only scorched earth could be seen, there was not a single vestige of the house.

Even Enderfa and Syudos elemental storm and flood of flames were sent flying back by that terrifying power, they couldnt hit their target.

Within the dust of the destruction, pitch-black darkness mana descended just like the night sky. Layfords body fell on the ground several hundred meters away, an arm and a leg bent at a strange angle. Blood sprinkled over the earth, and bones could be seen piercing through his pale skin through his magic robe.

Layfords head turned pitch-black and his face distorted, becoming sinister. His skin darkened, spreading from his head to the rest of his body.

As the dark sinister power spread to Layfords injured arm and leg, black smoke appeared like pairs of incorporeal small hands and restored Layfords injuries.

As he stood up again, Layfords aura had expanded by at least 50% and so did his height. From 1.8 meters, he was now a small giant of 2.7 meters.

His fair skin had become pure black and there was even the trace of a sinister 3rd eye on his forehead. The skin and flesh on half of his cheeks had been lost, revealing dark bones similar to the previous skull Magic Tool.

"Damn b*stard! You have to die! No one can save you today, you have to die! You actually dared to do this, you forced me to fuse with the Magic Tool.

"That third of my vitality will be paid back with your life and soul. No, all of your Merlin Family has to die! Die! Die!"

Layfords face distorted as he flew into a rage. He looked like a crazy wild beast and his aura already reached the limit of the 2nd Rank. The terrifying and fierce aura spread out and the surrounding defensive power seemed corroded by the darkness. The forest defenses rapidly dissipated.

All the trees leaves within a few hundred meters of Layfords rapidly turned ash gray before turning into ashes. The branches also withered and turned into ashen gray ashes.

The forests defenses kept being pierced like bubbles and the protected vegetation kept turning into ashes within three seconds of having their defenses pierced.

"Mafa Merlin, I curse you! I curse your mana to ignite and not leave a single wisp of mana behind." Layford loudly roared and countless Devils Whispers transformed into a roar.

That roar transformed into countless runes that charged towards Lin Yun. Behind Layford, the shadow of a Devil was pointing at Lin Yun while loudly roaring. It was like a general directing the runes into their charge.

The dozen layers of Mind Defenses Lin Yun had set up were completely torn apart and the magic patterns on the metal plate also started shining with a glaring light. At this instant, the voice-devouring magic pattern was already reaching its limit.

Although in theory, that sound-devouring magic pattern could continuously store the power of sounds with no upper limit, especially when made into an alchemy device, it did have a momentary upper limit. If, within a second, the power of sound surpassed that momentary limit, it wouldnt be devoured by the magic pattern.

The parts that couldnt be devoured by the magic patterns started echoing in Lin Yuns head. At that moment, Lin Yun felt what seemed to be the power of Laws at work and the mana within his body poured out like an open dam.

And the leaking mana was used by Lin Yun and transformed into spell power to suppress Layford.

The power of the Equilibrium Law would only last a minute, and he had to settle the fight within that time period or he would become the piece of meat ready to be chopped. At that time, Layford would easily be able to get rid of him.

Facing the fierce offensive once again, Layfords left side started changing. From his left cheek down, his flesh kept dissipating and exposed deathly pale bones. These bones then turned pitch-black just like his cheek.

Magic Patterns also started appearing on his bones. His hands turned into Devil claws and faced the elemental storm ahead of him. A layer of black red blood-like membrane appeared in front of Layfords body and forcibly resisted Lin Yuns fierce offensive.

"I curse your eyes to see no light.

"I curse your ears to hear no sound.

"I curse your mouth to be unable to chant

"I curse your life to rush towards its end on the river of time"

While firmly taking on Lin Yuns fierce offensive, Layford frantically cast curses. The Devils shadow behind him let out a loud roar.

While the terrifying curse power was weakened by Lin Yuns defenses, there was still a part that hit Lin Yuns body.

The world before Lin Yuns eyes became blurry and rays of light slowly dissipated.

The loud explosions echoing in his ears disappeared, but the Devils Whispers became even more distinct.

His tongue stiffened and his voice seemed to have disappeared. He could no longer chant and couldnt even spit law runes.

Even his vitality seemed to be rapidly igniting, it was being consumed a hundred times faster than normal.

His soul couldnt see the light, this was the first step needed for a soul to fall into Hell. His ears couldnt hear any sound, only the sound of the Devils Whispers, which had greatly increased.

After losing his chanting ability, Lin Yuns strength had greatly lowered while his vitality was quickly being consumed. If he had been an ordinary person, he would have died within a second.

Lin Yun instantly closed his eyes and roused his mana, his aura rapidly rising up.

But his vitality was being rapidly consumed and his mana consumption was also too high. Moreover, Layford wasnt done with his curses.

Layford cut his own wrist and sprayed out blood before continuing to curse with Devils Whispers.

"The Eternal Night World is your souls resting place. Endless pain and howls are your fate"