End Of The Magic Era Chapter 121

Chapter 121 Spirit Warrior


Lin Yun’s 2nd opponent was a magic beast, a level 15 Three-Eyed Evil Wolf that could use Necromancy at around the level of a 5th Rank Great Mage. It collapsed after fighting Lin Yun for a minute.

Lin Yun hurried to recover his mana while looking expectantly at the center of the arena. Sure enough, three golden chests appeared out of thin air once again. Unable to resist Shawn’s persuasive advice, Lin Yun picked the leftmost golden chest this time too.

“More mana crystals!” There were another dozen mana crystals in the chest. Lin Yun felt the urge to kill Shawn when he saw this.

“Don’t be impetuous. Don’t be impetuous! Take a look at their quality!” Noticing the precarious situation, Shawn quickly stopped Lin Yun, who had planned on cutting off the supply of mana.

Calming down a bit, Lin Yun took a closer look and found out…

The quality of this batch of mana crystals was a fair bit better than what he’d gotten from the earlier chest. The lowest was level 10, while the highest reached level 12! One had to know that with each increase in the level, the value would roughly double. Lin Yun made some calculations and found out that the value of this second batch of mana crystals was double that of the first batch!

He was a bit surprised at the increase, to the point that Lin Yun forgot to deal with Shawn. If the value of each reward doubled, then wouldn’t he be able to buy all of Noscent after a dozen times?

“Don’t dream too much about it, didn’t you notice that the strength of that Three-Eyed Evil Wolf was a lot greater than the previous group of Rock Wolves? After a dozen times, you might have to face the Dream King” Shawn ruthlessly woke Lin Yun from his greedy fantasy.


In fact, he didn’t need to go that far.

By the time he met the 6th round of opponents, he was already sweating bullets…

It was an entire group of ten Spirit Warriors.

These Spirit Warriors had followed the prince during his life and were unable to break away from the power of the Bloodline Curse after his death. By being buried in that Dark Arena, their souls had transformed into spirits, forever guarding the prince’s eternal rest.

Lin Yun studied his new enemies. The ten Spirit Warriors were wearing silver armor and holding Magic Greatswords. Wounds crisscrossing their bodies indicated that they were veterans of many battles when they were still alive. Each one had the strength of a 15th Rank, but they also had thick Aura and exquisite martial skills. They might each have fighting strength greater than that of a 15th Rank Great Swordsman.

In the entire Thousand Sails City, perhaps only the Silver Moon Mercenaries and a few other peak forces could have such a lineup.

“Hey, Lord Shawn, think of a plan, quick”

“Don’t play with me, what kind of plan? Even if you supply mana to me, I still won’t be able to display my Incarnation” A hint of panic could be heard in Shawn’s voice. Although the binding of the master-slave contract wasn’t very strong, if his master died, Shawn would still suffer a heavy blow…

“You have the nerve to call yourself a True Spirit Magic Tool?” Lin Yun still took the time to curse before the battle with the ten Spirit Warriors began.

This was a fight with no build-up. Both sides used their most powerful abilities right at the start. Aura was ignited as the Spirit Warriors rushed over. The huge greatswords carried with them the sound of destruction as they slashed down, flaming Aura raging on the blades, splitting open Lin Yun’s Ice Fire Shield in an instant.

Lin Yun was desperate. When his Ice Fire Shield was cut apart, he used the momentum from the greatsword’s push to retreat a few steps and followed up with an incantation. A huge and powerful Fire Dragon roared before pouncing at the Spirit Warriors.

Lin Yun gripped his Spiritual Magic Staff tightly as he gestured continuously with his hands, coordinating with the incantation. In a short ten seconds, he let out three successive Fire Dragons!

This way of casting was extremely dangerous because he could suffer a magic backlash at any time.

But he couldn’t worry about that right now. His goal was simply to launch an attack powerful enough to kill one or two Spirit Warriors to start with. That way, he would be able to rely on the vigorous mana supply from the Spiritual Magic Staff to contend against the remaining Spirit Warriors.

Unfortunately, Lin Yun’s first plan failed.

The ten Spirit Warriors got into a formation and managed to withstand Lin Yun’s torrent of magic.

Although a few Spirit Warriors were seriously harmed and looked like they had lost some of their fighting strength, Lin Yun’s heart tightened.

Lin Yun knew that here in the Dark Arena, the frightening recovery speed of the Spirit Warriors made their bodies almost unkillable. These deadly injuries would recover in a matter of minutes.

But since the fight had already started, Lin Yun only had one path left ahead of him. After his initial wave of reckless casting, Lin Yun’s mana had already dropped by half, but Lin Yun’s following display became even fiercer. Taking advantage of the fact that a few Spirit Warriors had been seriously injured, Lin Yun incanted once again: Flame Barrier, Consecutive Fire Arrows, Elemental Slash, Frost Burst His most powerful spells fell one after the other on the bodies of these Spirit Warriors.

It had only been thirty seconds since the start of the battle, but the damage Lin Yun caused would be enough to scare any Great Mage shitless.

But The number of Spirit Warriors still remained at ten.

Moreover, they still approached Lin Yun, even with over half of them being seriously injured. The flaming Aura seemed to already be right in front of him.

Lin Yun knew that his first opportunity had already escaped him…

“Fuck” He cursed to himself fiercely. He had no choice but to use Elemental Incarnation early. By relying on the sea of fire that he had created with his initial barrage of spells, Lin Yun pulled open the distance with a Flame Flash.

“Stupid, you are truly hopelessly stupid. You haven’t noticed that these Spirit Warriors already formed a Life Sharing Formation? Do you think you are a peak High Mage that can dispatch ten Spirit Warriors at once?” Shawn’s flustered and exasperated scolding echoed in Lin Yun’s ears just as he landed on the other side of the sea of fire.

“I obviously know of the Life Sharing Formation, but I don’t have the means to split it apart!”

“No, you do!”

“I do?” Lin Yun’s expression froze.

“I feel a familiar mana fluctuation in your body, it should have been from the Death Garden in the tomb! Take that thing out, quick!”

“The Sage Chapter?” Lin Yun felt a bit strange. The Ultimate Spells stored in the Sage Chapter truly were his most powerful cards. ‘But are they enough to break the Life Sharing Formation?’

It’s not as if Lin Yun hadn’t thought of using the Ultimate Spells…

But after the previous attempt, Lin Yun had already guessed that the Spirit Warriors were using the Life Sharing Formation. Its ability to endure damage was too high. Even if he used his Ultimate Spells, he would only be able to injure some more Spirit Warriors… It wouldn’t be of too much help to the battle as a whole.

It was a tough obstacle to overcome, as the power of Lin Yun’s Ultimate Spells were only at the 4th Tier at the moment. If he wanted to instantly dispatch these Spirit Warriors, he would need 6th Tier Spells, or in other words, spells on a level close to reaching the power of an Archmage.

“That thing is called the Sage Chapter? Forget it, its name doesn’t matter. As long as that thing came from the Death Garden, it can be used to handle these Spirit Warriors. Did you forget what kind of place a Death Garden is?”

“Wait, you mean” With Shawn’s mention of the Death Garden, Lin Yun understood.

‘That’s right! The Sage Chapter came from that place!’

What kind of place was a Death Garden? It is the convergence of death energy. The Sage Chapter was born from boundless death energy, and it was even of a higher rank than Shawn. The death energy contained within could only be described as frightening.

At the same time, what kind of existence were Spirit Warriors?

The Spirit Warriors had been affected by the Bloodline Curse, turning their souls and bodies into spirits. What they loathed and feared the most was death energy.

If there was a sudden burst of death energy, these Spirit Warriors would definitely be affected.

The only problem was that Lin Yun didn’t dare to assume that it would have a sufficiently large effect…

Lin Yun tightly held the Sage Chapter, but he couldn’t help displaying a trace of hesitation on his face.

‘This is no joke’

The Sage Chapter in his hands was his last trump card, and if he wanted to release the death energy that was inside, the three Ultimate Spells would disappear. If he was still unable to split apart the Life Sharing Formation after that, Lin Yun truly wouldn’t have any other chances to make a comeback.

He didn’t have much time left…

The ten Spirit Warriors were already crossing the sea of fire, raising their huge greatswords once again. But Lin Yun couldn’t use Elemental Incarnation again, so it would be hard to escape if they got closer.

“This better work!” Lin Yun bit his lip and cancelled the three Ultimate Spells in the Sage Chapter.

In a flash, a huge amount of death energy burst out. A thick gas condensed above the Dark Arena, and countless Soul Fires rushed out from the Sage Chapter. With world-shaking roars, they exploded in the center of the Dark Arena, transforming into a swarm of ghosts and skeletons. The entire Dark Arena looked like a sinister graveyard.

At the same time, Lin Yun brandished the Spiritual Magic Staff and started launching another ferocious wave of spells.