End Of The Magic Era Chapter 122

Chapter 122 Strongest True Spirit Magic Tool


Chant after chant, gesture after gesture, spells cast one after the other…

Lin Yun felt the mana in his body pouring out like a waterfall. He shuddered slightly when the mana within the Elemental Amber Ring was exhausted, and then began extracting the mana from within the Spiritual Magic Staff. The flow of time seemed to become hazy with so much happening. Lin Yun himself didn’t know how many spells he’d cast.

A blood-curdling scream finally cried out in front of him.

After receiving a direct hit from a Flame Spear, the Spirit Warrior at the front finally collapsed. It immediately turned into a white light and disappeared from the Dark Arena.

“First one!” Only one Spirit Warrior died, yet this was the dawn of victory for Lin Yun.

The mana stored within the Spiritual Magic Staff started frantically pouring into Lin Yun’s body. The incantations that had paused for a moment resounded once again in the Dark Arena.

Lin Yun couldn’t use Elemental Incarnation again. Facing the swarming Spirit Warriors, his only remaining way to continue was to push his Magic Array to the limit. With his rich battle experience from surviving at the end of the magic era, he was able to keep struggling in this life and death battle with the 9 badly injured Spirit Warriors.

Continuously attacking, defending, and controlling, Lin Yun did everything he could. He drank three Angel Potions and used seven Dark Fire Bullets. Even the mana of the Lava Dominator that he got from Lonald had been exhausted in that fight. It could be said that Lin Yun had taken out all his cards…

Ultimately, Lin Yun used a Flame Burst to finish this fight that had stretched on for three hours.

“Finally over” Lin Yun had exhausted all his mana during this fight and had even cleaned out all the mana stored within the Spiritual Magic Staff. His mind was completely exhausted. Three hours of maintaining peak performance had drained all of his energy.

Lin Yun lowered his head just as the last Spirit Warrior turned into a light…

This had been his most exhausting fight yet. He was feeling more drained than how he had been after that half day of slaughter in the Death Garden. This fight had been so taxing that he couldn’t even lift his head. He even felt like taking a nap and forgetting about the prince tomb and the Dark Arena.

Unfortunately, he was urged on by Shawn after lying down for a few minutes…

“Quick, quick, check your reward quickly, check if there is something that can let Lord Shawn immediately recover his powers!”

“If you want to check, then go check it, I want to sleep”

“You have the cheek to talk back to Lord Shawn!” Shawn immediately flew into a towering rage, but after a fit of temper, he mischievously told Lin Yun, “You think that these ten Spirit Warriors were your last opponents? Lord Shawn didn’t want to scare you at first, but since you are so ignorant, I’ll reluctantly give you a reminder. Do you remember how many battles a gladiator had to win in the Empire to regain their freedom?”

“…” When he heard Shawn’s words Lin Yun jumped up, feeling startled.

‘That’s right! The gladiators from the 3rd Dynasty could obtain freedom after seven victories. Doesn’t that mean that I have another battle to go through? Fuck, is this a joke?’

Thinking of the fact that he still had to go through another battle made Lin Yun want to cry. Ten Spirit Warriors had already forced him to go to that extent. Based on the usual practice of the Dark Arena, shouldn’t his next opponent have the strength of a peak High Mage, or even an Archmage?

“Thus, Lord Shawn is advising you to check the reward first. There might be something good inside that can let Lord Shawn directly recover. If that happens, you can stand aside for the next battle and cheer this Lord Shawn on.”

“…” Although Lin Yun disapproved of that arrogant True Spirit Magic Tool, he still looked forward to seeing those three chests.

After all, Lin Yun had already obtained a Spiritual level one-handed sword after defeating his 5th opponent.

Although this one-handed sword wasn’t suitable for Lin Yun, the fact was that there was a genuine Spiritual Magic Tool in that chest.

Based on the rewards increasing after each fight so far, even if Lin Yun wouldn’t receive a True Spirit Magic Tool, wouldn’t he at least get a peak Spiritual Magic Tool now?

And that power would be completely under his control, not a shameless slacker like Shawn.

Lin Yun stood in front of the three chests. He raised his hand, but he didn’t extend it, as he was still hesitating.

“Okay, okay, stop that now” Lin Yun got a headache from Lord Shawn’s harassment. ‘I had some pretty good harvests after picking the left ones each time, so I might as well continue.’

Lin Yun reached out and opened the left chest.

And following that…

Shawn loudly cursed…

“Fuck, Barov, you are shameless, you dare to trick Lord Shawn!”

Honestly, it wasn’t unusual for Shawn to be so angered.

Who would have thought that after killing ten Spirit Warriors, the reward would actually be an Inheritance Magic Tool!

Moreover, it was an incomplete Inheritance Magic Tool!

Shawn felt like crying. He had thought that after the elimination of the ten Spirit Warriors, the reward would be a peak Spiritual Magic Tool or even better, and once he absorbed the mana within, he would be able to recover at least half of his power. But all that was inside the box was an incomplete Inheritance Magic Tool!

It was a magic staff made of Ghost Wood, with a mana crystal of unknown level inlaid at the end. From the mana fluctuation, it was definitely an Inheritance Magic Tool. Moreover, the staff had three arrays, but they weren’t connected to each other, and the mana source wasn’t even activated. Anyone with discerning eyes could see that it was incomplete.

‘Fuck, not only do you give out an Inheritance Magic Tool, but it’s not even complete, Prince Barov, what kind of joke is that?’

Shawn was simply unable to restrain his anger, and he even tried to use a bit of the power he had just recovered to destroy this disgraceful Inheritance Magic Tool.

But before he could make his move, the staff was grabbed by Lin Yun.

No, he didn’t just grab it…

Lin Yun held it as if it was a treasure and then put it into his pocket.

“Hey, are you destitute enough that you would grab anything you can? Even an incomplete Inheritance Magic Tool won’t escape your hands? Seems like Lord Shawn should reconsider this If I work for you later, will you be destitute enough that you won’t be able to provide the mana crystals needed by Lord Shawn?”

“I have to say, Lord Shawn, you truly have a poor insight” Lin Yun shook his head, quite satisfied with the find. Getting such a treasure, how could Lin Yun not be in a good mood? Shawn’s mocking didn’t even feel as unpleasant as before.

“You know of that damn Inheritance Magic Tool? Quickly talk Can it let me recover my power?”

“It can’t, but I can guarantee that a year later at most, the power of that damn Inheritance Magic Tool will be superior to yours, Lord Shawn. How about we make a bet?”

“Nonsense!” Shawn burst out in anger.

“Then let’s bet. If I lose, I’ll immediately lift the master-slave contract. If you lose, you have to completely acknowledge me as your master.”

“This” Lord Shawn suddenly hesitated. He didn’t believe that this incomplete Inheritance Magic Tool could surpass him in a year.

But after seeing Lin Yun’s confident expression, he felt a bit uncertain.

As he thought about this, Shawn suddenly warned, “Careful! The 7th battle should begin soon!”

“Crap! Too quick!” Lin Yun hurriedly fished out a level 13 mana crystal from his pocket and clenched his teeth as he started extracting the mana within without any care for the fact that he might suffer a magic backlash from the impurities.

Fortunately, the 7th battle still hadn’t started by the time Lin Yun was done, so for insurance, he grabbed a level 12 mana crystal from his pocket and continued replenishing his mana.

One, two, three, four…

After absorbing the mana from four mana crystals, Lin Yun’s mana had already completely recovered.

But for some reason, the 7th battle still had yet to start…

“What’s going on?” Lin Yun was at a loss. He wouldn’t misremember the rules of the 3rd Dynasty’s arena from the notes. Gladiators would regain their freedom only after the 7th battle.

‘But I only fought six battles, why is the 7th battle so slow to start?’

“What are you standing around for, the doors to the Dark Arena already opened, or do you plan to stay for dinner?”

Shawn’s sneering made Lin Yun’s expression sink. “What is going on? Didn’t you say the 7th battle was about to start? Did you deceive me?”

“How could Lord Shawn deceive you? As per the rules of the Empire, after clearing the 7th battle, the gladiators truly obtain their freedom. But your luck is very good, your 7th opponent just happened to be the unequalled Lord Shawn”

“You?” Lin Yun froze, before understanding.

Shawn, as a True Spirit Magic Tool, was an existence able to contend with an Archmage. It would be reasonable for him to be selected for the 7th battle of the Dark Arena.

As he thought about that, Lin Yun remembered that the Great Mage from the Cloud Tower had written in his notes that he broke through the Dark Arena through heaven-defying luck. Now that Lin Yun thought about it, he could understand what that heaven-defying luck was…

The Great Mage might have been similar to himself. He had obtained the acknowledgement of the True Spirit Magic Tool before entering the Dark Arena letting him skip the 7th battle.

Otherwise, based on the battle against the ten Spirit Warriors, the 7th opponent would be comparable to an Archmage, and that was an existence that he couldn’t deal with No Great Mage could stand more than ten seconds against an Archmage. Lin Yun wouldn’t be able to either, even if he had nine Magic Arrays.

It wasn’t just the difference in power…

It was simply a battle between two different types of existences!

‘Looks like my luck isn’t as bad as I thought,’ Lin Yun thought as he left the Dark Arena.

“Hey, Merlin, you still haven’t told me, what is special about that damn Inheritance Magic Tool?”Just as they were leaving the Dark Arena, Shawn asked about the staff again.

“You won’t understand even if I tell you” Lin Yun said half-heartedly.

It simply couldn’t be explained. Lin Yun couldn’t tell this Soul Walker that what he dubbed as a “disgraceful Inheritance Magic Tool” would become a frightening existence a few millennia later. At that time, this staff would be known as the Strongest True Spirit Magic Tool!