End Of The Magic Era Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Creation


“And you have the cheek to call yourself a True Spirit Magic Tool” Lin Yun had been listening to the most important part, but when it was suddenly cut short, he spat out some words of rebuke.

“In any case, this place is very evil.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Lin Yun unhappily disregarded Shawn’s opinion and started chanting incantation after incantation, which caused Mage Eyes to appear one after the other. In a short period, there were over a hundred Mage Eyes.

“I want to see how evil this place is!” Lin Yun sent his army of Mage Eyes ahead with determination. It felt like moths throwing themselves at lights, as these Mage Eyes would instantly pop like bubbles when getting too close to the statue.

But then, more and more Mage Eyes approached.

They were truly like moths, ignoring the deaths of their brethren to keep rushing towards that light.

In an instant, the some 70 or 80 Mage Eyes had already disappeared. But Lin Yun had yet to give up as he kept chanting, and Mage Eyes continued to appear in front of him before rushing at the statue.

Ultimately, one Mage Eye broke through and reached the restricted area within a hundred meters of the statue.

“Got it!” Lin Yun rejoiced before linking to that Mage Eye with mana.

That lucky Mage Eye didn’t survive more than three seconds before receiving a more powerful mana interference within the statue’s restricted area. Three seconds later, it disappeared with a bang.

But three seconds were already enough for Lin Yun.

This time, Lin Yun managed to get a clear look. Under the altar, there was surprisingly a huge alchemy array drawn on the ground in Shadow Ink.

‘Thankfully, I was careful enough to check first’ Cold sweat trickled down Lin Yun’s back. Arrays drawn with Shadow Ink were known for being hidden, able to even conceal mana fluctuations. The only way to distinguish them was from the traces left behind on the ground. If one wasn’t particularly mindful, they simply wouldn’t know that these things that seemed to be just leftover stains actually hid an astonishingly powerful alchemy array.

Fortunately, Lin Yun had noticed early on that this shrine was a bit too spacious and empty, and thus had insisted on using Mage Eyes to search the area first. As a result, he was able to avoid certain death.

Lin Yun had recognized that huge alchemy array on the floor…

It was an Artisan level Hell Array!

With Lin Yun’s strength as a Great Mage, there would be only one end for him if he entered the Hell Array: death. The Crimson Fire from Hell would turn Lin Yun to ashes in an instant. That was a power that even High Mages couldn’t resist for a moment, let alone a Great Mage like Lin Yun.

But everything was different after gaining those valuable three seconds.

In those three seconds, Lin Yun managed to find the Hell Array’s mana sources.

There were a total of six mana sources, akin to a hexagram star, supplying the Hell Array. Lin Yun’s plan was to destroy these six mana sources, which would result in the collapse of the Hell Array.

Destruction had always been easier than construction.

Lin Yun had stopped sending out Mage Eyes and started activating the Elemental Amber Ring on his hand to replenish his mana.

In a short few minutes, Lin Yun had cast at least two hundred Mage Eyes. Fortunately, he had only connected to the very last Mage Eye, the one that made it the farthest.

After replenishing his mana, Lin Yun cast Burning Flames, spreading raging flames over several dozen meters. Lin Yun then used Elemental Incarnation, and cast Flame Flash through the sea of fire to reach the side of a mana source.

Lin Yun pointed with his Spiritual Magic Staff and a Flame Spear shot out, instantly shattering the mana source. A large amount of mana scattered, but Lin Yun didn’t care about absorbing it and instead cast Flame Flash once again to appear next to the second mana source.

And then the third, the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth!

The six mana sources were shattered in mere moments. The Hell Array shone for a bit before going dark…

At the same time, Lin Yun cast a final Flame Flash while in his Elemental Incarnation state.

The next second, Lin Yun appeared atop the altar.

Lin Yun was now able to confirm that the huge altar was completely empty. This discovery made Lin Yun frown. How could the altar that was used to consecrate the Haiba Dragon God in the tomb of a prince of the 3rd dynasty be empty?

In the 3rd Dynasty, failing to place an offering on the altar of the Haiba Dragon God would be enough to have Barov charged with the crime of blasphemy.

‘Could grave robbers have entered the tomb before me and stolen all the valuables?’ he wondered. ‘No, that seems unlikely.’

Lin Yun immediately rejected this possibility..

Because the Hell Array’s mana sources had yet to be destroyed. If there had really been a grave robber, how did they get through the Artisan level alchemy array without destroying the mana sources? Such a grave robber would have to be an Archmage.

But how could an Archmage be interested in the wealth, yet miss the true treasures?

To such powerhouses, wealth was secondary. More wealth couldn’t compare to an increase in their fighting strength.

Thus, the only possibility left might be extremely frightening.

Prince Barov, a member of the royal family in the 3rd Dynasty, was probably a heretic that did not believe in the Dragon God…

Lin Yun quelled his shock and began sizing up the statue of the Dragon God. From the altar, Lin Yun could now see the mysterious power within the eyes. It was dark and abstruse, but after looking at it for a bit, people would be unable to break away from it.

“Those really are the Reincarnation Eyes!” This was just like the information that came from the Cloud Tower thousands of years later.

Lin Yun knew that as long as he was able to reach these two eyes, his Magic Array would transform in a flash. This kind of transformation would make him reach five Magic Arrays in a short time and become an existence able to contend with High Mages.

Lin Yun stood on that altar and slowly extended his hands to reach for those eyes.

“Fuck, don’t randomly touch it! This place is very evil!” Shawn had long been traumatized by his miserable experience that had gone on for over a thousand years. Barov’s craziness in his later years had been because of that strange shrine, and now that he saw Lin Yun extending his hands towards the eyes, a hint of pleading could be felt within Shawn’s voice.

“It’ll be fine.” It wasn’t that Lin Yun didn’t know that this place was evil, but he had spent so much effort and energy. He hadn’t gone through all that to stop here, in front of the Reincarnation Eyes. No matter how evil, no matter how strange, it wouldn’t be able to stop him from reaching out.

To a mage, the temptation of power surpassed everything.

“Yo-You Don’t regret it!”

As Shawn worried in a weeping voice, Lin Yun touched the Reincarnation Eyes.

Afterwards, endless darkness and desolation spread in front of Lin Yun’s eyes. It felt as if time and space didn’t exist in this place. An instant might have passed, or it might have been a millennium, when suddenly, a loud sound echoed and a black spot exploded out.

In a flash, Lin Yun saw a boundless world: mountains, rivers, oceans, deserts, followed by a Dragon’s roar echoing in the sky. Lin Yun turned his head and saw a three-headed Dragon with a golden body flitting across the sky. Lin Yun watched as countless planes were born attached to that world, before countless races and countless creatures matured upon these countless planes.

‘Holy shit’ Lin Yun froze atop the altar. Lin Yun didn’t register when those scenes disappeared, but at this moment, his brain was filled with the scenes he had just witnessed. That was the birth of Noscent.

Lin Yun could even guess that the next step would have been the Gods and Devils walking on earth, and Noscent’s first era…

Unfortunately, Lin Yun couldn’t see it for the time being.

It was due to a blood-colored mist spreading around the whole altar just as his hands left the Reincarnation Eyes. The power of the Bloodline Curse suddenly surged in the shrine.

“Fuck, look what you’ve done!” Shawn exclaimed, sounding angry and fearful.

But Lin Yun ignored him and started incanting, casting one buff after the other, making himself reach a near-perfect state for battle because he had a feeling that he might soon be fighting an existence that was more frightening than ten Spirit Warriors.

It was the convergence of an extreme amount of Bloodline Curse Power.

Sure enough, as Lin Yun was finishing casting his buffs, three people carrying huge Magic Greatswords and Gold Essence armors were already rushing at this strange shrine.

“Fuck, those are the Guardian Puppets refined by Barov! You’ve caused some huge trouble!”

After Shawn’s alarmed shout, Lin Yun noticed that the three warriors weren’t really human, but were rather alchemy puppets with Magic Weapons and Gold Essence bodies.

After entering the shrine, these war machines rushed through the sea of fire and charged at Lin Yun.

“You jinx” As he watched those three alchemy puppets rushing over, Lin Yun felt that this would be a very troublesome fight.

They definitely each had the power of 9th Rank Great Swordsman…