End Of The Magic Era Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Raven Watson


Lin Yun now realized that alchemy puppets would most likely be drawn here every time the Reincarnation Eyes were touched, and moreover, these alchemy puppets would probably increase in number every time. It was only his second time touching the Reincarnation Eyes, yet he had attracted five alchemy puppets. Then, wouldn’t there be over twenty of these puppets once he touched the Reincarnation Eyes for the tenth time?

Even if he had three or four Magic Arrays at that time, he would still have to flee in from so many of these alchemy puppets.

Moreover, Lin Yun wasn’t sure that the following puppets would still be at the level of 9th Rank Great Swordsmen.

If they reached the power of High Mages, or even Archmages Not to mention having 4 Magic Arrays, even five wouldn’t be able to let him escape death.

‘Thankfully, there are only five right now’

Although there were two more than before, Lin Yun now had his 2nd Magic Array. His increase in power wasn’t small. He was able to deal with the five alchemy puppets this time without too much risk.

But Lin Yun didn’t dare to touch the Reincarnation Eyes again.

He didn’t want to test his hypothesis just yet, but he was fairly certain that next time he touched the Reincarnation Eyes, at least seven puppets would come out. At that time, he would have to deal with seven puppets that each had the strength of a 9th Rank Swordsman. Even if he had two Magic Arrays and his 3rd Magic Array in the process of being formed, Lin Yun still felt too much pressure thinking about facing seven of them!

Fortunately, the creator of the alchemy puppets was very generous.

After Lin Yun dealt with these five alchemy puppets, he obtained five level 18 mana crystals. This was very important to Lin Yun because it gave him the ability to recover his mana, which would improve his survivability. As long as they kept supplying him, he would be able to keep fighting in this shrine for a very long time.

Moreover, Lin Yun could make use of these five mana crystals to arrange some alchemy arrays.

Although he could only craft a few relatively rudimentary alchemy arrays due to the lack of materials, no matter how rudimentary an alchemy array was, it would still give him an advantage in battle and raise his fighting power.

Moreover, the poisonous fog from the Poison Fog Canyon didn’t reach this deep in the prince’s tomb, so he didn’t even need the Magic Spring potions. Lin Yun had a lot of time to form more Magic Arrays. So he wasn’t in a hurry.

After completing all his preparations, Lin Yun also took a nap next to the altar. Once he was in peak condition, the next day, he reached out to touch the Reincarnation Eyes for the third time.

A month passed in a flash. Lin Yun hadn’t appeared since, but the current Gilded Rose was already on the path to success. The old butler was taking care of the business plan, Faleau was in charge of the alchemy skills, and even William was there to organize the newly formed mercenary group.

Speaking of William…

That guy was doggedly hanging out at the Gilded Rose. He had ridiculed by Faleau quite a few times, but he still refused to leave.

William would sneer every time Faleau mocked him. ‘You think I’m such an idiot? How many people would be given the opportunity to follow a Master Alchemist? And such a young one at that? He is definitely going to become an Artisan in the future, and at that time, if I can cling onto him, my name would definitely be recorded in history as one of his trusted aides Leave? Only an idiot would leave’

As for the Merlin Family, they still hadn’t recalled William.

This way, William’s standing in the Gilded Rose was a lot more stable. Every day he would put a lot of effort into training those fifty 5th Rank Mages. There were some unexpectedly noticeable results after a month of training. Although none of them ranked up, their fighting strength did increase by quite a bit.

Today was the same as any other day. William left for the Gilded Rose first thing in the morning after sending someone to notify the fifty 5th Rank Mages, intending to have them take care of two missions they had received from the Mercenary Guild to give them some real battle experience. A carriage parked near the entrance to the Gilded Rose.

“Business so early in the morning?” Faleau, who was nearby, looked rather pleased. After working at the Black Horn Auction House for so many years, he had some good insight. Just by looking at the decorations, he could tell that this was the carriage of a wealthy person. That kind of person could take out several hundred thousand golds casually.

“That’s trouble coming to the door.” William slightly paled, and his face seemed to be full of worry as he looked at the carriage.

“Cousin, you shouldn’t be envious” Faleau smiled as he brushed past William and welcomed the carriage that had stopped.

“Fuck, who is your cousin!” A vein twitched on William’s head. ‘Did that annoying guy eat something that went bad? He always calls me “Cousin.”‘

Moreover, every time Faleau addressed him as “Cousin”, he was looking at him with a strange expression. As if he wasn’t just calling him “Cousin”, but rather addressing him with a funny nickname…

William Merlin naturally didn’t know…

Every time Faleau called him “Cousin”, he would think of what Boss Merlin had said: “He might have hit his head as a kid.”

“Hey! Wait!” After cursing by reflex, he noticed that Faleau had already rushed to welcome the carriage. He wanted to stop Faleau from going out.

But he didn’t have enough time…

Faleau just reached the side of the carriage when a huge force hit him in the chest. The young Great Alchemist was ruthlessly sent flying back into the Gilded Rose. The sound made by his heavy landing even made William feel numb.

“How is it? Are you okay?” William rushed over and carefully inspected Faleau’s condition. After finding out that he had only received some shock, he took a bottle of health potion from his pocket and handed it over, not forgetting to comment, “I did warn you that this was trouble.”

“Fuck” Faleau felt as if he had been hit by a heavy hammer. His bones were all aching. He regained the strength to curse after drinking the health potion.

“If you are fine, go stand to the side. Business dropping by Thinking yourself clever” William dropped a few unkind sentences before exiting the Gilded Rose and stopping in front of the carriage. “Raven Watson, although you are a 9th Rank Great Mage, did you have to be so heavy-handed?”

“This is none of your business, William Merlin. He had the nerve to approach my carriage without permission.” After saying this in an icy tone, a young man alighted from the carriage. He appeared to be in his late twenties and was wearing a well-tailored black robe with an exquisite silver lining on his cuffs. Just from the blazing mana fluctuations, it could be seen that it was a very rare Magic Tool.

There was also that Magic Staff embedded with a Scarlet Crystal Rock in his hands, pulsating with a mana fluctuation that seemed like it was breathing. This was definitely the sign of a Magic Tool having spirituality.

“…” William Merlin’s face froze. When he saw the carriage, he knew that it was definitely Raven of the Watson Family.

Only a fool like Faleau wouldn’t know the crest of the Watson Family.

A sharp sword crossing a staff.

There were no more than twenty Families and Clans in the entire Andlusa Kingdom that could use weapons as their crest.

And only the Watson Family was able to use a sword and a staff as their emblem. This was due to the fact that the Watson Family managed to have three Archmages and three Sword Saints.

This was something that even the Merlin Family couldn’t do.

Among the kingdom’s numerous Clans and Families, the Watson Family was considered the oldest. Their history traced back to the middle of the 3rd Dynasty.

They had many geniuses over the generations, a total of seven Archmages and Nine Sword Saints. It was even rumored that there was a senior figure from the 3rd Dynasty living in seclusion in the Watson Family territory, and that person was rumored to be a frightening existence who surpassed the Archmage realm.

In contrast, the Merlin Family was a relatively newly risen family that had begun their sharp rise after the founding of the Andlusa Kingdom. It couldn’t compare to the Watson Family in terms of lifespan. But fortunately, the number of geniuses appearing among the Merlin Family’s younger generations wasn’t any less than the Watson Family. An Archmage would appear within each generation, which allowed them to maintain a subtle balance.

But the struggle between the two Families never stopped. After more than a thousand years, it had spread to all fields of expertise: mainly in business, politics, and territory, but also to a lesser extent in resources, talents, fame, and even at dinner parties and auctions. Whenever these two families appeared at the same location, there would be a harsh conflict.

Such as this situation, the fight over the Nether Iron Vein.

The cause was an unconfirmed plane coordinate, but it raised huge waves when these two Families participated. The Merlin Family’s luck was pretty good as they obtained the news of the Nether Iron Vein first and immediately sent William over, quickly coming to an agreement with Lin Yun. Soon after, a large amount of Nether Iron Ores came into the Merlin Family’s hands.

But the Watson Family had survived from the 3rd Dynasty till now, so they naturally wouldn’t back down from a fight.

After the Merlin Family made a move, the Watson Family quickly reacted and sent one of their heirs, Raven, to Thousand Sails City.

Raven’s status was a lot higher than William’s.

He was one of the three heirs to the Watson Family, and his strength had already reached the 9th Rank of the Great Mage realm.

Just based on that knowledge, it could be said that the Watson Family was certain to get a hold of that Nether Iron Vein!