End Of The Magic Era Chapter 138

Chapter 138 What Brings You Here?


High Mage Allen Watson frowned.

This was simply intolerable!

Watson looked at Lin Yun with some anger hidden within his eyes. A Great Mage daring to talk to a High Mage with such a tone, this was unprecedented.

He hadn’t even bothered this scoundrel about his altercation with Raven.

Raven was his only son! His only son had been bullied in Thousand Sails City, yet his father didn’t help him get his revenge and only downplayed it, even implying that the matter was over.

If it had been another Great Mage, they would have already died ten times!

Allen Watson had acted in good faith.

Yet, this young Great Mage seemed to take that sincerity as weakness.

The High Mage had kept reminding Lin Yun that the sale of the Nether Iron Vein would not only make all his issues disappear, but would also lead to gaining the friendship of the Watson Family. Yet, in that Great Mage’s eyes, these reminders seemed to have been turned into requests. When Allen told him that the consequences of lying to a High Mage were very serious…

He was actually threatened!

Indeed, an undisguised threat!

He told him to go to the Silver Moon Mercenary Group to ask for an explanation!

For a moment, High Mage Watson thought he had misheard. ‘This Great Mage wants me to get an explanation from the Silver Moon Mercenary Group? Does he think that with the Gilded Rose and the Silver Moon Mercenary Group becoming allies, he can ignore the Watson Family’s existence? Utterly ridiculous’

Although the Silver Moon Mercenary Group was known as the number one Mercenary Group of Thousand Sails City, it couldn’t enter the eyes of the Watson Family. The Watson Family had been doing business in Okland for millennia, even longer than the history of the Andlusa Kingdom. If not for the Merlin Family’s sudden rise in the last millennium, the Watson Family would have already become the number one Family of the Kingdom.

The influence of the Silver Moon Mercenary Group was only limited to Thousand Sails City. Few people heard of the group outside Thousand Sails City.

Sasu was extremely powerful, and it would be best not to personally offend him… That was an undeniable fact.

But using the Silver Moon Mercenary Group to threaten the Watson Family was utterly ridiculous!

‘Moreover, you are just an ally. Do you really think that your ally would be willing to fall out with the Watson Family for the Gilded Rose?’

Allen glanced at Lin Yun with extreme disdain. He felt that it was necessary to make this young Great Mage acknowledge the cruel reality, or else that young Great Mage would feel that the Watson Family… that he, Allen Watson, was someone that could be easily offended.

“It looks like Great Mage Merlin is set on opposing the Watson Family?”

“Haha, High Mage Allen, your words are incorrect. I’m only running the Gilded Rose for business. Anyone can purchase the Gilded Rose’s items, how did this become opposing anyone?”

“Haha, good, good, good” Allen stared at Lin Yun with a cold gaze and a cold smile as he repeated the word three times. He then gave William, who was next to Lin Yun, a fierce look. “William of the Merlin Family, right?”

“What a coincidence, High Mage Allen.” Noticing that he couldn’t avoid this, William simply showed what he learnt, using the idea of it being coincidence once again.

“Yes, William, what a coincidence” The smile on Allen’s face didn’t change, but when he looked at William, his eyes seemed to carry some hard-to-resist mana. With a simple glance, he had made William go pale.

“You” William was startled. This was a spirit attack. This simple glance was actually a hidden attack. If it wasn’t properly guarded against, it could turn the victim into an idiot.

William couldn’t help but inwardly complain at this time. This was truly getting shot while laying down. He had only been sitting there quietly, so how could he have attracted the attention of that damn Allen Watson. And to receive a spirit attack at that. ‘Had I known, I wouldn’t have come to participate in the fun.’

“Allen Watson, you are indeed Raven’s father” Lin Yun chuckled and gently extended his left hand. The Soul Walker ring on his left hand flashed, causing Allen’s spirit attack to become like a stone thrown into a sea, disappearing without a trace.

The Soul Walker was a True Spirit Magic Tool, and at its peak, its power could rival an Archmage. And the Magic Tool Incarnation, Lord Shawn, was a soul lifeform. He was naturally proficient in all kinds of soul techniques. Although he only had a bit of power left, resisting a soul attack wasn’t anything complicated…

Allen was somewhat shocked that his soul attack failed, but the shock was soon replaced with a determined expression.

“Mafa Merlin, I see that you have set yourself against the Watson Family. To tell you the truth, there are only two kinds of people in the eyes of the Watson Family… There are friends, and there are enemies. Make your choice, being a friend of the Watson Family, or its enemy. The opportunity only comes once, if you cannot grab it, don’t blame me for being too ruthless!”

Allen put his hand on the table and stood up. His black robe fluttered in the windless reception room due to the huge amount of mana fluctuation coming from him. At that instant, everyone felt a terrible pressure.

“I wonder what High Mage Allen is planning?” Lin Yun slowly stood up, his eyes seemingly provoking him.

“Good, good, good” Allen coldly laughed, repeating the word “good” another few times. As the mana fluctuations spreading from his body grew even stronger, he asked, “Do you think that because you defeated a 9th Rank Great Mage you have the qualifications to challenge a High Mage? Do you think that because you are allied to the Silver Moon Mercenary Group, the Watson Family won’t dare to make a move against you? Let me see how powerful you are!”

Lin Yun’s Elemental Incarnation was already ready when the mana fluctuations started spreading. After getting his 5th Magic Array, the Elemental Incarnation produced by Lin Yun didn’t just give him resistance to magic damage, the ability to instant cast spells with increased might, and lightning speed.

Now, if Lin Yun burst out with power in his Elemental Incarnation, he would actually display a power no different from that of an elemental lifeform.

It could be said that if this Elemental Incarnation was cast, then even High Mage Allen would be torn apart in moments.

Why would Lin Yun dare to shield William Merlin and take the two High Mages lightly? It was to teach them a lesson.

Fortunately for Allen, a knocking sound saved him.

But sadly for him, he didn’t know that.

At that moment, Allen’s mind was filled with thoughts on how to teach a lesson to this arrogant young brat and let him know how great the difference between a Great Mage and a High Mage was, and how the decision to become the enemy of the Watson Family was his worst mistake.

Incantation ready, gesture ready, spell ready…

But everything had been interrupted by the knocking.

At this time, Allen simply couldn’t restrain his anger. “Who is knocking?”

“Eh, I’m sorry” Hogg carefully poked his head inside. “I’m looking for Great Mage Merlin.”

After saying this, he glanced around, afraid that he had disturbed Merlin while he was with an important guest.

When he noticed Allen Watson in a towering rage, he cautiously greeted, “High Mage Allen?”

The Cloud Tower and the Watson Family were both residing in Okland. There were no outstanding conflicts between them, and they would even have some exchanges from time to time. It was normal for Hogg to know Allen.

Naturally, that was just on the level of knowing.

Hogg, as a 9th Rank High Mage, was only a step away from being addressed as “Sir”. Even in the Cloud Tower, he was a peak existence. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been chosen by Star Sage Jouyi to participate in the Fanrusen Formula’s research.

As for Allen Watson…

He had entered the High Mage realm three years ago and was only a 1st Rank High Mage at the moment. In front of Hogg, he truly was no different from a Great Mage. Not to mention that the Cloud Tower was one of the two major forces of the entire kingdom, the Watson Family was far from being able to compare with them.

Thus, Allen’s face froze after seeing Hogg entering. When he managed to recover, he was already at a loss, “H High Mage Hogg, what brings you here?”

“I came to deliver a Magic Tool to Merlin.”

“…” Allen Watson suddenly became unable to breathe. ‘C Came to deliver a Magic Tool to Merlin? Could this Mafa Merlin be related to High Mage Hogg? Why else would High Mage Hogg come to deliver him a Magic Tool? If they weren’t related, why would he come here?’

Allen’s thoughts were all in a mess.

‘Moreover, Hogg addressed him with such a familiar tone when he called him “Merlin”, isn’t it the same as saying they are related? It could be friends of equal status, or an elder to a younger generation. Friends with equal status would certainly be impossible Then, this Mafa Merlin is most likely Hogg’s junior!’

Having arrived at this conclusion, he was flabbergasted.

‘Holy shit’

Allen Watson turned pale. If it had been another High Mage it would have been fine. But this was High Mage Hogg, someone a step away from being called Sir Hogg. ‘If Mafa Merlin really has such a backer, then my trip today will definitely be in vain. How could I dare to subdue Mafa Merlin by force in front of High Mage Hogg?’

Even if they were both High Mages, how could Allen Watson not know how huge the gap between a 1st Rank High Mage and a 9th Rank High Mage was? It wasn’t exaggerating to say that a 9th Rank High Mage’s finger was stronger than a 1st Rank High Mage.

‘How could this happen?’