End Of The Magic Era Chapter 148

Chapter 148 Moluo


This time, a ten-meter-tall Void Walker appeared. A strange distortion appeared in the hall, as a dozen Ash Imps appeared behind it. The smell of the sulfur from the Abyssal Fire spread to his nostrils.

“Damn,” Lin Yun instantly cursed. The Void Walker was troublesome enough as it had power comparable to a level 30 magic beast, and it also had the ability to devour mana. Even a High Mage would be troubled, and it was even followed by a dozen Ash Imps. One in front and a dozen behind, and it wasn’t as simple as taking the sum of their strength…

Unfortunately, Lin Yun didn’t have the luxury to choose.

With the deep roar of the Void Walker, the Ash Imps raised their flaming claws and one Fireball after another heavily flew towards Lin Yun.

He promptly roused his Ice Fire Shield, resisting the dozen of Fireballs while at the same time blocking the Void Walker’s attack. The Void Walker’s power was tyrannical, but to a mage, the most troublesome thing about it was actually its mana-devouring ability.

Void Walkers were often called “Mage Killers” because of that detestable ability. Even for High Mages and Archmages, if their mana was eaten away, the only fate that awaited them was to be trampled to death.

Lin Yun naturally didn’t dare to be careless. After the Ice Fire Shield resisted the first volley of Fireballs, Lin Yun didn’t counterattack, and instead activated the Lava Dominator.

But rather than using the flame wings this time, he activated its absolute defense, the Lava Shelter.

Only a blaze could be seen as the Lava Shelter expanded and the Void Walker that had been rushing at Lin Yun suddenly knocked against it. The whole hall shook when the level 30 monster clashed against the Lava Shelter.

‘Such a frightening power’ Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling a twinge of fear. Fortunately, the Lava Dominator was in his hands, or else he might not have been able to endure that strike.

After all, he was in between two planes, so he didn’t dare to use 3rd and 4th Tier Spells. He didn’t dare to hope that he would be able to block the Void Walker by relying on just the Ice Fire Shield, Flame Barrier, Ice Armor, and other such spells.

Strictly speaking, the Lava Shelter’s defensive ability was equivalent to a 5th Tier Spell, but because the mana was being processed by the Magic Tool, it was already formed by the time it was released, and thus, it was stable enough to not have any influence on the spatial boundaries.

After the Lava Shelter was released, the rest of the fight became a lot less complicated.

Lin Yun stood behind its protection and cast several dozen low tier spells on the Void Walker, so many that they fell like rain. Finally, that famous mage killer was cut into pieces by Lin Yun’s Wind Blades.

After dealing with the Void Walker, the dozen Ash Imps weren’t as troublesome. Lin Yun followed the same strategy, using Frost Ring and Tornado Whip, and the dozen Ash Imps shattered into pieces.

But for Lin Yun, this was still only the beginning.

This short distance felt far more hopeless than its appearance would suggest.

Lin Yun was forced into a fight after each step, and the enemies were all Lesser Demons from the Abyss. There were Ash Imps, Void Walkers, Hellhounds, Horn Demons, and others. It could be said that Lin Yun’s walk through this hall was like reading a Lesser Demon Encyclopedia that had its contents come to life. Moreover, the quantity kept increasing, as did their strength.

During the last battle, Lin Yun even alerted a Great Demon with a True Name!

Fortunately, that Greater Demon’s power was too great, and thus it hadn’t been able to come with its main body, so it only sent one claw over.

But just that one claw was enough to make Lin Yun suffer.

This fight was simply miserable.

After no less than an hour, Lin Yun finally forced that claw to return to the Demon Plane.

But just as the claw disappeared, a deafening roar echoed.

“Worm, you dare to injure Lord Moluo. One day, Lord Moluo will descend into your world and make you suffer eternal torment from ice and frost!”

“Moluo” When he heard that name, Lin Yun truly became frightened.

In the legends, Frost Lord Thun was served by six Great Demons, one of which was Moluo.

Moluo actually wasn’t too worrying… Although a Greater Demon was powerful, Lin Yun believed that once he entered the High Mage realm, he would be able to contend against one.

But Frost Lord Thun…

That was a frightening existence on the same level as Desolate Lord Jalax.

Not to mention becoming a High Mage, even if he became an Archmage, in front of the Frost Lord, he might not be stronger than an ant.

‘Damn, how can I be so unlucky as to have that person as my neighbor’

Lin Yun cursed to himself, before his sight fell on the Book of Death.

The Book of Death was finally in front of him, and just by reaching out, he would be able to have anExtraordinary Magic Tool in his hands.

Lin Yun took a deep breath before extending a shivering right hand…


Just as Lin Yun’s fingers touched the Book of Death, a deafening roar echoed above him.

‘Fuck, the Bone Dragon!’ Lin Yun jumped out, startled. How could this happen?

Before Lin Yun could draw out a plan, the book at his fingertips burst with shocking power. The space around Lin Yun twisted, and the sinister hall, the strange hexagram star array, and the mysterious book all disappeared. It looked as if Lin Yun had fallen into a black wasteland.

After carefully looking around, he felt that it looked like the black wasteland the Bone Devil had been slumbering in.

‘Hold on, this is wrong’ Lin Yun observed, ‘That black wasteland didn’t have such frightening death energy.’

Not to mention the Bone Devil slumbering in the black wasteland, even the Bone Dragon slumbering at the summit didn’t hold such frightening death energy. Upon appearing here, Lin Yun’s first thought had been that he had entered a Death Garden. The death energy was too frightening and showed some hint of Laws.

“Human, you truly overestimated yourself” While Lin Yun was feeling puzzled, a black silhouette started approaching from the other end of the black wasteland.

It looked as if that figure could cross the entire black wasteland with a mere step, and just as the voice echoed, the figure already stood in front of Lin Yun.

“Such insignificant power, yet vainly attempting to become my master?”

“You are” Lin Yun was frozen at first, before he opened his eyes wide.” You are the Book of Death?”

“No, no” The black figure shook his head. Because of the cloak covering his face, it was too hard to make out his expression. “You can call me Kane. As for the Book of Death If you truly get the chance to become my master, you would understand then that I’m not just the Book of Death”

“What do you mean, not just the Book of Death?”

“Human, you have too many questions. What does something so important have to do with you? Do you think that with your pitiful power, you’ll be able to become my master?”A mocking tone was hidden with the black silhouette’s laughter as he continued, “But you are the first human to come in touch with me after a thousand years. I have to give you a fair chance.”

“Fair chance?” Lin Yun held his breath. Although he hadn’t confirmed the other side’s level of strength, just the ability to cross the Plane in one step was inherent to Archmages.

Moreover, it would be like the power of a peak Archmage.

Such an existence offered a fair fight.

This was like an elephant inviting an ant to arm wrestle and saying ‘don’t be scared, I’ll only use one hand.’

“If you can defeat me, I will think about serving you.”

“What if I lose?”

“If you lose” The black silhouette stood up straight. “If you lose, you’ll forever remain trapped in this deathly wasteland.”

After hearing this, the figure didn’t wait for Lin Yun to respond and directly cast Elemental Incarnation, charging at Lin Yun with raging flames trailing behind him.

“Damn, this is cheating!” Lin Yun instantly cursed. ‘What was that about a fair fight?’ Elemental Incarnation was a 3rd Tier Spell. Even if he now possessed five Magic Arrays, he still needed three seconds to cast his own.

Yet, that Kane instant casted Elemental Incarnation after saying it would be a fair fight…

How was this fair?

Lin Yun inwardly grumbled while hurrying to react. A being that could instant cast Elemental Incarnation had to have an understanding of that spell that had reached a shocking level. If Lin Yun allowed him to approach, he didn’t have confidence that he would be able to block the attack.

Lin Yun immediately retreated a dozen steps.

But the speed of Elemental Incarnation was greater. Though Lin Yun quickly drew back, the distance between them didn’t grow, and instead, it was reduced by a meter in a wink. At that time, the silhouette would be able to easily break Lin Yun’s neck just by lifting his hand.