End Of The Magic Era Chapter 151

Chapter 151 Mysterious Language


Besides being an Extraordinary Magic Tool with boundless power, the Book of Death was also the control center of the Bone Plane. Lin Yun wanted to get the Book of Death so urgently because of its ability to open the Bone Plane anywhere, anytime.

And now, Lin Yun was in dire need of this ability.

‘Fuck, what’s this?’ But when Lin Yun reached out his hand, he found that the Book of Death was shut, as if it had been locked by a mysterious force. “Are you kidding me? It’s not the time for that!”

The entire Bone Peak shook with the Bone Dragon’s roar. Lin Yun could even feel the boundless death energy within the approaching Dragon Might.

“Kane! Come out now!” Lin Yun tried to call him out, but the Book of Death’s Incarnation didn’t answer… He seemed to have disappeared.

Lin Yun really felt like crying, feeling very flustered. This was simply not leaving him a way out The Bone Dragon was chasing after him.

‘Wait, wait, the Sage Chapter! Let’s try the Sage Chapter’ Lin Yun wasn’t able to think much at this time as he quickly grabbed the Sage Chapter from his pocket. Ever since he entered the Bone Plane, the stone tablet had absorbed countless Soul Fires and had already become sparkling and translucent, just like a crystal.

In any case, he didn’t have much choice at this moment, so he took the Sage Chapter and inserted it into the Book of Death.

Surprisingly, it fit in pretty well.

The Book of Death flashed with light as the palm-sized Sage Chapter merged with the Book of Death.

Then, the first page of the Book of Death opened!

‘Sure enough’ Lin Yun wiped his cold sweat and poured mana in. Characters immediately appeared on the originally blank page.

These were characters Lin Yun had never seen before.

They had gorgeous design and were filled with a mysterious aesthetic, and Lin Yun felt that they carried some mysterious power.

But it was very strange.

Lin Yun had obviously never seen those characters before, but as they slowly appeared, he blurted an incantation out of nowhere.

‘This’ Lin Yun was suddenly startled. ‘What is this?’

He hadn’t even thought about opening his mouth, yet he had subconsciously incanted.

But what made him feel even more creeped out was that after he chanted the incantation, he clearly understood the use of this spell. Of the characters that showed up, three characters were used to open the Planar Path, two were used for positioning, and the last two were used to complete the Planar Teleportation.

Cold sweat was trickling down Lin Yun’s back at this time.

Only three characters were needed to open a Planar Path.

What kind of frightening power was this? It meant that the power contained within these three characters was equal to that of a Master Alchemist’s alchemy array. Lin Yun couldn’t believe that in the entirety of Noscent’s history, there was a language able to hold such a frightening amount of power.

After all, nearly all the languages in Noscent’s history were recorded in the decaying library several millennia later: Common, Elven, Draconic, Abyssal, Dwarven, Infernal They all originated from mighty races in Noscent’s history, or from powerful civilizations. But no matter where they originated from, none of them were as powerful as this one.

This wasn’t power that words could reach.

As Lin Yun sighed, the space around him distorted, and in a split second, he appeared in his home in Thousand Sails City.

Lin Yun looked around and noticed that he was in the secret room. The Book of Death was in his hand, the first page still opened.

“Kane?” Lin Yun tried to call the Magic Incarnation of the Book of Death once again, but there was still no answer.

This made Lin Yun very angry. There were too many secrets around the Book of Death, and the clues he had grasped came from thousands of years in the future, leaked by the Ivory Tower’s Heaven Mage. Knowing something was better than not knowing anything at all.

Lin Yun had planned to ask Kane after escaping danger, but it looked like he would have to slowly research it, just like when he got the Sage Chapter.

He looked at the Book of Death’s first page and looked over all the characters.

The first thing that fell in Lin Yun’s eyes were those five Ultimate Spell Slots.

Right, five…

When the Sage Chapter absorbed the Soul Fires, the only upgrade in its effect was to allow 2nd Tier Spells to become Ultimate Spells, but it still only had three slots at the time. From this, it could be seen how rare it was to upgrade the number of slots for Ultimate Spells.

But now, the Sage Chapter merged with the Book of Death and became an Augment of an Extraordinary Magic Tool, increasing the number of slots by two at once!

‘Worthy of an Extraordinary Magic Tool.’ Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling somewhat apprehensive. This kind of upgrade was too frightening… This was giving him two more 2nd Tier Ultimate Spells, adding more variation to his strategies. With five 2nd Tier Ultimate Spells, as long as he combined them properly, he might still be able to fight a 5th Rank High Mage.

Moreover, apart from the five Ultimate Spell Slots, there were thirty-three characters on the first page. Seven of them had been used for the Planar Path, and ever since Lin Yun unconsciously chanted them, they had already been carved into his mind, as if he had always known about them. Lin Yun felt that the could use the power contained within these characters at any time he wanted.

But Lin Yun was unable to understand the remaining twenty-six characters.

This was a bit regretful. If seven characters were enough to use a Planar Path, what kind of shocking power would the remaining twenty-six have?

But at least he had mastered these seven characters. As long as he was willing to spend the time, he would be able to solve these characters sooner or later, and moreover, his Magic Array and his advanced knowledge of formulas gave him the greatest computing ability of the entire era.

Lin Yun felt that he would need at most a year to be able to understand these twenty-six characters.

But the rest was more troublesome…

This simply couldn’t be the only ability of the Book of Death, an Extraordinary Magic Tool. But now, the Magic Tool Incarnation, Kane, was refusing to communicate. Lin Yun yelled, but didn’t get the slightest bit of a response. He didn’t know how long it would take to dig the secret of the Book of Death out from Kane.

‘Looks like I truly have to find a way to force Kane out.’

After a few days, Lin Yun had yet to leave the secret room. Besides computing the use of the twenty-six characters, he would supply mana to the alchemy array from time to time. If he only relied on the Abyssal Magic Diamond and a Frost Lich Heart, the Planar Path would remain closed for a long time.

Finally, on the morning of the 7th day, Lin Yun was spreading open a piece of paper, planning to continue the work of the previous day, when the space around him suddenly distorted. William appeared.

“What about Faleau?” Lin Yun asked while he continued with his calculations.

“Still unwilling to leave” William felt that his experiences during the last few days were still a dream. When he looked at Lin Yun, his eyes were full of admiration. “Cousin, your move was truly amazing. Some of the fifty 5th Rank Mages broke through to the 6th Rank after a few days, and now they are all staking their lives to remain in the camp. The mana inside the camp had transformed into a mist, so meditating there is a hundred times faster”

“Then let them stay for three days, but they have to come out after those three days. That place’s environment is different from Noscent’s, staying for too long would cause problems.” Lin Yun thought for a bit, and seeing that William had yet to leave, he put down his quill and sorted everything out before standing up. “Let’s go take a look at the Gilded Rose, shall we?”

“Okay, I have a batch of Nether Iron Ore to bring there.” William flashed a spatial ring. It had been given to him by Lin Yun before entering the Bone Plane. The work of the mining puppets had already filled the ring. Had that not been the case, William would have been unwilling to leave the Bone Plane after the Planar Path opened.

After heading outside, the two didn’t call a carriage and instead just walked to Victorious Return Street.

The Gilded Rose was still booming. A dozen carriages were parked outside, and every major force of Thousand Sails City was there, carefully watching. The Silver Moon Mercenaries, the Viper Nest, the Snow Fox Mercenaries, and even the Sage Tower and the Alchemist Guild. These were all the first-rate forces of Thousand Sails City, and they were the most faithful customers of the Gilded Rose.

“What’s going on?” Lin Yun was about to enter when he suddenly found out that William was frozen in front of a carriage.

“Someone from the family came”