End Of The Magic Era Chapter 153

Chapter 153 Recruit


After calculating for a week in the secret room, Lin Yun almost completed a small part of the analysis of the 8th character. He gradually was able to tell that this character was far more powerful than the previous seven. If he succeeded, it would most likely give him a huge strength boost and might even help his Magic Array become more refined.

This discovery immediately made Lin Yun look forward to mastering the 8th character, and eventually all the rest, too.

After all, Lin Yun hadn’t found a good opportunity to break through ever since he completed his 5th Magic Array in the prince tomb. Although Lin Yun had gained several tens of thousands of runes, he had yet to find a suitable opportunity to turn these runes into another Magic Array.

Now that this opportunity finally appeared, Lin Yun could hardly wait. He put all his energy into it. Once the transmission was over, Lin Yun immersed himself in the world of magic. Time slowly passed and the sun had reached its peak when Lin Yun finally lifted his head away from his piece of paper.

‘It looks like it would take a month’ Lin Yun massaged his aching arm before carefully looking at the results of his work with a satisfied smile. This speed could be considered quite astonishing. After all, Lin Yun had no knowledge of that language besides these seven characters. This required an exhaustive amount of computing, and being able to complete it in a month was already outstanding.

Lin Yun then checked the time and saw that it was time to go grab something to eat.

After leaving the alchemy laboratory, Lin Yun was rather absent-minded, still lost in his calculations, so he didn’t hear people greeting him. When he passed the reception room, he suddenly recalled that Faleau and that group of Mages were still in the Bone Plane.

Lin Yun thought about it and felt that he should make William bring them out today.

As he considered this, he opened the door to the reception room.

But after opening it, Lin Yun felt something wrong. William wasn’t the only one in the reception room… those people from the Merlin Family were still there.

Lin Yun felt a bit embarrassed about barging in.

But just when he thought of apologizing and leaving, a youthful voice echoed from the other side of the table. “Fuck off.”

“Ah?” Lin Yun froze and subconsciously glanced at the person sitting on the other side. This young man in his early thirties was staring at him very coldly. That young man looked very similar to William, but his presence was more steady.

“You never learned to knock?” the young man coldly berated before looking back at William. “Looks like our little cousin is extremely busy, busy to the point that he doesn’t even have the time to discipline his subordinates”

“Eh” William’s expression became strange, and he remained stunned for a moment before recovering and said in a mumble, “Leon, he is Mafa”

“Eh?” The young man’s gaze settled back on Lin Yun. After sizing him up for a bit, a milder expression appeared on his face, and he gave a quick nod as he said, “Take a seat.”

‘Shit’ William’s heart suddenly accelerated. ‘Something is going to happen’

Leon was the most outstanding member of the Merlin Family’s younger generation. He had always shown shocking magical talent ever since his birth, and he was already a 1st Rank High Mage despite being only 33 years old. Let alone in the Merlin Family, even in all of Okland, few of his age could contend with him.

As early as a few years ago, the Merlin Family had unofficially decided that Leon would compete with Aube from the Mercury Tower over the spot of next Patriarch. Thus, while the members of the younger generations made great efforts in the past few years to improve and solidify their positions in the Family, Leon and Aube already had a seat at the Elder Council.

A young man in his early thirties having a seat in the Elder Council had only happened three times in the recorded history of the Merlin Family. Sitting in that seat meant entering the core of the authority of the Merlin Family. Their words and actions would decide the fate of the family.

Sitting in this place for years made Leon more steady, and he even gained an imposing presence.


‘This isn’t a good place to act imposing Leon, ah, Leon You don’t even know what’s good for you’

As he thought about it, William couldn’t help having a headache.

‘If you want to show off your imposing stature as the future Patriarch, why not do it in Okland? Why would you come to the Gilded Rose to show off, and tell Him to “Fuck off”, do you know who you were rude to? That’s the owner of the Gilded Rose, a Master under the age of 20!

‘You know Allen Watson of the Watson Family, don’t you? He is a 1st Rank High Mage just like you, and he dared to act rampant in the Gilded Rose. The outcome? He was scared shitless by the Cloud Tower’s 9th Rank High Mage. And when he wanted to leave, it was the person in front of you that didn’t give him the chance to leave with his dignity and sent him flying. You shouldn’t be thinking of giving him a try, are you?

‘Oh, and that 9th Rank High Mage of the Cloud Tower You should know Hogg, he is a good friend of your teacher, yet he lowered himself to help Him deal with the mess. His excessive boot-licking made even me blush Is that the kind of person you can be rude to?

‘It would be fine if you only said “Fuck off” because you didn’t know him, but I already reminded you, I was clear, I told you, “Leon, he is Mafa.” And even after I made it clear for you, you still went and proudly told him to “Take a seat.”

‘Who do you think you are talking to? Why didn’t you think as to why a smart person like me would shamelessly remain in the Gilded Rose. Did you think it was to get the Nether Iron Ores for the family?’

Unfortunately, William didn’t dare to say these words aloud and they remained a long and pointless inner monologue. He could only stare at Leon with a meaningful glance to try to remind him.

But regretfully, Leon wasn’t paying attention to him.

After all, when compared to the other members of the younger generation, Leon was already in a completely different world. Even if William was a well-known figure, in Leon Merlin’s eyes, he could only be considered a capable subordinate. They could joke and even have brotherly chats, but on formal occasions, how could Leon care about Willam’s opinion?

Moreover, Leon had discovered a more worthy person to recruit.

That was Mafa Merlin, the one who held the Nether Iron Vein.

With a seat at the Elder Council, Leon was privy to all the secrets of the Merlin Family.

Leon naturally knew that the Mafa Merlin before his eyes was definitely an offspring of the Merlin Family. And as long as the Elder Council approved it, he could directly become a member of the Merlin Family.

Leon wouldn’t be concerned about this normally, but now, he knew that there was a Nether Iron Vein in Mafa’s hands. Furthermore, besides providing the Merlin Family with the much needed Nether Iron, he had also amassed a huge amount of wealth.

A wealthy subordinate, this was very important to Leon.

The fight over the position as the next Patriarch had reached its climax. Aube and Leon already had their pawns, but who would become the final victor was still undecided.

If he could recruit Mafa Merlin to his side, he would be able to take advantage of his wealth and reverse this deadlock.

As he thought about this, Leon displayed a rare, lukewarm smile.

“Regarding your return to the Merlin Family, there are indeed some opposing voices” Leon stopped there and then gazed at Lin Yun with a pondering smile.

“Are there?” Lin Yun threw a strange look at William, wondering if that older cousin had been acting meddlesome.

William was startled and didn’t wait for Lin Yun to say anything before shaking his head to deny Leon’s words. What a joke, this Master Alchemist cousin of his was clearly uninterested in returning to the Merlin Family. If Lin Yun misunderstood and thought that William had been trying to get him recruited, wouldn’t he slap him again? Or he might even send him flying like he had done to Allen Watson, swatting him like a fly.

Seeing William’s reaction, Lin Yun understood that he had guessed wrong.

However, if William didn’t say anything, why did the Merlin Family think that he wanted to return? Moreover What was this about opposing voices?

Thinking about this, Lin Yun gave Leon a doubtful look, wanting to ask this newly arrived cousin of his who had told him that he wanted to return to the Merlin Family?

Unfortunately, Leon misunderstood Lin Yun’s expression.

And thus, the future Patriarch smiled once again.

“You should know that the Nether Iron Vein in your hands is very important to us. There are many people in the Merlin Family insisting that if you want to return, you will have to hand over the Nether Iron Vein first.”

“Oh?” Hearing this, Lin Yun’s expression became unpleasant. ‘This Merlin Family doesn’t know when to be satisfied. I already gave them so much Nether Iron Ore, yet they are still scheming for my Nether Iron Vein. Do I really have to beat them twice like the Watson Family to make them give up?’