End Of The Magic Era Chapter 161

Chapter 161 Setting Out


Thinking about it, Hoen’s face suddenly became pale.

He finally understood…

Recently, the most sensational matter in the Cloud Tower was definitely the Fanrusen Formula being cracked. Star Sage Jouyi had spent over twenty years on it and finally proved that for thousands of years, Noscent’s mages had always tread an incorrect path. This had a hard to assess impact on the entire Cloud Tower, on the entire Noscent’s world.

Although Hoen had just returned from the Pale Plane, he still felt the impact when he was in Okland, thousands upon thousands mages were praising Sir Jouyi, thanking him for using his wisdom to point out a bright path for them, the hostile Black Tower’s mages included.

Now, Sir Jouyi’s influence had reached the peak in Okland.

But another rumor spread inside the Cloud Tower, they all said that the biggest contributor to Sir Jouyi’s breaking the Fanrusen Formula was a young mage.

At that time, Hoen naturally didn’t think much of it.

Sir Jouyi already was the biggest authority on the Fanrusen Formula in the Andlusa Kingdom, no one could compare with him. If Sir Jouyi couldn’t solve it, then who could? Don’t mention a nameless young mage, even peak Archmages from other major mage forces would concede defeat in front of Jouyi.

Thus, when Hoen used those to reason with the Cloud Tower’s mages, a few friendly High Mages threw sympathetic gazes at him…

Hoen remembered what they said at that time…

“So regretful, you missed the chance to witness a miracle.”

Now, Hoen finally knew who was the young mage that helped Sir Jouyi unlock the Fanrusen Formula and let many of the mages of the Cloud Tower witness a miracle.

Indeed, it was the Mafa Merlin before his eyes.

It could be said that the only reason why he was able to get the seat of Head of Magic Department was because of Mafa Merlin making a move and solving the Fanrusen Formula decades earlier, otherwise he might have stayed in the Pale Plane for a long time. When Sir Jouyi broke the Fanrusen Formula, he sent him back from his mission of collecting basic datas and after his return, Hoen sat on the seat of Head of the Magic Department..

But because of anger, he rushed over and not only wanted that person to undo Leon’s Mana Shackles, he also wanted to seal his mana for three years.

‘Thank god, thank god’

‘Fortunately Sir Jouyi appeared’

‘If not for Sir Jouyi’s timely’s appearance, I would have already made a move And based on the battle matrix analysis, I would die as a 9th High Mage at the cost of three Spiritual Magic Tools.’

Thinking about this, cold sweat fell off Hoen’s forehead.

“Fuck off to the Cloud Tower!” Jouyi waved his hand as if he was swatting a fly, “If I see you in Thousand Sails City again, I’ll let you know the consequences”

“Yes, yes, yes, Sir Jouyi, I’ll immediately leave Thousand Sails City” Hoen wiped the cold sweat off his forehead while carrying Leon Merlin out of the Gilded Rose’s lobby. While passing by Lin Yun, he said filled with fear, “My apologies, Great Mage Merlin”

After saying this, Hoen and Leon immediately left the Gilded Rose…

“Teacher, why did Sir Jouyi” After the two left the Gilded Rose, Leon was unable to stop himself.

Leon Merlin still couldn’t understand why Star Sage Jouyi now appeared in the Gilded Rose, and why Jouyi was shielding Mafa Merlin to that extent.

After all, Mafa Merlin’s father was just a small merchant. Although he had some reputation in a small town like Thousand Sails City, he was nothing in Okland. Not to mention that this small merchant had already died. Nowadays, Mafa Merlin’s identity wasn’t even acknowledged by the Merlin Family. Besides the Nether Iron Vein in his hands, there was nothing worth showing.

Even if Leon was a fool, he would still know that a Nether Iron Vein wasn’t worth more than a few cabbages to someone like Jouyi.

What did he have that was worth Jouyi shielding him?

Leon Merlin thought about it, but he couldn’t understand.

“Shut up!” As a result of opening his mouth, he was glared at by Hoen.

Originally, Leon Merlin could be said to be the most optimal successor to Hoen’s legacy. But for some reason, Hoen suddenly felt that this disciple wasn’t pleasing to the eyes…

Seems like he would have to consider another one after returning. Although Leon Merlin’s talent was good, his character and eyesight were truly bad…

‘Didn’t you see Jouyi’s attitude? Why are you asking such a dim-witted question’

‘Okay, it’s decided. After returning to the Cloud Tower, I’ll first remove Leon’s Mana Shackles, but I have to find someone else to follow my legacy. I can’t choose Leon, if he gets my legacy, his achievements wouldn’t be too great based on his insight and character.’

Leon Merlin didn’t know that his trip to Thousand Sails City not only resulted in him having his mana sealed, but he also lost a huge opportunity.

At the same time, in the Gilded Rose’s lobby, Lin Yun just glanced at Jouyi and then laughed, “Hahaha”

Being looked like that by Lin Yun, Jouyi let out two embarrassed chuckles.

Because he knew that his thoughts had already been seen through.

Hoen was a 9th Rank High Mage after all, even if he could be described as a cornerstone of the Cloud Tower, otherwise Jouyi wouldn’t have put him at the seat of the Head of the Magic Department after he finished his task. That was one of the most important seats, specialized in the Cloud Tower’s planar expansion project.

To any force, planar expansion was very important. For him to put Hoen at that seat showed how much importance he placed on Hoen.

It could be said that as long as Hoen could have some achievements at that seat, there would come a day he would enter the Council of the Cloud Tower. Even after thousands of years, there would be the chance to fight over the seat he left behind.

But that idiot went to provoke Thousand Sails City’s Merlin on a whim.

Thinking about this, Jouyi suddenly felt his head hurt. Maybe to others Merlin was just an ordinary 5th Rank Great Mage with some outstanding skills, someone who didn’t even join a force. But Jouyi knew that this young 5th Rank Great Mage’s true abilities were far beyond that.

Just the amazing computing power he displayed on the Fanrusen Formula was far from what a 5th Rank Great Mage could possess. Furthermore, Merlin finished the battle matrix at nearly the same time as him. This showed that Merlin’s ability with spell matrices were comparable to himself.

The height that such a person could reach would be far from being limited to the Archmage Realm.

At that time, it would be Hoen’s turn to regret

After all…

Many years later, Hoen would have already become one of the top few of the Cloud Tower’s Council. Every word and actions would decide the fate of countless mages. But when he would suddenly find that the young mage he had offended many years before was already standing at a height he couldn’t reach, what kind of mood would he be in?

If Merlin’s character was relatively lenient, he wouldn’t have to worry about anything, but if Merlin actually held a grudge, at that time, let alone Hoen, maybe the entire Cloud Tower would be out of luck.

Moreover, after being in contact with Merlin for a bit, he could already see this young Great Mage’s character, and the latter would most likely happen.

Thus, he flew into a fit of rage earlier.

As long as Merlin vented, he wouldn’t go find troubles for Hoen later.

It fortunately looked successful.

After Jouyi’s two embarrassed chuckles, he didn’t mention the matter that just happened and just called Lin Yun and Solomon and prepared to rush to Oddrock City this very night.

“Why so anxious?” Lin Yun suddenly became startled. The Magic Hand’s gathering was on the 15th, but it was only the 13th at the moment, so what was the reason behind Jouyi’s being in a hurry?

“Oddrock City is very far”

“Don’t play with me” Lin Yun brooded. If someone else said that, then he might still believe it. But who was the one saying it? A peak Archmage a step away from the Heaven Realm. Using Flight to carry two individuals to Oddrock City would only take the time for a meal, ‘I wonder why you look to be in such hurry?’

“You are too troublesome. You just beat one of my people, I didn’t look for you to settle the bill yet.” Jouyi said in a fit of rage.

“…” Lin Yun almost puked blood, ‘When did I beat one of your people?’

‘Hoen came first, and his Wind Python almost strangled me.’

‘Moreover, the one who smashed the piece of paper on Hoen’s face, wasn’t it you?’

Unfortunately, it wasn’t good to argue with someone with Jouyi’s age and status. When Lin Yun saw his rage, he didn’t dare to let the dispute go on. He explained some stuff to Faleau and William and immediately followed after Jouyi and Solomon, leaving the Gilded Rose.

By the time they go out of Thousand Sails City, Lin Yun understood why Jouyi would say that Oddrock City was very far.

It was because the peak Archmage’s fast way of transportation was actually a carriage!