End Of The Magic Era Chapter 164

Chapter 164 Primal Chaos Theory


No one had thought that Lin Yun would actually step up at this time.
“Merlin” Jouyi’s expression changed when he heard him. He had been friends with Osul for a few hundred years, so how could he not know that the character of that old fellow wasn’t very good? Now that his Heaven Awakening Potion was a failure, he needed a place to vent. And Merlin speaking up now was a perfect opportunity for that old fellow to vent.
Sure enough, before Jouyi could even finish his sentence, Osul’s face turned dark as he frowned.
“Who are you?”
“Merlin, come quick, I’ll introduce you. This is Osul, one of the three great Artisans of the kingdom. He has reached great heights in the field of alchemy.” Noticing that the atmosphere was souring, Jouyi hurriedly acted as a mediator, flattering Osul while throwing a meaningful glance at Lin Yun.
Jouyi was afraid that Lin Yun would create problems for himself out of ignorance so he clearly introduced Osul’s identity.
After this, Jouyi gave a somewhat critical look to Lin Yun. That young Great Mage was clearly a very intelligent person, why would he make a fool of himself here?
Osul was one of the three Artisans of the kingdom, and his success in the field of potioneering could be said to be second to none. He had already assessed the Heaven Awakening Potion as a failure, so why would he appear and say that this was not necessarily a failure?
Isn’t that calling an Artisan’s judgement into question?
Jouyi felt that this young Great Mage was impetuous, perhaps because of his great accomplishments at his young age. Solomon did tell him that this youth had some astonishing talent in the field of alchemy. Maybe he wanted to use some shocking ideas to leave a deep impression in Osul’s mind.
With that deep impression, it would be easier if he wanted to ask Osul for pointers later on.
Unfortunately, this was the wrong method.
Jouyi inwardly sighed. A youth being ambitious was understandable, but being too impetuous, too extreme, this was somewhat dangerous. ‘Well, after this matter, I’ll find some time to get Osul and Merlin acquainted. We are all going to Oddrock City anyway. After being in contact for a few days, they will be friendly enough and Osul should be willing to give him some pointers. But as for now, I can only mediate this and calm Osul down first’

But just when Jouyi was hesitating on what he should say, Lin Yun said with a smile, “Hello, Sir Osul. I am called Mafa Merlin and I come from Thousand Sails City. I also have some understanding on the field of alchemy and followed Sir Jouyi this time to ask for pointers.”
“Haha, I can’t give you any pointers,” Osul immediately snorted in response.
Osul was around the same age as Jouyi. They were both old monsters who had lived for a few centuries, and he was also one of the three Artisans of the kingdom. He had seen all kinds of alchemists during his life.
He had seen who knows how many alchemists like this fellow deliberately throwing out a shocking point of view in hopes of using sensationalism to get his attention. At first, Osul still patiently gave them some pointers, explaining their analyses and letting them know the mistake in their point of view…
But over time, Osul found out that doing this was simply useless.
To these alchemists, their point of view wasn’t important. They didn’t care whether they were right or wrong. All they were concerned about was whether they could be noticed.
Many times, Osul would be interrupted while he was patiently explaining to them the errors of their ways, only to be asked whether they could become his disciple.
Osul found it both funny and sad every time it happened.
It would be better to pack up and go on a journey if your own disciple made such a low-level mistake, so how could he give them more opportunities to pester him?
The problem was that these alchemists simply didn’t understand this argument.
Nothing could be done about the first few times, but as it happened more often, Osul would feel more and more annoyed. Since long ago, he would only sneer when he met those kind of people and not bother to talk to them.
In Osul’s eyes, this Mafa Merlin was certain this kind of alchemist.
Thus, after sneering, he only kept a dark expression and didn’t bother to look at Lin Yun, only coldly telling Jouyi, “Okay, Jouyi, you can see the Heaven Awakening Potion. I still have some work to do so I won’t keep you.”
These words seemed to be addressed to Jouyi, but in reality, they were for Lin Yun’s ears, and they were quite rude. It meant: ‘I don’t welcome you here, hurry up and leave with Jouyi’
“Hey, Osul, you are a bit too” Jouyi’s face angrily turned red. Although he already knew that this old fellow’s character wasn’t good, he didn’t expect that it could be that bad…
But well, that old fellow was venting. With the blow he suffered from the failure of the Heaven Awakening Potion, he wasn’t in any state to listen to an opposing opinion. Jouyi thought of leaving with Merlin first and finding a way to make Merlin apologize to him at the meeting of the Magic Hand.
As Jouyi’s thoughts reached this point, he discreetly pulled at Lin Yun, planning to lead him out.
But he hadn’t expected him to remain firmly in place.
Not only did the young Great Mage resist the tug, but he even took a step forward, standing right in front of Osul.
‘Fuck, this isn’t good” Jouyi immediately knew that something bad would happen when he saw this. If Merlin said any more, he would see how ill-tempered Osul could be.
Unfortunately, it was too late to stop it.
When Lin Yun stepped forward, Osul’s already dark face turned even more unsightly. His gaze was already filled with anger.
Jouyi couldn’t help feeling anxious. This was the wrath of an Artisan! Not to mention a 5th Rank Great Mage, even a 5th Rank Archmage might not be able to handle it.
But Lin Yun seemed not to be bothered by it as he walked to Osul with a gentle smile.
“Sir Osul, not having the least bit of mana fluctuation doesn’t mean that the Heaven Awakening Potion is a failure”
“Ridiculous,” Osul immediately snapped. ‘Sure enough, he is just another one of those, throwing stupidly shocking erroneous opinions while making them sound plausible, only wanting to prove to me that he is talented and has some good ideas.’
If it had been before, Osul might not have paid attention to him after responding, but this time, Osul was truly angry. After calling it ridiculous, he didn’t just let Lin Yun’s idea slip by.
“Explain yourself!”
This time, Osul made up his mind. He would let him talk, and if what he said was no good, then he couldn’t be blamed for being rude when people didn’t put an Artisan in their eyes. How could alchemists that wanted to play the gallery call an Artisan into question?
‘What do you think you are doing? Challenging the prestige of an Artisan? Since that’s the case, I’ll let you go on and see what you can say. Don’t even think of hiding behind Jouyi if there is one mistake.’
But he didn’t expect that this Mafa Merlin would actually be bold enough to say such rude words after being asked to explain himself.
“Sir Osul, you haven’t even learnt the Primal Chaos Theory?”
“Merlin!” Jouyi suddenly jumped up. He couldn’t be considerate at this time and his berating interrupted Lin Yun’s following words.
‘Too outrageous’
Although the previous times he questioned him were excessive, it could still be explained. If he was thick-skinned enough, he could even describe it as an alchemy debate.
But those words…
That was truly too outrageous. Using this tone in front of an Artisan, asking if he didn’t learn the Primal Chaos Theory’What are you doing? Ridiculing an Artisan? This is like slapping him in the face Let alone you, even an Archmage wouldn’t be able to bear the aftermath!’
As he thought of the consequences, Jouyi couldn’t help complaining inwardly.
‘Had I known earlier that it would become like this, I would have directly used Flight to take him and Solomon to Oddrock City. How could I be so foolish to insist on taking them to Lullaby Forest. In the end, there weren’t any Heaven Awakening Potions, and Osul might be offended. And most alarmingly Osul won’t let Merlin off.’
If he had to make a move, he would definitely not be able to sit while a genius like this Merlin fell here, but like this, his friendship of a few hundred years with Osul would end here.
“Merlin, you are too unreasonable. How can you call Sir Osul’s knowledge into question? If you want to ask for guidance, you need the proper attitude. Quickly apologize to Sir Osul. You are young, so Sir Osul wouldn’t lower himself and bicker with you if you apologize”
Jouyi berated Lin Yun from the side while sizing up Osul’s expression.
He didn’t dare to relax his vigilance at this time, out of fear that Osul would do something aggressive. It wouldn’t be as simple as a young genius falling, it would be an unbearable loss to the Cloud Tower, to all mages.