End Of The Magic Era Chapter 168

Chapter 168 Ten Slaps


‘Forget it, I can see that you are quite pathetic. I won’t reveal that this person even gave pointers to an Artisan last night, or you’ll be scared to death

‘Also, what Life Potion? Do you really think Thousand Sails City is a rural area? Who doesn’t know that it is just a health recovery potion? What second life? As if that is the truth. You should know that because of a healing potion, Mason Monchi was forced to eat two glass bottles in front of him!

‘Ah, and you are talking about the Ash Library? Fuck, he is participating in the Magic Hand’s gathering tomorrow and participate in a knowledge exchange with peak mages of the Andlusa Kingdom, so why would he care about the Ash Tower’s library, do you think it is that special?’

Solomon had entered the Ash Tower in an upright manner today, and he’d even reached a cooperative agreement with Lin Yun, making him feel exhilarated.

But before he could enjoy that feeling, Harrison jumped over and started yapping about the Ash Tower. He wouldn’t stop talking about how it was the greatest in the eastern part of the kingdom, as if the Sage Tower were already extinct.

“Naturally, it’s not as if you don’t have a chance” Harrison looked over and threw the bait that he had prepared for a long time.


“I am the one in charge of recruiting this time!” Harrison proudly said as he pointed at himself with his thumb. “With one word, you can immediately join the Ash Tower and have all the generous treatment I talked about.”

“Haha” Lin Yun chuckled listlessly. He had watched over the Heaven Awakening Potion the previous night and had now hurried to Oddrock City through the day, chatting with Osul on the way. Lin Yun was looking forward to sleeping, so how could he care about Harrison’s rambling about recruitment?

Unfortunately, Harrison interpreted Lin Yun’s listless expression as extreme shock. He inwardly snorted, ‘That’s right! I’m not the same Harrison that lowered himself before you because of Locke Merlin!’

“But with one word, I can also make you forever unable to enter the Ash Tower. Mafa Merlin, do you want to try it?”

“Uh, Harrison, right?” Lin Yun saw Harrison getting more and more excited and knew that he wouldn’t stop blabbering. In order to find a chance to go to sleep early, Lin Yun had no choice but to interrupt him. “If you have something to say, go ahead”

“Haha, something to say?” Harrison sneered.

‘Sure enough, you are the prideful young master of the Flashing Gold chamber of commerce. You came wandering to Oddrock City now that Locke Merlin died at sea and the Flashing Gold went bankrupt, yet you still dare to put on airs in front of me. Ridiculous

‘Who do you think you are? You are merely a low-rank, destitute Mage. If not because your father humiliated me that year, I wouldn’t even bother to glance at you. But since you said that’

“Good, Mafa Merlin, I’ll give you a chance” With these words, the smile on Harrison’s face disappeared. “Do you remember that time in Thousand Sails City when your father forced me to apologize to you? I had to say ‘please forgive me’ three times”

“That happened?” Lin Yun honestly couldn’t remember.

“Haha, I’ve always been someone who could carry a grudge. I’ll repay those who help me and I’ll humiliate tenfold those who humiliated me. Mafa Merlin, I won’t ask much from you. As long as you kneel down in front of me in this hall and say “please forgive me” ten times, I’ll write off everything that happened before, and I’ll even let you join the Ash Tower!”

“Not happening” The drowsy Lin Yun couldn’t help laughing when he heard Harrison’s words.

“Mafa Merlin, I already gave you the opportunity, it’s up to you to grab it”

“So what if I don’t kneel down?”

“Haha, it’ll be very simple,” Harrison sneered. ‘You are not qualified to bargain with me.’ He then continued while pointing at the door, “Your only remaining choice is to fuck off from the Ash Tower and never again step foot in Oddrock City!”

“Then you’ll be the one in trouble” Solomon muttered on the side. ‘He is someone that is going to join the Magic Hand’s gathering. If you kick him out, let alone you, the whole Ash Tower will be in trouble’

Sadly, Harrison hadn’t paid attention to Solomon’s mumble, as he was looking at the motionless Lin Yun, remembering the humiliation he’d had to go through.

“Now, fuck off from the Ash Tower for me!” After saying that, Harrison raised his hand, a Fireball brightly shining in his palm.

“…” Solomon instantly rested his forehead against his hand. ‘The Burns Family is truly unlucky. They were first driven away out of Thousand Sails City by Locke Merlin, and they are now rushing towards a disaster thanks to this Harrison’

Sure enough, just as the Fireball appeared, Lin Yun instantly used a Counterspell.

Lin Yun already had five Magic Arrays, and his casting speed would pressure all mages below the strength of a 5th Rank High Mage, never mind a Great Mage like Harrison. Even if Harrison were a High Mage, he wouldn’t be able to overcome Lin Yun’s Counterspell.

Lin Yun’s Counterspell directly cut off the flow of mana from Harrison and the recently roused mana fluctuations were instantly suppressed. Right after, Lin Yun rushed in and grabbed Harrison by his neck and slapped him.

This slap echoed loudly, silencing the entire hall.

Everyone’s gazes fell onto Harrison.

Some held astonishment, some puzzlement, but at this time, everyone seemed to be dumbfounded as they wondered what happened.

“You dare to hit me?” Harrison’s eyes turned red. He was slapped in front of so many people Anger and shame bubbled up as a roar came from the depths of his throat. He was like a fierce beast struggling to get free, wanting tear away the hand that held his neck.

But Harrison’s struggles were fruitless as another loud sound echoed.

Lin Yun had backhanded him, slapping him again.

And with this, a commotion rose up in the originally quiet hall.

A few mages who managed to recover first came over with frowns. Harrison was a mage of the Ash Tower, but he was now getting slapped by someone while still on their turf. This wasn’t a matter only related to Harrison, this was an insult to the entire Ash Tower.

“Young man, I advise you to let go of Harrison while you can. Otherwise, the Ash Tower will make you regret it” The first mage to talk was a middle-aged High Mage, and from the mana fluctuations he emitted, he should be around the 2nd or 3rd rank.

Perhaps due to his eagerness, he released a Rock Cage at the same time. The ground distorted under Lin Yun’s feet, and a dozen of sharp rocks suddenly burst out, splashing soil everywhere as they firmly trapped Lin Yun.


Lin Yun acted as if he hadn’t seen it and slapped once again, his right hand seemingly disappearing in a strange way, passing through the Rock Cage tightly surrounding him and reappearing on Harrison’s face.

Moreover, as if to take revenge for the Rock Cage, that slap was particularly fierce. Only a loud sound was heard as a few of Harrison’s teeth flew out…

This was a naked provocation, and this angered the mages of the Ash Tower.

But no one dared to act on that anger. Of the mages present, many were Great Mages or above, and there were three High Mages. How could they not see the depths behind that 3rd slap? It had directly passed through the seal of the Rock Cage. Just that power wasn’t something an ordinary Great Mage could do. At this time, even the eager High Mage didn’t dare to act again, hoping not to escalate the situation.

But Lin Yun wouldn’t be polite with them…

With no one to disturb them, the slaps kept landing on Harrison’s face one after the other, and only a continuous melody of slapping could be heard. As many as ten slaps fell on Harrison’s cheeks, bloodying that Great Mage’s nose and swelling his face, and at least half of his teeth fell down. Only then did Lin Yun stop to take a rest.

Ten pleas of “please forgive me” had been switched to ten slaps… Lin Yun felt that Harrison should be relatively satisfied.

But then, a voice came down from the 2nd floor. “Solomon, stop your man.”

“Eh?” Lin Yun looked up and saw an old man wearing an ash-colored robe, and he seemed familiar.

That’s right, he was the one who competed over the Hell Destroyer Incantation.

“Kid, it’s truly rare to be that powerful at your age. But let me advise you, it’s not good to be too harsh. Do you think that Solomon can protect you forever? Now, release Harrison and I’ll act as if nothing happened”

“Sure, I’ll do as you say” Lin Yun smiled, but at the same time, a high temperature suddenly spread out.

“You are bold!”

The old man angrily shouted, but it was already too late. Just as Lin Yun released Harrison, a Fireball flared up and an explosion resounded as it heavily smashed into him.