End Of The Magic Era Chapter 171

Chapter 171 Flame Spirit


In exchange, he would make the Flame Spirit of the Dusk Fire awaken ahead of time.

This was a profitable deal for both of them. Lin Yun needed the Dusk Fire to open a fertile plane, while Osul urgently needed the Dusk Fire’s Flame Spirit to awaken ahead of time. Thus, the two hit it off and reached a deal in the carriage.

To be honest, Lin Yun hoped to have his own Flame Spirit.

Of Noscent’s six great Magic Spirits, the Flame Spirit was the one with the most uses, especially an Upper Rank one, which would be almost omnipotent. Not only did it have a formidable fighting strength, but it could also improve an alchemist’s level of alchemy by one whole rank. Naturally, a Flame Spirit of such level was rarely seen. Even the Dusk Fire in Osul’s hands was only a High Rank Flame Spirit.

But after hearing Solomon’s words, Lin Yun actually felt that there might be a Flame Spirit buried under the Ash Tower. Even if it wasn’t Upper Rank, it would very likely be High Rank…

At that thought, Lin Yun’s heartbeat accelerated.

“How about it, Merlin? Do you want to take a look at it with me? If we get to Rudolph’s Relics we can share the spoils equally.”

“Haha” Lin Yun stared at Solomon for a long time but didn’t answer. Rather, he asked with a strange smile, “Looks like there are many alchemy arrays in Rudolph’s vestiges”

“…” Solomon suddenly stopped smiling. Indeed, there were many arrays inside Rudolph’s vestiges.

Otherwise, Solomon wouldn’t have come over to seek him out in the middle of the night.

Originally, the best candidate to explore the place would have been Thorpe of the Sage Tower, a High Mage only one step away from entering the Master Alchemist realm. And more importantly, Thorpe was truly on his side.

The problem was that Thorpe couldn’t come…

Oddrock City was within the range of influence of the Ash Tower…

Solomon was only able to enter Oddrock City because his teacher was participating in the Magic Hand’s gathering, but if Thorpe came, wouldn’t the Ash Tower start complaining? How could two of the three big shots of the Sage Tower enter the Ash Tower?

Thus, the only one that fit the situation was Merlin.

Speaking of which, Merlin was a good candidate, too. Whether it was magical strength or alchemical prowess, he was completely superior to Thorpe. The only problem was that Merlin was never one to suffer a loss. Even if Solomon was the one to find Rudolph’s vestige, he would have to share half of the gains.

Lin Yun thought about it for a bit and decided not to refuse. “Half each, but I get to choose first.”


Solomon then explained a bit about Rudolph’s vestige. The entrance was located on the lowest floor of the ash Tower, in the basement that was used to store all kinds of magic materials, and the rune to open the door was on the Hell Destroyer scroll. It was a rune made of seven characters. Lin Yun only listened to it once before recording it to heart.

“Oh, right, someone seemed to be monitoring you.”

“I know. It’s fine to leave a substitute.” Lin Yun nodded. As soon as he started walking up the stairs, he had known that a young mage had been following him. He probably had been dispatched by Dylan, but since the young mage didn’t take any overt action, Lin Yun also felt disinclined to make a move.

“Good.” Solomon directly cast a Clone spell and a copy of Solomon appeared in the room.

Lin Yun also softly whispered an incantation and summoned a Water Elemental, and the Magic Array quickly rotated. The Water Elemental soon adopted Lin Yun’s physical characteristics. Even Lin Yun’s mana fluctuations were identical. As long as no one entered the room, nobody would find out about these substitutes.

“Merlin, if I had invited you to join the Sage Tower earlier, would you have agreed?” Solomon couldn’t help sighing when he saw that Water Elemental.

This Water Elemental didn’t feel as realistic as the clone and was also more troublesome than his own Clone spell, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that the person before him was only a 5th Rank Great Mage. Being able to use a Water Elemental instead of a Clone spell was already a very amazing achievement.

No wonder his teacher, Jouyi, kept praising this young Great Mage to no end. Just from this, it could be seen how Merlin’s magic simulation ability was far better than that of a High Mage, even as a 5th Rank Great Mage. This already couldn’t be described as mere talent. Solomon even felt that this young Great Mage was born for magic. Maybe one day, Thousand Sails City would have its first Heaven Mage.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t agreed to join the Sage Tower.

This wasn’t the first time Solomon felt regretful about this.

Each time he looked at this young Great Mage, Solomon would feel as if he had just met him, feeling surprise and shock every time. And this also made Solomon sigh as he thought about what might have been. If he had made a move earlier, Merlin might have joined the Sage Tower.

“This is hard to say” Lin Yun didn’t know how he should answer at this moment.

Solomon sighed once again and cast a Mage Eye to check outside the room. After confirming that there was only one young mage, he cast an Invisibility spell and muttered, “Let’s go, we will meet up at the entrance.”

After saying that, Solomon directly left the room.

“This is bullying” Lin Yun scratched his cheek. Invisibility was something unique to High Mages. Although he could use the Magic Array to simulate it, he wouldn’t be able to maintain it for more than thirty seconds.

But naturally, this minor matter wouldn’t stump Lin Yun…

He took out his Book of Death, put his hand on the first page, and quickly cast Haste. And one of the five empty Ultimate Spell Slots quickly lit up.

After finishing this, Lin Yun cast a Shadow Walk and suddenly turned into a faint shadow. Although he didn’t completely hide himself, it was no different from being invisible among the shadows. Moreover, Shadow Walk had an advantage. As long as Lin Yun was amidst the shadows, the mana fluctuations would tightly converge, and even a High Mage like Dylan wouldn’t be able to notice.

At the same time, he poured mana into the Book of Death and activated the upgraded spell.

Lin Yun’s speed rose greatly, and with the effect of Shadow Walk, Lin Yun almost effortlessly avoided the surveillance of that young mage. It took less than a minute for him to pass through layers upon layers of guards before reaching that basement.

Lin Yun waited for a moment in the basement until Solomon arrived.

“So fast?” Solomon was started when he saw Lin Yun.

Solomon originally thought that unless he met Dylan himself, he would be completely unimpeded on his way down, so it would be impossible for Merlin to overtake him.

But he hadn’t expected that Merlin would already be waiting for him when he arrived in the basement. Moreover, it looked as if he had been waiting for a fair bit.

‘Fuck, I really should have tied him to the Sage Tower back then!’ Solomon fiercely cursed inwardly before whispering the rune to open the secret entrance.

The two then saw an alchemy array slowly appearing on an empty wall.

“This is” Lin Yun frowned when he saw that array.

“What is it?”

“Nothing” Lin Yun wasn’t sure, so in the end, he could only shake his head and warn, “But after going in, you had better be careful”

“Can you break this alchemy array?”

“I’ll try.” Lin Yun crouched in front of the array and carefully looked over every magic circuit while frantically rousing his Magic Arrays as he started analyzing the alchemy array’s layout.

Seconds slowly passed, but Lin Yun’s frown actually grew more severe.

“How is it?” Solomon looked more and more anxious as he waited on the side, urging him two or three times during the process.

“Don’t rush me, it’s fine” Lin Yun impatiently waved his hand.

In fact, there was no trouble breaking the alchemy array.

This alchemy array was only Master level, and breaking this kind of layout wasn’t an issue for a Master Alchemist like Lin Yun. What truly troubled him was the alchemy array itself.

When he saw the alchemy array, a thought appeared in Lin Yun’s mind. ‘Planar Path!’

That’s right, the entire array’s layout was a custom-made Planar Path!

But then, Lin Yun found out that the source of that Planar Path was too huge.

No no, it wasn’t a huge mana crystal, but rather, it was the entire Ash Tower…

The mana source of this array was the Ash Tower itself. In other words, if the alchemy array became active, the Ash Tower would be supplying the mana for it. This was abnormal. There was only one explanation…

This Planar Path was unstable!

This was the real reason Lin Yun didn’t dare to activate it.

It was extremely dangerous to set foot on an unstable Planar Path. One moment of carelessness and one would be torn apart by the spatial cracks.

Lin Yun was a bit uncertain at the moment.

Was it worth getting through so much danger for the possibility of getting a Flame Spirit?

The Magic Arrays never stopped working, and the entire alchemy array had been dissected by Lin Yun as he kept analyzing it over and over.

“Eh?” By the 6th analysis, Lin Yun finally made a new discovery.