End Of The Magic Era Chapter 172

Chapter 172 Demiplane


And it was a big discovery…

‘Turns out it’s a Demiplane’ Lin Yun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he patted the dust off his hand.

He had actually been confused by an alchemy array.

And it wasn’t because the array was too profound…

It was because the array was too simple.

And it was a Master Alchemist level array!

Lin Yun had never heard of a Demiplane being attached to a Master level array, this was like using fodder to feed a large Dragon, this was abuse!

Only those peak Heaven Mages had the power to open a Demiplane. They would use countless arrays to open their own worlds from nothingness. These worlds stood outside of Noscent since their inceptions, not receiving any binding from the laws. The laws of these worlds were an embodiment of the master’s will, and these worlds also depended on their masters to function.

What kind of frightening power was needed to keep a world working? Even transmitting it couldn’t be handled by a Master Array.

Thus, Lin Yun hadn’t even considered it…

Until later, when Lin Yun had analyzed that alchemy array for the sixth time, and he suddenly discovered that the crucial magic patterns of that alchemy array didn’t seem to be completely aimed at opening a Planar Path. Although it had some spatial stabilization magic patterns, more of them were used for mana transmission and rune transmission.

What kind of plane would use mana transmission and rune transmission? Only a Demiplane…

Everything became clear to Lin Yun then.

That’s right, a Demiplane was most likely hidden behind that Planar Path, or else this array’s crucial magic patterns wouldn’t have used mana transmission and rune transmission, and neither would the array have been connected to the Ash Tower. After all, a tower like the Ash Tower was already a true fortress. When fully operational, it could only be described as an extinction-level firepower. That power supplying the mana of a Master Array was simply unimaginable.

The only explanation was a Demiplane.

But if it was a Demiplane, then a Master Array wouldn’t be enough…

Arriving at this point, Lin Yun frowned once again.

After all, Rudolph was a Court Mage in the 3rd Dynasty, his authority was sky-high. As long as he wanted, he could invite an Artisan that was proficient in arrays, so why would he use a Master Array to connect to his Demiplane?

“Merlin…Merlin” When Solomon saw Lin Yun standing up, he was looking forward to hearing the results.

But he waited a long time and Lin Yun was still daydreaming…

Solomon couldn’t wait any longer and waved his hands in front of Lin Yun’s eyes, calling out to him several times in a row before Lin Yun managed to recover.

“Eh? What’s going on?”

“You’re asking me?”

“Oh” Lin Yun completely recovered after hearing Solomon’s question. He took two steps back and pointed at the array on the wall. “This array can open a Planar Path. If you are truly interested in Rudolph’s vestige, you should use the rune to go in and take a look. But you shouldn’t spend more than an hour, or else you might be lost in that plane forever.”

“Planar Path?” Solomon was startled. The Sage Tower had attracted talents for over a thousand years, and three Archmages had even graduated from it, but it had always remained trapped within Thousand Sails City. Besides being restricted by its mortal enemy, the Sage Tower, it was also because they didn’t have their own plane.

Solomon, who came from the Cloud Tower, knew the importance of having their own plane…

Why was the Cloud Tower able to stand together with the Black Tower, why was it above the countless mage forces of the Andlusa Kingdom?

Wasn’t it because the Cloud Tower had no less than seven private planes? Each of them supplied the Cloud Tower with a large amount of natural resources, and resources were important to any power. Regardless of how long a power had been around, regardless of how much territory it owned, if it couldn’t keep up sufficient resources to support itself, its long reign would become history and the large territory would be taken by others.

Nurture of talents, skill development, everything was inevitably linked to being backed by resources.

Solomon never imagined that he would find a Planar Path in the Ash Tower…

As he thought of that, Solomon couldn’t help stamping his feet. ‘Those bastards are so lucky, they actually have a Planar Path below the Ash Tower. If one day they find it, wouldn’t they receive the support of this plane’s resources? Wouldn’t the Sage Tower end up in trouble then?’

“Merlin, do do you have a way” This outcome was definitely not what Solomon wanted to see, so this High Mage forced himself to try to ask, despite feeling embarrassed.

But Solomon didn’t even finish asking when Lin Yun shook his head. “I don’t.”

“I didn’t even finish asking!” Solomon interjected.

“You don’t need to finish asking. You wanted to ask if there was a way to destroy this array and make it so that the Ash Tower can never find this Planar Path, right?”

“Right, right, right How about it, can you come up with a way?”

Lin Yun shook his head and patiently explained, “Impossible. High Mage Solomon, even if I destroy this array, it’s impossible to destroy the plane itself. As long as the Ash Tower finds the existence of this plane itself, it won’t take much effort to arrange another alchemy array to take advantage of it”

“Then what can we do? If If the Ash Tower gets hold of this Planar Path, wouldn’t the Sage Tower be in extreme danger?”

“This is something that you should leave for me to worry about,” Lin Yun cryptically muttered.


“Since I have the right to choose first, do you think I can afford to leave a whole plane for the Ash Tower?”

“…” Solomon’s expression suddenly darkened. ‘Damn, to think the right to loot this plane first would be his priority…’

In the end, Solomon almost cursed as he whispered the opening rune while grinding his teeth.

Immediately afterwards, Lin Yun only felt the space twisting around him. If he didn’t pay attention, it would seem like it was the same feeling as when he opened the Bone Plane.

But Lin Yun knew that there was some difference between both sides, such as the mana flow. This was the opening of a Demiplane, and the mana flow far surpassed that of the Bone Plane because of the Ash Tower being linked with the array. The large amount of mana released in that split second couldn’t be compared to a few Abyssal Magic Diamonds.

After the space distorted, the surroundings cleared up.

Solomon then let out a peal of unrestrained laughter.

“Hahaha, Merlin, you can use your right to choose, hahahaha”

No wonder Solomon laughed like that. What appeared before the two wasn’t a plane, but rather, it was a piece of land floating in the void. It was only a few kilometers wide. As they stood there, they could see a meteor streaking across the sky, lightning tearing through the void, with a red sky and endless darkness below. Time and space were in chaos. The plane felt like a speck of dust compared to the Bone Plane.

The entire plane felt empty. There was no life, no Laws, and even the four basic elements, earth, water, fire, and wind, were missing.

Seeing this, it was no wonder Solomon had suddenly laughed. This was a small plane with no value.

At this time, let alone Solomon, even Lin Yun himself felt somewhat stunned.

Indeed, Lin Yun already knew that this Demiplane would most likely be average at best.

After all, Rudolph was a peak Heaven Mage and wouldn’t have opened this Demiplane for long. It could be said that the entire Demiplane was merely in its embryonic form, and a thousand years had passed since the Dusk War. During these thousand years, Rudolph hadn’t been here to maintain this Demiplane, so it would have definitely worsened.

But Lin Yun truly hadn’t thought that it would be this bad…

When a Demiplane was first established, the first step would be to set up the living areas of the four elements. This was the foundation of all Demiplanes, because without these four basic elements, a Demiplane wouldn’t remain stable. It might be destroyed in the Netherstorm, or be swallowed by the chaotic passage of time and space.

In other words, the Demiplane that Lin Yun just set foot on was no different from a newly established Demiplane…

“We should first check whether we can find Rudolph’s relics” Fortunately, Lin Yun didn’t have much expectations for this Demiplane. After being stunned for a bit, he threw the disappointment to the back of his mind. In any case, this trip through this plane was free. Even if there was no reward, it would only be akin to taking a walk…

It was actually Solomon who was nervous.

Solomon had made a lot of preparations this time, after having spent several hundred thousand golds on the Hell Destroyer scroll and a few dozen days and nights to crack the scroll, before finally figuring out the secret hidden underneath the Ash Tower. Solomon had done everything for the chance to find Rudolph’s relics.

These relics were too important for the Sage Tower. It was the most likely opportunity for him to make the Sage Tower rise…