End Of The Magic Era Chapter 173

Chapter 173 Library


The entire Demiplane was only a few kilometers long. It was truly like a grain of dust compared to an ordinary plane. It only took the two men five minutes to search through the entire Demiplane.

They found a tower amidst the desert.

This was the only place emitting mana fluctuations in the entire Demiplane. If Rudolph truly left relics behind, they were most likely stored there.

“Quick, quick, let’s check it out!” Solomon stood in front of the tower, his eyes lit up and an impatient expression on his face, clearly ready to go inside.

“Hold on, don’t be in such a hurry” Lin Yun quickly pulled Solomon back.

“What is it?”

“Look at this” Lin Yun pointed at the gate, where a dark golden veined pattern was flickering. “If I’m not wrong, it should be an Elemental Summon enchanted by the Heaven Mage himself. What kind of Elemental would come out of it?”

“Damn” Solomon looked at it and almost broke out in a cold sweat. As a peak High Mage, how could he not see that this was a an Elemental Summon?

And a Heaven Rank Elemental Summon wasn’t to be trifled with…

If the one summoned were an Elemental King, he would certainly suffer. For a Heaven Rank Mage, an Elemental King with the strength of an Archmage would be used to guard the house. But to a 9th Rank High Mage and a 5th Rank Great Mage, such a being would be an invincible existence.

“Merlin, do you have an idea?”

“I need some time” Lin Yun nodded and slowly crouched down, rotating his Magic Arrays once again to start analyzing this Elemental Summon enchantment.

Fortunately, Rudolph didn’t leave behind this Elemental Summon to guard against other mages; that much was certain. Although the pattern on the ground used complicated spell enchantment and mana patterns, it wasn’t hidden, so it didn’t accomplish much when it came to defending from the intrusion of other mages.

Let alone Lin Yun, who had the Magic Array that was well suited to cracking enchantments, even an ordinary High Mage would be able to break it as long as they had enough time.

Lin Yun didn’t need much time before he was able to crack the Elemental Summoning. He then whispered a few Nesser Runes and the characters on the ground melted at a shocking speed, just like ice exposed under the midday sun.


“Looks like you didn’t take up the loot priority for nothing” From watching Lin Yun decipher the array outside, Solomon could still say that his own level of skill in alchemy wasn’t nearly good enough and he normally didn’t see any problem with it, but he was thoroughly convinced this time.

He knew to some extent how much trouble that array on the ground could have been. It was an Elemental Summon enchantment left behind by a Heaven Mage after all.

Even though it was out in the open, it still wasn’t something that could be broken so easily. It would have taken himself at least 3 hours.

But in the hands of that young Great Mage, it only took ten minutes…

At this time, Solomon had no choice but to admit that he truly deserved the loot priority.

“Haha” Lin Yun absent-mindedly chuckled, and remained quiet.

He was lost in his thoughts.

Why would Rudolph put this Elemental Summon enchantment here?

It definitely couldn’t guard against other mages…

If it had been for that purpose, the array wouldn’t have been arranged like this. Not being hidden at all meant that it had no defenses.

But if it wasn’t to guard against other mages, what was it guarding?

Was it to guard against lifeforms born from the Demiplane?

‘This Was he that far-sighted?’

After all, the four elements didn’t exist in this Demiplane, so countless years would need to pass before a lifeform could be born. Did Rudolph have so much free time that he prepared an Elemental Summon in advance?

“Wait” As the two were about to enter, a thought appeared in Lin Yun’s mind, ‘What if that Demiplane hadn’t been created by Rudolph?’

‘A Demiplane born naturally?’ When this possibility occurred to him, it made him jump up, startled.

There were an endless amount of planes scattered through the void. Even the mages at the peak of the magic era didn’t dare to say that they understood the secrets to the endless planes. Demiplanes weren’t something that could only be established by Heaven Mages. Among the Demiplanes, some were also naturally born.

But there were very few of them…

In Noscent’s long history, there were no more than five mages who possessed a naturally born Demiplane. They were all legendary existences, becoming outstanding figures in the Plane Colonization Era because of their Demiplanes giving them superior advantages.

Lin Yun clearly remembered the Great Astrologian, Agalon.

That man came from the Starry Sky College. He had never really studied magic before turning forty. At around 38 or 39 years old, he was only a 5th Rank Mage.

But at 39, Agalon found a totally new Planar Path in an experiment.

At that point, Agalon had two choices. One was to sell this completely new Planar Path in order to obtain great wealth. By then, a new Planar Path was worth at least three Level 30 mana crystals, which was enough to buy two of the current Gilded Rose.

And the other choice was to explore it himself.

Thus, Agalon, who loved travelling and adventuring, quickly made his own decision, choosing to explore this new plane by himself.

And as a result, after Agalon passed through the Planar Path, he found a naturally born Demiplane on the other side.

And that choice, which he had made due to his hobby, created the Great Astrologian that shocked the entirety of Noscent!

Agalon’s rise was too frightening.

At 39, Agalon was still a 5th Rank Mage, but at 40, Agalon became a 9th Rank Great Mage, and at 43, he was already a High Mage. He reached the Archmage realm by 50, and at 70, Agalon finally stood in the Heaven Mage realm.

That was when Agalon finally displayed his frightening power to others.

In that year, Agalon and a peak Heaven Mage who had already established his own Demiplane had a fight that shocked all of Noscent. It was due to that fight that people learnt how frightening naturally born planes were. Giving close to unlimited mana reserves, and nearly invincible bodies… This was the power of a full world.

If the Elemental Summon array left behind by Rudolph was truly there to guard against the intrusions of the lifeforms born from this plane, then Lin Yun would be at least 50% certain that this was a naturally born Demiplane.

But this was still a mere conjecture.

At least until now, Lin Yun had yet to discover any trace of life in this Demiplane, it was to the point that even the four elements were missing. If not for the mana fluctuations emitted by this tower, Lin Yun would have already thought that this was a dead plane…

“Merlin, take a look, quick!” Just as Lin Yun was lost in his thoughts, Solomon’s voice came over.

“Ah, What?” Lin Yun followed the direction Solomon was pointing at. In the center of the tower’s lobby, there was a huge carved array.

Lin Yun’s breathing stopped.

“Fuck, True Spirit level!”

This was the first time Lin Yun had seen a True Spirit level array since he came to this era.

Fortunately, this True Spirit level array was used to seal something. Besides the stifling mana fluctuations being spread outside, it didn’t react to their intrusion. But even so, Lin Yun still anxiously reminded Solomon, “By all means, don’t get close to this array”

“I know” Solomon nodded, fear showing on his face. Although he didn’t know what kind of array it was, but those stifling mana fluctuations made Solomon particularly afraid.

Solomon knew that if these mana fluctuations burst out, even tens of him would be unable to resist.

The two carefully walked past the True Spirit level array and quickly went through the second floor via the stairs on the right.

Solomon’s eyes then shone.

Because arranged in front of him was a huge library!

“I understand! I understand” Solomon stood at the door to the library, excited. This was the knowledge left behind by a Heaven Rank Mage. It would raise the level of all the mages if he could move it to the Sage Tower.

But when Solomon tried to walk in, a soft sound echoed from inside.

“Careful!” Before Solomon could react, Lin Yun had already fiercely pulled him from behind, making him retreat a few steps.

A light sound was heard as an ice cold light almost cut his hair as it brushed past his eyes…

Solomon was covered in cold sweat.

That was a 6th Tier Spell, Frost Ray…

If not for Merlin pulling him back, this Frost Ray would have froze his head in half in an instant.

That was too close.

Solomon’s heart was furiously beating as he glanced inside the library, trying to see what trap let out such a fierce spell.

What fell into his eyes were two alchemy puppets…