End Of The Magic Era Chapter 175

Chapter 175 Unexpected Guest


“Ha?” Lin Yun suddenly froze. It was a truly neglected magic book. Almost no mages would be able to encounter an Elemental Spirit during their lifetimes. Unless they truly had the need for it, most mages wouldn’t bother even skimming through that knowledge.

Based on this, Lin Yun was almost certain that Rudolph had already discovered an Elemental Spirit, and it was most likely in this Demiplane…

Lin Yun thought about it and took Key Points for Elemental Spirit Capture from the bookshelf before casually flipping through a few pages. Sure enough, the several pages explaining how to capture Elemental Spirits had been frequently searched through before. There were clear signs of wear and some finger traces could be seen among some lines.

Seeing this, Lin Yun knew that he didn’t have to keep looking any farther.

There was definitely a Flame Spirit in that Demiplane, and it was most likely an Upper Rank Flame Spirit. He deduced it from Solomon’s story about the whole Ash Tower being burnt to cinders. If everything had been burnt to the ground, even the Heaven Mage’s relics would have become ashes.

“It’s unfortunate, there are so many precious magic books, but they can’t all be taken away” Solomon’s spatial pockets weren’t much more spacious than Lin Yun’s, and sadly, there were too many books in the library. Solomon spent ten minutes filling the two spatial pockets with about three to four hundred books, but this was like a drop of water in the ocean compared to what was left in the rest of the library. If he didn’t look closely, it wouldn’t even be possible to tell that the stock of books in the library had decreased.

“You should be happy with what you have” Lin Yun twitched as he casually put the book in his pocket.

“How about this, Merlin, let’s continue exploring. I have a feeling that we will get more rewards if we keep exploring deeper”

“The danger would definitely increase”

Lin Yun’s words made Solomon hesitate. “This” He paused to think. It was true, the Demiplane Rudolph left behind did have a lot of danger. Just the entrance of the tower had an Elemental Summon. A mere library actually had two Mage Breaker puppets defending it. Who knew what danger they would meet if they kept searching?

But Solomon was quite unwilling to give up…

This was a heaven-sent opportunity. It wouldn’t be easy to come back if he missed it. And that group of scoundrels from the Ash Tower wouldn’t be passive. Once they found out the secret of the Demiplane, that Dusk Tower would certainly come whining, too.

“How about we try a bit more? Twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, we will return, regardless of what we gain!” Solomon wanted to leave, but he was still a bit unwilling.

“Okay, twenty minutes it is.” Lin Yun nodded and didn’t try to dissuade Solomon.

Because Lin Yun knew that the true danger of the tower was actually underground, or else it wouldn’t be covered by such a fierce alchemy array.

It could be understood just by looking at this library.

It seemed huge, but when Lin Yun glanced at the book, he only saw common knowledge. To Solomon and the Sage Tower, this information might be very important, but those were just ordinary books to a Heaven Mage. The only particularly important one might be the Mana Vine Breeding and Key Points for Elemental Spirit Capture .

Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been two puppets guarding this library…

After they left the library, they made a circle around the 2nd floor. On the way, Lin Yun broke seven or eight arrays, but they didn’t find anything major.

As they were getting discouraged, the two planned to stop the exploration and head back, when Solomon suddenly exclaimed, “Merlin! Come check!”

“What?” Lin Yun followed Solomon’s finger and couldn’t help being surprised.

Flames were suddenly seeping out of a hidden door, about a hundred meters ahead of them…

Mana fluctuations were slowly leaking, neither large nor fierce, but Lin Yun could feel that the Fire Elements within were incomparably pure. These were a sort of mana fluctuations that Lin Yun had never met before. It felt as if he were suddenly looking at actual flames instead of just sensing mana.

‘Could it be’ When Lin Yun thoughts reached this stage, he hurriedly fished out Key Points for Elemental Spirit Capture from his pocket and flipped to the pages mentioning Flame Spirits.


“Don’t press me, I have to check something first” Lin Yun checked three times before feeling sure that he had grasped the key points and raising his head from the book. “Okay, let’s go.”

Those mana fluctuations were too strange. The two didn’t dare to be neglectful and stood in the hallway, buffing themselves with all kinds of spells and abilities. Fire Resistance, Elemental Sharpness, Quickened Casting, strengthening themselves to the limits. Once they were done, they slowly walked to that hidden door.

“Wait” Just as the pair arrived a dozen meters away from the door, Lin Yun felt an icy aura spreading over.

This was definitely abnormal.

When the flames were seeping out of the hidden door, they actually carried out incomparably pure fire elements. But how could the incomparably pure fire aura suddenly turn icy?

Lin Yun remained on guard.

He sent a Mage Eye over. When the Mage Eye reached the door, Lin Yun’s eyes widened.

Because he noticed a middle-aged mage fighting!

‘Dylan!’ Lin Yun’s jaw almost dropped to the ground. A few hours ago, he had almost fought with Dylan in the Ash Tower, and to his surprise, Dylan was now fighting a group of Frost Elementals.

A huge array was set up inside the room, it was a Teleportation Gate that covered nearly the entire room with its blue, flickering radiance. Now, a lot of ice elements were spreading from the center of the room, one after the other, rushing out of the Teleportation Gate…

Those were Frost Elementals…

They were Elemental lifeforms with strength equivalent to that of Great Mages. One or two wouldn’t be an issue, but more than twenty That definitely wasn’t something to be trifled with. The concentrated attack of over twenty Frost Elementals wasn’t something a High Mage could easily deal with.

Moreover, there were far more than twenty Frost Elementals in that room.

At first glance, Lin Yun counted over a hundred, and packed together, they made the room look like an ice world.

Fluttering ice and snow, whistling gales…

Dylan was simply drowning in an ocean of Frost Elementals.

Indeed, even if the power Dylan displayed was quite formidable, rousing the fire elements in the atmosphere, his staff continuously flickering as he kept incanting all kinds of spells, each of which would make a Frost Elemental collapse, there was just too many of them…

The huge array on the ground felt as if it had to lead straight to the Elemental Plane, incessantly summoning Frost Elementals, one after the other, faster and faster. Its rate already surpassed Dylan’s casting speed.

“Fuck” Lin Yun couldn’t help cursing when the Mage Eye entered the room.

Sure enough, just as Lin Yun cursed, Dylan retreated.

Then, the three individuals froze in the hallway.

Staring at each other…

“How could you be here!” In the end, Dylan was the first to recover.

“Right, how could we be here?” Lin Yun awkwardly chuckled.

This was too awkward…

This was the domain of the Ash Tower. The two had snuck inside, but were caught red-handed by the master of the Ash Tower

Although Dylan didn’t dare to offend Jouyi or the Magic Hand, he was still the master of the Ash Tower in the end…

“Right, how could we be in here?” Solomon shamelessly passed the hot potato.

But in his mind, Solomon was cursing Dylan and his ancestors. ‘How can that bastard be so loathsome? I barely managed to convince Merlin to accompany me in this exploration, thinking of getting so benefits, but in the end, a bastard like you showed up?’

In his worry, Solomon’s thoughts became rather drastic.

‘Damn, what should I do now? Do I have to kill you?’

But even if Solomon wanted, he unfortunately couldn’t.

Solomon clearly understood that he only had around a 30% chance of beating Dylan in a fight. Even if Merlin joined in, it would only increase the odds to perhaps 50%, by Solomon’s estimate. Dylan wouldn’t be able to kill them, but he could easily escape. Once he returned to the Ash Tower, the two would definitely be in huge trouble…

Dylan actually didn’t need to do anything. He only had to disable the array outside, and at that time, the two of them would be stuck in the Demiplane forever.

“Merlin, let’s go! Quick!” Solomon made a prompt decision, giving up on the Demiplane’s riches!

Although the heritage of a Heaven Mage was very precious, it wasn’t worth risking their fate for it.

But after saying this, Solomon still couldn’t help secretly cursing, ‘Fucking Dylan, how is your nose so sensitive? Are you a dog? How come you aren’t meditating in your room? Why did you follow us to this Demiplane instead? …Forget it, regardless of why Dylan followed, we still have to leave first’

If the two could get away, then they might be able to use the array as a threat to get some benefits from the Sage Tower…

Solomon’s heart recovered as he thought of this, vigilantly guarding against a potential attack from Dylan while quietly pulling Lin Yun behind him.

“Let’s go…”

“No, wait”

At this time, Lin Yun’s eyes were still fixed on Dylan and the previous awkward smile had already disappeared, replaced by a faint sneer.

“That’s a very good disguise you have there”