End Of The Magic Era Chapter 180

Chapter 180 Giant Hand And Frost Lance


Dylan’s words were clear.

“Whoever took you in will have to take responsibility”

Solomon didn’t have to think much about it to know that Dylan was aiming at him.

The thing was that Solomon knew who that this “whoever” actually referred to Jouyi…

Thus, Solomon didn’t say anything and just waited to see whether Dylan would actually try to make Jouyi take responsibility.

Unfortunately, Dylan still didn’t know anything. Dylan was looking forward to it, waiting for that young Great Mage to make a commotion, to drag Solomon down with him, to watch as Jouyi ignored them…

“High Mage Dylan, you said that this was the Magic Hand’s gathering, not the Ash Tower’s. I don’t really understand, what right do you have to make me leave?”

“Ahah” Dylan saw the other side’s reaction and knew that it was already good enough. He was losing his cool, as expected of a youth.

‘Why do you think I would stand here and speak so much nonsense if I wasn’t able to make you leave? If you were a cunning fox like Solomon, you simply wouldn’t ask such a childish question. Solomon would have immediately recognized the situation and looked for a way to leave with dignity. That would be the correct choice.

‘But you are arguing with me, what’s the point in that? The more you argue, the worse you’ll look at the end of it all. Not only will someone throw you out, they will also throw Solomon out, and the one to do it might be Jouyi himself…

‘Sadly for you, youths can’t understand the meaning of retreating to move forward. If the journey is too smooth, one tends to feel very pleased and will definitely forget oneself. What do you think the standing of a 5th Rank Great Mage is around here? Not mentioning those peak existences from the Magic Hand, even Solomon is at least a 9th Rank High Mage, that’s an existence that can easily crush you into pieces, and yet he is only standing on the side.’

“Great Mage Merlin, it looks like you want to disturb this gathering” When Dylan said that, a smile appeared on his face. There didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary, and even Solomon was still waiting for his old enemy to become a laughingstock.

“Ah?” But Lin Yun had suddenly felt that there was a slight inconsistency in the surrounding mana fluctuations, making him a bit vigilant.

As expected, as soon as Lin Yun frowned, Dylan stretched his hand out.

There was no other sign at all.

Only a stifling mana fluctuation. And before Lin Yun could react, Dylan’s pale right hand was already becoming bigger. It carried a heavy sound as it swatted towards Lin Yun, just like he was swatting a fly.

That was the power of a 9th Rank High Mage…

He simply didn’t need to use any spells, he only condensed mana within his palm to crush a 5th Rank Great Mage.

But Lin Yun wasn’t an ordinary 5th Rank Great Mage.

Just as that large hand fell, Lin Yun put up an Ice Wall. In a flash, an explosion thundered out, along with shattering sounds. Four walls of ice that were covering four directions had been smashed apart by the hand. All that could be seen within ten meters was shattered ice.

This had all happened shockingly quickly. Only a few moments passed between Dylan’s smile and Lin Yun’s Ice Walls shattering. Everything had happened in an instant, and even Solomon had been late to react.

But in these few moments, Lin Yun had cast an Ice Wall followed by Elemental Incarnation, turning into a blue Frost Elemental. He contorted himself and got out from the countless ice shards.

“Want to run?” After swatting down, Dylan saw chunks of ice but no blood splatter. He already knew that the young mage had escaped, but Dylan didn’t seem surprised or hurried. He reached with his mana-infused hand to grab at Lin Yun, who was escaping at a shocking speed, just like a hawk trying to grab a mouse.

Dylan was a 9th Rank High Mage…

He was very familiar with the Elemental Incarnation spell, so how could he not know of the flaw of the Frost Elemental being its slow movement speed? Thus, Dylan didn’t think too much about it as he swung, the huge palm making a beeline for the Frost Elemental.

‘Truly young, thinking of contending against a 9th Rank High Mage with a Frost Elemental Incarnation? It’s impossible to make up for the gap in power. It’s like an adult warrior facing a newborn baby. Even if the baby burst out with all its strength, the most he would be able to do would be to scratch the warrior.

Naturally, thinking of Jouyi’s reputation, Dylan couldn’t use all his power in this attack. Otherwise, a slight pinch might completely kill the fellow.

Lin Yun in his Frost Elemental form could be seen flickering twice across the Banquet Hall, each time displacing over a dozen meters. But at the same time, the giant palm was stretching like lightning, and it caught up to Lin Yun in a blink.

As long as Dylan grabbed him and exerted the slightest bit of force, Lin Yun would be squashed like an ant.

But just as that palm was about to coil around him, a light burst out from the shadows.

“Fuck” Dylan coldly snorted. The mana condensed within his huge palm was rapidly dissipating. An ice shard was stuck in Dylan’s palm and blood was slowly dripping down from it.

That was a Frost Lance!

In that split second, just as he was facing death, Lin Yun had readied a Frost Lance and forcibly pierced Dylan’s giant palm, even injuring him!

The effectiveness of his casting was simply terrifying when likened to a typical 5th Rank Great Mage.

Dylan was in disbelief. A 5th Rank Great Mage under the age of twenty was actually able to cast a Frost Lance to retaliate in those conditions.

No, he didn’t just cast a Frost Lance…

Dylan didn’t even have time to check the condition of his injury before feeling a chill deep within his bones. He raised his head in shock and caught sight of that young 5th Rank Great Mage already spreading his hands, with several dozens to a hundred Frost Lances filling the hall, flickering with a cold light.

“How can this be!” Dylan’s face turned deathly pale. So many Frost Lances Even if the other side was in his Frost Elemental Incarnation state, such a feat couldn’t be instantly completed. Was he using some fearsome Magic Tool?

Unfortunately, there was no time for Dylan to think.

Whistling sounds were heard as dozens after dozens of Frost Lances shot over at him like a storm.

Sharp breaking sounds could be heard endlessly.

Dylan went all-out and cast a Runic Shield. Among the seven bright lights, endless runes continuously appeared. Those were the runes that Dylan had accumulated for decades. The quantity and the defensive power they contained were enough to make any opponent despair.

But this time, Dylan was actually losing confidence against that volley of Frost Lances.

He was even worried as to whether or not he would be able to counterattack.

A 9th Rank High Mage was actually worried about a 5th Rank Great Mage’s offensive.

Before now, even if Jouyi himself had told Dylan this would happen, the latter wouldn’t hesitate to sneer.

But Dylan was really starting to get anxious.

Facing that volley of Frost Lances, Dylan cast one Runic Shield after the other. The sound of the lances hurling down was like continuous, heavy rain.

It only took ten seconds for that volley of Frost Lances to end. They all struck against the Runic Shield, but to Dylan, these ten seconds were like ten years.

That feeling of not knowing the outcome was the most painful torture for him.

He still didn’t dare to open his eyes when the last Frost Lance shattered. He was afraid that if he opened his eyes, he would find out that a Frost Lance had already pierced his stomach.

Time slowly passed, the entire Banquet Hall was frozen. There were no sounds aside from Dylan’s heavy breathing.

After some time, Dylan finally opened his eyes…

“Thank god, it’s nothing” After finding out that he was uninjured, Dylan actually felt like he had gotten a new lease on life. That kind of feeling wasn’t what one would expect from fighting a 5th Rank Great Mage, it would be more appropriate if his opponent had been an Archmage.

“How about it, High Mage Dylan, do you still think that you can throw me out?” Lin Yun had already cancelled the Frost Elemental Incarnation and was now ten meters away, holding one last Frost Lance that hadn’t been thrown while smiling at Dylan.