End Of The Magic Era Chapter 186

Chapter 186 8th Formula


“…” Kave picked up a page and stood there in a daze, alone. At this time, Kave had already understood. These seven new magic formulas had never been seen in Noscent.

He could now understand why everyone would look at him strangely and lower their head when he looked at them for support. This wasn’t due to Jouyi’s influence, it was because they couldn’t bear to look at his humiliation…

And he was still continued to trash his own reputation.

Now that he finally got his wish and things reached this stage, the reputation he had slowly build up over the years was wrecked.

But who could he blame?

He could only blame himself for underestimating Mafa Merlin…

Indeed, he had pulled too much attention to Mafa Merlin…

He had only lost himself a bit while thinking of countermeasures, yet he wrote seven new formulas? He was only a mere 5th Rank Great Mage in his eyes. With outstanding computing abilities and outstanding magic abilities, but who would have expected him to have such profound magic knowledge?

How could he be this fast?

Kave couldn’t understand this part…

Unfortunately, no one cared whether Kave understood. The previous disturbances made Lin Yun the leading role of the Magic Hand’s gathering.

To be exact, it was those seven new formulas that took the spotlight…

As Archmages of the Magic Hand, they all had superior insight. If Lin Yun had taken out those formula somewhere else, it would at most made people exclaim in admiration.

But it was different today, no ordinary mage was standing here today.

They were like sharks who smelled blood when they saw the formulas, pouncing over in a hurry.

The Archmages who had been arguing whether Lin Yun was eligible to join the Magic Hand or not were now incomparably enthusiastic, calling him “Merlin” with an affectionate tone as if they were old friends.

No one mentioned the qualifications anymore…

If a Great Mage who wrote seven new formulas in a row wasn’t qualified to join the Magic Hand, then who was?

The Magic Hand’s goal was the sharing and trading of magic knowledge.

It didn’t matter who you were to these mages standing at the peak of the kingdom, as long as you grasped the knowledge they beseeched, even if you were a mere goblin, they would still take you in the Magic Hand.

Now that Lin Yun already proved that he met the requirements, he already became a part of the Magic Hand in their eyes. This kind of approval was a hundred times more effective than Jouyi and Osul’s recommendation.

“Merlin, is it possible for you to transfer the right to these seven formulas? Rest assured, our Whistle Island is always fair. We will take out the entire set of Hurricane Meditation Law to trade for these seven formulas. This is Whistle Island’s core magic knowledge, you can only find it in the Whistle Island” The first to offer a trade was the master of Whistle Island, Hurricane Envoy Mogg.

Although this 7th Rank Archmage wasn’t equal to Kave, his insight was far superior to him. He was an old monster like Jouyi after all, it’s just that he wasn’t as talented and had been stuck at the 7th Rank for over a hundred years.

Mogg identified Lin Yun’s seven formulas as a complete set of Meditation Laws.

The benefits and drawbacks of Meditation Laws had always been decided by the amount of formulas.

The more formulas, the more amazing the Meditation Law.

The Hurricane Meditation inheritance had been passed down for so many years, but it only consisted of six formulas, while the Meditation Laws Lin Yun had taken out was actually a seven formula set. After being improved for a few centuries, it wouldn’t be impossible for it to reach eight or nine formulas.

Moreover, these Meditation Laws weren’t targeting a specific rank.

From what they could see, the seven formulas ranged from Magic Apprentice to Mage, from Mage to Great Mage, from Great Mage to High Mage, each stage had its own specialized Meditation Law. From the arrangement, it was totally possible for a qualified Magic Apprentice to rank up till 9th Rank High Mage.

Such a Meditation Law was rare in Noscent…

Thus, Mogg didn’t even think and revealed his own cards.

“Sorry, Sir Mogg, I currently don’t need Meditation Laws, in fact, I am very interested in resources” Lin Yun directly rejected him.

Lin Yun already knew the Hurricane Meditation Laws…

The meditation efficiency was average with its six formulas. When Lin Yun saw it in the library, he skipped it. Nothing could be done about it, meditation efficiency was everything in the future, an average Meditation Law was very likely to let Lin Yun’s body be lost to the Netherstorm.

Strangely, Mogg wasn’t offended by the refusal, he was rather happy about it.

“Resources? Hahaha, Merlin, you found the right person. Our Whistle Island might not have much of everything else, but we have resources”

Whistle Island was sitting on five large private planes, the natural resources within were abundant like an endless sea. They have gathered a huge amount of resources for the past thousand years.

If Lin Yun insisted on trading for magic knowledge, Mogg might have a headache. After all, besides the Magic Conducting Rune Storm Heart, Whistle Island could only trade the Hurricane Meditation Laws. But Mogg wasn’t confident in using a 6-Formulas set to trade for a 7-Formulas set of a Meditation Laws.

But he hadn’t expected Lin Yun to say that he wanted resources.

This time, Mogg was emboldened, no no no, he was filled with confidence.

Mogg was confident that there were few Archmages in this Banquet Hall who could compete with him in natural resources, it might only be Jouyi, Harren, Osul, and a few others…

“Don’t be in a hurry, Sir Mogg, can you wait a bit”

“Ah?” Mogg froze, ‘Did I say something wrong, why do you want me to wait?’

But Mogg then saw Jouyi coming over.

“Merlin, choose between South Nolun and North Nolun”

Mogg held his breath, ‘Damn, Jouyi is willing to go that far?’

What was Nolun…

That was one of the most fertile territory of the Cloud Tower. That place was located in the northern part of Okland. The southern part would be blistering hot all year round while the northern part was permanently covered in snow. The south and the north were two extremes. But these extremely strange environments made Nolun strangely fertile. North Nolun produced all kind of magic materials while South Nolun contained a large amount of magic metals veins. The south and north combined would bring ten millions golds of profit every year to the Cloud Tower. Moreover, it was easily guarded and hard to attack. The Cloud Tower only needed to station a few troops to operate the entire Nolun.

Yet Jouyi was actually offering half of Nolun!

Let alone Mogg, even the remaining Archmages wanting to compete for the seven formulas remained silent. They couldn’t compete anymore.

“What is half of Nolun” As everyone fell silent, Harren suddenly walked over, “Merlin, what do you think of a plane?”

The Archmages in the Banquet Hall were shocked once again.

A plane…

Harren was mad!

What did a plane mean? How could Harren not understand? No matter how precious a Meditation Law was, it couldn’t be as valuable as a plane!

“Sir Harren, the plane you are talking about should just be a Planar Path?” Lin Yun politely smiled, as if he had completely forgotten that this Sir Harren was setting himself against Jouyi by trying to prevent Lin Yun from joining the Magic Hand.

This was very normal.

Business was business. Grudges and hate would vanish in the face of profit. If Harren truly wanted to take out a plane, Lin Yun would definitely be willing to shake hands with him.

“Haha, correct, that plane was just found by the Black Tower, we only have coordinates at the moment and the Planar Path had yet to be established. If Merlin is interested, I can give you the coordinates. You can decide yourself where you want to open the Planar Path. Naturally, the Black Tower will take responsibility for the manufacturing costs”

“Please wait a moment, Sir Harren” Lin Yun was still smiling as he nodded politely.

“Of course, of course.” Harren displayed his graceful manners, but Jouyi next to him couldn’t help muttering, “Damned ladyboy”

“Everyone, please allow me to say a few words.” Lin Yun slowly walked to the center of the Banquet Hall, cleared his throat a few times before talking, “This Meditation Law is a set of eight formulas.”

Lin Yun’s voice wasn’t loud, but his words were like a bomb that silenced everyone.


“How could this be! 8th Formula!”

“Quick quick, Merlin, write down this 8th Formula!”

Lin Yun smiled as he looked at these excited Archmages. It took five minutes before they managed to calm down Until Lin Yun threw another bomb.

“Moreover, the 8th Formula of this Meditation Law set isn’t fixed”