End Of The Magic Era Chapter 187

Chapter 187 My Apologies


Everyone laughed when Lin Yun’s words came out…

“Haha, Merlin, that was a good one”

“Haha, indeed, a good one. How could there be a Meditation Law with an unfixed formula”

“Wouldn’t that be like being able to have a different Meditation Law Set with each formula?”

At this time, the entire Banquet Hall was filled with kindhearted laughter. A few Archmages even made some harmless jokes with Lin Yun.

But they couldn’t keep laughing for long…

Because they found out that Lin Yun was very serious.

‘No way’

Those who were the most familiar with Lin Yun, like Jouyi and Osul, suddenly felt nervous when they saw his expression. Although there was still a smile on his face, it was slowly stiffening.

The others seemed to have noticed the changes in those two and felt something wrong. The laughter gradually faded and the gazes of over a dozen Archmages fell on Lin Yun.

These Archmages had nerves of steel. They wouldn’t even frown if a meteor fell from the sky and crashed in the center of the Banquet Hall. But at this moment, over a dozen Archmages stood still, looking at Lin Yun with worry and anxiousness.

The Banquet Hall became quiet once more.

It took some time before Mogg managed to ask, “Is it Is it really not fixed?”

“Yes.” Lin Yun nodded with certainty and said, “I currently have three formulas that could be added to this Meditation Law Set. In other words, I have three completely different Meditation Law Sets”

The Banquet Hall burst with noise once again.

It was to the point that no one heard what Lin Yun said afterwards. Everyone was immersed in this shocking news… Three distinct Meditation Law Sets, each containing eight formulas. Only one such set had appeared in the past century…

That Meditation Law Set came from the famous Starry Sky College.

Indeed, it was that famous Starry Sky Aria.

But now, three such Meditation Law Sets had appeared in the Magic Hand’s gathering!

Moreover, they came from a young Great Mage…

All the Archmages felt as if they couldn’t process this information.

“Merlin, give me a set!” Jouyi was the first to react. While the others were still dumbstruck, the master of the Cloud Tower already rushed to speak first. But this time, he didn’t mention North Nolun or South Nolun, because he already knew that all of Nolun still couldn’t compare to such a Meditation Law Set.

That was the meaning of an 8-Formula Meditation Law Set…

Something so valuable couldn’t be exchanged for with just Nolun.

“Sir Jouyi, just South Nolun is fine”

“South Nolun?” Jouyi froze…

After all, Jouyi had offered half of Nolun earlier for a 7-Formula Meditation Law Set. But with the addition of an 8th formula, this Meditation Law Set already became a many times more expensive, yet the other side only asked for South Nolun.

Even a fool would know that Jouyi was getting a great deal…

After recovering, Jouyi understood… That young Great Mage was expressing his gratitude for the consideration he had shown him…

When that occurred to him, Jouyi felt somewhat ashamed. He had indeed thought of trying to help this young mage, if only because of the fact that he was a genius that would appear only once in a millennium. This was the reason he treated that young Great Mage favorably to the point that he wouldn’t hesitate to convince Osul to recommend him as a new member of the Magic Hand.

But in reality, he didn’t have much success at helping him…

Speaking of Osul, Merlin himself had helped him by saving that bottle of Heaven Awakening Potion, causing Osul to joyfully open up to him. Then in the Banquet Hall, he was the one who confronted Harren and Kave with his 7-Formula Meditation Law Set, making both of them thoroughly yield.

Although Jouyi wanted to help Merlin, he truly didn’t do much.

But now, the young Great Mage didn’t even think about it and paid him back with an 8-Formula Meditation Law Set.


Jouyi opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but he was suddenly interrupted by a smiling Lin Yun. “Sir Jouyi, regarding South Nolun’s defenses, could the Cloud Tower”

“Haha” Jouyi knew that this was showing consideration for his reputation. Everyone knew that South Nolun and North Nolun had always been easily guarded territories that were very difficult to attack. As long as a few troops were stationed, they would have well-fortified defenses. Although the Gilded Rose couldn’t compare to the Cloud Tower in terms of financial clout, couldn’t it hire about ten Great Mages and ten Great Swordsmen?

Why would he still ask the Cloud Tower for help…

Merlin was only saying this to bolster Jouyi’s reputation.

But Merlin already made it clear: if he kept being modest about it, the others would laugh at him. Jouyi only chuckled, and immediately answered.


The two shook hands, startling a dozen Archmages!

What kind of situation was this!

Before they could even recover, one of the set had already been traded away. This was too quick, were the rest even being considered as potential clients?

Then, a dozen Archmages rushed over like a swarm of bees…

No, it looked more like a horde rushing for their lives.

The young Great Mage had been very clear. He only had three of these unfixed 8th formulas. In other words, he could only take out three Meditation Law Sets. Just now, Jouyi took one away in one breath, if two more breaths passed, wouldn’t there be nothing left?

In the end, Harren was the first to walk in front of Lin Yun…

The dozen other Archmages didn’t dare to offend him. Harren was just like Jouyi, an existence that touched upon the Extraordinary Realm. Standing behind him was the Black Tower, a force that could shake the entire Andlusa kingdom, one of the two peak mage forces of the kingdom alongside the Cloud Tower. Although all those present were Archmages, not many would dare to offend Harren.

“Great Mage Merlin, I’ll get straight to the point, I can add something to my previous offer.”


“Within three years, the Black Tower will help you sweep that plane of obstacles and you and your Gilded Rose can just wait to receive it”

“…” Harren’s words caused everyone in the Banquet Hall to hold their breaths.

Harren’s offer could only be described as crazy.

Providing the coordinates and shouldering the cost of establishing the Planar Path aside, the latest condition of clearing the plane within three years was like cleaning and packaging the plane to gift it.

That was an entire plane…

This showed how powerful Harren was…

Depending on what the circumstances dictated, he wouldn’t hesitate to give up or go all-out.

Indeed, Harren first thought of using the young Mage to deal a blow to Jouyi’s reputation, but when he found out that he’d picked a pig-like teammate, Harren didn’t hesitate to give up on Kave and instead cordially talk business with Lin Yun, as if nothing had ever happened.

Even bringing up a whole plane now to trade for a full Meditation Law Set.

Because he knew that this Meditation Law Set was too important…

The eight formulas weren’t that important by themselves, as they wouldn’t be too different from the core Meditation Law Sets of both major forces. But the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower were bound to have formidable research teams. After obtaining the Meditation Law Set, they could likely push their core Meditation Law Sets to nine formulas, or even ten formulas.

With such a Meditation Law Set, the power of the two forces would advance by leaps and bounds.

This was a deathly battle for the two irreconcilable mage forces.

Regardless of whether it was the Black Tower or the Cloud Tower, they couldn’t let the other side be the only one profiting from a Meditation Law Set. Nothing would happen at the start. But after decades, hundreds of years, the research team of the other side would have finished using this set to complement their core Meditation Law Sets to nine or ten formulas, and it would be too late by then…

A powerful Meditation Law Set would not only nurture new mages faster, but it would also increase the power of the entire force. In most cases, what determined if a force of mages had enough growth potential was whether or not they had enough powerful Meditation Law Sets.

Since the Cloud Tower already held one of these new Meditation Law Sets, the Black Tower absolutely couldn’t return empty-handed.

For this, Harren would spare no costs!

It was really too bad, as Jouyi had a deep friendship with that young Great Mage. The reason that young Great mage could join the Magic Hand was Jouyi and Osul’s recommendation. Harren was at a great disadvantage compared to him.

He could only raise his offer…

Moreover, he had to raise it quite a bit, offering a whole plane.

Sure enough, when that price came out, even Jouyi’s gaze became strange. Harren believed that no one in this world could refuse such an offer. It was a full plane, the chance for any mage to rise up!

But then, that young Great Mage answered…

“My apologies, Sir Harren”