End Of The Magic Era Chapter 189

Chapter 189 Covert Auction


For more than a thousand years, the Black Tower had always believed that the excavation of the Sun King Ruins had been a perfect success. There had been no losses during the excavation and all the valuable relics had been moved back to the Black Tower.

But a thousand years later, a young mage tore apart the Black Tower’s reputation.

It was only then that people learnt that the Black Tower’s excavation was unsuccessful and imperfect. This had been such a big mistake that they regretted for more than a thousand years.

Naturally, Harren couldn’t know about this.

Thus, Lin Yun could only try hard to stop himself from laughing.

The deal for the second Meditation Law Set was done while both of them were restraining their laughter.

Thus, two of the three Meditation Law Sets had already been traded, and the remaining one made all the other Archmages’ eyes turn red. A dozen of them were standing there and looking at each other, before their gazes filled with unconcealable flames. At this time, they were all thinking that since the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower had bought their sets, the remaining one should belong to them.

The problem was that there were too many of “them”…

Lin Yun’s next words were most frightening…

“I wish to trade this remaining Meditation Law Set for some mana crystals”

“…” When Lin Yun said this, Jouyi and Harren both recovered. They couldn’t help sympathizing and rejoicing. Fortunately, they’d already made their own deals, or else they would have had to compete with those dozen red-eyed Archmages Using mana crystals, even…

They would have ended up being ripped off…

Jouyi’s South Nolun and Harren’s Sun King Ruins were transactions based on both seller and buyer taking what they needed. They were somewhat worthwhile as they didn’t have any competitors…

But now, they were using mana crystals as a form of currency…

Trades between mages had always been based on mana crystals. The Archmages present had all been famous for decades or centuries and had major forces behind them. Who didn’t have a large stockpile of mana crystals among them? With this, it wouldn’t be like the one-on-one transactions that had just happened. This was turning the business deal into an auction, and with a dozen Archmages participating in that auction, it would be a bloody war…

Eljin was the first to voice an offer. “Sixteen Spirit mana crystals.”

Only mana crystals at the 30th level and above were qualified to be called Spirit mana crystals.

Spirit mana crystals were very pure and could be absorbed by ordinary mages. When used as mana sources, they could be used in all domains of alchemy. The only problem was that Spirit mana crystals were very rare. Magic beasts over level 30 were already Archmage level. Even if the Archmages from the Magic Hand were willing to hunt them, they would still need to take some huge risks.

Those sixteen Spirit mana crystals made up the entire savings that Eljin possessed, and he was ready to empty them for the Meditation Law Set.






After Eljin bid sixteen Spirit mana crystals, he didn’t even have time to relax before several Archmages outbid him one after the other. By the time he recovered, the highest bid for the Meditation Law was already at thirty Spirit mana crystals.

“…” Eljin felt like spitting blood on the spot…

‘Damn, those are Spirit mana crystals’

‘Each one is worth at least 5,000,000 golds Those thirty Spirit mana crystals are worth over 150,000,000 golds. That is enough to buy a small city in the Andlusa kingdom. This is too crazy, these guys would usually hesitate to even buy a few potions, why won’t you hesitate today, why are you willing to spend so much today, are you trying to be generous?’

That price was truly frightening. Not only was Eljin unable to bear with it, the other Archmages couldn’t handle it either. Some Archmages also had to give up, inwardly scolding those profligate scoundrels while looking at the Meditation Law Set with regret.

After a few bids, the price of the Meditation Law Set already reached forty-five Spirit mana crystals, and only three of the Archmages remained. Out of those, Whistle Island’s master, Mogg, was the fiercest.

This 5th Rank Archmage owned five huge private planes. Whistle Island had an endless amount of materials and solid financial resources that were not far behind the two top mage forces. He missed the previous two opportunities and found out that there was only one chance left, so how could he not fight for it as if his life was on the line?

Soon, Mogg made a bid that made the Elder of the Fenn Family give up. Although this 7th Rank Archmage had the support of the entire Fenn family, he still couldn’t compete with Mogg on the financial side.

The last Archmage still in the running was actually Nolan of the Mercury Tower…

Among all these Archmages, he was the only one that Lin Yun couldn’t see through. He seemed to be an ordinary 9th Rank Archmage like Kave, but Lin Yun always felt that the master of the Mercury Tower, Karon’s teacher, wasn’t as simple as he looked.

In fact, Mogg had a similar feeling at this moment…

Nolan’s performance was too strange…

Each time he bid, he would only raise the current bid by one. Regardless of how much Mogg bid, Nolan would unhesitantly outbid him by one.

This was very embarrassing.

After defeating the Fenn Family Elder, Mogg clenched his teeth and directly bid fifty…

But that still didn’t work…

Nolan didn’t spend any time to think and directly bid, “Fifty-one.”

‘Fuck’ Mogg almost burst out. He truly wanted to ask him whether he was deliberately planning to make fun of him…

Unfortunately, Mogg didn’t dare…

Just based on strength, the other side was a 9th Rank Archmage, and also one of the three Artisans of the kingdom. And based on his identity and status, he could stand shoulder to shoulder with Harren and Jouyi…

Nothing could be done about it, so Mogg could only brace himself and keep going.





Mogg really wanted to curse as he kept increasing the price, thinking that they might reach a hundred at this rate.

Fortunately, such a case didn’t appear.

When Mogg called out his offer of sixty crystals, Nolan, who had been unwilling to let go for so long, suddenly turned silent…

“Okay, I give up”

“Sixty-tw Wait, you give up?” When Mogg saw Nolan opening his mouth, he subconsciously wanted to shout “sixty-two”, but he managed to react while in the middle of saying it.

“Yes, I give up” Nolan nodded, a smile on his face, not showing the disappointment of a loser.

But after saying these words, he threw a glance at Lin Yun.

‘Sure enough’ Lin Yun sighed when he saw Nolan’s glance. ‘That old man had his own plan’

Usually, with Nolan helping him raise the price to sixty Spirit mana crystals, he should express his gratitude.

But Lin Yun thought about it and felt disturbed.

‘Damn, that old man didn’t spend any mana crystals himself and still made me owe him a favor!’

How could that not bother him?

Regardless, Mogg finally won the last Meditation Law Set with sixty Spirit mana crystals.

This was a price any ordinary mage would never dream of for it. Sixty Spirit mana crystals meant a minimum of 300,000,000 golds. If unloaded on the market, this amount could crash the financial system of the kingdom. If used to buy equipment, it could buy at least ten True Spirit Magic Tools. If used to get rid of an enemy, it could be used to hire a full team of Archmages.

This was an irresistible price.

Mogg’s expression was very careful. He held those pieces of paper as if they were a rare treasure, afraid to let even a fold appear on them. It had cost him sixty Spirit mana crystals! Even with the financial ability of Whistle Island, he had still used a third of his wealth.

Naturally, Mogg wouldn’t randomly carry sixty Spirit mana crystals on himself.

Moreover, even it was Whistle Island, it was impossible for them to take out sixty Spirit mana crystals at once. At most, they would be able to produce forty or fifty immediately and the rest could only be given as an equivalent value of magic materials.

Fortunately, Lin Yun wasn’t very picky about magic materials right now.

With the huge factory named the Gilded Rose behind him, more magic materials could always be used.

With the last Meditation Law Set falling into Mogg’s hands, the curtains finally closed on the sensational event brought about by Lin Yun. The gathering regained the rhythm that it normally had in the previous years. Half a dozen Archmages brought their latest research materials, hoping to be able to exchange for the magic knowledge they needed in this gathering.

Unfortunately, the previous three Meditation Law Sets had caused too much of a commotion. Many of those who hoped to get some help with their magic research were given the cold shoulder at this moment. It couldn’t be helped because most Archmages were still immersed in those three Meditation Law Sets. How could they care about the knowledge exchange now?

It was to the point that Lin Yun, Jouyi, Harren, and Osul were able to pick up a lot of bargains…

Especially Osul, who managed to buy a set of data that a Master Alchemist of the Mercury Tower spent several years computing at a very low price…

Naturally, compared to the three Meditation Law Sets from Lin Yun, this was only a small episode.

Three days later, the gathering of the Magic Hand ended. Lin Yun was sitting on the carriage once again, leaving Oddrock City with his bounteous wealth.

With a total value of sixty Spirit mana crystals in his hands, Lin Yun’s many plans could be set in motion.

Such as taking care of the Doom Staff, which was fated to become the Strongest True Spirit Magic Tool!