End Of The Magic Era Chapter 191

Chapter 191 Merlin Familys Summons


And that wasn’t all

Afterwards, groups of Alchemists would go to the Gilded Rose, and the old butler wasn’t one to balk at having more Alchemists, so by the time Lin Yun returned, the Gilded Rose had over two hundred Alchemists…

Just based on the quantity, they were now comparable to the Alchemist Guild…

Naturally, the old butler knew that these Alchemists couldn’t be given heavy responsibility. They weren’t familiar with the setup of the Gilded Rose, and they had yet to prove themselves trustworthy, so the old butler made them work in an assembly line. They seemed to be busy every day, but they were kept doing repetitive work without being able to get close to the core skills of the Gilded Rose.

“The Alchemists of Thousand Sails City value themselves so little?” Lin Yun was dumbstruck when he heard all of this.

“Haha No one forced them to work for the Gilded Rose” William laughed while looking quite gleeful.

He wasn’t being arrogant; the Gilded Rose’s reputation had already overshadowed many old forces like the Viper Nest. Along with the old butler being known for giving generous salaries, all kinds of Alchemists trying their best to join the Gilded Rose.

Let alone working in assembly lines, even if they had to work as apprentices, they still wouldn’t frown…

“And what about the chamber of commerce’s mercenary group?”

William had been waiting for a long time for Lin Yun to ask that question…

And now that the question had been posed, a proud smile appeared on his face…

But after hearing his words, Lin Yun had no choice but to admit that William had all the rights to be proud. William had done a very good job with the mercenary group.

The Great Mages that Lin Yun had been waiting for appeared, and not in a small number.

That group of 5th Rank Mages had stayed in the Bone Plane for half a month before, and in the past month, several hundred thousand Soul Fires had been turned into mana by the Black Death Rune. The benefits for a mage were simply unimaginable…

From what William said, the mana had already congealed into a liquid state. When leaving his tent in the morning, he would feel the damp atmosphere, and just breathing in would rouse his mana. Meditating there for a day was like meditating for a month in Noscent.

Moreover, Lin Yun had tailored a set of Meditation Law for them.

The speed at which that group of 5th Rank Mages had advanced could only be described as incredible.

There were already about thirty Great Mages now.

Following Lin Yun’s instructions, these Great Mages had already returned and started accompanying the Gilded Rose’s caravans.

These were all Lin Yun’s arrangements. The Black Death Rune and the Soul Fires were a shortcut targeted at Mages, and once they became Great Mages, the mana accumulation wouldn’t be as important as before. At that time, carving Magic Conducting Runes was more important.

And the Black Death Rune and the Soul Fires didn’t help much with carving Magic Conducting Runes.

Naturally, Lin Yun had also made arrangements for the Magic Conducting Runes of those Great Mages. He was just waiting for everyone to leave the Bone Plane before teaching them methods to carve Magic Conducting Runes. In the future, the Gilded Rose would have a mercenary group with peak Magic Conducting Runes.

After making sure everything was fine with the Gilded Rose, Lin Yun locked himself in the alchemy laboratory once again, controlling the Gilded Rose’s development remotely while continuing his simulation with the Book of Death’s characters.

Time passed, and the day of the expedition to Vaughn’s Treasury drew nearer.

Lin Yun completed his work for the day but was stopped in the lobby by William just as he was about to return to check on the Obsidian Flower’s growth.

“Cousin” William started to say something, but he hesitated.

“What’s up?” Lin Yun was surprised, as he knew that his cousin wasn’t one to be modest. ‘Did he eat something that went bad? Why did he come to find me and then just look at me as if he is constipated?’

“Well, Cousin… Grandfather, that is, your grandfather’s brother Uhm, oh right, he is the Head of the Merlin Family”

“Get to the point!” Lin Yun felt a vein twitching on his forehead…

“Ah, to the point, to the point” William’s expression became a bit grim as he suddenly pushed on, “In short, the Merlin Family sent someone to deliver me a message. The head of the family personally wrote the letter and he hopes that you can take a trip to Okland next month. The Head will arrange for you to enter the Merlin Family Ancestral Land and formally announce your return to the Merlin Family”

As he said all that, William’s voice became quieter and quieter…

William had been in Thousand Sails City for a while now, so how could he not know that his younger cousin had no interest in joining the Merlin Family?

But not relaying the information wouldn’t do either. It was a letter written by the head of the family, and even if he was already part of the Gilded Rose, he was still a member of the Merlin Family in name. Since the head of the family personally wrote him a letter, William truly didn’t dare to refuse to pass it along.

“Oh, and I have to say this first, I have no intention of acting as their representative. You can go if you want to go, and if you don’t want to go, you” William started to say, unwilling to become the target of Lin Yun’s anger.

“I’ll go, why shouldn’t I?”

In the end, before William could finish his sentence, Lin Yun had already agreed.


“What? I said I’ll go” Lin Yun already had nine Magic Arrays, so as long as he could spend a bit more time, he would reach the peak of Great Mage realm. He was already looking for an excuse to go to the Merlin Family’s Ancestral Land.

But he hadn’t expected that the Merlin Family actually cooperated, giving him a pillow when he wanted to sleep…

If he missed this opportunity, then he would have to force his way into the Ancestral Land at some point.

As for returning to the Merlin Family, Lin Yun didn’t care about that.

He had never been worried about what William considered to be a very thorny problem.

If the Merlin Family was willing to show him enough sincerity Then he wouldn’t mind returning to the Merlin Family. It was only a matter of meeting a few relatives. Of course, if the Merlin Family wanted to make him hand over the Nether Iron Vein and the Gilded Rose, then after leaving the Ancestral Land, if he just left while ignoring them, would they try to get him back?

“Boss, the Alchemist Guild sent someone to deliver a letter, please take a look.” Just as he was trying to leave the Gilded Rose, Remy rushed over with a sealed letter.

“Oh?” Lin Yun opened it, and as expected, it had been written by Lys himself. There wasn’t much written in the letter, just a few sentences that roughly explained that the troops gathered for the exploration of what they thought to be Vaughn’s Treasury were almost ready and that if Lin Yun had time, he should visit the Alchemist Guild for a meeting, where he could learn of all the forces coming along.

“Cousin, come with me.”

“Me?” William froze.

“Yes, you.” Lin Yun nodded as he turned to go.

Lin Yun called William along because he remembered that there were two Magic Tools in Vaughn’s Laboratory that were suitable for William.

And at the moment, only William and Faleau were trusted and powerful enough to assume heavy responsibility.

Faleau was in charge of the core skills of the Gilded Rose, and his future development path would be in the field of alchemy, while William would be one of the two leaders of the mercenary group. William was also far stronger than Faleau, so Lin Yun planned on taking William along to the joint exploration of Vaughn’s “Treasury”‘ to give him the chance to get those two Spiritual Magic Tool.

But those two Spiritual Magic Tools had strange personalities. Even Lin Yun couldn’t guarantee that William could gain the acknowledgement of these two Spiritual Magic Tools.

Everything depended on William Merlin himself…

Half an hour later, Lin Yun took William and entered the Alchemist Guild.

Molin wasn’t the one who welcomed Lin Yun this time.

Bassoro and Granger went out to meet Lin Yun in person and politely invited him to the reception room at the top floor. There were already many people sitting there, and Lin Yun could recognize most of the famous people in Thousand Sails City there. Sasu of the Silver Moon Mercenaries, Sauss of the Viper Nest, Monchi of the Monchi Family, Solomon of the Sage Tower… Seeing the two new arrivals, many people took the initiative to greet them, and Lin Yun also nodded in response.

“Merlin, come here, let me introduce you” Lys had been sitting next to the fireplace while discussing with a middle-aged man. Upon seeing Lin Yun, the leader of the Alchemist Guild promptly got up to welcome him.

“Come, come Merlin, let me introduce you. This is Master Alchemist Fran from the Mercury Tower, one of the disciples of Artisan Nolan.”

“Hello, Master Alchemist Fran.” Lin Yun smiled as he politely extended his hand.

“Mafa Merlin, I know of you, Seth’s disciple” But Fran remained sitting motionlessly, without any intention of extending his hand to Lin Yun and not concealing the sneer on his face. “Looks like you didn’t study under Seth for long, you didn’t even learn basic courtesy. Even Seth would treat me very respectfully.”