End Of The Magic Era Chapter 205

Chapter 205 The Eye


But Lin Yun wasn’t slow. The Haste spell that had been strengthened by the Magic Arrays pushed Lin Yun’s speed to its limits. His feet kicked against the ground as he jumped more than a dozen meters, using his momentum to charge into the depths of the forest. Trees flashed past in his peripheral vision while the cries of the Draconic Beastman were resounding intermittently from the vegetation ahead of him.

‘Truly fast’ As Lin Yun chased ferociously, he couldn’t help feeling shocked. The speed of those Thousand Eyes Vines was truly too fast. Unless they had extreme magic resistance, after suffering from the debuffs he had cast, they should have slowed considerably. But those Thousand Eyes Vines didn’t seem to be affected, dragging away Xiuban at an astonishing speed.

The damp and gloomy forest was covered with branches and leaves, not letting any sunshine pierce through. The ground was covered with rotten leaves, making it feel like he was slogging through a swamp. Lin Yun had to be very careful to keep his balance in this environment.

At that time, Lin Yun could feel the mana in the surroundings becoming agitated, and even the rotten leaves seemed to surge with mana. With every breath and every heartbeat, the mana would crazily pour into his body, making Lin Yun wonder if he would burst if it kept going…

‘No wonder he is being dragged to that place,’ Lin Yun thought while supplementing himself with a few buffing spells. He knew that the Thousand Eyes Vines would soon stop…

Sure enough, as Lin Yun cast Stoneskin on himself, the few vines ahead of him fiercely flung forward, throwing Xiuban into a swath of brush a few dozen meters ahead. At the same time, the powerful inertia made the vines stretch like a bowstring before a buzzing sound could be heard as the vines quickly shot out again, their speed even faster than when they had caught the Draconic Beastman.

But their opponent wasn’t the Draconic Beastman this time…

When he saw this, Lin Yun immediately took out the Book of Death. He poured mana into it, and the Blood Vine spell mark instantly darkened, but at the same time, a red vine blossomed in the forest. This was an Ultimate Blood Vine, which couldn’t be compared to an ordinary Blood Vine, its energy reaching a shocking level.

Dozens upon dozens of Abyssal Blood Vines instantly blossomed, just like vipers pouncing towards their prey, the Thousand Eyes Vines. The two kinds of vines began to twist and tangle together, and the thigh-thick black vines were particularly conspicuous among the sea of red vines. It was just like a fight between pythons and vipers. No one could know which would win at this point.

But Lin Yun didn’t care which would win.

After he cast his Blood Vine spell, Lin Yun snapped the Book of Death shut and rushed past the entangled vines. Under the siege of the Abyssal Blood Vines, the Thousand Eyes Vines could only look helplessly as their prey was escaping…

“Help! Help” Xiuban’s cries for help kept coming from the bush. Lin Yun just summoned some of the idle Blood Vines and swiftly swept the Draconic Beastman up.

“Sir, Sir, there is something under me trying to prick me!” Xiuban complained.

“Prick you?” Lin Yun frowned.

He wanted to ask about it, but he suddenly felt the soil under them shaking. Countless leaves fell down from the trees in the surroundings.

“Still coming?” Lin Yun opened the Book of Death once again and poured more mana into it, dimming the mark of the Ultimate Flame Burst. A whistling sound pierced the air as a huge ball of fire shot out, leaving a trail of flames behind.


As the loud explosion echoed, the entire forest shook, startling countless beasts. And even the Thousand Eyes Vines that were entangled with the Blood Vines paused for an instant. As dazzling flames soared, a blazing wave of heat spread from it. Only a sea of fire could be seen within several dozen meters.

Lin Yun felt like he heard a scream within that world-shaking explosion.

The unstable ground started swaying violently after that scream, just like an earthquake. With another explosion, a large piece of the ground burst up, exposing a huge eye.

Numerous black vines were twisted together under that eye, making it look like an octopus that had grown far too many tentacles. From Lin Yun’s position, he could clearly see that the large eye was suffering from burn injuries.

But it was precisely because of this that the giant eye broke out of the ground and impatiently launched an attack on Lin Yun. Countless black vines pounced over at Lin Yun like pythons…

There were over a hundred black vines, but as they were attacking at the same time, they looked like an inescapable net, sealing Lin Yun’s escape route in an instant, snapping all the trees in their path, moving through the ground effortlessly.

But Lin Yun actually remained undaunted. He gazed at the eye in the distance while his hands repeated the same motions, opening the Book of Death, and instantly rousing the Ultimate Fire Arrows. Several hundred Fire Arrows instantly appeared in the narrow space he was in, densely packed and intertwining with each other…

The explosions of the Fire Arrows flowered one after the other, sounding rather like popcorn being heated by flames. A dense cyan smoke rose up, carrying a thick stench with it. As the Fire Arrows burst out, the net of black vines was utterly destroyed.

But Lin Yun made sure to keep watching the eye. Sure enough, just as Lin Yun cleared away the countless vines, a strange radiance appeared. Even through the smoke and swirling vines, Lin Yun could feel danger.

“It’s coming!”

Lin Yun instantly cast an Ice Fire Shield before rousing the Magic Arrays and chanting a mysterious and profound character.


A dazzling light blossomed in the depths of the forest!

The Thousand Eyes Vines truly had a thousand eyes.

When the hundreds of Thousand Eyes Vines turned to ash, countless spells burst out of the giant eye. These spells didn’t surpass the 2nd Tier: Icicles, Wind Blades, Earth Spikes, Fire Arrows All kind of Lesser Spells Even more than half were pure mana rays. But the sudden burst of spells was frightening. Lin Yun guessed that there should have been at least a few hundred spells.

That scene was incredibly gorgeous.

Countless magic runes flew up and down, countless mana lights flew back and forth The mana in the depths of the forest flared up.

“Merlin! That’s a Watcher! Run!” Solomon finally managed to catch up with Badrack and saw the appalling scene.

Unfortunately, that reminder came too late…

The Watcher was already bursting with power when Solomon had shouted…

The large, monstrous eye and the dazzling spells, this amazing scene couldn’t be described with words. The depths of the forest had already turned into a whirlpool of mana, but Lin Yun, who was at the center of the whirlpool, didn’t seem bothered by it. He only pulled the Draconic Beastman next to him, hiding him behind his body…

He then showed off an incredible display of casting.

Flame Burst, Flame Burst, Flame Burst…

Ice Wall, Ice Wall, Ice Wall…

In less than twenty seconds, Lin Yun had cast thirty Flame Bursts, while simultaneously casting thirty Ice Walls. Every Flame Burst was followed by an earthshaking explosion, and every Ice Wall let Lin Yun take one step forward. Thirty explosions, thirty steps… It wasn’t much, but it was enough to let Lin Yun reach the giant eye…

The Watcher’s Lesser Spells didn’t even wrinkle Lin Yun’s clothes. They had all been blocked by his Ice Walls while Lin Yun’s thirty Flame Bursts had fallen onto the giant eye one after the other. What had seemed like such a prideful Watcher before had already turned to charcoal, struggling on the ground. But this didn’t matter anymore…

Lin Yun was already opening the Book of Death for the 4th time.

An Ultimate Flame Spear blossomed into a dazzling light. It even reminded Solomon and Badrack of the legendary Fire Dragon Spear.

The Flame Spear left a trail of flames behind as it flew out, the raging inferno piercing through the eye in an instant. A mournful scream echoed through the forest, before silence reigned once again.

“High Mage Solomon, your reminder was too late, there was no more time to run” Lin Yun turned to Solomon and smiled. He then bent down and carefully took out the mana crystal of the Watcher.

But the moment he picked it up, Lin Yun’s expression darkened…

It was a level 25 mana crystal.

The power that the Watcher had displayed was close to that of a level 30 monster. Lin Yun had felt that with enough luck, he might obtain a spirit mana crystal But when he picked it up, he found out that it was only a level 25 mana crystal. How could Lin Yun not feel disappointed?