End Of The Magic Era Chapter 218

Chapter 218 Shattered


These people had heard of the disaster of the Angel Coast. It was said that the Void Python was a true level 40 magic beast, and not only was its strength on par with that of a Heaven Mage, but it was also a rare ancient beast that had the innate ability to control space. There were countless spatial cracks in its body, and even a Heaven Mage might be suppressed by the overlapping spatial cracks after being swallowed.

If it was as that young Great Mage suggested, then it would be very hard on all those people stuck inside the body of the Void Python. This unending hallway would most likely be a road leading to hell.

That was a level 40 magic beast…

Thinking of the terrifying power of the Void Python made everyone pale. It was a frightening existence on par with a Heaven Mage. In the Four Seasons Canyon, even the newly advanced Archmage Suyass couldn’t handle a light attack from the Void Python.

Not to mention that everyone was still standing in this never-ending hallway.

After listening to Lin Yun and Suyass, everyone had gradually realized that this hallway was probably the body of the Void Python. To these High Mages, Expert Swordsmen and Spirit Archers, it was an existence that they couldn’t hope to bring down.

“That trap is too treacherous” Sauss’ expression was even more unsightly. He originally thought that the elites of Thousand Sails City were plenty powerful, and that regardless of the dangers, they would be able to thread their way forward if everyone cooperated. But he never expected that he would suddenly end up in the body of a Void Python just as they entered, giving them no chance to escape.

Sauss’ words weres just whining, but it somehow managed to ignite Fran. The expression of that Master Alchemist of the Mercury Tower turned unsightly after hearing the discussion between Lin Yun and Suyass. Hearing Sauss’ complaint, he burst out in anger.

“Lys! Take a look at what you did. You clearly knew there was danger and you still led us into a trap! Are you trying to kill everyone?”

“I” Lys’ face flushed red. He glared at Fran but couldn’t say a word. This was too unreasonable. Even a child would know that exploring ruins was very dangerous. No one could anticipate the dangers of old ruins, especially ruins like the Vaughn Treasury. Those were remains of the 3rd Dynasty’s last Artisan, someone who had stood at the peak of alchemy. Who knew how many tricks he had left behind?

But Fran clearly had lost his mind.

“You what? Do you think I don’t know that you are dissatisfied towards the Mercury Tower? I know it’s not from the recent events. Isn’t it because you didn’t become Teacher’s disciple that year? Isn’t it because your Alchemist Guild had suffered some interference? What now? You want to retaliate against Suyass and I by taking us to this place? I’ll let you know, Lys, if anything happens to Suyass or me, you and your Alchemist Guild will never enjoy a good future!”

“Fran! What are you saying!?” Lys’ heart almost burst with anger. Originally, the two had gotten along quite amicably. Even if they couldn’t be described as very close, they were still polite to each other. Lys never expected that when everyone fell into a dangerous situation, Fran would act like a mad dog.

“I’m showing what’s hidden within your heart!”

“Okay, Master Fran, you can save some strength” Lin Yun originally didn’t plan on saying anything, but after hearing Fran’s continuous shouting, he felt quite annoyed and had no choice but to interrupt him. “If you have the strength to bite indiscriminately, you’d better think of a way to escape from here”

“Bite Indiscriminately?” Due to Karon’s previous appearance, Fran now lacked the courage to go against Lin Yun.

“Master Fran, you are worrying a bit too much. I only recounted a story and you already lost all self-control. You truly need to strengthen your mentality”


“Shut up, Fran!” Suyass had been recuperating with his eyes closed. The quarrel of two High Mages was something he could turn a deaf ear to. But Lin Yun’s words made Suyass open his eyes again. He looked at Lin Yun once more and said, “Great Mage Merlin, you mean”

“I only heard that Void Pythons lifespans weren’t that long, perhaps a few hundred years, up to a millenium.”

“Hmm?” Suyass realized something from Lin Yun’s words. Even a Void Python with the greatest vitality possible wouldn’t be able to survive 1,600 years. If this Void Python was the one that had caused a disaster in the Angel Coast, then it simply wouldn’t be able to live till now.

“However, Void Pythons’ bodies are almost eternal. Even death just dissipates their souls. Their corpses and the countless spatial cracks within would continue existing for a very long time. During that time, a brilliant alchemist could use the corpse of the Void Python to create an unbreakable maze”

“I understand” Hearing this, Suyass understood completely. No wonder he kept feeling that something wasn’t right. At first, he had thought that it was because he had been walking in the body of a Void Python, but now he felt otherwise. Although the Void Python’s heart kept beating, it gave off an empty feeling There simply wasn’t a single trace of a soul.

If it had been before, Suyass wouldn’t have understood.

But he now knew that this was because they were in the corpse of the Void Python, which had been turned into a labyrinth.

A maze array was also an array. As long as it was an array, there would inevitably be a way to crack it.

Thinking up to here, Suyass calmed his heart before starting to analyze the entire hallway. Suyass confirmed that Lin Yun’s words were correct and that the seemingly endless hallway was in reality a maze array. But that maze array was more complicated than anything he had ever seen before.

The only bright side was that after analyzing it, Suyass found out that this maze array hadn’t reached True Spirit rank. This discovery made him sigh in relief. Suyass was only a peak Master Alchemist. He hadn’t broken through the Artisan realm. If he really met a True Spirit Maze Array with a Void Python’s corpse as its core, he would truly have to give up.

However, it wasn’t far from being a True Spirit rank array.

Although the skills used were within the range of a Master Alchemist, with the Void Python’s corpse, the complexity of this maze realm was raised by one whole rank. That kind of innate spatial control and the overlapping spatial cracks couldn’t be imitated by any skill. This was a maze array that had been generated almost completely naturally. Even Suyass didn’t dare to say that he could break it.

Time slowly passed, and Suyass’ expression gradually paled. Sweat started sliding down his forehead as his frown deepened…

The quickly moving quill seemed to weigh a ton, and each character he wrote seemed to exhaust his entire strength. Everyone knew that this was because Sir Suyass had met some difficult problem. At this time, they all tacitly agreed to even breathe silently out of fear that they would disturb Suyass.

“Sir Suyass, how about you try the Cliff Formula?”

“Hmm?” When the frowning Suyass heard that, it felt like he was hit by a sudden enlightenment. His mind became clear. ‘That’s right! The Cliff Formula!’

Suyass’ eyes opened wide, and his quill wrote at a shocking speed as paragraph after paragraph appeared on the paper. Suyass finally found the three weakest parts of the maze array.

“Got it!” Suyass spread the paper flat as he said, “Now, I need two mages. It would be best if they could accurately control their casting time. There is no requirement for strength, so Great Mages would do. I’ll count to three and after reaching three, I’ll cast Flame Burst on the first weak point. Three seconds after I cast Flame Burst, the second mage needs to take over and use Flame Burst on the second weak point, and three seconds later, the third mage needs to act”

“I’ll do it.” When accurate control over casting time was mentioned, who other than Solomon would be thought of in Thousand Sails City? At such a critical time, the 9th Rank High Mage was unwilling to let others bear his responsibility.

“Need another one”

“Merlin, stop being lazy.” Solomon didn’t even think about it before calling Lin Yun’s name.

“…” Lin Yun scratched his cheek and stepped out from the crowd.

“Are the two of you ready?” If it had been before, Suyass might still have had doubts towards Merlin. Even though he had shown power far beyond his level, being able to precisely control one’s casting required experience. Given his age, he shouldn’t be better than old fellows like Cadgar or Lys.

But Suyass wasn’t thinking like that anymore.

Because Suyass himself knew how critical that earlier reminder was.

Suyass even felt that the one who truly broke the maze array wasn’t himself, but rather the young Great Mage who had prompted him to use the Cliff Formula.

At that time, Suyass had already approached the core of the maze array, which was the link between the Void Python’s corpse and the array itself. As long this step was completed, they would be able to thoroughly collapse the maze array. But he couldn’t figure out which formula to use up until the young Great Mage reminded him that the Cliff Formula was the best choice.

Suyass was a peak Master Alchemist, only one step away from becoming an Artisan. In terms of knowledge alone, even ordinary Master Alchemists were unfit to act as his assistants. How could Suyass not know what kind of insight was needed to remind him of the Cliff Formula at such a critical moment?

In that split second, Suyass even thought of his teacher Nolan.

Only an Artisan like his teacher would have the insight needed to see through this array.

But now, this kind of insight had appeared in a Great Mage that was less than twenty years old. Remembering Karon’s words, Suyass had no choice but to admit that this young mage might have attained a far higher grasp on the intricacies of alchemy than he himself had.

Insight, experience, age, these made no sense in front of that youth. Sometimes, you had to admit that there were some completely unreasonable geniuses in this world. They didn’t need to accumulate experience over time, and they would always create some glorious miracles.

That young Great Mage might be one of them…

“One, two, three” After Suyass reached three, a Flame Burst exploded in one of the walls of the hallway.

Three seconds later, the second Flame Burst exploded.

And after another three seconds…

A loud rumble could be heard echoing loudly as the surroundings shook. Everyone seemed to hear a mournful howl as the world before them started shattering just like glass breaking apart. One piece, two pieces, three pieces It ultimately broke into countless fragments!

A long lost radiance shone from the broken fragments.

The world before them suddenly cleared up. A lush tree, a sweet breeze, the soft earth, and farther in the distance, a lake so clear that the ripples were easily visible. The flourishing scene carried an intoxicating aura of life, and it wasn’t as abnormal as the aura of life that the Four Seasons Canyon had before. It was rich, thick, soft, and relaxing, making people unconsciously feel intoxicated.

It could be said that this was a completely different world from the hallway that had been making them feel despair.

But now, the ones standing there felt a chill. Whether it was Lin Yun, Suyass, Solomon, or Fran, they all felt cold.

Because they found out that no one else was within sight!

It wasn’t just one or two people missing, but rather most of the group.

Before setting off, the nine forces had combined power with the Mercury Tower and dispatched twenty people..

But now, only Fran, Suyass, Solomon, and Lin Yun were standing there. In other words, when the maze broke, a total of sixteen people went missing!

“Fuck” Solomon immediately swore. “How could this Vaughn Treasury be so evil?”

“No” Suyass was crouching under a tree, carefully examining a plant with seven leaves. When he heard Solomon’s complaints, the newly advanced Archmage shook his head. “This place might not necessarily be the Vaughn Treasury”