End Of The Magic Era Chapter 246

Chapter 246 End Of The Path


If that Oliver was crazy, then there were no normal people left in Noscent.

Lin Yun even felt that Oliver was probably the one who went the deepest in his study of the Ascian Runes in the entire history of Noscent. He couldn’t imagine how Sky Eyes conducted his research during that century of imprisonment. How did he manage to attain such amazing achievements on the Ascian Runes?

After all, from these bloody characters, it could be seen that Oliver could use the Ascian Runes effortlessly, as if he were an Ancient God.

But Oliver was definitely not an Ancient God.

Otherwise, those three Court Mages wouldn’t have been able to stop him from slaying the emperor, let alone managing to imprison him in a tower for a hundred years, even if the Court Mages were Heaven Mages.

At that time, Lin Yun was already convinced.

Oliver was completely clear-headed when he wrote those Ascian Runes with blood.

So, the problem remained…

Lin Yun could understand some characters with difficulty, but he couldn’t understand those few sentences. ‘What “destruction”, What does he mean, “no path”? What were the circumstances when Oliver used his blood to write these Ascian Runes? Hold on, no path, no path’

Lin thought and suddenly felt numb.

That Heaven Rank puppet he had found in the warehouse earlier seemed to have said something similar.

‘There is no path forward’

‘Yes, it was that sentence.’

‘There is no path forward!’

‘Oh, and it did say something else beforehand.’

‘Is there still someone alive?’

These sentences added together had sounded very baffling, but what was unexpected was that one of those sentences would appear on that Planar Path, and that the one to leave those words was the famous Sky Eyes Oliver.

Lin Yun couldn’t help brooding over it.

As he thought about it, he fished out a blank piece of paper and a quickly and copied the Ascian Runes onto it. Although he couldn’t translate them at the moment, he would be able to research them after returning. If one month wasn’t enough, he would spend two, and if two didn’t suffice, he would spend a year on it. Even if it ended up taking him ten years, Lin Yun was determined to translate these Ascian characters.

Because Lin Yun already felt that whether it was repairing the Heaven Rank puppet or translating these Ascian Runes, both would help him reach that world-shaking secret.

Lin Yun was still unable to imagine how incredible that secret was, but he was convinced that this secret would definitely be huge.

Lin Yun spent some time copying those Ascian Runes.

After spending all that time, Lin Yun carefully went around Oliver’s corpse and led the group forward. Lin Yun always felt some indescribable reverence to that Astrologian of the 3rd Dynasty, even if Oliver had died countless years ago.

It was a bit strange.

After Oliver, there were no more corpses on the Planar Path. As he led the group forward, Lin Yun didn’t see anything strange, to the point that Lin Yun even wondered if everything he had seen before was only an illusion.

The only difference was that the light ahead was brighter, and the Planar Path’s spatial structure just began to become unstable. There were a few times where Lin Yun even felt a formidable force about to struggle free of its bindings. Lin Yun knew that this was the frightening power that the Planar Path could no longer suppress. If that force was freed, the dozens of them on the Planar Path, the numerous corpses, and even the Planar Path itself all of it would turn to dust.

This was the most dangerous part of the Planar Path.

At the same time, it was the closest location to their destination.

Gales, rainstorms, thunder and lightning, all kinds of different scenery started appearing, and Lin Yun knew that these were visions coming from the huge force being suppressed by the Planar Path.

“Everyone, careful!” After giving the warning, Lin Yun roused his mana to resist these frighteningly powerful visions.

Time ticked by, and the group could only be described as moving at a snail pace as each step was becoming increasingly more difficult under the battering of the elements. They didn’t know how much time passed under this painful torture before the boundless light suddenly burst open.

Feeling dazzled, Lin Yun seemed to have heard an explosion, yet it also felt as if he hadn’t heard anything at all.

Then everything cleared up.

“Finally” Lin Yun stood there in a daze. At his foot were flickering stars and an endless void, while above his head was a whirlpool slowly rotating. Lin Yun remembered it from Prince Barov’s tomb. When he had touched the Eyes of Reincarnation and watched as heaven and earth formed, he saw that huge whirlpool. It was the beginning of everything, and also the end of everything.

Ahead was a vast and boundless void stretching as far as eyes could see. An endless amount of mana came from the void, and even though it had been suppressed by the Planar Path, it made Lin Yun feel an irresistible pressure.

This was the legendary Heaven Enlightening Plane, also known as the Mythical Plane.


The plane that only existed in legend didn’t have the described golden aura flowing. They couldn’t even feel the aura of life. They only saw desolation and decay. It made Lin Yun recall that Demiplane that lacked the four elements.

‘It’s the same feeling…’

The entire plane was deathly silent, the air was no longer flowing, life no longer existed, and even time seemed to be frozen. Only endless nothingness could be seen. The Mythical Plane was empty and deathly silent, it was already dead.

‘How could this be’ Lin Yun stood there in a daze, looking towards the boundless void with a foolish expression on his face. ‘How could the Mythical Plane look like this? How come there is nothing in the Heaven Enlightening Plane besides boundless mana?

‘No, no, even the boundless mana is carrying an aura of death.’

Lin Yun tried to absorb a wisp of mana so that he could analyze it with the Magic Array, before paling and rousing his Magic Arrays to remove the wisp of mana.

This attempt alone made Lin Yun suffer a heavy loss.

This mana was the most powerful mana Lin Yun had seen in his life. Just a wisp of it was comparable to a spirit mana crystal. If Lin Yun could freely meditate here, he might be able to reach the Archmage realm within a few days.

But unfortunately…

This mana couldn’t be used.

Lin Yun felt a strange property coming from that wisp of mana just as he absorbed it. It couldn’t rotate when it entered the Magic Arrays, feeling almost like a corpse blocking the Magic Arrays.

The Magic Arrays were Lin Yun’s foundation. If they couldn’t be activated, then Lin Yun’s magic path would be severed. In that split second, Lin Yun truly felt fear as he went all-out to extract that wisp of mana that endangered his Magic Arrays.

Thankfully, Lin Yun was successful.

His Magic Array didn’t get damaged, but forcibly extracting that wisp of mana greatly injured his body.

Just one wisp could force Lin Yun into a worse state than if he had been fighting an Archmage.

After that lesson, Lin Yun didn’t relax and drank a Health Potion, partly treating his injuries while remaining vigilant. He quickly roused his Magic Arrays to observe and analyze the boundless void.

‘Hmm?’ After some time, Lin Yun noticed some strange mana fluctuations. These mana fluctuations came from the Crystal Scales that Lin Yun possessed.

Lin Yun had already suppressed the Incarnation of the Crystal Scales, and since then, the Spiritual Magic Tool set was only silently activated. Besides maintaining the Planar Path, it hadn’t spread any mana fluctuations of its own.

He hadn’t thought that after going through the very long Planar Path and reaching the Heaven Enlightening Plane, the Crystal Scales would suddenly start emitting such strange mana fluctuations.

When he noticed these mana fluctuations, Lin Yun subconsciously used his Magic Arrays. The Crystal Scales that had lost their Incarnation was instinctively operating and Lin Yun was able to easily catch those faint mana fluctuations without using any strength.


Lin Yun suddenly felt a large amount of information coming from these mana fluctuations. Lin Yun was still alert at first, rousing his Magic Arrays to carefully filter through the information, afraid of falling into a treacherous trap.

After all, the Crystal Scales didn’t have a good reputation.

But soon, Lin Yun realized that this stream of information wasn’t coming from the Magic Tool Incarnation but rather from the Crystal Scales themselves.

The Magic Tools didn’t have consciousness by themselves. No matter how treacherous or malicious the incarnation was, once suppressed, the Magic Tool could only act on instinct.

Thus, Lin Yun sped up the reception of the information.

After a dozen minutes, Lin Yun finally comprehended it.

‘It’s actually the way to manipulate the Planar Path’ Lin Yun hadn’t thought that the information conveyed by the Crystal Scales would turn out to be this.