End Of The Magic Era Chapter 247

Chapter 247 Keep It


If the Heaven Enlightening Plane was like a sea, that Planar Path would be akin to an ark upon which Lin Yun sailed towards the center of the Heaven Enlightening Plane.

At this time, Lin Yun truly understood the importance of the Crystal Scales.

This was completely different from what he had thought before. The Crystal Scales weren’t just the key to opening the Planar Path, they were also the control mechanism for the entire Planar Path.

If not for the Crystal Scales, the journey would have ended there. Lin Yun had already experienced how frightening the mana from the vast void was. Just carelessly absorbing one wisp of it had nearly been enough to ruin his life. Only two outcomes would await them if they moved forward and walked in that endless void.

One was to drift in the void forever.

And the other was to instantly be turned into ashes.

‘Turns out it’s like this’ Lin Yun understood why the Crystal Scales had remained in the stone tower.

He had already seen the power of the Crystal Scales.

A Spiritual Magic Tool set that could let Fran reach the Archmage realm and possess the power of an Artisan… That was a heaven-defying existence. Even Vaughn, as the final Artisan of the empire, had unimaginable status. But Lin Yun was convinced that besides those three puppets, he wouldn’t be able to find any Magic Tools on par with that set.

With the custom of the 3rd Dynasty to bury possessions alongside their dead, why weren’t the Crystal Scales buried in Crystal Island, but instead in the distant Four Seasons Canyon?

Lin Yun had always been curious about that.

But he now understood. Vaughn put the Crystal Scales there in order to give people the chance to open the Planar Path and enter the Heaven Enlightening Plane.

This wasn’t a coincidence.

This had all been planned when Vaughn was still alive.

But after figuring this out, Lin Yun didn’t have a feeling of sudden enlightenment. Rather, more and more questions appeared in his mind.

Such as, ‘Why did Vaughn plan this’

Or, ‘What happened on the Planar Path in the end’

And many others.

One question after another spiralled around in Lin Yun’s mind, making him feel as if he had sunk into a swamp. The more he struggled, the deeper he sank. The more he raked his brain, the more questions he’d think of.

“Merlin, Merlin” As Lin Yun was entranced, Solomon’s voice came from behind.

“What is it, High Mage Solomon.” Lin Yun didn’t feel angry at having his thoughts interrupted, he only turned and asked politely.

“This You Don’t you…?” Solomon asked with one hand hidden behind his back. There were some signs of struggle on his face at first, but then, he steeled himself and took out a scroll.

“Eh?” Lin Yun was surprised. He looked at the scroll and saw that it was a Meditation Law Set.

The set was comprised of nine formulas. Lin Yun carefully looked at them and noticed that three of them were based on astrology. This was enough for Lin Yun to understand that this Meditation Law Set was most likely Sky Eyes Oliver’s Splendid Starry Sky.

Solomon was quite fortunate. The Splendid Starry Sky would be a top-quality Meditation Law Set in the current Andlusa Kingdom. It was more than enough to be treated as a core Meditation Law in the Sage Tower.

But what did it mean for Solomon to take out the Splendid Starry Sky?

Lin Yun froze before reacting.

‘Is Solomon asking if I want it?’

“Eh High Mage Solomon” Lin Yun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this time. Although the Splendid Starry Sky was an inheritance from Sky Eyes Oliver, nine-formula Meditation Law Sets weren’t regarded as much in the future. Only those who had just become mages would use this kind of Meditation Law Set as a foundation.

Any decent mage would be practicing a ten-formula Meditation Law Set, let alone someone like Lin Yun.

He had several dozen Meditation Law Sets in mind. Never mind nine formulas or ten formulas, Lin Yun had three of the most famous fourteen-formula Meditation Law Sets!

Otherwise, Lin Yun wouldn’t have casually thrown out a few Meditation Law Sets during the Magic Hand’s gathering.


Lin Yun had yet to choose his core Meditation Law Set.

No one knew this besides Lin Yun himself.

This included Jouyi, Solomon, William and all the people close to him. None of them knew that the young mage who had attained such shocking achievements had yet to pick a Meditation Law Set.

If such news was known, many, many people would be scared to death.

Everyone knew that a core Meditation Law Set was as important to a mage as a Magic Conducting Rune. It was akin to choosing one’s future path, and almost every mage would choose their own core Meditation Law Set when they stepped into the Great Mage realm.

The sooner it was chosen, the sooner the foundation would be set in stone and the easier the path forward would be.

This was something that every mage knew. In all of Noscent, perhaps only a few Great Mages could be like Lin Yun, about to enter the High Mage realm without having chosen their core Meditation Law Set yet.

And it wasn’t just a matter of simplifying things…

The most important part was that it would influence their future achievements. Without the guidance of a Meditation Law Set, a mage’s path would remain indecisive and would touch upon every domain, but they wouldn’t become extraordinary in any of them. This was the most common problem with those types of mages.

But naturally, Lin Yun had his reasons for delaying the choosing of his Meditation Law Set.

He had always been waiting for himself to enter the High Mage realm to start using the sixteen-formula Meditation Law Set. It was a set that completely toppled the current magic system’s understanding of Meditation Law Sets.

But the requirements were very harsh.

Even with Lin Yun’s strength, he only dared to attempt using it after entering the High Mage realm.

There wasn’t any way to try it earlier, as the requirements were truly too severe. Although Lin Yun stood at the peak of the Great Mage realm and could defeat Archmages with the help of Magic Tools or his Flame Spirit, he still wasn’t confident in being able to use that Meditation Law Set.

For the sake of this Meditation Law Set, Lin Yun had already endured for a very long time and hadn’t even considered ones. Let alone the Splendid Starry Sky, even the Ivory Tower’s famous Boundless Nature didn’t interest Lin Yun.

Naturally, these words couldn’t be said to Solomon.

Thus, Lin Yun only gave Solomon a strange look. “You should keep it”

“Keep it?” A few simple words actually made Solomon shake. That 9th Rank High Mage even reached out his hand to touch Lin Yun’s forehead. “Merlin, do you have a fever?”

“What fever?”

“Did I not explain properly? I found this Meditation Law Set on Oliver’s body” Solomon gulped as he made sure the young mage understood.

“I know, Splendid Starry Sky”

“You You know?” Solomon’s eyes shook. He stood there in a daze, looking at Lin Yun lifelessly. After a minute, that 9th Rank High Mage scolded, “Damn, you know about it and you’re still letting me keep it?”


“You what, you clearly saw that this was Splendid Starry Sky, a nine-formula set. More importantly, it is Sky Eyes Oliver’s inheritance. Getting the inheritance means that you might be able to reach Oliver’s heights! That’s Sky Eyes Oliver! Do you not understand!?”

“I understand, I understand” Lin Yun was getting a headache.

“You understand You understand and you still want me to keep it? Am I that kind of cheap person to you? You are the one who opened the Planar Path. You found the corpse of Sky Eyes Oliver, this Meditation Law Set should definitely be yours. What do you mean I should keep it?”

“The thing is I truly don’t need it,” Lin Yun complained, “It’s only a Meditation Law Set, you don’t need to react like that”

“You are making me angry”

“High Mage Solomon, can I take a look?” When William saw Solomon stomping in fury, he got curious and drew closer.

Solomon was generous and handed the scroll to William as he told him with a voice still tinged in anger, “You should urge your cousin”

“No problem” William took the scroll with a smile, but after looking at it, a frown appeared on his face. After a long time, he returned the scroll with a puzzled expression. “It’s fine, it’s just a Meditation Law Set”

“You guys”

“Okay, okay, High Mage Solomon, rein in your anger. How about we go walk over there? My younger cousin was pondering over something, let’s not bother him any longer,” William suggested before leading him over.

William hadn’t put that Meditation Law Set in his eyes at all.

It only had nine formulas.