End Of The Magic Era Chapter 248

Chapter 248 Going Not Going


That Crimson Heart Meditation Law Set his younger cousin had given him had ten formulas, and furthermore, when he gave it to him, Lin Yun had repeatedly warned him that he shouldn’t use the Crimson Heart as a core Meditation Formula. Lin Yun also told him that once he had completely mastered the Crimson Heart, he would give him a more formidable Meditation Law Set, and only then could he choose his core Meditation Law.

In contrast, what was a Meditation Law Set with only nine formulas?

In William’s eyes, Solomon was only looking to start a fight. ‘My cousin said you could keep it, so keep it, why stomp your feet like a child A 9th Rank High Mage like yourself losing your composure because of such a formula What about your reputation?’

It wasn’t strange for William Merlin to think this way.

After all, he was only a Great Mage.

He had only been a 5th Rank Great Mage when he left Okland for Thousand Sails City, and he hadn’t seen that many Meditation Law Sets before.

He did know that the more formula there were, the better the Meditation Law Set.

But how good could it be?

William truly couldn’t understand. The Crimson Heart Meditation Law Set that he was currently using had ten formulas. William only knew that this set was very powerful, but he had very little idea about others.

He had never considered how powerful or great it might be compared to others.

Thus, William truly couldn’t understand when he saw Solomon’s flustered appearance. ‘It’s just a nine-formula set, why would it cause such a great reaction?’

William even felt that this old man had stayed too long in the small Thousand Sails City and had never been outside of it, had never seen the world. If he told this High Mage that his own Meditation Law Set had ten formulas, how would he react?

‘Hold on This isn’t right’

William thought about it before suddenly realizing where his thinking had gone astray.

That old man who had been staying in Thousand Sails City wasn’t someone who had never seen the world.

That old man’s teacher was Star Sage Jouyi!

‘Could it be that Meditation Law Sets with nine formulas are truly that powerful?’

William couldn’t help fidgeting a bit when that thought came to his mind.

“Err, High Mage Solomon, may I ask, how many formulas does your Cloud Tower’s core Meditation Law Set possess?”

“What are you asking for?” Solomon suddenly glanced warily at William. But he then recalled that he was Merlin’s older cousin, and from the way Merlin didn’t seem to care about the Splendid Starry Sky, William shouldn’t be lacking Meditation Law Sets of his own. He relaxed a bit as he thought of that, so he responded, “Nine formulas, just like the Splendid Starry Sky”

“Then” William heard that and realized. He managed to calm down and gulped before hesitantly asking, “If If there were a ten-formula Meditation Law Set Then”

“Ten formulas? Haha, that would be the number one Meditation Law Set of the entire Andlusa Kingdom!” Solomon answered, grinned broadly.

“…” William became breathless.

‘The number one Meditation Law Set of the entire Andlusa Kingdom! I am studying the number one Meditation Law Set of the kingdom! And there’s still more!?”

William felt as if he had been struck by lightning as that thought echoed like thunder. He stood there in a daze, his eyes unfocused, mumbling under his breath, “Number one Meditation Law Set, number one Meditation Law Set, number one Meditation Law Set”

“Did something happen?” Solomon couldn’t help feeling strange as William didn’t answer for a long time.

“Eh, nothing, nothing” After being asked by Solomon, William recovered from his shock. He casually dodged Solomon’s question before leaving with a sluggish expression, not caring about Solomon’s reaction.

“What’s wrong”

William was in no state to answer. This genius of the Merlin Family was immersed in the shock brought to him by the Crimson Heart.

When he just started learning the Crimson Heart, William had once thought to himself that the Meditation Law Set seemed quite powerful. After a short few months, he had become a 9th Rank Great Mage from his starting point as a 5th Rank Great Mage.

William remembered that his younger cousin had told him that he shouldn’t be too absorbed in the effects brought by the Crimson Heart because this Meditation Law Set had flaws. Ten formulas were too few and couldn’t fully evolve the Crimson Heart. The only reason he gave him this Meditation Law Set was as a foundation. Once he mastered the Crimson Heart, his cousin would teach him a Meditation Law Set that could fully evolve the Crimson Heart, and only then could he choose a core Meditation Law Set.

At the time, William truly hadn’t thought that the flawed Meditation Law Set his cousin had talked about would be that formidable.

And yet it was assessed as number one in the entire Andlusa Kingdom by Solomon.

William truly didn’t know what to think now. How formidable was the Meditation Law Set that his cousin was planning to give him next?

As he thought of that, William turned and looked at Merlin with reverence.

He felt that he truly couldn’t understand this younger cousin. He thought he knew him well enough, but now that he looked back, William felt that his cousin was shrouded in more mysteries than ever before.

‘Fortunately, fortunately Fortunately, I went to Thousand Sails City, fortunately, I chose to cooperate with my younger cousin’

Although he was known as one of the geniuses of the Merlin Family, ranked number five among the younger generation, what did he amount to in the end?

His future in the Merlin Family had already been decided. He would never be able to compete with Leon Merlin for the Patriarch position. His path would end at being sent to a territory to manage it while looking up at the high and mighty patriarch.

But now.

William believed that as long as he was given some time, he would definitely be able to compete for the patriarch position. What about Leon? William had the number one Meditation Law Set, his future seemed boundless. He would only need a few years before being able to surpass this older cousin that he had always been forced to look up to, and then he would be able to look down at him instead.

If he had the help of his younger cousin, the position of patriarch would be within reach. Who in the entire Merlin Family could rival this younger cousin?


William was also thinking of something else.

If he gave up on the patriarch position and focused on following that younger cousin, perhaps he would have the opportunity to leave his name in the annals of history.

“Everyone, we might encounter some danger.” Lin Yun finished deliberating just as William was growing restless. He stood back against the void and told the entire group, “In short, we will cross the entire plane. What this journey entails, I myself do not know”

“Crossing the entire plane?” Suyass was startled. As one of the strongest of the Mercury Tower, Suyass had already been in planar expeditions a dozen times in the past ten years. Some were already under the control of the Mercury Tower, while some were still being explored.

But one thing was certain. He wouldn’t dare to suggest crossing an entire plane even for the ones that were already under the control of the Mercury Tower.

A plane was an entire world of its own, especially one like this, which was like an endless void as far as the eye could see. There was no end, no boundary, and it would be very difficult to make others believe that they could cross it.

“Yes, crossing the entire plane.” Lin Yun looked at Suyass before repeating it again. He continued, “I believe everyone is already aware that this is a plane higher than Noscent, it surpasses any known plane. Even an Archmage would be like an ant after entering it. A gust, a drizzle, even a grain of sand might possibly tear us apart. Thus, I’m asking everyone here. Those who want to come with me, I’ll welcome, but I’ll not make things difficult for those who don’t want to join me.”

“Moreover” After pausing there for a moment, Lin Yun added, “This trip is very dangerous, so I think we should make some small changes to the joint exploration team’s loot distribution.”

“Go ahead, Merlin.”

“I suggest that the harvest of this trip shouldn’t be counted as part of the joint exploration team’s harvest. In other words, if you come with me, no matter what you gain during your trip, it’ll be your own. Naturally, if you are unwilling to follow me, you won’t have a share. What does everyone think?”

“I agree.”

“It seems fair.”

“I agree with Merlin’s proposal.”

Lin Yun’s suggestion was widely accepted. In reality, the distribution system the joint exploration team had used before was already unsuitable for this place. And the people present were all Lin Yun’s staunch supporters apart from Fran and Suyass. Being able to get more rewards on the trip was something they would try to refute.

Lin Yun’s expression grew more serious when he saw that everyone was rushing to agree because he knew that they all wanted to get the biggest harvest during this trip. In other words, everyone wanted to follow him deeper into the Heaven Enlightening Plane.

But the dangers of the Heaven Enlightening Plane weren’t ordinary.

In fact, if it weren’t for him wanting to clear up those questions, Lin Yun would never be willing to risk entering the Heaven Enlightening Plane now.

Thus, Lin Yun had no other choice but to emphasize once more.

“I’ll repeat once again, the danger of this journey is greater than you could have ever imagined. Everyone had better think about it and make a clear decision. I definitely won’t force anyone, and you can immediately return if you wish Except Xiuban!”

“Why can’t I!?” The Draconic Beastman immediately interjected.

As for the why

“Xiuban, we have a contract”

“…” The Draconic Beastman felt like crying. ‘If I had known earlier that it would end up like this, I would have resisted that Ghost Wolf and wouldn’t have signed that damn contract. How am I supposed to survive if we keep going to these dangerous places all the time?’

‘Fuck, I’m only a Draconic Beastman, I’m not a real Dragon!’

Although the bitter face of the Draconic Beastman was very laughable, no one could laugh at this time because they finally understood.

Whether it was Lys, Solomon, Fran, or Suyass, they all understood from that young Great Mage’s words that this time, even he was uncertain of their success.

Otherwise, Merlin wouldn’t have said these words, given his temperament.

This was like telling everyone that he wasn’t confident in this adventure but that he was willing to take the risk for some special reasons. But it would be best to not go if they weren’t confident enough.

Many people started hesitating this time.

They all came here because they trusted the young Great Mage, believing that he would be able to deal with all the problems. But now, even Merlin himself wasn’t confident. What awaited them ahead might truly send them to their deaths.

‘What should I do? Should I not go?’ they thought.

Everyone was considering whether or not they should take this risk. That boundless void might be hiding some incredible wealth, or it might be hiding their doom. What to choose was completely up to each of them.

“I’ll go!” Before long, a voice came out of the crowd.

The first one turned out to be William!

To be honest, although everyone had experienced the same long journey, whether it was Lys or Badrack, they didn’t have a good impression of that young genius from the Merlin Family.

He was too crafty…

On the way, William had been extremely crafty, hiding during the fights while waiting for everyone else to deal with the dangers first. He had been marked as a disgrace alongside that Draconic Beastman. One crafty and one cowardly, such a pair of weirdos.

If not for Lin Yun, these two would have already been kicked out of the joint exploration team.