End Of The Magic Era Chapter 253

Chapter 253 Success


Suyass was caught in a dilemma.

On one hand, he was worried about offending that young Great Mage, but on the other hand, he was worried about the trip being too dangerous.

Suyass was truly suffering now.

He felt that he couldn’t do anything, he could only watch the Planar Path Fragment going through the cemetery. They were meandering in that space, and they would even stop at times. People couldn’t help being worried, afraid this transportation method would break down.


But watching it carefully made Suyass feel a bit wrong.

Indeed, the Planar Path Fragment was arduously moving forward, but one would find out after paying attention that this Planar Path Fragment was moving through the cemetery without bumping into any corpse.

No, it wasn’t just corpses…

Even those shards of weapons and armors seemed to automatically avoid the Planar Path Fragment. Not one shard hit the Planar Path so far.

Those shards naturally couldn’t automatically avoid them…

The only explanation was that the Planar Path Fragment was avoiding them!

“How could this be?” Suyass foolishly stood there after realizing.

The Planar Path Fragment managed to move through this cemetery without hitting anything.

This meant that the Planar Path’s Controller was intentionally avoiding these obstacles.


There weren’t just one or two obstacles in the cemetery, nor hundreds, nor thousands. There were hundreds of thousands of obstacles, and they were all piled up in that part of the void. It was like clogged sewers in which people didn’t even have the space to take one step. If one wanted to pass through the trash, they would have to forcibly wade forward, and this required strength.

But now, this young Great Mage had found a path and hadn’t met a single piece of trash in all the “sewage”.

How frightening was this?

And this wasn’t the most frightening part…

He was controlling a Planar Path that was dozens of meters long!

Not mentioning how taxing controlling such a fragment of Planar Path was, just how troublesome was sailing this huge burden through such narrow gaps?

But what scared Suyass the most was the young Great Mage’s mind.

This trip allowed for no mistake.

One mistake and the whole team would die.

He controlled the life of everyone, including himself. No mage could act normally under such pressure, but that young Great Mage just kept sailing the Planar Path Fragments through narrow gaps.

Not even a finger shook during that time.

Such a formidable mind…

In Suyass’ eyes, only the most cool-headed and most cold-blooded person could reach this level, ignoring his own life and others’. This talent was frightening.

The young Great Mage in front of Suyass was such a frightening person.

Suyass suddenly felt a bit glad.

He was glad to have chosen to follow that young Great Mage on the Planar Path, greatly alleviating the conflict between both sides. Otherwise, the young Great Mage might truly look for Fran to settle their debts after they left and his relationship with the Mercury Tower would worsen.

To Suyass, this was more than enough.

He didn’t dare imagine what would the consequences of having such a frightening enemy be.

The Planar Path kept winding around corpses and shards.

It had originally been a hundred meters away from the Three-Headed Golden Dragon’s corpse, yet they flew several hundred kilometers under Lin Yun’s control, bypassing countless corpses and shards and were now approaching the corpse of the Three-Headed Golden Dragon from its other side.

Others might not understand why…

But Lin Yun knew that it was the only safe path. Approaching the Three-Headed Golden Dragon from any other path would end up in a dead end, and they would bump against the body of an Ancient God or a Chromatic Dragon, or they might be pierced by shards of armors and weapons and end up as a honeycomb.

Only such a path could avoid all those threats and allow the Draconic Beastman to get that drop of blood.

In the end, under Lin Yun’s urge, the Planar Path Fragment, bypassed the last corpses and put the drop of blood within Xiuban’s reach.

“This” The draconic Beastman that had originally given up suddenly saw the drop of blood appearing in front of his eyes, and shock came to replace his lifeless expression, restraining even the urge from his bloodline. He only stared at that drop of blood and even forgot to extend his hand.

“What the fuck are you dazed for, hurry up!” Lin Yun had already spent a lot of efforts controlling the Planar Path Fragment, before managing to get it to this location. But when he saw Xiuban being frozen there, he suddenly got angry and scolded him.

“Eh, eh” The Draconic Beastman woke up when he was scolded by Lin Yun and quickly extended his hand…

Then, that drop of Dragon blood disappeared.

Indeed, just as the Draconic Beastman touched it, as if it had been attracted by a mysterious force, that drop of blood disappeared within Xiuban’s finger. This happened so suddenly that if Lin Yun hadn’t know that Xiuban was a Draconic Beastman beforehand, he might have felt that it had been a hallucination and no drop of blood had existed.

But before Lin Yun could recover, some unforeseen changes happened.

Just as the drop of blood was absorbed within Xiuban’s body, the scales of the Three-Headed Golden Dragon started losing their luster, and the originally flickering light, dazzling like gold, was no longer flickering and remained dark.

Lin Yun watched as the golden dragon’s corpse changed at a visible rate.

At first, it was only losing its luster, but soon, the Three-Headed Golden Dragon’s corpse started withering. It didn’t take long before that corpse thinned and started falling apart.

And this wasn’t over…

The scales falling off soon turned to ashes amidst the void. The existence with the strongest defense in Noscent’s history ended up in such a state, at this time, the bones cracked and fell apart.

It lasted about a minute…

But to that Three-Headed Golden Dragon’s corpse, it was the same as a hundred thousand years passing in one moment.

The originally vivid corpse was decaying after losing that drop of blood.

Lin Yun recovered by the time the last bone turned to dust, he controlled the vine to pull Xiuban back while carefully thinking why this happened.

“Sir! Sir! I got it! I got it!” Xiuban was full of excitement, the longing in the depths of his bloodline was satisfied. That was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Draconic Beastman and was comparable to an evolution. That sense of satisfaction couldn’t be described by words.

“Get back in.” Lin Yun didn’t care about Xiuban, the changes of the Three-Headed Golden Dragon shook Lin Yun.

Lin Yun had always thought that the corpses amidst the void had lost all power.

In fact, the information Lin Yun got from his analysis after entering the cemetery truly confirmed that. There were no mana fluctuations in the void cemetery, let alone any formidable aura.

It was only deathly quiet and strange.

But now, Lin Yun suddenly realized that he might have guessed wrong.

And it was because of that drop of Draconic blood.

Others might not understand what changes that drop of Draconic blood brought, but how could Lin Yun not know?

Lin Yun was certain that the Three-Headed Golden Dragon’s corpse had managed to stay in such a perfect state for so long thanks to the drop of Draconic blood. Without it, the corpse instantly withered.

In other words, that drop of blood had contained a bit of the Dragon’s power.

And since the Three-Headed Golden Dragon’s power managed to last till now, then what about the other bodies…

Such as the Ancient Gods?

Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling restless as he thought about it.

If his conjecture was right, then if he managed to reach one of the God’s corpse, wouldn’t his harvest be unfathomable?

And it didn’t need to be a God.

The Silver Moon Elves gifted in magic, the Silver Dragons innately proficient with all magic, these two were also very good choices. As long as he got those, he would gain inestimable benefits.

‘In that case, I should look for it’ Lin Yun thought as his eyes scanned numerous bodies and his Magic Arrays were frantically revolving as they outlined a dangerous path through the cemetery.