End Of The Magic Era Chapter 255

Chapter 255 Red Crystal


What did that mean?

This meant that these two radiant gems were actually dispensable. They were only there to amplify the power of the staff. The really important part of these two magic staves were the staves!

As a peak Master Alchemist, Lin Yun could definitely determine that only the gems had been damaged, the staves were untouched.

Lin Yun had no reason to refuse such a gift.

The array inscribed were exceptionally mysterious and deciphering them would be very strenuous even with Lin Yun’s deep knowledge. This reinforced Lin Yun’s assumptions that these two magic staves had most likely been True Spirit Magic Tools at their peak, but the two Augments gems were already destroyed, and as the years passed, the Magic Incarnation had long since dissipated in the void, making them fall from their True Spirit rank.

But True Spirit Magic Tools were still True Spirit Magic Tools.

As long as the core arrays weren’t damaged, these two True Spirit Magic Tools could recover to their peak, it might just cost a bit.

In any case, since Lin Yun already encountered it, he would naturally not let these slip by.

He controlled the vine coiled around his leg and brushed past the Silver Dragon’s corpse once again. He took advantage of the corpse having yet to decay to grab the two magic staves before ferociously pulling them out of the corpse.

Lin Yun didn’t tarry after finishing this, he chanted a few words and dragged himself to the Planar Path.

Right after Lin Yun pulled the magic staves out of the Silver Dragon’s body, the corpse decayed. Just like the Three-Headed Golden Dragon, the scales withered and the bones rotted. Before Lin Yun could even reach the Planar Path, the corpse turned to dust in the void.

‘I truly wonder what happened’ Lin Yun inwardly sighed as he returned to the Planar Path. An esteemed Chromatic Dragon, one of the peak existence in regards to magic, became this frail after that war and ended up as specks of dust in the void…

‘Shit!’ As Lin Yun was inwardly sighing, a bright light flew near him.

That light was too strange.

After all, no matter how faint the light was, it would be like a scorching sun in this boundless darkness, it would be impossible to not sense it.

But Lin Yun hadn’t noticed that light before, there had been no sign of its trajectory before, yet it had already reached his side when Lin Yun noticed it.

Lin Yun subconsciously dodged.

The few of them were as weak as ants in this cemetery, if not for the Planar Path’s protection, one shard casually floating over could kill them on the spot.

Especially now that Lin Yun was still outside the protection of the Planar Path. If something hit him, no one would be able to save him.


Lin Yun had forgotten something.

His movements depended on the vine coiled around him, and even if he could control the vine like an arm, he still had to sent the command first before it took action, so there was a delay. This was unavoidable.

Ultimately, this delay put Lin Yun in a bad situation.

Lin Yun quickly reacted and the vine quickly swung, but that was too late. Lin Yun felt a sharp pain on his stomach.

“Shit!” Lin Yun cursed.

He already where the issue was.

But the question was, what was it?

That light struck Lin Yun in the chest. It felt as if he had been hit by a rock and as if all his bones snapped. He let out a groan as he spat out blood.

‘Fucking hell’ Lin Yun subconsciously felt his chest with his hand. Fortunately he hadn’t been cut, he instead felt something very cold. He quickly looked up to see what it was while controlling the vine to bring him back.

“What’s going on?” Solomon and Lys were both flustered when they saw Lin Yun getting injured. He was the most important person of the trip, if anything happened to him, they might not be able to return alive.

Just returning to Noscent would be a difficult problem.

“It’s fine” Fortunately, Lin Yun’s complexion improved after spatting that mouthful of blood, he regained his smooth breathing, and just to be safe, Lin Yun drank a bottle of Health Potion before resting for ten minutes.

But he still couldn’t help feeling dread while remembering that experience, ‘Fortunately Fortunately I haven’t been hit by an equipment shard It could have pierced my chest, or worse, directly shattered me.’

As he thought of this, Lin Yun couldn’t help being curious about that ice cold thing in his hand.

‘What is this’ A red crystal was laying on Lin Yun’s hand, it looked like a precious gem, but it was far from being as hard as a precious gem. Lin Yun tried to pinch it and the gem changed form.

It was fortunate that this red crystal was malleable.

Otherwise, based on its speed, Lin Yun wouldn’t have been able to survive.

He wouldn’t have been able to survive a huge hole in the chest, not in this place.

‘Is it even a gem?’

Lin Yun looked at that red crystal, but he was clueless, ‘What is that thing’

Lin Yun didn’t even know where that thing came from.

After all, he had the Magic Arrays activated and not even a speck of dust could escape his sight within several hundred meters, except that red crystal, how did it approach him?

‘What if It came from the Silver Dragon’s corpse?’

Only by flying out of the decomposing Silver Dragon’s body could it escape Lin Yun’s Magic Array’s detection and instantly hit his chest.

‘This might be possible.’

‘But the aura is a bit strange for something that came from the Silver Dragon’s corpse’

There was no need to doubt, everything would be made clear once they were compared, thus Lin Yun took out the bottle with the drop of blood. That drop of blood was emitting the aura of the Silver Dragon, while the aura of the red crystal was entirely different.

“Oh, right” Since Lin Yun couldn’t find its origin, he decided to return, and just as put away the bottle of Silver Dragon Blood, he remembered the two staves tucked under his arm. He handed one of them to Solomon and the other one to Lys, “This trip might have to end here. Those two staves are for you.”

“How could I dare” Solomon faked being modest.

“If I’m not wrong, these should have been True Spirit Magic Tools a long time ago”

As a result of Lin Yun’s words, Solomon stop being modest No, he didn’t just stop being modest, he directly pounced on Lin Yun as if he was a prey and snatched the staff with the sun-shaped gem embedded within.

“…” Lin Yun silently shook his head and casually handed the leftover staff to Lys.

“Merlin, we didn’t do anything” Lys still remained calm. Although his hands were shaking, he still said a few humble words.

“We already came to an agreement earlier Leader Lys. These two staves are my gifts to both of you. Although these two staves were most likely True Spirit Magic Tools when they were at their peak, but as you can see, the two radiant gems are already damaged. If you want to use them, you will need to change the gems. Furthermore, the Magic Incarnations had already dissipated. Having them to form new Magic Tool Incarnations might take a long time.”

“Tha Thank you.” Lys mumbled before taking that staff with the moon-shaped gem.

He hadn’t done anything and only followed them all along, that young Great Mage had taken care of everything. If a True Spirit Magic Tool was put in front of him, he wouldn’t have dared to take it, he wasn’t that shameless.

But Merlin already said that these two staves had lost their Incarnations, thus it was fine to take it.

The most important feature of a True Spirit Magic Tool was the incarnation after all.

A True Spirit Magic Tool that had lost its Incarnation wasn’t much stronger than a Spiritual Magic Tool, so it was fine gifting one.

Naturally, this didn’t mean that the staves were not valuable.

It was the exact opposite, the value of these two staves was shocking!

They had been True Spirit Magic Tool.

Moreover, the arrays on the staves hadn’t been damaged at all. These two staves would definitely be reborn as long as Solomon and himself could replace the two radiant gems, they would regain at least half of the power they had at their peak!

Half the power of a True Spirit Magic Tool, that was comparable to half of an Archmage’s power. These were already the most powerful Magic Tools of the Sage Tower and the Alchemist Guild. It wasn’t exaggerated to say that by relying on these two staves, the Alchemist Guild and Sage Tower could crush all the forces from Thousand Sails City, except the Gilded Rose of course.


Luck and an opportunity would be needed for an incarnation to appear once again. Maybe Solomon and Lys might not have this opportunity and luck in their lifetime, but what about the next generation, or the one after that, who could guarantee that such an opportunity wouldn’t appear in the future?

As long as they had an opportunity, these two True Spirit Magic Tools might regain their frightening power.

At that time, with the two forces owning True Spirit Magic Tools, who would dare go against them in Thousand Sails City?

It looked like Lin Yun only gifted them two damaged staves, but Lys knew that what this young Great Mage was giving them was peace in a few decades or in a few centuries.

It was because of this that Lys thanked him so solemnly.

“Haha, Leader Lys, you are too polite” Lin Yun didn’t think much of it, he had indeed gave them the two staves to give them peace.

To Lin Yun this was actually doing a favor at close to no cost.

Although he could make incarnations appear within ten years if he kept these two magic staves, did that really matter?

Lin Yun already had the Soul Walker, as well as an Upper Rank Flame Spirit that wasn’t inferior to a True Spirit Magic Tool, he also had the Doom Staff which was bound to become the strongest True Spirit Magic Tool. Lin Yun’s equipment far surpassed most Archmages.

And Lin Yun was only a 9th Rank Great Mage…

Although all mages relied on their magic tools, that didn’t mean that the more magic tools they had, the better.

What mages should rely on the most was their mana. There was an ironclad law in the world of magic, the more a mage depended on his magic tool, the slower his growth would be. This was why Lin Yun was avoiding using his Magic Tools and relied on his own power to settle problems. Only when the situation was dire would Lin Yun use those amazing Magic Tools.

Lin Yun even felt that Bane represented the ideal of mages.

Travelling through the whole Noscent with only the Book of Death in hand.

That was the most ideal state of mages.

Not to mention, letting these two True Spirit Magic Tool form new Incarnations was easier said than done. To Lys and Solomon, this might be a question of luck and opportunity, but to Lin Yun, it was a matter of wealth and energy. The process needed an astronomical sum as well as ten years of energy.

Wasn’t it better for him to use his wealth on the Doom Staff?

Wasn’t it better to spend the energy on practicing magic?

These two staves were dispensable to Lin Yun…