End Of The Magic Era Chapter 258

Chapter 258 Crest


There was nothing noticeable on the Red Crystal, it wasn’t emitting light and wasn’t crystal clear. But this crystal would change shape with a light squeeze and gave the feeling of a red hard jelly.

But as Lin Yun studied this Red Crystal in more details, he suddenly found out that the center of the crystal seemed to have something else.

A small black dot.

Lin Yun hadn’t paid attention to it at first, thinking that it was some impurity within the crystal. But after looking at it, Lin Yun felt something wrong. That very small black dot actually carried a faint aura of life and gave the feeling of a seed.

‘No way’ Lin Yun’s expression suddenly changed.

He wouldn’t be feeling surprised if that Red Crystal had been obtained from another place, life aura was present everywhere. All things and all living beings had life aura, it was only a matter of intensity.


That red crystal obviously came from the Heaven Enlightening Plane.

Everything in the Heaven Enlightening Plane had already died, Time, Space, and the other Laws no longer existed. That was a graveyard made of boundless void.

How could the Red Crystal he had obtained from that graveyard possess a faint aura of life?

Even if weak, that was still the aura of life.

‘It’s a pity’ Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling regretful. The Heaven Enlightening Plane contained more secrets that he had imagined. He hadn’t had time to research those secret before they were nearly turned to nothingness by the Netherstorm. He might never have a chance to walk on that void again.

After regretfully sighing, Lin Yun picked up that strange Red Crystal once again and turned it again and again to study it.

It was strange, but Lin Yun was feeling a bit scared of that Red Crystal.

He couldn’t help being on guard.

‘How could it be so strange’ This inexplicable feeling made Lin Yun feel cold. Lin Yun originally thought of putting that Red Crystal back in his pocket, but now, he felt that this wasn’t too appropriate.

After thinking for a long time, Lin Yun chanted a spell and opened his Demiplane.

This was the second time Lin Yun opened that Demiplane after stealing it.

The first time was when he hid the fragment of the soul of an Ancient God that Shawn was terrified of within. This time he was putting the Red Crystal within.

These two things definitely held an enormous secret.

But following the secrets were dangers that Lin Yun simply couldn’t deal with. The only way to handle these two wonders was to put them in the Demiplane and wait for the day he had enough power to solve these secrets.

As for now, Lin Yun was more concerned with that drop of Silver Dragon Blood.

Although this drop of Silver Blood couldn’t compare with Xiuban’s Three-Headed Golden Dragon Blood in term of rank, the blood of a higher ranked Chromatic Dragon might not necessarily be the most suitable for Lin Yun. The Book of Death was a good example, it was such a high Ranked Magic Tool, yet he could only use the Sage Chapter.

Of the Book of Death’s 13 chapters, each of possessed heaven-defying power. With the Book of Death in hand, that Heaven Mage Bane never experienced defeat for a millennium, he was a true legend in Noscent.

It’s not that Lin Yun didn’t want to use them, he was just unable to use them.

12 more chapters meant 12 more Augments.

Lin Yun clearly remembered that the lowest of these 12 Augments was True Spirit Rank, and the three most powerful were comparable to the Book of Death in rank, they were Heaven Rank Augments.

There was no point to think on how to collect them all together right now.

Just controlling these Augments would be enough to make Lin Yun despair.

Lin Yun would be dreaming if he thought he could master the lowest 12th Augment as 9th Rank Great Mage. Not every Augment was like the Sage Chapter which could be used as long as enough mana was supplied.

To Lin Yun, only the power he had complete grasp on could be trusted.

Such as this drop of Silver Dragon Blood.

This drop of Silver Dragon Blood would make the Magic Array undergo a new transformation and push it to a whole new level, a new realm that had never been seen in both past and future.

Even Lin Yun felt strange about it.

What kind of change would happen after completing this transformation, even he didn’t know.

Lin Yun was very careful on the first attempt.

The drop of Silver Dragon Blood was completely wrapped in mana while the Magic Arrays revolved at top speed, repeatedly probing it, only withdrawing a few runes to be analyzed each time. This situation continued for three days. Three days later, Lin Yun was finally convinced that this drop of Silver Dragon Blood wouldn’t be too much of a threat and gradually undid the restrictions of the Magic Arrays to do a methodical analysis.

“Cousin, Cousin” But William’s voice could be heard at this time.

It was time to emerge…

Lin Yun sighed before stopping his analysis, “What is it?”

“Cousin, look” After coming over, William sneakily looked around and fished something mysterious from his pocket, “This is something I found a few days ago”

“Ah?” Lin Yun took out that thing and studied it. It was a damaged crest.

The pattern on the crest had already became vague and he could only make out a drop of blood with a Dragon’s head.

Lin Yun frowned and thought about it. In his memories, there was no force that used a drop of blood and a Dragon’s head as a crest.

Thinking of it, Lin Yun looked at William with a doubtful expression.

“Cousin, this is the Merlin Family’s crest!” William looked extremely excited as he watched that damaged crest with shaking hands.

“Aren’t you making a mistake” Lin Yun clearly remembered that time at the Gilded Rose, William had pointed at the crest of a flaming staff while telling him that it was the crest of the Merlin Family. How could the crest of the Merlin Family have changed in less than half a year.

“No no, Cousin, the crest of the Merlin Family in the 3rd Dynasty was like that!”

“In the 3rd Dynasty?” Lin Yun was stumped.

“Did your father not tell you?” It was William’s turn to be doubtful.

“Never before.”

“Okay” Although William wasn’t convinced, he still couldn’t suppress his excitement and smiled as he said, “Cousin, our Merlin Family’s history is much older than what people know. Now, almost everyone believes that the Merlin Family rose up when they founded a country, but in reality, our history trace back to the distant 3rd Dynasty”

“Eh?” Although Lin Yun has lived as a member of the Merlin Family for more than a year, he had never been concerned about Mafa Merlin’s family background.

Lin Yun only knew that Mafa Merlin was born from a huge family and their ancestors founded a country during the previous kingdom and had some great achievements leading to the entire Family rising up quickly during the establishment of the Andlusa Kingdom and becoming one of the peak power of the Kingdom.

Lin Yun didn’t know much more than that.

Lin Yun couldn’t help showing some interest when hearing William saying that the Merlin Family’s history could be traced back to the 3rd Dynasty. He fiddled with the damaged crest while urging William to continue.

“I also hear my father say that he had entered the Family’s Ancestral Land and saw the secret tome there. It was written in it that the Merlin Family was already on the rise during the early 3rd Dynasty, and there was even one of our ancestor who had followed Charles the Emperor. At the time, the Merlin Family used a drop of blood as their crest, this was an amazing distinction at the time, it meant that the Merlin Family had participated in the war against the Dragons”

“…” Merlin couldn’t help holding his breath when he heard that. There had been countless heroes who had slaughtered Dragons in Noscent’s history, but there had only been one war against the Dragons.

Under the Throne of Life, in the last battle, the Chromatic Dragons appeared with all their power and fought a desperate battle with the imperial army. The sky and earth were dyed red and bodies piled up in front of the Throne of Life, before Charles the Emperor finally smashed it to pieces, forcing the Chromatic Dragons and the pure-blooded Elves to escape into the void. This war marked the end of the Silver Era and the start of the era of mortals.

This was a war that had been written into stories for a very long time.

The powerhouses that participated in that war had already became legends, their names were sang in poems by bards and minstrels and spread through every corner of Noscent.

Lin Yun thought at first, ‘Even if the history of the Merlin Family could be traced back to the 3rd Dynasty, it would only be as an aristocratic Family.’

But Lin Yun truly didn’t think that the Merlin Family had such an illustrious history.

That was a Family that participated in the war against Dragons!

Few Families in the entire Noscent could compare with their noble bloodline.

But why did such a prominent and noble Family declined in the 3rd Dynasty?

Lin Yun clearly remembered that no Merlin Family existed within the thirteen major families of the Empire.

“Unfortunately, some unforeseen accident happened later on” William kept explaining as Lin Yun was getting confused.