End Of The Magic Era Chapter 264

Chapter 264 Settling In


“Who are you?” Lin Yun asked with a heavy voice while secretly casting a Spirit Defense.

All ten Lin Yun’s Magic Arrays were working at all times, ensuring that no foreign mana could enter Lin Yun’s mind undetected, thus Lin Yun deducted that the voice he heard in the back of his mind had to be some type of spiritual power, or some type of ghostly power. And Spirit Defense was the bane of these two powers.


“Don’t waste your strength, Spirit Defenses are useless against me.” That voice once again resonated in Lin Yun’s mind after he activated the Spirit Defense.

“…” Lin Yun couldn’t help cursing.

This was really a ghost…

How could he encounter such a thing?

This was fatal to a mage, a voice that could talk in one’s mind anytime, anywhere… In other words, even if one was to meditate or cast, they might be disturbed by that voice. This was no laughing matter, it meant that a mage would risk suffering from a magical backlash anytime.

“Tell me! Who are you in the end”

“Did you already forget? You destroyed my body not long ago” The voice in the back of his mind remained unperturbed, not speaking fast yet not slowly and seemed to be mocking him.

“Destroyed your body” Lin Yun frowned and thought for a long time. Whose body did he destroy, could it be a ghost from one of those powerful corpses in the Heaven Enlightening Plane?

‘No way’

‘If it really was a ghost, the Magic Array would have already alarmed me, so why didn’t it react?’

‘Hold on’

‘Destroyed body’

‘The Crystal Scales!’

That’s right, it was the Crystal Scales, only such a strange existence like a Magic Tool Incarnation could pass through the Magic Arrays and Spirit Defenses undetected, and the Crystal Scales were the only ones who held a grudge against him.

“You are the Crystal Scales!”

“Hahahaha, you are half right”

“Half?” Lin Yun became perplexed. Identity was something you either guessed right, or wrong. What did half right mean?

“I am indeed the Crystal Scales’ Incarnation, but I am not just the Incarnation of the Crystal Scales. In reality, the Crystal Scales are the weakest of my numerous bodies. Do you think you would have been able to suppress me if that hadn’t been the case?”

“Doesn’t that still mean that you were suppressed by me?”

“That’s why I’m saying that you are stupid!” It seemed that the voice flew into a rage after Lin Yun brought up the past , “You Humans are like that, arrogant and conceited yet ignorant and narrow-minded. You really think you truly suppressed Lord Enderfa? Ridiculous, you think that a mere Magic Array can suppress Lord Enderfa You had better listen and do what Lord Enderfa wants you to do, otherwise, don’t even think of meditating and casting in this life. Magical backlash will be waiting for you.”

“Despicable!” Lin Yun gnashed his teeth. This was too despicable, that guy was threatening him to interfere with his magic path.

Lin Yun couldn’t help feeling regretful. If he had known that the Crystal Scales’ Incarnation was that weird, he wouldn’t have relied on the Magic Array and would have directly looked for a Superior Magic Tool to seal him, what kind of trick could he use then?

‘Hold on, Magic Array?’

Thinking about it, Lin Yun realized something wrong. Why didn’t that so called Enderfa Magic Tool Incarnation not say anything in the Heaven Enlightening Plane? After all, that was when he was walking on a tightrope and would have fallen in the abyss with a single misstep. Lin Yun would have most likely agreed to anything if he had been threatened then.

On the contrary, he got threatened now, when he was back to safety…

This wasn’t very logical…

Moreover, he had already been feeling very strange when absorbing the Silver Blood in the Planar Path. Over 100,000 runes appeared and he should at most have been able to refine the Magic Array, he shouldn’t have been able to undergo such a transformation. After all, he had gained an extra Magic Array out of nowhere, this was completely changing the shape of the Magic Array and toppling Noscent’s magic system.

Lin Yun had felt before that his luck was too great.

But now it looked like it wasn’t as simple as getting kissed by lady luck.

It was most likely linked to that Magic Tool Incarnation, Enderfa…

Lin Yun frowned as he thought of that, but then suddenly smiled while calmly saying, “I was wondering why there was an extra Magic Array, turns out it was Lord Enderfa’s help, thanks a lot”

“What are you saying? I don’t understand.” Those simple words made Enderfa’s voice shake.

“Haha” Hearing this, Lin Yun knew that he had guessed right, “But I am very sorry, Lord Enderfa, I’m not the type of person that likes receiving uncalled favors. Thus, I decided to part with the gift and give up on that 10th Magic Array!”

“You What do you mean!”

“Lord Enderfa, how could you not make a name for yourself for being an altruist. You helped me yet don’t allow me to thank you”

“Why are you saying that I helped you complete that 10th Magic Array? What proof do you have!” Enderfa quickly turned crazy and tried his best to deny this.

“Haha” Lin Yun sneered.

They were in a deadlock for about ten minutes before the Incarnation called Enderfa finally yielded.

“Okay, okay, so what if I helped you complete your 10th Magic Array, can’t I gain pleasure from helping others?”

“Naturally you can gain pleasure from helping others” Lin Yun kept a smile on his face, “But isn’t it too much to linger around even after helping?”

“You What do you want?”

“I’m not asking much from you, just don’t bother me excessively, and don’t even think of disturbing me during meditations and spellcasting training. If I truly met a magic backlash, Lord Enderfa might be more nervous than me.”

The Incarnation suddenly turned quiet.

Enderfa remained silent, and Lin Yun didn’t force him to talk, thus calm reigned in his mind.

Ten minutes later, Enderfa’s voice echoed in his mind once again, “Okay, Human, I have to admit that you are right. I am indeed dwelling in this 10th Magic Array, but don’t try to threaten me with this, I know you very well, you have an abnormal thirst for power. Haha, rest assured, I wasn’t serious earlier, and just as you said, if you encounter a magical backlash, I’ll be more nervous than you. This means that on the short term, our interests align. So let’s chat about the conditions”

“Alright.” Lin Yun was waiting for this. Now that Enderfa raised the issue, Lin Yun straightforwardly raised his conditions, “I can let you live in the 10th Magic Array, but you must understand that you are only lodging there. I believe you know that the Magic Arrays are the foundation of my magic path, thus, I won’t put up with anything targeting my Magic Arrays. I can assure you that otherwise I would rather give up some power and destroy the 10th Magic Array.”

“I can pledge not to do anything that would threaten your Magic Arrays” Enderfa straightforwardly agreed before muttering, disheartened, “In fact, I can’t do anything against that damn Magic Array, I have never seen such a complicated Magic Conducting Rune, I truly don’t know how you completed it”

“This is something you don’t need to know. The first condition has been settled, now, the second”

“Hey, don’t go too far!”

“The first condition is only an advice to you, now, this condition is a true condition. Did you plan to eat and live for free? Did you think I don’t know that apart from inhabiting the 10th Magic Array, you are also taking advantage of the mana I absorb? If you had only been lodging and didn’t affect my meditation efficiency, I wouldn’t have bothered with you. How is it, do you agree to a condition or not?”

“Okay okay, say it”

“The second condition is actually very simple” As he spoke, Lin Yun pointed to the Shadow Assassin before him, “The mechanical system of that Shadow Assassin is using Latour Gold Essence. I’ll later use this Latour Gold Essence to make a Magic Tool. At that time, I’ll transfer you into that Magic Tool and let you become the new Magic Tool Incarnation. That way you’ll have a new body. But in exchange, you need to serve me for a hundred years”

“One hundred years?” Hearing this time frame, Enderfa clearly sighed in relief, “That’s fine, a hundred years it is!”

Lin Yun wasn’t surprised.

Magic Tool Incarnations had almost endless lifespans, one hundred years would be a short moment to them. Using such a short time to get new body was very advantageous to Enderfa.

Naturally, Lin Yun wouldn’t suffer either.

One hundred years later, he would most likely already have the Book of Death under control as well as having collected the 13 Augments. As long as he had the Book of Death, would he need other Magic Tools?