End Of The Magic Era Chapter 268

Chapter 268 Successor


After sending off Monchi and Ryan, Lin Yun returned to his alchemy laboratory. The harvest from the Four Seasons Canyon was too amazing. He had gotten eight kinds of rare magic materials, each of them being a rare treasure that couldn’t be found not just in Thousand Sails City, but even in the core of the kingdom, Okland. They might only show up during large auctions.

Especially the Appeasing Soulsong Gem. This was a treasure that would only appear once in a hundred years. This Appeasing Soulsong Gem was dark red, the size of a thumb, and would sparkle with a dazzling light when put under the sun. More importantly, the gem would start singing hymns once activated with mana!

The Appeasing Soulsong Gem’s songs had the power to put souls to rest, making it the nemesis of all ghostly lifeforms. If Lin Yun had been in possession of the Appeasing Soulsong Gem when he crossed the River of Ten Thousand Ghosts, over 30% of the Ghosts would have evaporated from the sound of the hymns.

But handling the Appeasing Soulsong Gem was very difficult. It was different from other gems, as it couldn’t be cut or carved. Every Appeasing Soulsong Gem was a whole, and if damaged, the gem’s hymn would no longer be complete.

In fact, it would still be fine if that were all.

The problem was that even if the Appeasing Soulsong Gem’s hymn could put souls to rest, it didn’t inherently have the power to suppress evil. It had to be enchanted so that an array to enhance power could be added. Only with this could the Appeasing Soulsong Gem become a true Magic Tool.

This meant that the alchemists had to be very careful with the enchantment. They couldn’t get any scratches on the gem, which was very difficult. Gems were most vulnerable during enchanting.

Lin Yun spent a week crafting that Appeasing Soulsong Gem into a pendant, replacing the Lava Dominator’s spot.

Lin Yun spent a week in his laboratory just taking care of the Appeasing Soulsong Gem Over twenty days had passed since his return from the Four Seasons Canyon, yet Lin Yun only did a third of the work. Apart from the Appeasing Soulsong Gem, the other rare magic materials only underwent a simple processing. It would take him a lot more time if he wanted to make the best use of them.

And there was also the Latour Gold Essence.

Latour Gold Essence’s boundless inclusive nature was a characteristic people usually yearned for, but it was too disgusting when it came to enchanting. Lin Yun used a spirit mana crystal to pour mana into it, but the effects were minimal. After twenty days, the enchanting of the Latour Gold Essence was only halfway done.

And on top of that, Lin Yun still had to deal with the Parasitic Tree and the Obsidian Flower, and also prepare the compound to cure Solomon’s collapsed Mana Whirlpool. He also had to find ways to repair the Heaven Rank Puppet, and also…

He had too many things to take care of.

He hadn’t had much free time during these twenty days.

But nothing could be done about it, as there were too many things waiting for Lin Yun.

And all of them were very important.

In contrast, what did the Monchi Family even count as?

At first, Lin Yun wanted to retaliate against the Monchi Family on behalf of Mafa Merlin. He felt that since he was occupying this body, he should do some things for him, such as finding the truth about Locke Merlin’s shipwreck.

At first, Lin Yun truly thought that the Monchi Family had plotted against Locke Merlin in order to get a monopoly over the market.

But as time passed, Lin Yun gradually adapted to the era and gained greater understanding of Thousand Sails City’s major forces, as well as Locke Merlin. Lin Yun came to the conclusion that the Monchi Family most likely didn’t have the ability to do so.

Locke Merlin was a lot more powerful than everyone else.

The Bone Plane’s Planar Path, the identity as a descendant of the Merlin Family, as well as the powerhouse that could contend with Solan…

In others’ eyes, Solomon was the number one High Mage, Lys was the number one Alchemist, and the Monchi Family was the number one in terms of wealth. But few people knew that Locke Merlin, who started from nothing, already had enough power to shake Thousand Sails City’s very foundations, and the original Mafa Merlin was completely unaware.

Using a shipwreck to engulf Locke Merlin wasn’t something the Monchin Family could pull off, at least on their own. Not to mention the Monchi Family, even Solan didn’t have that ability.

Naturally, how could Lin Yun not know that the Monchi Family had played a part in that shipwreck? He was obviously far from being as innocent as he claimed.

He needed someone to feed him information.

In any case, he couldn’t get any more information from Monchi. It would have to wait until he reached Okland and met with the rare genius Solan if he wanted to find the truth about the shipwreck.

As for the Monchi Family…

He would make Monchi give the Patriarch position to Mason.

This way of handling things was very sinister.

Everyone in Thousand Sails City knew what kind of person Mason was. With him in power, this millennial Family would decline in a decade, and it would take them decades or even centuries to recover from it…

Of course, Lin Yun didn’t take this sinister approach just to retaliate against the Monchi Family. He did this because he was taking the Gilded Rose into consideration.

The Gilded Rose could be said to be the sun in Thousand Sails City, but it lacked the time to stock up, and with only himself doing this stocking, he couldn’t compare with the other peak forces. The Gilded Rose was only relying on his amazing personal performance to keep up with the crazy momentum of its expansion, but the lack of time to build up stock was a huge weakness, and it was bound to burst at some point.

At that time, the Gilded Rose would have no choice but to cease its expansion and slowly build proper foundations.

Lin Yun didn’t want to see the Monchi Family suddenly rise up while the Gilded Rose stopped expanding.

Thus, Lin Yun took advantage of the Monchi Family yielding to put Mason at the head of the Monchi Family.

He also gave a Flame Burst as a warning to Ryan on the side.

That Flame Burst was to tell Ryan that he had better not go against his arrangements. Otherwise, he might not just stop at a Flame Burst next time.

Whenever Lin Yun worked in the laboratory, he only let Faleau come in as a helper. And it was the same today. Lin Yun waited until Faleau finished adjusting the mana radiating device before putting the Latour Gold Essence on the refining table and continuing the enchanting he had been working on.

“Oh right, Faleau, I arranged a few formulas for you last time, how did the practice go?”

Lin Yun had been very satisfied with Faleau

When Cadgar sent Faleau, Lin Yun had already planned to let him be in charge of the technical work of the Gilded Rose, and eventually become the true Chief Alchemist of the Gilded Rose. After all, Lin Yun had always considered himself a mage, not an alchemist. With the current expansion of the Gilded Rose, Lin Yun could still rely on his outstanding abilities to take care of the technical work, but in the future…

The Gilded Rose would continuously expand while he would keep going further and further on the path of magic. Would he still have the time and energy to take care of the Gilded Rose then?

Thus, he had to find someone to replace him.

In Lin Yun’s eyes, that person was Faleau.

To be honest, Faleau wasn’t considered a genius in the field of alchemy. Compared to the geniuses Lin Yun had seen, his talent was far from being outstanding, only moderate.

But Faleau had two strong points: he was hardworking and eager.

Among the numerous alchemists Lin Yun had seen, Faleau was the most hardworking one. He would often see Faleau spending nights in the laboratory. Although Faleau would be solving difficult problems when staying overnight, these difficult problems were nowhere near difficult in Lin Yun’s eyes. However, that diligence was one of the most important qualities for alchemists.

It could be said that Lin Yun was watching Faleau walk from the Alchemist realm to the Great Alchemist realm, before exploring that realm. He watched as Faleau fumbled his way through the Great Alchemist realm at a speed that couldn’t be considered fast, but which was extremely steady. If Faleau’s rate of advancement were analyzed, it would clearly be shown as a diagonal line.

It wouldn’t be considered sharp advancement, but it was stable.

This also meant that Faleau didn’t meet any bottlenecks and would rarely be stuck on his path forward.

This was no joke…

Who among Noscent’s countless alchemists didn’t get stuck at some point? Even Nolan, the master of the Mercury Tower, and Osul, the future Saint Alchemist, both became troubled over bottlenecks.

Of course, comparing them to Faleau was a bit unfair; they were in completely different realms, after all.

But what if he was compared to those young “genius” alchemists?

The Mercury Tower gathered almost all the geniuses of the kingdom. There was several 20-year-old Master Alchemists, and Karon said that there was even an Artisan in his twenties. But even these geniuses were blocked by various bottlenecks and might spend a year or two on them, their alchemy progress stagnating for the duration.