End Of The Magic Era Chapter 275

Chapter 275 Pale


Following the order of the Great Mage, the dozen warriors rushed over to surround him. They were the elites of the Dragon Slayer Mercenary Group and were all Great Swordsmen at the very least. The momentum of ten Great Swordsmen bursting with Aura was very frightening…

How could the cowardly Xiuban withstand this? He didn’t even think about it and just swung his hammer.

A loud sound roared out as the Gold Essence Two-handed Hammer smashed the ground, making the earth shake. The warriors didn’t have time to react and weren’t able to withstand the shockwave.

At this moment, the warriors felt as if they had been charged by a beast. They didn’t even have time to shout before they were sent flying.

The Gold Essence Hammer in Xiuban’s hands had been tailor-made by Lin Yun.

Xiuban’s strength had already reached an extreme level after fusing with that drop of blood. Every one of his moves contained boundless power, and he would even be able to burst with power close to that of a Dragon if he went all-out. This power wasn’t something ordinary weapons could support.

Even Lin Yun had to spend quite a bit of time to craft this weapon for Xiuban.

It looked similar to the two-handed hammer sometimes used by ordinary fighters, but it had been made out of Gold Essence, one of the heaviest materials. A hammer made of Gold Essence would weigh over a hundred kilograms. Moreover, Lin Yun had used a lot of alchemy techniques that transcended this era.

The most shocking one was the Boundless Layering Technique.

In theory, the Boundless Layering Technique could keep layering magic materials endlessly. The Shelter Tower protecting Heiss City used this Boundless Layering Technique.

Of course, layering them endlessly wasn’t actually possible…

The greatest alchemists had been gathered for the construction of the Shelter Tower, but in the end, they only managed to layer a few hundred times. Even so, it still allowed an ordinary tower to delay Noscent’s destruction for over ten thousand years.

As for Lin Yun…

He could only layer ten times at best.

But a tenfold layering was frightening enough. Although this hammer wasn’t much different from an ordinary one on the surface, it was ten times heavier and weighed over a thousand kilograms. In other words, Xiuban was brandishing a terrifyingly lethal weapon.

If it fell on someone’s body…

Let alone these Great Swordsmen, even a Dragon would spew blood on the spot.

Lin Yun was very satisfied with all the transcending techniques he used on that hammer.

He even believed that after being used for a year, it would give rise to a Magic Tool Spirit, and at that time, it would inevitably rise to top of the Spiritual Magic Tools. With sufficiently good fortune, it might even become a True Spirit Magic Tool.

For this reason, Lin Yun named this hammer, calling it Carnage.

He chose this name because it would be what happened once the hammer burst out with all its power.

Just by smashing Carnage on the ground, Xiuban created a shockwave that sent the dozen Great Swordsmen flying.

“You You dare resist!” The Great Mage was clearly frightened by Xiuban’s attack.

This was no joke…

The dozen Great Swordsmen had been focused on Xiuban, yet they didn’t have time to react before being sent flying. Just how frightening was that power?


But the Great Mage didn’t expect that the Beastman wouldn’t even pay attention to him.

Although it was the first time this Great Mage had ever seen such power, wasn’t it also Xiuban’s first time using Carnage?

The might of that thunderous swing scared Xiuban too…

Xiuban had misjudged the swing and hit the ground on accident, but it unexpectedly created such a powerful shockwave. These were Great Swordsmen, and it wasn’t as if Xiuban had never met Great Swordsmen before Before meeting Lin Yun, a Great Swordsman was enough to make him run away in panic. Even the weakest 1st Rank Great Swordsman would leave Xiuban bitterly struggling to move just with their Aura.

As for a 2nd Rank…

Xiuban expected only death from them.

Even now…

He got many benefits from following Lin Yun, and after getting that drop of blood in the Heaven Enlightening Plane, Xiuban could only tell that he was stronger than before.

But he simply didn’t know how much stronger he was.

There were two important mages in the Gilded Rose: the young one he was no match for, and the older one he couldn’t rival. The Humans were too despicable, they had all kinds of spells that were malicious traps for the upright and straightforward Highland Beastman, and every time he fell into it, they would jeer at him.

And there was also that damn flame.

In front of that flame, Xiuban only felt cold sweat trickling down his back. If he could, Xiuban would rather not face that abnormal flame ever again.

After the fusion with the drop of blood, his strength had advanced by leaps and bounds, making him feel as if he had broken away from the control of that Human and could finally breathe freedom. But that Human subdued him before giving him to that abnormal flame. Just thinking of that experience made Xiuban feel cold.

Xiuban remembered that the Human named “Merlin” that he was now serving seemed to be a Great Mage.

‘Aren’t Great Swordsmen and Great Mages around the same level?’

That experience had made the obstinate Xiuban believe that he was roughly only at the level of a 5th Rank Great Swordsman. If he met two or three lower-ranked Great Swordsman, he might be able to do beat them, but if he met a stronger one, he would be out of luck.

But he hadn’t expected that he would meet a group of weak and unreasonable Great Swordsmen after following that Human Mage into a city.

He understood after seeing these guys…

They all approached with raging Aura, showing off their strength as Great Swordsmen. Some of them were in the upper ranks too.


‘How could they be so weak’

‘I only smashed Carnage down Could the gap between Great Swordsmen and Great Mages be that large?

‘Or is it Is my weapon that amazing?’

Xiuban couldn’t help touching Carnage. There seemed to be nothing special besides its weight Otherwise, it was no different from your everyday hammer…

‘No, I have to test it.’

“You there, get up.” Xiuban lifted Carnage once again.

“…” The Great Swordsmen on the ground all held their breaths.

‘Shit, why is this damn Beastman so abnormal He already seriously injured us, yet he’s still telling us to stand back up Is he not satisfied? He wants seconds?

‘Fuck, do you think we are idiots? Only idiots would stand up after being told to like that’

The Swordsmen didn’t need to communicate to all make the same choice.

If they didn’t stand up, they wouldn’t die!

Thus, a strange scene unfolded.

“Get up! Get up! Hurry up and get up!” Xiuban urged them.

‘Don’t get up, don’t get up and we won’t die’

The Swordsmen desperately played dead.

“…” Xiuban had a new weapon that he really wanted to try out, he wanted to see if that strike had been a coincidence.

But he hadn’t expected that the Great Swordsmen would actually play dead and refuse to stand up.

Helplessly, Xiuban could only look at the Great Mage on the side. “How about you come over?”

The Draconic Beastman’s mind was very simple…

He simply didn’t think of the difference between occupations, he only knew that Great Mages and Great Swordsmen had similar rank, so they should have similar power.

Since the Great Swordsmen refused to get up, he could only target that pretty boy on the side.

“Your face is so pale, you must be a very formidable Great Mage” It couldn’t be helped that he was confused. Xiuban was a Beastman, not a Human, and he only knew two Great Mages, Lin Yun and William. Both of them were a bit on the pale side, so in the Draconic Beastman’s mind, any Great Mage with a pale face would be very formidable…

“…” The young Great Mage almost went crazy.

If not for his great fear of the Beastman and his weapon, the young Great Mage would have already cursed back at him, ‘Shit, since when does being pale equate to being formidable?


‘I’m fucking pale? That’s because you are scaring me’