End Of The Magic Era Chapter 285

Chapter 285 Quicksand Eyes



"Theyll understand what they missed later" Lin Yun didnt explain any further and returned to his breakfast.

It was true that the little girl named Ranya didnt have any magical talent. Lin Yun was sure of it as soon as he saw her. She innately had no affinity with elements, which had always been an unsolvable defect, even 30,000 years in the future.

This meant that the little girl would never be able to feel the existence of elements.

Thus, it was normal for William to say that the girl couldnt perform meditation. If she couldnt feel the elements, how could she ever draw mana from meditation?

So the Merlin Family was right, and the little girl could never become a mage.

But Lin Yun felt that the Merlin Family was too careless. There were over a billion people in Noscent, and less than one in ten thousand could become mages. If she had to be abandoned, then how many people in all of Noscent would have to be abandoned?

Not to mention

Not becoming a mage didnt mean that her future was bleak.

In fact, in Lin Yuns eyes, the achievements that little girl could get in the future would far outshine most of the Merlin Family.

Lin Yun could already see the path of the Heaven Rank spreading in front of her. She only needed someone to take her along that path.

As soon as he saw that little girl, Lin Yun knew that she had eyes that could rival the Sky Eyes.

This pair of eyes only appeared twice in Noscents history.

One of them lived during the Nesser era, the famous Night Elf King, Salalys. He was the first Demon Hunter to surpass Heaven Rank with his new moon and thirteen moonlights. He left countless legends in Noscent. But Salalys was most famous for his amber colored eyes that were also known as Quicksand Eyes. In the legends, Salalys could see through the fog of time with his eyes faster than even time itself. In those legends, there would always be a scene where Salalys new moon appeared and the thirteen moonlights tore apart space, giving the feeling of time going backward.

It was almost impossible to imagine, almost indescribable.

The other pair of Quicksand Eyes appeared in the peak of the magic era. There had always been a Silver Elf girl at the side of Charles the Conqueror. She never spoke and would rarely directly make a move, but in the fight over the Undead Plane, one arrow killed three Undead Monarchs. News of this battle spread throughout Noscent. This elf also had dreamy amber eyes.

And now, that young girl in the kitchen that looked so frail and malnourished was the 3rd person with the Quicksand Eyes.

Of course, it wasnt unusual for the Merlin Family to give up on her, since after all, the Merlin Family was so huge, having countless children from various branches. They couldnt help each of them unearth their potential one by one, so they set standards. The Family would naturally nurture them, but if they couldnt meet the standards, they could only fend for themselves.

This was the world of large Families.

But it didnt matter to LinYun. He was only curious about the girl with the Quicksand Eyes, since it was his first time seeing them.

Not to mention, of the two other pairs of Quicksand Eyes that appeared in Noscents history, one was from a pureblooded Night Elf, and the other was from a Silver Elf. Both were of the Elven Race.

And this pair appeared on a Human.

Lin Yun wanted to know if a Human with the Quicksand Eyes could reach the same heights as those two legendary figures.

It was just like the Draconic Beastman, Xiuban.

He only wanted to see how far they could go.

"Oh right, Cousin William" After he finished eating, Lin Yun wiped his mouth and stopped glancing at the kitchen.


"The Black Horn Auction should be in a week, right?"

"Yes, yes, the Black Horn Auction is in a week," William answered energetically. Lin Yun had only asked casually, not expecting William to become so excited all of a sudden. "Oklands Black Horn Auction is a lot more lively than the one in Thousand Sails City, we should definitely go"

"You" Lin Yun was puzzled for a brief moment before understanding.

William had followed him to the Four Seasons Canyon, gaining quite a lot on the way, especially in that treasure house at the end. William had received a share of the magic materials, and besides giving the biggest part to Lin Yun to forge items, he still had a small part he intended on trading for gold and equipment.

It seemed that William wanted to take a trip to the Black Horn Auction to get some money.

"Then grab those materials later, Ill take a look for you"

"Okay, okay"

After finishing breakfast, the two didnt immediately leave the house. Instead, they looked through the magic materials for a while. Lin Yun only allowed William to put the ordinary ones in the auction, because he knew that the truly valuable magic materials could never be traded with golds.

Rather than put those rare materials in the auction, it was better to keep them in hand for a suitable opportunity to use them or trade them for some powerful item.

After their busy morning, the two geniuses recalled that they should see Ofran.

They believed that the news of Stan Watsons death should have already reached Ofrans ears, and thus, Lin Yun was about to get Ofran to open the Ancestral Land for him.

But Lin Yun hadnt expected

Just when they set off to see Ofran, they saw someone waiting for them there.

"William" The one waiting there was Ross.

Just a day later, this most outstanding genius of the Merlin Family, possessor of the Endless Spring, looked a lot different. He looked haggard and listless. Yesterdays battle might have brought him too much of a shock.

"What are you here for?" William remained cold and indifferent.

Originally, Williams older sister died in the battle over the Raging Flame Plane, and Ross wasnt unrelated to that. If not for Ross separating from the main force to take over the Crimson Fort on his own, Williams sister might not have died.

Naturally, William also knew that this was only hypothetical.

But because of that, he couldnt maintain an agreeable expression when looking at Ross.

"Who killed Stan Watson?"