End Of The Magic Era Chapter 289

Chapter 289 Bloodline


Lin Yun didnt know how long he stayed in that darkness.

It might have been an instant, it might have been a hundred years.

"Badump, badump, badump"

Ultimately, the familiar heartbeat echoed once again in Lin Yuns ears. Lin Yun subconsciously opened his eyes butonlysaw boundless flames. It looked as if the whole world was ignited. Amidst the flames, countless scenes flashed, shocking Lin Yun to his core.

That was the Draconic War.

Countless Dragons soared through the sky, covering it in a rainbow of colors. Numerous Dragon Breaths swept the earth, scorching it. The figures of the pure-blooded Elves could be seen everywhere, both above and below. Silver Moon Elves, Dark Night Elves, Blazing Sun Elves, and the Sacred Song Elves. The four Elven clans which mastered elements as well as archery, spearmanship and holy light, all fought to the death.

The sky was torn in half, the earth caved in. Lin Yun once again witnessed the horrors closely resembling what would happen 30,000 years in the future, mountains crumbling and seas boiling, the world ending.

The Chromatic Dragons decayed while the Elves turned to dust.

Everything was engulfed in flames, blood flowed, corpses were mangled. Even if Lin Yun knew this was but an illusion, he couldnt help being shocked by this fierce scene. Even the thick smell of blood assaulted his nose.

Who is the enemy? Lin Yun tried to rush through the flames to see the realms enemy in this tragic war.


There was no enemy.

There was no enemy from the beginning. The casualties of the pure-blooded Elves and Chromatic Dragons came from the void storms, comets, from the sinking earth, the torn sky and the flaring seas. It looked like their true enemy was this world destroying disaster.

In the end, everything became quiet.

The world gradually recovered its peace, the surviving Chromatic Dragons and pure-blooded Elves converged and silently mourned their fallen companions. They didnt say anything, they didnt move, but pain and sorrow wordlessly spread before a Three-Headed Golden Dragon let out a loud Dragon Roar. His roar was full of anger and unwillingness while still melodious and dignified. A God-like Sun Elf came out of the crowd, a staff in his hand, and chanted a very long incantation.

A Planar Path then opened.

The surviving Chromatic Dragons and pure-blooded Elves silently approached that Planar Path. None of them aware where it led to.

"This is" Lin Yun was startled, this scene felt familiar.

But the scene remained immobile, disregarding Lin Yuns attempts to see where that Planar Path led.

"Fuck!" Lin Yun swore. The scene that appeared within the flames carried too much importance to him. Lin Yun even felt that many of the unanswered questions in his mind would be solved as long as he kept watching.

Unfortunately, he couldnt get closer, the scene was locked on that location.

Lin Yun simply couldnt accept such a result.

Right at this time, an earth-shattering Dragon Roar echoed in Lin Yuns ears. Lin Yun raised his head with a mix of shock and hope. A black shadow flew across the sky. That was a huge Black Dragon covered in flames whose body spanned over several kilometers. His head, body, and wings were spreading flames in the sky.

Lin Yun held his breath.

That was the ruler of the Black Dragons, an existence comparable to the Three-Headed Golden Dragon, a powerhouse that could contend against a God, the Shadow Dragon!

When the Shadow Dragon flashed through the sky, he turned his head to look at Lin Yun. It was followed by an earth-shattering Dragon Roar, and by the time Lin Yun recovered, the Shadow Dragons silhouette had already disappeared.

But Lin Yun was completely frozen.

Because Lin Yun very clearly heard the few Ancient Draconic sentences mixed within that Dragon Roar.

In the current Noscent, very few people would dare say that they understood Ancient Draconic. That was a language used by the Ancient Dragons of the Gold Era. Even in the Nesser Dynasty established by the Dragons and Elves, there would rarely be a Dragon that used Ancient Draconic to communicate.

Only those Ancient Dragons who experienced both the Gold and Silver Eras and whose lives were unimaginably long would use Ancient Draconic, and only accidentally or under specific circumstances.

Lin Yun knew about it because some mages at the peak of the magic era believed that the Ancient Draconic and Ancient Elven contained some mysterious power. They crazily researched these two extinct languages. After excavating many temples and ruins, overturning almost all of the Nesser Era once, they spent a few hundred years to sort what they found and assembled what they thought to be a rough book of Ancient Draconic words.

Unfortunately, they were both right and wrong. That set of Ancient Draconic words didnt actually hold any mysterious power, in fact, it was ridiculed by all Dragons. They said that this was completely different from the Ancient Draconic they inherited from their bloodline. Over time, mages put this specious Ancient Draconic to the back of their mind and went on to study other ancient languages. The research on Ancient Draconic serving only as a teaching material or a reference in studies of other languages from that point on.

When Lin Yun read that book, it had only been to study some language grammar composition, it was purely used as a leisure read.

He never expected it to be actually useful, he surprisingly managed to pick up a few of the words in those sentences

"Unexpectedly Saw Descendant Ancient War Fragment Balakra"

Although it was only some scattered fragments, Lin Yun firmly engraved those keywords in his mind, especially that final one, "Balakra". Lin Yun felt that this might be a powerful True Name. As for who the owner of that True Name was, it would have to wait until Lin Yun returned and did some research.

With the Shadow Dragon sweeping through the sky, the surroundings flames started dissipating.

His surroundings changed again and Lin Yun regained consciousness. Before his eyes stood that throbbing Black Dragon Heart. The drop of blood he had dripped on it was slowly soaking into the heart. William was still standing still not far from him, his expression unchanged.

Lin Yun realized that his previous experience might have been very long to him, but it might have only lasted a few seconds in reality.

Nothing seemed to have changed.


What is this! Lin Yun was just about to walk down the altar when he suddenly noticed a trace of blood not of his own within his body.

That drop of blood was incredibly hot and carried a thick smell of sulfur. Lin Yun felt a sharp pain and realized that this berserk and flaming aura definitely came from a Destruction Black Dragon.

Could it be that the Merlin Family Bloodline Ceremony was actually trading a drop of their blood for a drop of Destruction Black Dragons Blood?

But if that is the case

Wouldnt the Merlin Familys bloodline be the bloodline of a Destruction Black Dragon?

This discovery toppled Lin Yuns knowledge.

Unfortunately, Lin Yun didnt have much time to think. After merging with his body, that drop of Black Dragon Blood burst with terrifying energy. Suddenly, Lin Yun seemed to hear a loud sound, immediately followed by that drop of Black Dragon Blood crazily swallowing everything. It instantly expanded like a snowball rolling in the snow and started flowing through Lin Yuns veins like burning lava. At the same time, a slumbering power seemed to be awakening in response to that Dragon Blood.

Lin Yun understood that this was the real bloodline ceremony.

Using the blood of a Destruction Black Dragon to awaken the bloodline slumbering within the Merlins.

No wonder, the Merlin Familys bloodline is quite remarkable

Mafas bloodline was too thin and Lin Yun gave up after studying it a bit. But now, this drop of Dragon Blood was awakening another kind of bloodline. Lin Yun finally realized that the Merlin Family might possess a top class bloodline.

Only a top class bloodline would need the blood of a Destruction Black Dragon to awaken it.

Lin Yun already made some conjectures.

He already theorized that in the Draconic War, the ancestor of the Merlin Family withstood the Destruction Black Dragon Clan, along with the Dark Sage.

Now, it could be assumed that the relation between Merlin Family Ancestor, the Dark Sage and the Destruction Black Dragon Clan might not necessarily be that of allies and enemies.

Unfortunately, Lin Yun didnt have much time to think about it now. That bloodline was on the verge of awakening.

It would have been a lot better if Lin Yun had been the true Mafa Merlin.

Mafa Merlin would completely transform if he let that bloodline awaken, whether it was potential or power, he would reach a very shocking stage.

But unfortunately, Lin Yun wasnt Mafa Merlin.

Lin Yun came from 30,000 years in the future and had magic knowledge transcending the era, he had ten Magic Arrays and already walked a magic path others never dreamt of. How could he be willing to be restricted by his bloodline?