End Of The Magic Era Chapter 290

Chapter 290 Bloodline 2


It didnt matter how outstanding that bloodline was.

That bloodline might have been a dream come true for the former Mafa Merlin, or even to the whole Merlin Family.

But it was a restriction to Lin Yun. No outstanding bloodline could give Lin Yun what he wanted!

Thus, as that drop of Destruction Black Dragon Blood merged with his body and that slumbering bloodline started awakening, Lin Yuns Magic Arrays started crazily revolving, and before that slumbering bloodline completely awakened, he pulled the Destruction Black Dragon Blood towards his Magic Arrays.

Lin Yuns face became deathly pale.

The berserk and flaming power contained within the Black Dragon Blood flowed like magma in the Magic Arrays and instantly launched a terrifying attack on the Magic Arrays.

This pain was something ordinary people couldnt imagine.

To Lin Yun, the Magic Arrays werent just Magic Arrays, they also formed Lin Yuns second heart. The first heart supplied his body with blood while the second heart supplied mana. Now, the second heart came in contact with that drop of blazing Dragon Blood, the power contained within was like a poison to the Magic Arrays. Over a thousand runes immediately scattered when that blood came in contact with the Magic Arrays. Lin Yun had to spend a lot of time and energy to merge these runes with the Magic Arrays, but now, that time and energy turned into nothing from that first clash.

And this all happened in a split second.

Lin Yun knew that it was a critical time. If he couldnt suppress this drop of Dragon Blood, then not only would that top class bloodline awaken, even the Magic Arrays within his body would completely collapse.

Lin Yun resisted that terrible pain and went all-out in his control over his Magic Arrays to re-merge with the runes that had been scattered before, but at the same time, more runes were dissipating under the assaults of the Black Dragon Blood. Lin Yun kept pouring mana in, continuously repeating the same task, but the Magic Arrays were never completely intact. Lin Yun knew that this was the conflict of bloodline and mana. Assimilating any top class bloodline would have a price.

Seconds slowly passed

Lin Yuns pale face was already covered with beads of sweat.

He tightly clenched his fists, his nails already deeply piercing his flesh because he used too much force, blood slowly flowed down his fists before dripping down on the altar.

William looked extremely anxious on the side.

This was the first time William saw his younger cousin in such pain. After all, he has only ended up dusting his robe after fighting an Archmage, he had only been slightly pale after leading everyone through that dead plane and escaping that void cemetery.

Williams impression of Mafa was that of someone calm and indifferent always planning in advance. William couldnt even think of a time his cousin lost self-control.

But now, William could clearly see that this cousin who never lost control of his emotions was now displaying an incomparably painful expression on the altar.

What can I do? What can I do

The more William watched, the more anxious he became. He didnt dare to go over and could only pace around, agitated.

It shouldnt be William couldnt understand, how could a simple bloodline ceremony end up like this?

The Merlin Familys bloodline ceremony was a millennium old tradition, as far as William knew, Leon, Aube, and Ross all went through that bloodline ceremony. He never heard of someone being in such pain during the bloodline ceremony.

What is going on

Suddenly, a shocking burst of mana fluctuations created gales in the temple, and even those raging flames seemed to be wavering under those gusts of wind.

What? William was immediately frightened. He rubbed his eyes before checking the altar.


William saw an endless amount of runes ascending like a huge vortex, transforming into a rainbow-colored tornado. This kept going for ten minutes before it returned back into Lin Yuns body.

This is William was stunned when he saw that scene.

This was the Magic Conducting Runes fusing together as one! The sign of the advancement to the High Mage realm!

But, wasnt Cousin Mafa already a High Mage?

How could he be fusing his Magic Conducting Runes now

Could it be Cousin Mafa didnt really fuse the Magic Conducting Runes as one when he became a High Mage?


This is too terrifying.

William was a High Mage himself, how could he not know how terrifying the increase of power from advancing to High Mage was?

Cousin Mafa was frightening enough before, what kind of abnormal strength will he have now that his Magic Conducting Runes fused?

Moreover, that advancement lasted quite a long time

William only took ten seconds when he fused his nine Magic Conducting Runes.

It was said that Ross took a whole minute when he fused his nine Endless Springs

What did ten minutes mean

William could only feel numb as he thought of it.

"What is it?" Lin Yun had thoroughly fused his Magic Conducting Runes and walked down the altar. He couldnt help asking this question with a smile while looking at the dumbstruck William.

"No Nothing." William subconsciously shook his head while being unable to resist stealthily glancing at that young High Mage.

He looked no different from usual, he still had a calm expression and still felt totally in control, there was also the usual smile on his face, but for some reason, William always felt that the one standing in front of him wasnt a regular Human, but a mountain that could never be crossed.

"Err, Cousin, did Did you complete you bloodline ceremony?"

"It should be considered completed" Lin Yun smiled but didnt explain. He only took the lead and left the spacious temple.

What do you mean it should be considered completed William followed behind, inwardly mumbling.

Completed is completed, not completed is not completed. How could there be something such as "Considered completed"?

William would never have expected that even Lin Yun didnt know whether he had actually completed the bloodline ceremony or not.

Earlier, Lin Yun exhausted almost all his power to suppress that drop of Black Dragon Blood and used that opportunity to fuse the ten Magic Arrays into one, becoming a true High Mage.

From this point of view, Lin Yun truly succeeded.

But the strange part was that this drop of Black Dragon Blood didnt continue wreaking havoc, nor did it disappear, it actually fused with the Magic Array.

The Magic Array was in a very strange state, let alone Enderfa who was leeching a home from him, now there was also a drop of Destruction Black Dragon Blood within him. Even Lin Yun wasnt sure what kind of state the Magic Array was in.

He would have to wait for the completion of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel before thinking about it.

After all, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel would allow Enderfa to move to a proper home, at that time, Lin Yun would be able to study the situation with that drop of Black Dragon Blood.

It was already evening by the time the two left the Ancestral Land. They followed the rugged mountain path back as the sun set and once again crossed the dense fog before reaching the Fallen Star Lake.

None of them knew that two dozen powerhouses, at the Archmage realm or higher, were gathered in one of the Guardian Towers. They were sitting around a long table, and the one sitting at the head even emitted an Extraordinary Aura.

"Sir Balakra already spoke, he wants us to find who is the descendant who underwent the bloodline ceremony today, no matter the cost"

"Impossible! Didnt Sir Balakra not say anything for a few hundred years? Last time he spoke was for that Santon monster. Right, where is that Santon now? Wouldnt that be two hundred years since he roamed the depths of the Ancestral Land?"

"Who knows, last time someone saw Santon was in the Blood Moon Plane, who knows what he is looking for"

"Ah? Wasnt it the Shadow Plane? How did it become the Blood Moon Plane? Shit, is that lunatic Santon thinking of dealing with those Vampires?"

"Thats hard to say, everyone knows that Santons brain isnt quite normal"

"Alright, everyone quiet" The old man emitting an Extraordinary aura had been keeping his eyes closed to recuperate. When the others started going off-track, he coughed to remind them of the current matter, "We are talking about the young mage from today. I trust everyone felt the mana fluctuations, they clearly didnt come from an ordinary High Mage"