End Of The Magic Era Chapter 298

Chapter 298 Star Gem


Lin Yun originally didnt expect much of this auction. After all, the magic gem needed for the core of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel could only be described as priceless. He had only come here to try his luck and see if anything interesting showed up, but he hadnt expected his luck to be this good, getting him two items that he needed. He was finally focusing on the auction.

This auction was worth coming to.

Even if he couldnt find the core gem for the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, it would be worth it as long as he could complete a part of the Doom Staff.

He was even feeling somewhat regretful

He would have already visited this place instead of wasting his time in Thousand Sails City if he had known earlier that Okland had magic materials that were this good And not only had he wasted time, but hed also been exploited by Cadgar.

As a VIP with a Gold Voucher, Lin Yuns request was immediately met, and William quickly returned with Ritch in tow.

Normally, with Ritchs identity in Thousand Sails City, there was no need for him to personally deliver a list of items.

However, the young High Mages identity was a bit special. He had already received a Gold VIP voucher, and because of that, Ritch needed to show some goodwill. There was also the fact that Ross Merlin was there

Ritch and Ross had been friends for a few years and he truly didnt want to see Ross run himself into a corner because of some item. Besides representing the Black Horn chamber of commerce, Ritch also came to give some hints to Ross once again.

"High Mage Merlin, this is the list you requested," Ritch said respectfully before handing a fancy scroll to Lin Yun.

"Thank you." Lin Yun nodded before taking the scroll, unfolding it, and starting to read. Soon, a happy expression appeared on his calm face.

High Mage Merlin? Ross suddenly froze when he heard this. He truly hadnt expected that his distant cousin already had the power of a High Mage.

Ross took a proper look at his cousin for the first time

Indeed, the mana fluctuations emitted by his cousin had the trace of the Magic Conducting Runes being fused. This was usually very easy to recognize because no matter how powerful a Great Mage was, they werent High Mages. Their mana fluctuations would always remain chaotic. Only High Mages could emit condensed mana fluctuations as their Magic Conducting Runes were fused, making their mana feel thick and steady.

Although Ross had come into contact with that younger cousin several times, hed never really registered this, as he was biased.

Only at this point, when Ritch called him High Mage Merlin, did Ross discover that his younger cousin was a High Mage

Moreover, he was a very wealthy High Mage

The only saving grace was that although this distant cousin had entered the High Mage realm, he still seemed to be in the early stages of that realm. From his mana fluctuations, Ross could clearly sense that he had the power of a 1st Rank High Mage. In other words, his cousin was still far from being at his level.

Realizing this, Ross sighed in relief.

The other sides huge wealth already put a lot of pressure on Ross. If his magic power was also comparable to his own, Ross would have to think twice before going for that map.

"Oh, Ross, you are also here. What a coincidence" After respectfully handing the scroll to Lin Yun, Ritch looked at Ross with a surprised expression. "Its been a few months since we last saw each other, hasnt it? How about we go get a drink after the auction? Oh, right, High Mage Merlin shares the same family name as you Isnt he also part of your Merlin Family? No wonder your Merlin Family is a millennial family. Let me tell you, Ross, this High Mage from your family is far from being simple. Even my teacher Hulad keeps singing praises about him"

Ritch said all of this while trying his best to keep eye contact with Ross.

I hope he will finally connect the dots and figure out that he is the special VIP I talked about earlier

"Haha, I definitely have to congratulate Cousin Mafa. Sir Hulad is one of Oklands Archmages. To be valued by such a person Cousin Mafa definitely has a great backer" Unfortunately for Ritch, Ross connected the wrong dots and merely congratulated Lin Yun.

"" Ritch felt like spitting blood after hearing this.

How could you be this fucking stupid? Im not helping you this much just to have you congratulate him. Fuck, I told you that my teacher is paying attention to your younger cousin, dont you know who my teacher is? Hes one of the uppermost powers of the Black Horn chamber of commerce! I just told you that your younger cousin is a High Mage, I even talked with you for a long time at the door earlier! Did you forget everything?

Sadly, Ritch couldnt afford to let his thoughts out in such a place. He could only do his best to convey his intentions to Ross by giving him a meaningful look.

"Eh? Ritch? Whats going on with your eye? Are you feeling uncomfortable?" But as a result, Ross only became concerned for him.

"I" Ritch almost couldnt hold himself back anymore. Forget it, whatever happens, happens!

"Whatever, go ahead," Ritch said. He left while full of anger after that short discussion.

Only Ross was quite baffled by his behavior

Is there something wrong with Ritch? He was already quite strange during our discussion at the door, and it was even worse just now Why was he blinking incessantly? Was he trying to tell me something?

But, after thinking about it for a bit, he didnt come up with anything special.

Lin Yun had been studying the list of items all this time.

This trip to the Black Horn Auction was truly worth it

After the Rainbow Tears, there were a total of seven items that he was interested in. Six of them could be used as Augments for the Doom Staff.

Thats Thats the Crystal Page!

From the introduction on the scroll, it could be seen that this Crystal Page was the size of ones palm and covered in numerous characters

If he wasnt wrong, this Crystal Page was most likely the 6th Page of the Book of Death, the Truth Chapter!


What drew most of Lin Yuns interested was the final item.

That was a fist-sized Star Gem. The illustration and description made it seem dazzling. With one glance at the illustration, Lin Yun knew that he had found the gem he needed for the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel

It was rumored that every star in the starry sky had its own life. It might live for several million years, billions, or even more. But it was said that before one fell, it would burst in a split second, burst with all its light and heat before transforming into dust, only leaving a Star Gem behind.

Naturally, it was only a legend.

No one ever witnessed the fall of a star, even Lin Yun didnt know how Noscent ended after its destruction 30,000 years later.

But one thing was certain: the Star Gem did come from the sky. They would fall in Noscent alongside meteor showers, buried for millennia until someone discovered them.

Star Gems innately held massive amounts of power. There had been quite a few famous True Spirit Magic Tools in Noscent History that used a Star Gem as their core.

But Star Gems had always been very rare, especially a fist-sized one. Lin Yun had seen mentions of no more than ten of them in those books!

He roughly estimated that if this Star Gem became the core of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, it might make the Spell Wheel become a peak True Spirit Magic Tool immediately, and once Enderfa moved it, it might even become a Magic Tool that would truly leave its marks on history.

Lin Yun knew that the first True Spirit Magic Tool he crafted would soon be born.

"William, come over here!" As Lin Yun was thinking about this, Salen, who had been defeated twice in these bidding wars, had left his private room.

He also seemed very aggressive as he pushed aside a guard of the Black Horn chamber of commerce while rushing towards the fifth row.

"William Merlin! Are you looking for a beating? You think I dont know why you are competing against me for those items? You are quite bold" Salen was followed by half a dozen subordinates who looked a bit scary. He ignored everyone else and stopped in front of William, pointing right at his face. "Dont think that having a bit of money is anything amazing. Just wait, I already requested the family. The Charlotte Family is determined to win the next seven items, as well as the final one!"