End Of The Magic Era Chapter 300

Chapter 300 Fear


The Aura covering Salens body was getting dimmer and dimmer and the flaming snake wrapping around his arm was becoming so hot that it was emitting a blinding glow.

"Fuck, what are the guards doing? Hurry up and save me! I am a Black Iron VIP! You cant do this to me!"

Salens shouts echoed loudly throughout the hall.

But no one answered.

Not only were there a few dozen Great Swordsmen guarding the auction hall, but there were also a few guard leaders who were Expert Swordsmen. There was also Ritch, who was a High Mage, as well as an Archmage keeping watch. This was necessary to maintain order in the auction hall. The Black Horn chamber of commerces reputation wasnt for nothing.

But none of these people who should have been maintaining order moved.

They all remained at their assigned spots, as if they couldnt see what was happening.

"What are you doing!?" The Aura on Salens body was almost gone and he could already feel some sharp pain on his arm. The frightening heat almost drove him crazy. "I am a Black Iron VIP!!!"

Salen felt more and more hopeless.

The high temperature and sharp pain on his arm made him dizzy. He felt as if the world was flashing black and white while the sound of his own voice seemed more and more distant.

"Forget it, Cousin" Williams words assisted Salen. "His grandfather had some friendship with your grandfather"

"Oh?" Lin Yun frowned.

But ultimately, Lin Yun had Syudos withdraw.

After being freed from Syudos, Salen was laying on the ground, gasping for air like he was collapsing from heatstroke.

It took a few minutes for Salen to recover some energy, but he no longer dared to provoke Lin Yun. He only threw a glance filled with fear and hate before quickly retreating a dozen meters.

It looked like someone suddenly retreating after seeing a viper in a bush, afraid that they would be bitten if they were too slow.

After getting far enough away, Salen stopped. He didnt dare to look at Lin Yun and instead vented all his anger on Ritch with a dark expression.

"Ritch, what is going on with your Black Horn chamber of commerce!? I am a Black Iron VIP! Shouldnt you take responsibility if something bad happens to me?"

"My apologies, Young Master Salen." Ritch kept a smile on his face as he calmly answered, "The person you attacked is a Gold Vip."

"I dont care about Gold" Salen stopped before finishing his sentence, his mouth wide open as his eyes bulged comically. He looked at Ritch for a long time before carefully inquiring, "What What did you say? Gold Gold VIP?"

"Indeed, Young Master Salen. The person you attacked is a Gold VIP." Ritch nodded. "As a result, you might have some trouble. You and your Family will have to give an explanation for this matter. That Gold VIP can also pursue you further for what happened. Believe me, this is not good news at all. If this happens, the Black Horn chamber of commerce would have no choice but to blacklist you and your family"

"" Salen was standing there, stunned. He gulped before asking, "Is he Is he really a Gold VIP?"

"Definitely, he is a Gold VIP."

"No way" After confirming once again, Salen Charlotte became teary from fright. How How How could I be so unlucky? It was just a small conflict, how could I fall onto a Gold VIP This must be a joke

How could Salen Charlotte not know the seriousness of the consequences of attacking a Gold VIP in the Black Horn chamber of commerces territory?

This was no laughing matter

As long as the Gold VIP said something, the guards, guard leaders, and even Ritch and the Archmage would unhesitantly attack him. They could even kill him on the spot.

And the Black Horn chamber of commerce could pursue the Charlotte Family to make them take responsibility, and the Patriarch would have no choice but to come out to give an explanation.

"I I truly didnt know!" Salen wept.

He wasnt even in a private box, how could a Gold VIP just be in the auction hall? Isnt that misleading people?

"Young Master Salen, Im only a minor official in charge of the auction, explaining to me is useless"

"Ritch, Ritch" Salen had lost his head. He was holding onto Ritch, begging, "You must help me, I truly didnt do it on purpose. Help me, the Charlotte Family will be grateful and repay you"

"I said, Young Master Salen, I am only a minor official in charge of the auction. You attacked a Gold VIP, it is far above the limits of my power to do anything" Ritch helplessly shook his head. "But I can give you a personal suggestion. You can try pleading with that Gold VIP. If he is willing to pardon you, our Black Horn chamber of commerce would naturally not pursue this."

"Pleading, pleading, great, I understand. Thank you, Ritch." Salen no longer cared about his fear and after hurriedly thanking Ritch, he put on a disgusting smile and rushed towards Lin Yun while shivering.

"Cousin Mafa" Ross mood was quite complicated.

At first, Ross had thought of waiting for the fight to start before cleaning up the mess and saving his distant cousin, defending the Merlin Familys honor while conveniently making his cousin owe him a favor. He wanted to trade this favor for the map.

But now

Ross suddenly found that his plan had been bound to fail. His cousin simply didnt need his help to settle this conflict. Moreover, he had settled it in a way he himself would never have dreamt of.

That scene truly scared Ross.

Just one flame injured several seasoned peak Great Swordsmen before making a 4th Rank Expert Swordsman such as Salen Charlotte soil his pants.

Such frightening power far surpassed what Ross Merlin could have thought of

Ross pondered about this situation. If he wanted to defeat Salen Charlotte while he was under the protection of several peak Great Swordsman, he would have to use the Endless Spring.

Yet, his younger cousin didnt even move, he only sent out one flame and then waited peacefully.

What did this mean?

It was shocking. Even if that flame was just a Magic Tool, without enough power, how could one control such a powerful Magic Tool?

Ross was finally aware that this distant cousin from Thousand Sails City was far from being as simple as hed thought.

He had ridiculously thought that this cousin of his was only an ordinary wealthy businessman that had money but hadnt experienced the real world, all because he came from a small city. Hed been sure that as long as he offered some benefits, he would be able to exchange for that map. But he could now tell how ridiculous his previous words had been.

Alchemy techniques, magic knowledge With the way he spent money, how could he not have the money to buy those? That was over two million golds! That was enough to move an Archmage!

As for his two Spiritual Magic Tools

It felt like a joke now.

He had clearly seen the power of that ball of fire. If it was from a Magic Tool, then that power was at least True Spirit Magic Tool level. His two peak Spiritual Magic Tools couldnt compare.

And that wasnt the most important part.

Ross realized something troublesome because of that terrifying flame.

He realized that he would have ended up facing that True Spirit Magic Tool if he had kept threatening, or even tried to attack him.

That was a power on par with an Archmage. If it burst out to attack him, even he as a 5th Rank High Mage with the Endless Spring might not be able to contend with it. It would be a question of whether he could retreat in one piece; getting that map wouldnt even matter.

As he thought of this, Ross started sweating profusely.

He had his mouth open, but didnt know what to say.

"The map, right?" Lin Yun was actually the one who spoke first. "Lets talk about it after going back"

"Eh?" Ross was startled at first, before suddenly looking happy. "Yes, yes, when we go back, when we go back"

Ross mood was like a roller coaster. It originally was at rock bottom, but he immediately cheered up after hearing Lin Yuns words. That map was too important to Ross.

"Just dont bother me now."

"Of course, of course" Ross would naturally change his attitude after hearing that there was still hope to get the map.

After dealing with Ross, Lin Yuns gaze returned to the auctioneer. The auctioneer was in the middle of introducing an item. That was a Darkness Evil Pythons Python Skin. Needless to say, that item definitely came from the Mercury Tower. Traces of Darkness Evil Pythons could only be found in the Gold Forest Plane occupied by the Mercury Tower.