End Of The Magic Era Chapter 306

Chapter 306 Path Blocked


Originally, Lin Yun planned to refer to the Doom Staff he had read about.

Lin Yun had researched the Doom Staff thoroughly, and the more he researched, the more he felt that the creator of the Doom Staff had high attainment in the field of alchemy. The Doom Staff had walked a very simple path.

But it was also rough because of its simplicity.

The Doom Staff described in the books could infinitely strengthen ones casting ability, and once the casting ability was strengthened to its limit, it would reach a realm where the Doom Staff was the worlds strongest True Spirit Magic Tool. A mage holding the Doom Staff would be able to ignore all casting difficulty and could cast spells with a flick of their fingers. The lower spells could even be cast instantly.

Moreover, this wasnt the most frightening part. The Doom Staffs Magic Tool Incarnation would also have unrivalled casting ability. How frightening would it be to fight against two such terrifying opponents at the same time?

In those days, the Heaven Rank powerhouse of the Cloud Tower was unrivalled when he held the Doom Staff. He swept across planes and defeated one enemy after the other. Some people even said that if that Heaven Rank powerhouse had been fortunate enough to be born in the same era as Sandro and Charles, he would still be superior to these two legendary powerhouses.

Lin Yun truly wanted to copy this Doom Staff at first.

In fact, copying that Doom Staff wasnt an issue.

He had read countless notes about this Doom Staff in the library and remembered every detail. If he had enough magic materials, he would be able to copy the most powerful Magic Tool within a month.


After entering the Merlin Familys Ancestral Ground and seeing the distant war under the bloodline ceremony, a daring idea sprouted in Lin Yuns mind.

Why was the Doom Staff the most powerful True Spirit Magic Tool?

Why couldnt the Doom Staff break through the limit and become an Extraordinary Magic Tool?

Once this thought came, it never disappeared.

Indeed, the Doom Staff had a Spirit Devourer Behemoths mana crystal as its core. This mana crystal had frightening capacity, which allowed the Doom Staff to hold as much as 28 Augments, bringing out endless possibilities.

Especially after the huge harvest in the auction just now This reinforced Lin Yuns decision to try this out.

If he succeeded, the six Augments would make the Doom Staff become a True Spirit Magic Tool. At that time, with 22 Augments left, Lin Yun would have about a 60% chance of transforming the Doom Staff into an Extraordinary Magic Tool.

Naturally, failure was an option.

But even if he failed, he wouldnt have lost too much. He would at most have to give up on his idea and return to copying the Doom Staff from the stories. In any case, with the ability to hold 28 Augments, the Doom Staff would still reign as the strongest True Spirit Magic Tool.

Trying to break away from the Doom Staff that he had read about and instead build a Magic Tool that had the opportunity to reach the Extraordinary realm wasnt a simple undertaking.

Even for someone whose knowledge surpassed the entire era, like Lin Yun, it was only a rough train of thought for now.

Since it was a brand new Doom Staff, it was natural to build it around the Magic Array, because the Magic Array was his foundation, the foundation of his magic path.

After getting that rough idea, he planned the processing of the six magic materials.

To be honest, this was a very costly matter. Each of the six magic materials was a very valuable treasure, and no mistakes could be made if they were used to craft Augments. Lin Yun had to carefully ponder over every detail before finalizing a processing plan.

After the three left the hall, they called a carriage to the Merlin Family Manor. Lin Yun was lost in his plans on the way and didnt speak.

William had always been following Lin Yun blindly and wouldnt dare to speak unless Lin Yun spoke first.

But Ross

On the way, Ross wanted to speak a few times, but eventually swallowed his words and remained silent because of the silence of the other two. But he was in a complicated mood.

Indeed, Ross had doubts and questions and hoped that they could be answered.

The previous auction was simply too shocking for him.

Originally, Ross had only thought that his distant cousin was a merchant with a few businesses and a decent amount of wealth.

He had heard people saying that Patriarch Ofran had called a young merchant dealing in the alchemy market back to the Family, and Ross had even said some disdainful words when hed heard that.

In Ross eyes, the wealth that the Merlin Family needed could be gained from Planar Expeditions, and the Merlin Familys investments in the Raging Plane Flame in the past few years didnt please Ross. The profits one of the two Families of Okland made from the Raging Flame Plane wasnt much different from the Charlotte Family.

Calling back a family member that had been stranded outside the clan for the sake of money felt like a failure to Ross.

It could be said that Ross didnt even put this cousin in his eyes.

On the day he came back, Ross sent someone to cause trouble.

On the surface, Ross was extorting the other side, but in reality, he was expressing his dissatisfaction towards the Family.

But he hadnt expected things to develop like this.

He was beaten in a fair fight by William Merlin, and then Stan Watson unexpectedly died, and now he had participated in an outrageous auction.

Ross discovered that the cousin who had just returned was far more terrifying than he could have imagined.

It wasnt just his wealth.

He might also be extremely powerful.

Otherwise, how could he control such a terrifying flame?

Ross even wondered if the young mage that Anna had talked about was this cousin of his.

Ross suddenly grew scared as he thought of this.

If it truly was like this, then hadnt he been on the verge of death a few times?

He hoped that this wasnt true

Ross began to feel uncomfortable sitting next to his cousin. It felt as if he had been sitting next to a stove this whole time. Ross only wished for the carriage to reach the Merlin Family Manor so that he could get away from this cousin who held countless secrets.

He even wanted to give up on the map.


The carriage was suddenly stopped.

"Whats going on?" Ross frowned and opened the carriages door to take a look, only to see the coachman throwing away his horse whip as he fled while covering his head.

Ross was surprised at first. He only felt a chilling sensation before noticing four people standing 200 meters away.

Hanson Charlotte!

Along with one mage and two archers

And the chilling sensation that he felt came from the two archers.

Ross was a seasoned combatant. He had participated in several Planar Expeditions, and his sense of danger was like a wild instinct. Seeing these two archers, Ross knew that they were at least 5th Rank Phantom Archers.

Now, the two Phantom Archers were already nocking arrows on their bows. The arrows were giving out a faint blue gleam under the sunlight, and a faint fishy smell spread through the air.

This was the sign of highly toxic poison.

This discovery made Ross heart sink. As a veteran 5th Rank High Mage, how could Ross not understand how terrifying it would be to face two Phantom Archers that were armed with highly toxic arrows?

This meant that they were ready to use any means to kill their enemy. Fame and honor were far less important than the death of their enemy.

That kind of opponent was definitely the most terrifying.

Not to mention

There were still two mages standing next to those two archers.

Hanson Charlotte didnt need any introduction. He had already become a 9th Rank High Mage ten years ago, and although he hadnt entered the Archmage realm, he was no pushover. It was actually the opposite. After staying at that realm for ten years, Hanson was one of the most frightening 9th Rank High Mages.

As for the other mage, he was at least a 5th Rank High Mage.

This was a very shocking lineup. Two 5th Rank or above Phantom Archers, one 5th Rank or above High Mage, and Hanson Charlotte. This was a very powerful group.

The two Phantom Archers were already aiming at the carriage, and although the other High Mage hadnt said anything, his hands were firmly gripping his staff. Ross knew that it was the most suitable stance for casting.

"Hanson Charlotte, what do you mean by this?"

"What do I mean?" Hanson Charlotte walked forward a bit before gloomily saying, "Do you really think you can hold onto the Star Gem?"