End Of The Magic Era Chapter 308

Chapter 308 Earth Rending Hand


Ross reacted quickly.

He released the Fire Dragon he had prepared beforehand just as these two arrows were blocked.

A dazzling circle of flames could be seen rising under the two Phantom Archers, the ground turned red hot under the intense flames and the temperature jumped so high that the effects could only be described as earth-shattering.

Flames rising, Dragon ascending.

This was the Fire Dragon Ross had cast numerous times, he was more familiar with that Fire Dragon spell than anyone else. But it was the first time Ross was so nervous.

He would have a chance as long as the Fire Dragon appeared.

The Fire Dragon would stall the two Phantom Archers and buy valuable time.

Quick, quick

Those few seconds of waiting were a torture for Ross.

Finally, an earth-shattering Dragon Roar echoed as flames rose up within several dozen meters.

"Finally" Ross suddenly relaxed. With the appearance of the Fire Dragon, even 9th Rank Phantom Archers would have no choice but to temporarily give up.


A blue icy mist suddenly rose.

"Shit" Ross heart sank, "Its over"

Sure enough, following the appearance of that icy mist, an Ice Dragon echoed the roar of the Fire Dragon as he rose up from the earth. It bared its fangs at the Fire Dragon before both spells entangled themselves.

"Ross Merlin, you are too young" Hanson held his staff, sneering at Ross while guiding his Ice Dragon.

The two Phantom Archers once again nocked their arrows.

And this time, Ross could see several runes floating around the two arrowheads.

Those were Moon Marks.

The most powerful ability of Phantom Archers past 5th Rank. With the power of True Sight, they could use Moon Marks to lock onto their enemies. Anyone under the effect of a Moon Mark would be unable to hide, even if they tore through space and entered a spatial crack, those two arrows would still be able to follow.

"Its over" Ross knew that this was over.

In a split second, Ross urged his mana to strengthen the Runic Shield.

In fact, it was already futile.

The Runic Shield had already dimmed, and even if it had been strengthened, it wouldnt be able to handle two arrows infused with Moon Marks, Ross effort was in vain.

The Moon Marks were becoming brighter and brighter as more and more runes started appearing on the arrowheads.

Ross closed his eyes when the sound of the bowstring being released echoed.

Everything was over.

Time seemed frozen.

Wait, why is it taking so long?

After some time, Ross suddenly realized that too much time had passed and even if the two Phantom Archers wanted to play with him, it shouldnt have lasted so long.

Thus, he cautiously opened his eyes.

Only to see a scene he would never forget for the rest of his life.

A young mage walked past him, he was holding two arrows in his hand which he casually threw to the ground after glancing at them. The countless Moon Marks on the arrowheads hadnt disappeared. Even if the arrows were still a dozen meters from him, he could still feel the power contained within.

Yet, those two arrows seemed no better than trash to that young mage as he just threw them to the side.

Panic appeared on the face of the two icy Phantom Archers. They drew their bows once again, displaying their power as 9th Rank Phantom Archers, firing one arrow after the other in quick succession, sending them to tear through the air as one skill after another was cast.

Fire Arrow, Ice Arrow, Continuous Shooting, Chaotic Shooting, Lightning Shot, Sky Shot.

The two Phantom Archers bursting with all their strength could only be described as gorgeous. At this time, the entire battlefield was filled with magnificent lights and shadows. Ross, who just came close to dying, couldnt help being dumbstruck. These were genuine 9th Rank Phantom Archers.

If these two had went all out earlier, his Runic Shield wouldnt have been strong enough to last ten seconds.

But now, Ross found out that such a burst was nearly non-existent in front of the young mage. No matter how many arrows the two Phantom Archers sent, they were unable to harm the young mage.

The young mages footsteps were very slow, and he walked perfectly straight.

But strangely, not one arrow hit its target.

It gave the feeling that the arrows were actively avoiding him.

Naturally, the arrows couldnt avoid him by themselves.

The only rational explanation was that the young mage who seemed to be walking slowly was actually walking in the gaps between the arrows.

This thought was simply horrifying.

Ross was shocked, he hadnt thought he would be able to see such a miraculous scene in his life. This was turning combat into art!

"Cousin William isnt wrong. I truly have no patience" Lin Yun said as he went through the rain of arrows.


A large black hand suddenly appeared.

An explosion could be heard, making everyone shiver.

The black hand appeared unexpectedly, not giving the two Phantom Archers time to react before they were firmly pressed against the ground.

This was a 5th Rank spell, Earth Rending Hand.

During the peak of the magic era, that spell could smash the earth to pieces.

Although Lin Yun was still far from those mages, that Earth Rending Hand was still impressive. The two Phantom Archers didnt even have time to scream before they turned into corpses.

"Heavens" Ross was stupefied.

The two Phantom Archers couldnt even retaliate, they didnt even last ten seconds in front of his younger cousin

"This is impossible!" Hanson immediately screeched.

Hanson Charlotte already stopped controlling the Ice Dragon and let it continue its fight with the Fire Dragon, but even after getting his hands free, Hanson Charlotte felt that he was having a nightmare.

The Charlotte Family had worked hard to painstakingly nurture those two Phantom Archers, that was the most secret force of the Charlotte Family If not for the Star Gem being too important, Hanson Charlotte wouldnt have been able to mobilize them.

But he never expected that these two 9th Rank Phantom Archers would die the moment they appeared on the battlefield due to an Earth Rending Hand.

Shit, thats only a 5th Rank Spell!

How could it be!

Although archers physical strength wasnt as good as warriors, how could they not be proficient in melee combat and body techniques after reaching the Phantom Archer rank? Although they couldnt compare to warriors, how could they not resist a simple Earth Rending Hand?

This is illogical


Unless they didnt put up any resistance when facing that Earth Rending Hand.

But how could it be? 9th Rank Phantom Archers are proficient in all kinds of body techniques. Whether it is Moon Shadow Incarnation or Smoke Incarnation, they both could allow them to escape in a split second

"They may have been too careless" Lin Yun saw through Hanson Charlottes thoughts and provided an answer.

But Ross who had been standing behind Lin Yun hadnt seen that when his cousin said this sentence, a roulette made of endless runes flashed at the top of his head.

Of those present, only William knew that this roulette was his younger cousins Magic Conducting Rune.

But even William only knew that it was a Magic Conducting Rune.

No one knew that this Magic Conducting Rune was called the Magic Array.

Moreover, its shape came from ten Magic Arrays fused together.

This was the first time Lin Yun used this newly shaped Magic Array. The power bursting out for the Magic Array working at full power shocked even Lin Yun. It also allowed Lin Yun to walk unimpeded through the rain of arrows and clutch at their throats so that they couldnt use Moon Shadow Incarnation or Smoke Incarnation and escape from the Earth Rending Hand.

The power of the Magic Array was ten times stronger than before.

But there was no need to explain that to Hanson Charlotte.

After killing the two Phantom Archers, Lin Yun stopped and smiled at Hanson Charlotte, "High Mage Hanson, I have a question for you"

"What What do you want to ask!" Hanson was already panicking.

Even in his wildest dreams, Hanson would have never expected that this nouveau riche who didnt know the immensity of heaven and earth would have such frightening power.

In an instant, he killed two of the 9th Rank Phantom Archers that the Charlotte Family had painstakingly nurtured. That kind of power could only be described as terrifying.

Although this young High Mage was only standing before him, not casting, not moving, the pressure Hanson Charlotte felt was worse than facing a dozen Ross Merlins.